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Entwined Destines – Prologue

"They said there was no way. But they forgot the black hole in the sky. Yesterday is nothing. I have half a life to rewrite."

The Future is Now (2014) – Starset

New York City, night

Gwen Stacy was about to die having been thrown off the George Washington Bridge by Green Goblin. Viewing her rapidly spinning surrounding as she plunged downward Gwen knew her situation was hopeless. Falling towards her inevitable doom one thing dominated Gwen's terrified mind the life she and best friend turned treasured boyfriend Peter Parker would have had. Now they'd never get married, never have children, and never grow old together surrounded by the family they would have built and friendships they would have nurtured. Unexpectedly the end did not come as expected, instead twin bungee like cords snapped her back from certain doom.

"I've got you," Spider-Man said hulling her up atop the bridge tower.

Although under normal circumstances Gwen was not overly fond of the vigilante known as Spider-Man she threw her arms around him nonetheless. "Thank you, thank you so much." She cried. "He tried to kill me."

"I know," Spider-Man said staring at the Green Goblin who flew away cackling.

Spider-Man had made a split second decision to save the woman he loved thereby allowing the mad villain to escape. A choice he did not in anyway regret.

"I have to go, stop Green Goblin before he tries to harm anyone else," Spider-Man said gently extracting himself from Gwen's desperate embrace.

"No, please stay with me. What if he comes back? You can't leave me here alone." Gwen squeaked in panic.

Spider-Man then made another choice. He needed Gwen's trust if his plan was to work. He only hoped he would not regret what he had to do to earn in. He took off his mask.

"Peter," Gwen gasped in shock.

"Yup, it's me," Peter said. "I'm Spider-Man. I've been Spider-Man for years."

"But, how?" Gwen said utterly confused by what she saw.

"I'll explain everything when there's time," Peter said. "Do you still trust me, even though I'm Spider-Man?"

Gwen vigorously nodded her head. "You saved my life. Of course, I trust you. I love you, Peter."

"I can't tell you how happy hearing that makes me feel right now," Peter said. "I'll take you somewhere safe. Hold on tight." Peter said pulling Gwen to him.

Baxter Building, sometime later

"Ha, read 'em and weep Ben. Full house ace high." Johnny Storm aka Human Torch said slapping down his cards on the table.

"Darn it," Ben Grim aka the Thing said after showing his own in comparison mediocre hand. "I swear your cheatin' somehow hot head." He grumbled watching Johnny collected another large pile of poker chips.

"Maybe I'm just lucky," Johnny said flashing his million dollar smile.

"Luck my big rocky, orange butt," Ben said.

"I do apologize for this interruption Mr. Grim, Mr. Storm but Mr. Parker insisted he meet with you both immediately when I informed him that Mr. and Mrs. Richards are off planet." H.E.R.B.I.E. the robot servant of the Fantastic Four said hovering into the room.

"Wazzup Pete?" Johnny said adding when he noticed the distraught blond woman leaning against Peter. "Who's your friend?"

"Johnny Storm, Ben Grims this is my girlfriend Gwen Stacy." Peter said introducing her. "Green Goblin tried to kill Gwen tonight by throwing her off the George Washington Bridge."

"Monster," Ben said.

Johnny whistled. "What a heartless bastard."

"Green Goblin knows I'm Spider-Man. That's why he targeted Gwen. I'm afraid he'll go after other people I care about. Would you guys watch Gwen while I go after Goblin? I can't risk leaving her alone at my place given current circumstances." He added his expression grim. "I won't let him lay a finger on another one of my loved ones. No matter what it takes, I'll stop him."

"I'm coming with you," Johnny said not liking the tone of Peter's voice or the look in his eyes.

"Thank god you're going with him. Green Goblin is a psychopath. I know he'd kill Peter given half a chance." Gwen said.

"Nobody is going to kill anyone while I'm around," Johnny said.

"Don't worry Pete, Herbie and I will protect the little lady. No one is getting past us, eh Herb?" Ben said.

"Affirmative," H.E.R.B.I.E. beeped.

"Be careful," Gwen said giving Peter a deep but brief kiss.

"I will," Peter said.

Home of May Parker Queens, not long afterwards

When Spider-Man and Human Torch arrived the small house was already ablaze. A frantic Spider-Man was barely held back from leaping into the inferno by Human Torch. The heroes soon learned from EMTs and local residents gathered nearby by that Aunt May had been taken to the hospital after suffering smoke inhalation minutes before their arrival after the structure was pumpkin bombed by Green Goblin.

Although Human Torch tried to calm him Spider-Man's next stop was Oscorp Tower. Atop the massive skyscraper Goblin hovered on his glider awaiting his the arrival of his longtime foe. The pair squared off while Human Torch hovered nearby.

"He's mine, Johnny stay back," Spider-Man growled.

"Sure thing, I'll be around if you need me." Human Torch said.

"Tonight we dance the final dance the dance of death Spider-Man." Green Goblin cackled.

"Fine by me, creep," Spider-Man said his voice low and eerily calm.

The ensuing battle was short but decisive. Green Goblin flew high into the air in an attempt to dive bomb Spider-Man. With lightning-fast movement, Spider-Man both rolled aside at the last possible second to avoid impact and snagged the underside of Green Goblin's glider with twin strands of webbing. He used these to pull the glider off course in such a way that Green Goblin fell to the rooftop below. Spider-Man was on him in a second raining down punches upon his masked face. Again, and again and again he pummelled the supervillain until streams of blood spilled from the mouth hole, nostril holes and eye sockets of Green Goblin's mask. Spider-Man pulled the mask off then continued to batter Norman Osborn's bruised, puffy face.

"When people come to you asking if getting at me through the people I love is a good idea, tell them how I destroyed you tonight Norman!" Spider-Man shouted. Norman Osborn only smiled at Spider-Man's rage. His cracked, blood stained teeth painted a disturbing picture.

"I win, you lose, see you in Hell bug boy!" Norman Osborn said. In his gloved hand, Norman flipped a small switch.

Even with his Spider-Sense if it had not been for the timely intervention of Human Torch, Spider-Man would not have gotten off the rooftop in time. The top floor of the building exploded as the goblin glider simultaneously crashed onto the spot where Norman lay. A huge shock way tossed Spider-Man and Human Torch around like dried leaves in an autumn breeze.

Apartment of Peter Parker three days later, afternoon

"Thanks," Gwen said accepting the cup of coffee. She lay on Peter's living room sofa a blanket covering her legs.

"Sure you're okay?" Peter asked.

"For the last time I'll be fine." Gwen said with a smile. "You better go. If you're late Aunt May will worry."

"I'm just glad Anna Watson is letting Aunt May stay with her next door while things are sorted out with the insurance company," Peter said grabbing his keys and smartphone on his way out the door. "I'll be back soon as I can." He stopped to kiss Gwen on the cheek then left.

A few minutes after Peter departed Gwen picked up her smartphone. She dialed the number of her close friend. "Hi, MJ it's Gwen. Can we talk?"

"Sure, how are you doing? I heard about what happened. I can't believe Green Goblin attacked you like that for no reason, how awful." The voice of Mary Jane Watson said.

"Yeah, I know," Gwen said. She and Peter had agreed no one should know why the attack really happened.

"Have you told Peter yet?" Mary Jane asked following a brief silence.

"That's what I want to discuss," Gwen said.

"Gwen you should stop putting this off. Peter will understand." Mary Jane said.

"What about Harry? He and Peter have been best friends since high school. How do you suppose he'll react when he finds out his deceased father drugged me in Europe, brainwashed me into doing horrendous things? I'm still not sure what exactly was done to me or why. Only that I was abducted by Mr. Osborn and experimented on somehow. I refuse to come between Peter and Harry because of that terrible man." Gwen said firmly. There was no way she could do such a thing especially now that she knew the late Norman Osborn had also been Green Goblin. Her information would destroy Peter's and Harry's friendship perhaps even turning them against one and other. "I want your promise you'll never breath a word of what I've told you to another living soul, Mary Jane."

"It's your choice to make Gwen. My lips are sealed. But secrets always have a way of coming out. Better Peter hear what happened from you than somebody else." Mary Jane advised.

"Maybe, but I can't tell him not now. Things are, complicated. What with Aunt May also being attacked." Gwen said.

"Peter's poor aunt." Mary Jane said. "You guys have the worst luck. Well, I have to go. It was great talking with you. I hope things improve soon, bye."

"Goodbye Mary Jane," Gwen said sitting her smartphone down on the coffee table.

To Be Continued

Author's Note One -

This story will use a mixture of continuity elements although the general narrative structure will be drawn from the 616 comics.

Author's Note Two -

While the events of "Sins Past" will occur in this universe they will in no way defame Gwen's character as they did in 616 canon. She's purely the victim of Norman's machinations here, as she should have been in the comics. Oh, and no Goblin Twins. That said, I think you'll enjoy what I do present in their place.

Author's Note Three -

I'll be using many of the ideas I had for my defunct story Web Warriors. With that stated, don't expect Harry to become the next goblin here as I have a far different and happier destiny planned for him. One I feel that he better deserves.