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Entwined Destines – Episode Two A Goblin, a Ghost and a Black Cat Part I

Rooftops of New York City, night

Spider-Man chased the lithe shadow across six city blocks before he caught up with, her!? "Well, you're not what I expected," Spider-Man said knocking the silver-haired girl in the provocatively tight black catsuit, the v-neckline of which showed a dangerous amount of cleavage, off her feet. The pair rolled around on the rooftop as the silver-haired girl about his age in the black domino mask struggled fiercely to free herself. Spider-Man could not help but think how much stronger she was than she looked.

"And what exactly did you expect Spider? Some old man wearing a black ski mask named Claude?" The silver-haired girl teased kicking Spider-Man off her when she rolled briefly on top of her. "Male cat buglers are so passé. Haven't you heard the future is female?" She said scrambling to her feet. "Catch me if you can Spider." The silver-haired girl sprinted away Spider-Man once more in hot pursuit.

"C'mon I've already had my cardio for the night. Why can't you just hand over the stolen merchandise then we could both go home. Doesn't that sound nice?" Spider-Man lamented sprinting after her.

"In your dreams Spider. These lovely baubles are mine all mine." The silver-haired girl called over her shoulder. In her gloved left hand was clutched a brown burlap sack full of recently pilfered property from several private art collections.

It was not long before Spider-Man again caught the silver-haired girl. This time he webbed up her ankles so she could not easily escape. When he reached down to pull her up the silver-haired girl placed her hands around his neck and pulled him close. She then pulled up the bottom of his mask before Spider-Man could react. She smiled after licking his exposed chin playfully.

"Yummy," The silver-haired girl said her voice taking on a husky tone. There was a dreamy look in her eyes. "Wanna have some fun Spider?" She asked her mouth almost touching his. "Let's fool around." Her soft lips planted a passionate kiss on his gaping mouth.

For a moment but only a moment, Spider-Man lost himself in the sensation of the silver-haired girl's tongue dancing with his own. Images of he and Gwen flooded his mind; their first meeting, their first date, the first time he told Gwen he loved her and she told him the same, the first time they consummated that love. With a great effort of will, Spider-Man broke the embrace of the silver-haired girl. He pushed himself off her.

"Sorry, but I'm spoken for," Spider-Man said back on this feet a moment later. "I doubt my girlfriend would approve of your behavior. So, I'm going to have to decline your invitation as tempting as it may be."

"Phoofie," The silver-haired girl said slicing through the webbing with retractable claws built-in to her gloves. She then got to her feet with a pout. Her expression brightened when a deliciously sinful idea dawned on her. "Maybe she'd like to join us? There is always room for a third in my bed, especially if she's hot. Is she hot?"

Spider-Man was aghast at her suggestion as he knew Gwen would be. "Uh, G-, while hot my girlfriend isn't into kinky stuff, sorry." He said his voice cracking from the sexually charged situation he found himself in.

"Her loss and yours, Spider," The silver-haired girl said slinking her way towards Spider-Man. She traced the index finger of her right hand along the spider symbol on his chest. She leaned forward and whispered. "My name is Black Cat by the way, but my friend call me Cat. Do you want to be my friend, Spider?" Black Cat put special emphasis on "friend".

Spider-Mam gulped uncomfortably. Black Cat leaned against him resting her head on his shoulder. Her body molding to his most delightfully. He could feel every curve of her supple form along with the rhythm of her heartbeat. In spite of the aching need in his loins, he was about to push her away when a third person arrived on the scene triggering his Spider Sense. Working on reflex he pushed Black Cat away. The sultry thief landed her plush behind with a squeak of protest.

"What do we have here, Spider-Man and Super Tramp," A strangely familiar feminine voice asked.

Although Spider-Man tried he could not quite place the voice all he knew was that he could not shake the feeling he should know the speaker. The person the voice belonged to was outfitted in a white & black costume with a purple & blue webbing pattern under the arms. In general design, the suit was reminiscent of Spider-Man's own, save for a white hood.

"This isn't what it looks like," Spider-Man blurted out reflexively. "Huh, who's the spider lady? Do I have to tell Spider-Woman somebody has stolen her act, again?" He added eyeing the new arrival.

Even in her full coverage uniform, Spider-Man could see the spider person had a well-portioned body that was clearly female. With his libido already worked up by Black Cat's antics Spider-Man found the sight rather appealing. Down boy Spider-Man thought to himself least either girl recognize is ahem not so little problem. Thankfully, his inner admonishment began to work all be it slower than he would have liked.

"Call me Ghost Spider." The other spider person said hands on her hips. "And it looks like I'm interrupting a late night tryst between you and Ms. Ho Bag here." She pointed an accusing finger at Black Cat

"Hey," Black Cat said scowling. "I resent that remark you bargain bin Spider-Man reject."

"Oh, I'm wounded deeply." Ghost Spider said putting her hands over her heart. "You should consider a career as a comedian instead of a streetwalker." She then looked at Spider-Man. "He could do so much better."

"Back off you knock off I saw him first." Black Cat said unsheathing gleaming steel tip claws for the second time that night.

"And here I heard he was already taken. But that wouldn't matter to a slut like you, now would it?" Ghost Spider said.

"Ladies, ladies please don't fight on my account," Spider-Man said.

Neither women heard a word Spider-Man had to say. Black Cat and Ghost Spider squared off. Black Cat launched a dropkick at Ghost Spider's head which the other girl easily dodged. Ghost Spider twirled around elbowing Black Cat in the back of her head. Rendered off balance from the blow Black Cat stumbled forward a step but quickly recovered. When she spun around she was instantly levelled by a clothesline from Ghost Spider. Black Cat crashed onto the rooftop surface with a loud thud falling unconscious.

"Get up," Ghost Spider ordered forcefully gesturing with her hands for Black Cat to stand. "I'm not done with you, honey." Ghost Spider made ready to stomp on Black Cat's torso in hopes of breaking a rib or two.

"That's enough," Spider-Man said snagging Ghost Spider's upthrusted leg with a strand of his webbing. "She's beaten. We don't attack defenseless people."

"I can't believe you're protecting her!?" Ghost Spider exclaimed incredulously. With a pull of her leg, she broke free of the web line. "Before I arrived you were trying to capture her! I did your job and this is the thanks I get!?"

"My job isn't further brutalizing already defeated or captured criminals," Spider-Man said. "If you think being a hero means taking out your frustrations on others than you need to reexamine your definition of what makes a hero, lady. I'm not judge, jury or god forbid executioner and you aren't either. "

"You're right Spider-Man I have misjudged you. I thought you were a person of action but I see I was wrong. You're a fraud!" Ghost Spider said attacking Spider-Man.

The pair spent the next several minutes dancing around the rooftop trading blows. Although Spider-Man seemed to have the experience edge Ghost Spider proved faster. Even with his Spider Sense, Spider-Man felt the sting of more than a few of her blows. Whatever her suit was made off or perhaps coated, with Spider-Man thought, his webbing would not stay attached for long. Her webbing, on the other hand, stuck terribly to him. The battle ended when Ghost Spider caught Spider-Man's right shoulder with a strand of webbing and threw him straight through a brick chimney. Try as Spider-Man might he could not stop his head from spinning long enough to regain his footing.

Spider-Man lay there in a sad pile until he felt Ghost Spider tug him up by his shirt front. She made her free hand into a fist and readied a fight finishing blow that could very well spell his end in his weakened state but hesitated. "I won't," she said as if through gritted teeth. Her grip suddenly slackened. She dropped Spider-Man, grabbed her head, briefly thrashed about as is in intense pain then ran off. She was long gone when a panting Spider-Man finally recovered enough to again stand on wobbly feet as was Black Cat and her loot.

"What a night. Bad Super Girls two Spider-Man zero." Spider-Man sighed limping away.

Peter's and Gwen's Apartment the next day, morning

"Mind explaining," Gwen said with an angry expression on her face. She slapped her tablet down on the dinette table in front of a bruised Peter who was trying to eat his cereal while causing his sore jaw minimal pain.

"Explain what," Peter said confused. On the screen was displayed a Bugle headline along with a picture of Spider-Man kissing Black Cat. The headline read in bold letters – Partners in Crime!? (not surprisingly the byline was J. Jonah Jameson)

"Why you were kissing a metahuman prostitute last night," Gwen said.

"I don't think she's a prostitute, not technically anyway, I think she's a thief. Also, she might not be a metahuman." Peter said in his usual jokey fashion.

Gwen for her part was in no way amused. She wore a dark expression on her face. "Ha ha ha very funny Peter. I hope you find sleeping on the couch for the next month as funny." Gwen stormed away slamming their bedroom door with an earsplitting bang.

"Jeez, what did I do?" Peter wondered aloud.

Peter had fought several other female villains who had become a bit too friendly with Spider-Man since he told Gwen his secret. Why was she being a, well, total bitch about his encounter with Black Cat? Sure, Black Cat was friendlier than most still Gwen knew he loved her, right? He decided he had best show her there was nothing to worry about that she was the only woman for him. Perhaps the time was finally right for him to pop the question?

Peter wanted to do so months ago but then Norman Osborn had happened. Fearful that he might put too much stress on the woman he loved, Peter pushed the desire to make Gwen his wife aside. Had he made a mistake? Should he have plowed forward regardless of the obstacles?

But first, Peter vowed he would find whoever snapped that incriminating picture of him with Black Cat and teach that person a lesson in privacy. The only thing he knew was it was not him for a change who took the incriminating photograph. Examining the angle he decided it might have been taken from a drone. Someone had been watching his actions as Spider-Man last night and he was determined to find out who that was.

Former Hidden Lair of the Green Goblin, a short time later

Clad in a color modified variant of the infamous Green Goblin costume, with gray "skin" and blue clothing, minus mask sat Dr. Bart Hamilton. In front of Dr. Hamilton were banks of monitors that displayed live video and audio feeds of various parts of the city. He stroked his salt & pepper beard thoughtful as he considered recent events.

His subliminal operative Ghost Spider was not performing according to her programmed parameters. That much was made clear when she spared Spider-Man's life last night as relayed by the drone he sent to track her movements. Her act of defiance ran contrary to her implanted instructions. Furthermore, she was not committing the crimes he had instructed her to over the phone or in person that were designed to aid his take over of the criminal underworld. Rather than follow his orders the new personality went her merry way while trying her hand at being a hero.

"Perhaps some powerful psychotropic medication could make her more compliant?" Dr. Hamilton mused.

Dr. Hamilton, however, was hesitant to pursue such a course of action. There was no way to be certain how such a medication regime might affect her metahuman physiology or her already altered mental state. He could not risk losing the use of his most important asset, other than himself of course, through such risky actions at least not yet.

"It would appear I must eliminate Spider-Man myself. If he dies Gwen might fall into line without the distraction he represents." Dr. Hamilton finally declared. Now all that remained was to choose a field of battle that would prove the most advantageous to him and pick a time for the big events.

To Be Continued