He found her on the school roof. It was off limits to all pupils, and as they weren't faculty, he would never have dreamed of going up there. But it was dire times and he needed to find her, so he thought nothing of it as he walked across the roof towards his girlfriend.

Dropping down beside her, he stared out at the grey clouds.

"Miserable day, isn't it?"

"Mmh," Ingrid brushed a hand across her face. "Fitting really."

He continued to stare ahead. "I've never really seen you cry before. Didn't think you were the type."

"Yeah well, I think today's allowed."

"Yeah," He sighed. "Can we stay up here?"

"No. But that's not going to stop us."


They sat in silence, Ingrid swiping her hands back and forth over her eyes, Harvey watching the setting sun morosely.

"Think we'll get married one day?"

She snapped her head round to look at him. "Why are you saying something like that? Marriage isn't going to be on the cards now. You know he's going to ban it."

Harvey knew who she was referring too, but he simply shrugged. "I'd like you to be my wife and have kids with you."

"We're kids ourselves, Harv-Harv. We can't think of things like that."

"D-Do you think we'll split up before we reach the altar t-then?"

"No! Look," She waited until he was staring into her eyes before continuing. "I am thinking about this moment, right here, right now. You know he won't stand for our relationship, he's threatened to stop it before and when he wins, he'll break us up."

"He won't win-"

"I'm a realist, Harvey. Crap always happens. He'll win and we'll be split up… to never s-see each o-other…"

She broke off into loud sobs, and Harvey could only pull her to his chest in despair, his own eyes filling up with tears. One dripped down his face as his soothing whisper floated on the wind.

"We'll stick together, sweetie. You and me. No one will split us up. We're together… and only d-death can tear us apart."