All on My Mind

Part 2: Kitchel

A/N: Someone asked me to do a part 2 so I decided why the hell not. The first one didn't take that long and the second shouldn't either. Well, hopefully it doesn't.

Okay, onto the show!!


If there ever was any doubt on the fact that Draqueen was boring, it had just left. Lord Lykouleon hasn't let me out of his sight. I REALLY didn't MEAN to try and steal the treasure that I'd gotten for him, I mean, okay jewels and everything are pretty…..

Drool coming down, need to wipe face before Lykouleon sees it!! I really don't like embarrassing myself in front of the man but at least he's not as bad as Thatz. That punk.

Oh, well, Adventure here we come!!! -

Lalallaaaalllalalalala!!! Oh, shut up, Ringleys. I'm so definitely not deaf. Why do you say something like that anyway, faerie boy? Do you know how much I could squeeze you right here and now with one fist? That's right, keep looking the other way, because YOU can't enter MY mind!! o


Okay, okay, quick laugh over. Oh, yes Lykouleon, I will watch myself so carefully. Yeah right. What else am I going to do, drop dead and get some demon to steal my body? --;

Oooooo……Not a good time to remember hot Saabel……Hot dre-NEVERmind!! Did not mean Saabel but oh shivers. Oh, well, that demon was weird but he was interested, too bad Nadil had him on a short chain.

Now when you go do adventures you need lots and lots of food. I mean lots. Hold on, Thatz ain't coming? But you know that it would be HELPFUL, Lord Lykouleon.


Kitchel likes this a lot!! Yep, yep, she does!! Kitchel is now going to stop talking to herself in third person because she's comfuzzled as all hell.

Okay, packed and ready to go Ringleys? What else is new? That little faerie should be handy with his supplies but oh, no, he just brings that lunkhead, Thatz. Glare of doom not working!!! Should use fingers around itty-bitty body like King Kong!!!

I'm KING KONG HEAR ME RO-Oh, did I say that outloud? SHIT!! Uh….don't ask, Thatzy-poo!! Teehee, Leaving, so go do something stupid and have the "girly-man" find out. It'd be just interesting to find you impaled with yet another broken sword or wooden chair.

Yes, yes. I'm always careful. Stop being my mother Con man. You're not my mother because you're not dead and…….hmmm…….I'll have to think of other reasons, cause suddenly I have a picture of you, Thatz, wearing a dress and looking like mom.


Good warning Kitchel!! Let's go already, you damn dragonfly. Leave, leave, STOP FOLLOWING MORON!!! Boulder I had in hand, SHOOT and SCORE!!! Thatz now has the face of a crater.

Crater face……..teeeheee!!! Wait once you're out of hearing and sight range and then let it all go, Ktichel, that's right girl!!

Okay, Let's got to Lumere's, Ringleys!! WHAT?! Thatz never took you to meet Master? Master was the one who taught me EVERYTHING!!! Thatz is such a dumb ass sometimes. Oh,well…..Okay, I admit mind, a CUTE dumb ass.

What? Do I have food on my face or something, Ringleys? I really hope I didn't say anything out loud. Firefly over there would never end it. Walking into said bar, and getting a happy smile from Master!!

Hiyas Mas-NO!! I DO NOT LOVE THATZ!! NO WAY ARE WE MARRIED!!!! ;; Oh sorry for that little itsy bitsy out burst, Master. But that is true. Thatz Kitchel weirdness. Not happening. Not any time soon anyway.

Soooo……Let's get away from my infidelity, and move on to the local treasure hot spots!! Oh, great. I was going there anyway. It's near Chantel, right? Good. Cause I'd get maybe lost some place else.

Okay, bye Master. I'll bring you a piece of treasure from my journey!! Ta ta, human world, Kitchel is on her working job thingy………yeah….I need better encouragement speeches.

Anyway, Ladidadidaaaaaa!!!

Okay, okay, I'm checking back into you mind, because I've been trying to get to this damned hole in the ground for a little over a week since I arrived in Chantel two days before. Ringleys sleeps like an insect, but I don't know how that works since I've never seen an insect sleep. Maybe they sleep in cocoons…….That's metamorphing butterflies, Kitchel…..

Anyway!!! This damned hole in the ground just doesn't want to be found. Crunch crunch crunch? Definitely not good. Ringleys? FAERIE?! RINGLEYS?!?!?!? Where the hell are you?

Oh, my luck has totally run out. Hi Mr. Demon, is that a…..faerie…..wing……in….YOUR MOUTH?!?!?!??!? YOU CANNIBAL!!! YOU ATE MY DAMNED INS-I mean, FAERIE!!! GET WHAT'S COMING TO!!! ARRRRRGH!!!

Oo I've met worse demons. I can't believe I just lost Ringleys!!! I'm not crying am I? Good, not crying. Thatz wouldn't want me to cry like this. In fact that ass hadn't even cried at Fergie's funeral.

Well, I also didn't but that's beside the point. So stuck upon on him, am I? He's been constantly bugging me even in my thoughts. Thatz, do me a favor and go to hell. Leave me the hell alone because even when I'm away from you and your amusing antics and everything, YOU STILL BUG ME!!!

Calming down no-GODS!! HELP!!! It WASN'T dead!!!!!!! T…Thatz!!! Please……………save me……

I wonder what must've happened. All I remember was being covered in slime and then………..I called out for Thatz……What is wrong with me?

There are pink petals, flowing softly upon the unfelt breeze around me and looking down I see that I am wearing a white dress. Am I married? No, doesn't look like it. Country dress…….HAH……like I'd actually dress in a dress……

Someone else is here? The screams of 'hey, you's become clearer as I turn to see who it is that has come to my call of hope. Shit. It's Thatz. HOW DARE HE CALL ME A BITCH!!!!!

Oh,well, he at least knows he's a dumb ass. He looks very handsome for once and I can't seem to place my finger on why, so I start drifting backwards. Why? So many questions that I can't seem to answer after all I' not exactly God here, y'know.

Reaching for him to come closer, to take my hand and I feel my life slip away. Why? Why must this happen? Why blood?!

I feel the urge to vomit, but it desists as eagerly as it began. He's coming. He's going to save me and for the fewest moment of my life, I hear him say my name with concern, love, and panicked hope.

I fell away into the blood that seeped from my palm onto the floor, falling into darkness with the copper liquid digging into my body suffocating me. THATZ!! HELP YOU MORON!! THATZ!!!

I see a bright light as I have been unconscious for whoever knows how long. I have killed, in fact my body was rejoicing in the massacre of fighters dead at my feet. How? I never ever learned how to fight with anything but daggers!!

This world is just crazy!! Crazy, crazy!!! Sudden urge to throw up not even coming? This is screwed up. Thatz get your two-tacos-short-of-a-fiesta rear in gear, damn it, and save me!!!

Oh, great, Mr. Hero. Watching myself cut down such innocents makes me feel so horrible. My own arms, slashing, killing, reveling in blood. I've never felt such hatred for myself because my body won't react on me.

First Ringleys, now this. I THOUGHT I WAS ON YOUR GOOD SIDE, GOD!!! I'm so pathetic, so helpless. My body won't reply to me. It only wants me to sleep away in the darkness, in the nightmares that pile on me.

Thatz……..He sees me. He sees how revolting I am…….Why? Why can't I just get my body to normal?! THATZ!!! Please, help me………

Another person to duel against, Thatz, ensuring the moment that would never leave us. I don't want to be alone ever again, but right now I feel so low, so helpless. Swords mean nothing, I mean nothing.

Kill me. I deserve it and you hate me anyway, Thatz. My body allowed myself to say those words. I was no longer in the pilot's seat though. He brings out the dragon's eye…….

Another bright light and I am gone, feeling only a slight kiss to the forehead as I watch with closing lids that ass monkey, Thatz, come over and raise me up.


People say that dreams aren't real. I believe they are, why else would I dream of wearing a white dress and seeing him again in it. He was relieved. I could tell in his eyes.

They say that the eyes are the windows of the soul, they're only mirrors that can help one see what they're missing.

In dreams, everything is crazy such as moving from something about war to playing with Barbie dolls. They're like the imagination, a bunch of unneeded mumbo jumbo. Really, in my mind, that's all it takes. Mumbo jumbo.

I can see my dreams as I rest.

All too perfect to be true.

All too perfect to be my own.

Thatz will never be mine. I would never be his. Simply because of that damned thing called pride. I'm a prideful little lioness, Sehkmet, in many words. Wandering the fields of my dreams, I hear the call of his voice so many times. Telling me about the white dress looking beautiful, how I should wear it more often. These often cause me to blush. They also cause me to wonder if he does love me and that these dreams are telling me something.

Then again all dreams are lucid except if you're a prophetess like Cesia or Delte.

I'm just plain ol' me.

Getting up, feeling as if the world is gone, I change into a white dress that was laid out on the table for me by Lord Lykouleon's weirdo wife, Rasaleane. Simple at best but beautiful. A girl like me, Kitchel, should never wear this in public. Tis' a crime to be a little plain and all in something extravagantly beautiful. The dress was never meant for me though I think it was.

Yeah, funny how life is. Shakily, I go over onto the balcony, waiting for life, waiting for someone or something to come. These stupid messages from my dreams are pointless. I start crying as I remember the guilt and the pain of the deaths.

I am nothing more than death it seems. Almost any person who got involved with me died. (Except for Lumere, the Dragon Tribe, and Kyonkichi, my cousin.) Tears that I was never supposed to cry came down at the rememberance of that damned firefly.

So distracted, I turn around, wide eyed when I see HIM in there. During my entire dream-sequences, I had dreamt about him.

Did he see me cry? I hope not otherwise I'd never live it down. But as I search in his eyes, I call out his name, a simple 'Thatz.' My heart is beating so fast and my stomach is doing flip flops from my dreams and more. Why must I feel so weird when I think about him?

I run to him. I have come to the deep consolation that I do feel something for the little con man but otherwise I'd never let him know it. His arms feel so good around me. I can't stop crying it seems as I remember the deaths I have put on my head.

You did know? Are you mad? He reassures me, the nerve of him. Nonetheless, his gesture is thoughtless like normal and now in my emotionally-wrecked state leaves me worst off in the heart-beating faster department.

I don't want to talk about it.

I wore a dress because of a….a feeling. That and it was the only thing for me to wear besides my underwear, dipwad. Gawds, Thatz, you're a moron and a half sometimes!! Yeah, yeah. I know.

NO!! I don't want to go back and be alone. I don't want to be alone, Thatz!! Don't leave me alone!! I AM NOT PROTESTING!! I'm PLEADING!! DON'T. LEAVE. ME. ALONE!!!!

Okay, okay. Will you be here though? He'll stay for awhile. I'm relieved. For once in my life, I don't want to be independent. I want someone else to carry my burden with me. I still feel the sting of his kiss upon my forehead.

I still want to feel it again. As he lets go and leads me to bed, I wonder if I will ever feel those arms and lips on me again.

I hope so.

Thatz, for being such a dimwitted slob, I think you've stolen my heart, you little con man.


I don't this was as funny as last time, but I did it all the same. I merely wanted to get Kitchel's POV of what happened. I may add a third part but I don't think so. The third part would mainly be about the battle to a song. I want to thank Aquajogger for being such an awesome person. She did an awesome comic of Thatz and Kitchel from a paragraph of the first All on My Mind.

It looked so awesome!! Anyway, this is also a thank you to her for writing a dedication to me, and to ojosnegro for getting me to do this.

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