Ellie's POV.

"Each planet in this quadrant fell to the corrupting influence of the Skeleton King Worm's passage." Antauri frowned, as we traveled to a quadrant of planets that have been turned dark and dangerous, "Each one virtually laid to waste in this... Corrupted zone."

My hands balled into fists of anger and a white flame engulfed them. "We have to end this, before any more damage is done to the universe!"

Antauri nodded in agreement.

Gibson typed into the viewing screen, "I'm picking up faint traces of the Worm's energy. I believe that I can precisely calculate its present location."

"And if we do that, we might be able to launch a surprise attack coming out of Hyper-boost Warp." Chiro smiled.

"That's just crazy enough to work!" Sparx smiled.

"Power up the Hyper-boost engines!" Chiro instructed.

"Affirmative!" Otto answered, as he pulled a lever, and... everyone took their seats.

"Monkey Team, prepare for warp!" Chiro told us.

The Super Robot picked up speed and prepared to enter Hyper-space. I gasped, as everything around me went black.

I... Know this quadrant! I have to see... I want to see...

Chiro's POV.

"On my command... Five... Four..." I started, until, the Super Robot started shaking violently, "What's happening?"

"We're veering off course!" Nova answered.

Otto leaped out of his seat and ran to the control console. He tried pulling the lever again, but the Super Robot wasn't responding. Nova and Sparx join him.

"An evil force is taking over the Robot!" Sparx exclaimed, "Should've seen that coming!"

"What?" Gibson gasped, getting our attention, "This can't be! According to my data, it seems as if the Super Robot is in control."

Antauri and I turned to Ellie. She looked like she has fallen asleep. This has happened before. The Monkeys and I walked over to Ellie's sleeping form. Her fur gained a bluish hue. Just like when the Super Robot took over her body back with the alien probe.

The Super Robot flew toward a snowy planet, to a part of the planet, where it was all machinery. Ellie opened her eyes, they were glowing a light blue, just like the Super Robot's eyes. She left her seat and looked out the viewing screen. The Monkeys and I joined her.

"Where are we?" Otto asked.

Gibson checked his scanner, "Analysis reports that we've landed on Kathiri-Takara. A planet in the Corrupted Zone. It was once rich in metals, but has been largely depleted for quite some time."

"What on Shuggarzoom could have made the Super Robot come here?" I wondered.

"Perhaps the Super Robot's needs brought him here." Antauri answered, glancing at Ellie, whose eyes have not left the viewing screen.

"To this run down rock?" Sparx asked.

"There's more than meets the eye, SPRX-77." Ellie answered with a robotic undertone, "I need to see this planet. I want to see this planet."

The Super Robot landed in a clearing within the city. Gibson checked his scanner again, "Instruments detect no lifeforms."

Suddenly, the alarms went off.

"Are you sure about that?" Nova asked.

"There's absolutely no sign of any biological entities." Gibson nodded.

Suddenly, the ground under the Super Robot's feet was starting to shake violently. The Monkeys and I struggled to keep our balance. Nova checked the locator, "Something is closing in fast!"

"Battle Stations!" I instructed.

The Monkeys and I took our stations and prepared for whatever was coming for us. Ellie stayed in the Command Center.

"Sparx, ready the Mega-Missiles!" I told Sparx.

The Super Robot stretched its arms out wide, readying the Mega-Missiles.

"Mega-Missiles are armed and set." Sparx replied.

"It's almost here!" Nova alarmed, "300... 200...100!"

Out of the snow emerged another Super Robot. It had darker metal armor, glowing green eyes and a similar face.

"It's like looking into a mirror." Otto gasped.

"Yeah... A creepy, freaky, fun-house mirror." Sparx replied.

The dark Super Robot's eyes glowed red and it raised its fists. The Super Robot braced itself.

"Monkey Team, ready for battle!" I told the Monkeys.

However, the darker Super Robot turned away from us and started attacking thin air.

"Wait! It's after us!" Antauri spoke up. The Super Robot caught a still image of the darker Super Robot and there was a blurry image of something flying around it.

"Gibson, enhance the image." I told Gibson The image was enhanced and the blurred image was an even smaller robot, in a similar design as Ellie's Body-Synch Simulator armor, "What is that?"

With two energy orbs, the smaller robot launched itself toward the darker Super Robot at great speed. Pierced straight through the darker Super Robot's mouth.

"Whoa... He just turned himself into a slingshot!" I gasped.

"Impressive." Antauri answered.

The darker Super Robot started attacking the air, trying to grab the smaller robot.

"Oooh! That's gotta hurt." Sparx spoke up.

The smaller robot repeated the slingshot move, but the darker Super Robot fired eye-lasers at him. The smaller robot fell to the ground. The darker Super Robot aimed to finish the smaller robot, but our Super Robot caught the attack.

The darker Super Robot aimed another punch, but our Super Robot took a step back and then delivered a shoulder tackle, knocking the darker Super Robot into the snow. The darker Super Robot got back to its feet and aimed its own torso-cannons at our Super Robot.

"Torso-Cannons! Fire!" I shouted.

Both Super Robots fired their Torso-Cannons. Both weapons met in the middle, causing an explosion which knocked both Super Robots back into the snow. The smaller robot rejoined the fight and launched itself into the darker Super Robot's left eye.

"Lasertron Fury!" I instructed.

The Super Robot fired its Lasertron Fury straight through the darker Super Robot's chest. The darker Super Robot fell back into the snow and exploded, defeated. The smaller robot flew to meet the Super Robot eye to eye for a few moments, then he flew off.

"You're welcome." Nova frowned.

"After him!" I instructed.

The Super Robot took off into the air and followed the smaller robot. The Super Robot followed the smaller robot toward the taller building. until he flew too fast and disappeared in the snow.

"We lost him!" I frowned.

"I can track his quasar-energy reading!" Gibson offered.

"No." Ellie answered, "We're where he wanted us to see."

The Super Robot landed on the building. The Monkeys, Ellie and I left our stations and exit the Super Robot, to enter the building.

"This must be its hideout." I summarized.

Ellie walked forward and raised her hand. The door opened, allowing us entry. I gasped in shock. Inside was a large corridor of mechanics and computers. Ellie was first to enter. The Monkeys and I quickly followed behind her.

"I'm picking up his quasar-energy reading from..." Gibson pointed ahead, "That direction."

Suddenly, there was an alarm. The lights switched on to reveal a tall glass column with a brain inside. Seven optic-like things emerged from the brain and reached toward the Monkeys, Ellie and I.

"Cybernetic monkeys?" A voice spoke from the brain, "I can scarcely believe my ocular interface."

"I concur." Gibson replied.

Diamond-shaped screens showed the Super Robot.

"The prototype!" The voice gasped, "It has returned!"

"The prototype?" I repeated, "You mean you know where the Super Robot came from?"

"Of course. It came from right here." The voice answered, "From this very laboratory. And I was one of its creators."

"You say you are one of its creators?" Antauri asked.

"Three great minds worked together, to create the ultimate fighting robot." The voice answered, "The Super Robot was our first success. Or... It would've been... If you haven't stolen it!"

The optics retracted into the darkness and the Monkeys, Ellie and I were surrounded by large metallic walls.

"Stolen? Hold on a micron!" Sparx shouted, "We didn't take him."

"Junichiro Oda and LGHT-00 found me on the planet Shuggarzoom with the Hyperforce inside." Ellie explained, still with the robotic undertone.

I nodded in agreement.

Otto nodded, "Yeah! We just woke in them."

"You are able to control the prototype?" The voice asked. The walls lifted and returned into the darkness, "LGHT-00? I know that model name." Seven seats, similar to the Command Center of the Super Robots, emerged from the ground.

"Take a seat." The voice told us, "Allow me to introduce myself. I am... Dr. Takeuchi. You have arrived at a very crucial moment."

The Monkeys, Ellie and I took a seat each and the seats elevated us to meet the brain in the tube.

"That robotic menace, out there, is trying to destroy me." The voice explained.

"Oh. Don't worry. We took out that big bully." Nova assured.

"No. You destroyed one of my robots." The voice answered, "It was protecting me from that little plague of malfunctioning circuitry!"

"Say what now?!" I exclaimed.

"The robots on this planet are controlled by my brain." The voice explained, "Except for the Prometheus 5." The screens shouted an image of three men, Two of them were from a foreign origin, and the third looked like... Ellie's father? I turned to Ellie to see she was paying very close attention.

"When we first started the Prometheus Project, we worked together as one." The voice explained, "Pooling all our genius. Even so, it took 15 years... Until finally, the Prometheus Prototype was complete. Born alongside a baby, white monkey, originally named LGHT-00. The monkey merged its powerful soul with the prototype."

I gasped in shock and glanced at Ellie once again. She was originally a monkey? How did she become human? How did she merge her soul with the Super Robot?

"Then one of my colleagues mysteriously disappeared. And so did the prototype and the baby monkey." The voice continued.

Ellie blinked and her eyes returned to their normal sapphire color, "Father!" She clutched her head, and looked like she was in pain.

"Prof. Maezono and I carried on." The voice continued, "And improved our designs. Each model became more compact. And even... More deadly. Finally, we reached the combination of all our work. The Prometheus 5. We had created to deadliest fighting robot in the universe."

"This is all rather extraordinary and incredibly fascinating." Gibson spoke up, "But I'm curious as to how you came to be a... Disembodied brain?"

"We were in the midst of a crucial experiment." The voice answered, "When the Prometheus 5 malfunctioned, causing an explosion that destroyed the laboratory. And me. My body was gone. But my brain managed to survive. Sadly... Prof. Maezono was not as fortunate. Now our insane creation will annihilate anything that comes near it."

"Strange..." Antauri spoke up, "It didn't try to destroy us."

Ellie's POV.

The throbbing in my head subsided, and I looked at the brain. Suddenly, the room shook violently. The screens showed the Prometheus 5 attacking the building.

"The Prometheus 5!" Dr. Takeuchi gasped, "It must be stopped! Use the prototype to destroy him!"

Chiro and the Monkeys nodded. We exit the building. I looked back at the brain and narrowed my eyes.

"To the Super Robot!" Chiro instructed.

The Monkeys, Chiro and I entered the Super Robot and took our stations. The Monkeys and Chiro piloted the Super Robot to stop Prometheus 5 from attacking the building. Prometheus 5 dived toward us, but the Super Robot jumped out of the way, causing the little robot to strike the ground.

Super Robot. We need to find out who's telling the truth here.

I agree, LGHT-00. We have to keep this Prometheus 5 still enough to talk.

Leave it to me!

Prometheus 5 launched into the air and fired a pair of lasers at the Super Robot.

"Hit him with an Antenna Blast!" Chiro instructed.

"The Antenna Blast isn't responding." Antauri answered.


"Got nothing!" Sparx answered.

"Target System is not responding!" Gibson informed.

An explosion and it knocked the Super Robot into the snow. I pressed a few buttons on the controls and took full control of the Super Robot.

"None of the weapon systems are!" Nova alerted.

"Oh no! Here he comes!" Otto shouted.

"Ellie!" Chiro called.

Prometheus 5 slingshot himself toward the Super Robot. I raised my hand and balled it into a fist. Super Robot copied and successfully grabbed Prometheus 5. I brought Prometheus 5 up to the Super Robot's face and he opened his head casing to reveal his metallic brain. Multiple lights extended from the brain and flashed in a combination of colors. The Super Robot replied by blinking its eyes.

Something about trying to have a deeper understanding of what's going on.

Super Robot, let him in. I wish to meld minds with him.

Very well.

The Super Robot opened my station and let Prometheus 5 enter. Prometheus 5 entered my station and I extended my hands to him, opening my casing to reveal my mechanical brain. Hesitant, Prometheus 5 placed his hands over mine and we connected brains. I could see through his memories and he could see through mine, well as much as I can remember.

Super Robot, get us out of here.

Very well, LGHT-00.

With that, the Super Robot flew us to the other side of the robotic city. Away from 'Dr. Takeuchi'. To a large field of robotic remains. With the meld complete, Prometheus 5 and I disconnected brains and we exit my station, landing on the ground.

Prometheus 5 turned to the Super Robot and spoke, "You gonna get out here, or what? I don't have all day!"

"It's okay." I assured, "He's not gonna hurt us."

After a few seconds, the Monkeys and Chiro exit the Super Robot.

"I'm not so sure about this." Sparx answered.

"I sense that Ellie is telling the truth." Antauri replied, "The Prometheus 5 means us no harm."

"Uh... Did you not see the freaky wires shooting out of his head?" Otto asked.

Chiro exit the Super Robot and threw his arms around me, "Ellie! Thank Shuggarzoom!" He released the hug and looked at me, "Are you hurt? No glitches or malfunctions?"

"I'm fine, Chiro. More than fine." I assured with a smile.

"I tried to establish a connection with you, but it didn't work." Prometheus 5 explained, "You robot monkeys are just so... Basic."

Chiro glared at Prometheus 5 and pushed me behind him, "What have you done to Ellie?"

Prometheus 5 looked at me, "Ellie? Is that what they call you? I prefer LGHT-00, but it's your name."

"It's short for Eleanor. It's Greek for 'Shining' or 'Light'." I explained.

"Huh... Somehow that sounds better." Prometheus 5 smirked, then explained, "LGHT-00 and my prototype detected my electric-brain frequency pattern. Then came here to access my my memory eshilant." He looked at me, "It was LGHT-00 who activated the mind-merge."

"The what-merge?!" Chiro exclaimed.

"Her mind, Monkey Boy." Prometheus 5 answered.

The Monkeys raised a brow at the robot. Prometheus 5 and I turned to the Super Robot.

LGHT-00, Prometheus 5... They deserve to know the truth.

"Yeah. Yeah, I know." Prometheus 5 nodded.

We all need to know...

"Alright. Fine." Prometheus 5 nodded.

Nova looked at Super Robot and turned to Prometheus 5 and I, "The Super Robot... He talks to you?"

"You got it, Nova." Prometheus answered.

I nodded, "I'm not sure how, but I think it's because we have the same soul."

"My prototype, here, tells me Gibson's supposed to be the smart one." Prometheus 5 remarks.

Gibson placed his hands on his hips and glared, "There's no need to be rude." Then he realized something, "How did you know our names?"

Prometheus glanced at me, "Information interflow. Now LGHT-00 knows everything about me, where my prototype and she comes from, and what's happened here." He turned to Chiro, "And I know all about you." Then glanced back at me, "Although there are some memories that seem to be locked away."

I shrugged with a small smile.

"And I know all about you!" Chiro answered, "How you've managed to destroy nearly everything else on this planet. Dr. Takeuchi warned us."

"Chiro, that..." I started with a sad look, "That wasn't Takeuchi."

"Let's see." Prometheus 5 asked, "Were you talking to a human being with a face, or a disgusting heap of evil brain on a plate?"

"It was a brain heap, for sure." Otto answered.

"Follow me." Prometheus told us, then started walking into a broken robot's torso.

Chiro, the Monkeys and I followed him deeper into the torso, until we reached a room with a computer. Prometheus 5 switched on the computer, with showed the scientist with the black hair over his eyes, "That is Dr. Takeuchi."

"You mean the brain was lying to us?" Sparx asked.

"Why would Prof. Maezono pretend to be Dr. Takeuchi?" Antauri asked.

"Because Prof. Maezono wanted you to do his dirty work!" Prometheus 5 answered, "The truth is he was building the ultimate fighting robot for one purpose: Himself!" Then he explained his story, "I had only been activated for two days, when Prof. Maiezono tried to transplant his evil consciousness into my robotic body. Dr. Takeuchi tried to stop him, but Prof. Maezono's triggered a lethal power surge, destroying the laboratory and Dr. Takeuchi! From then on, I've been locked in battle with Prof. Maezono. He tries to destroy me, I keep his evil prototypes from leaving here. I won't let Dr. Takeuchi's sacrifice be in vain."

My life... My creators... ALL A LIE!

The Super Robot pounded his fists into the ground, causing the ground to shake.

"Prometheus 5." I started, "I... I have to know... Prof. Maezono mentioned a white monkey being born the same time the Super Robot was created. Merged souls with it. Was he telling the truth about that?"

Prometheus 5 looked at me, then grimly nodded, "I'm afraid so, LGHT-00."

I lowered my head. Suddenly, the ground shook again and an army of super robots emerged from the ground and surrounded us.

The Monkeys, Chiro and I charged out of the robot, "Battle stations!" Chiro instructed.

Prometheus 5 flew in front of us, "Wait! My prototype and I will handle the robot army."

"What? You and the Super Robot? But how?" Chiro exclaimed.

"You and the Monkey Team get back to the complex and stop Prof. Maezono!" Prometheus 5 instructed.

Gibson nodded, "Chiro, he's right. The only way to stop this madness is to shut down the central computer."

Chiro smiled and snapped his finger, "Okay. Let's do it."

I raised my hand, "I'm gonna help the Super Robot and Prometheus 5."

"Are you sure?" Chiro asked me.

I nodded, "I'm not gonna let my brothers take on an army on their own."

Chiro nodded, "Okay. Be careful."

With that, the Monkeys and Chiro left to make their way to the complex. Prometheus 5, the Super Robot and I stayed behind to take on the robot army.

With a combined effort and combined powers, Prometheus 5, the Super Robot and I took out most of the robot army. My heard started throbbing and I felt like I was getting shocked.

"LGHT-00! What's wrong?" Prometheus 5 asked me.

"Prof. Maezono..." I gasped, "He's got the Monkey Team!"

"Well, let's go help them!" Prometheus 5 told us.

The Super Robot and I nodded and we made our way to the complex. The Super Robot punched his way in and shut down the main systems. Prometheus 5, the Super Robot and I were eye-to-eye with Prof. Maezono.

"My prototype and LGHT-00 want answers, and so do I!" Prometheus 5 told the brain in a jar, "You helped create us!"

I nodded, "Dr. Takeuchi and my father were supposed to be your friends! Prometheus 5 and the Super Robot were your legacy! And you destroyed it."

"Time for the big payback, Professor!" Prometheus 5 told Prof. Maezono.

"Not yet, my son!" The brain answered, morphing his stand into a rocket ship, "My mind moves too quickly for you."

Prometheus 5 readied an energy orb for Prof. Maezono, but I put my hand over his shoulder and canceled his attack with my psychokinesis.

"What are you doing!?" Prometheus 5 asked me.

Prof. Maezono fled off-planet, laughing.

Prometheus 5 took hold on my shoulders and shook me, "Why did you stop me?! He deserved it! You should've let me destroy him!"

"Then you'll be no better than him." I pointed out, "There's nowhere he can hide now."

"You... I..." Prometheus let go of me and sulked, "You're right. Burn your circuits, you're right."

*A Little Bit Later...*

"You should come with us, Slingshot." Chiro offered Prometheus 5, "We could use your help fighting the Skeleton King Worm."

Prometheus 5 shook his head, "I can't. Prof. Maezono is out there, somewhere. And I intend to find him."

Chiro nodded with a smile, "I understand." Then turned to the Monkey Team and I, "Let's go. We've got a job to do."

With that, he and the Monkeys made their way to the Super Robot.

I smiled at Prometheus 5, "Thank you for helping me, Prometheus. You, the Super Robot and I make quite a good team."

That is where you are wrong, LGHT-00.

Prometheus and I turned to the Super Robot, "Oh?"

We're already part of a great team. A family.

A smile grew on my face, "Yeah. A family." Then Prometheus 5 threw his arms around me, "Prometheus 5, what are you doing?"

"I saw Chiro do this and I wanted to know what it was about." Prometheus answered, "It feels... Nice."

I smiled and hugged Prometheus 5 back. He released the hug and I entered the Super Robot, ready to fight the Skeleton King Worm.