Well, I was trying to write about Draco, but I'm stuck and I discovered Fruits Basket, such an excellent anime.....and so here's a first attempt at an FB fic with a Kyou-Tohru pairing. Disclaimer: Fruits Basket certainly does not belong to me. I wish Kyou did.


Kyou glanced up from his homework as Tohru walked past him, drying her long, silky hair with a towel. Fresh from her bath, Tohru had donned a soft, cotton blouse and her short skirt skimmed her slim legs as she walked. Her clean, sweet scent wafted to his nose, and Kyou breathed it in. The sleeping cat within him stirred slightly.

"Tohru!" Shigure popped his dark head out of his office and grinned at his young housekeeper. "Finished your bath already?"

Tohru blinked and smiled. Kyou watched her contemptuously. He hated how she always gave everyone that silly, eager-to-please, anxious smile, as though she expected to be reprimanded any moment.

"Y...yes!" she said. "It was quite refreshing, Shigure-san!"

"Good to hear! Now, come in here," Shigure beckoned mysteriously. "I need to talk to you about something."

Tohru looked puzzled, but she obediently followed Shigure into his office. Kyou, watching from the table, scowled. What did Shigure want with her? How dare he......The cat within him stirred again, flexed its claws ever so slightly, before the human part of him said- no, it's just Shigure.

"What's he up to?" Kyou muttered out loud.


Inside Shigure's office, Tohru knelt nervously on the small cushion he had motioned her to. Was something wrong? Kyou had been glaring at her as she entered Shigure's office. Had she done something?

"Don't look so worried, Tohru," Shigure said, folding his hands on his desk. " I called you in because Kyou-kun's sixteenth birthday is coming up."

"Kyou-kun's birthday?" Tohru clasped her hands in surprise and excitement. This was the last thing she had expected to hear.

"In a week, in fact," Shigure continued. "And since it'll be his first birthday in our house......"

".you want it to be special!" Tohru nodded, comprehension lighting her moss- green eyes. "Of course, Shigure-san, I'll make sure everything is ready!"

"Thank you, Tohru," Shigure said, and watched her walk away, a slight line of worry appearing between his eyes.


Tohru slid the door to Shigure's office shut behind her, and turned to nearly run into Kyou. She dropped her heavy, wet towel in surprise and Kyou caught it reflexively.

"Kyou-kun!" Tohru smiled up at him, ignoring the slight ba-bump her heart gave as her body registered his invasion of her private space.

"Tohru......" Kyou was staring down at her with the look of a cat who'd spotted the canary. Tohru gulped, suddenly nervous. She'd expected Kyou to yell and call her clumsy for dropping her towel, so that she could apologize and escape.

"Y...yes?" she whispered.

He bent his head even closer, so that Tohru pressed her head back against the wood of the door.


Tohru watched wide-eyed as Kyou spun and fell against the opposite wall.

"Why are you scaring Tohru, stupid cat?" came a silken, husky voice. Tohru turned and her face lighted up to see Yuki, who slowly unfisted his fingers and smiled at Tohru.

"Honda-san, what's for lun-?"

Tohru watched in astonishment as Yuki was picked up by his collar in seeming slow motion. Behind him, Kyou stood lifting his cousin with an expression of rage on his face. He tossed Yuki into the hallway so fast that the iron- haired boy had no time to react.

"Damn mouse! Don't come between me and my.....!" Kyou stopped in mid-rant, as he saw Tohru's stunned expression and realized what he had done.

"I....I beat him!" he whispered. "How......?"


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