Entering Sainsbury's, Harvey moved towards the specific aisle with intention. His beautiful girlfriend's birthday was next week and if he wanted to avoid a painful death, he would have to pull out a show stopper. Sainsbury's wasn't the best choice for a luxury gift, but he needed wrapping paper for the inevitable presents. Harvey headed down the aisle, browsing the available wrapping paper, oblivious to the other person lurking in the aisle.

Heavy footsteps stopped beside him, causing Harvey to whip his head up. His mouth fell open in shock.

"Put your tongue away, boy. You are not catching flies."

Harvey jolted and closed his mouth, cheeks hueing. "Sorry, Sir. I-"

"Quiet. I will not have my pleasant shopping trip spoiled by an arrogant brat."

"I'm not arrogant-"

"Be quiet!" As the small boy sealed his lips, clearly frightened, the Headmaster tutted.

"You are becoming arrogant like your brother, and it is wonderful to see that you are still afraid of me."

Harvey screwed up his face. "I'm not arrogant, and you should be a-afraid of us-"

"How droll, you are."

"Alright, there's no need to speak like Yoda!"

"What on earth are you blabbering on about?"

"It's from Star Wars! You don't…" He trailed off and looked at the Headmaster with clear fear in his eyes. "W-What do you w-want?"

The Headmaster raised his eyebrows in amusement. "That is none of your business. What are you doing here?"

"Well…" Harvey stepped away from the man and skimmed his eyes over the offering of wrapping paper on display. "It's Ingrid's birthday soon and-"

"That wretched girl has you on a leash." The Headmaster snorted.

Feeling a spark of anger within him at the slur, Harvey snapped:

"At least I have someone who loves me!"

"You best watch your words, Mr Hunter. Do not push me."

Harvey rolled his eyes, annoyed at the whole situation. "Whatever." He grabbed a roll of wrapping paper and headed towards the self-checkout. As he scanned the item, hand moving to his jeans to pull out his wallet, he noticed that the Headmaster was now watching him.

Schooling his face into an impassive mask, Harvey hid his panic at not being able to locate his wallet as his hands plunged into various pockets attempting to find it. Upon realising that he had left it at home, he softly cursed and strode back over to the aisle. He dumped the wrapping paper back into its original place and delivered a fake chirpy smile to the Headmaster.

The man smirked back, and Harvey found himself storming out of Sainsbury's, now in a foul mood.