Part 1

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Description: Duo, a writer in a rut, finds himself some inspiration
"I'm sorry, Mr. Maxwell, but you'll have to have the manuscript in by the end of the month or else our contract will be terminated."

Duo stood up and stared down at the publisher. "You have to give me another two months! I swear I'll have it done by than. After all the money I've brought you with my work you should be able to give me that."

The short, brown haired women compressed her lips into a thin line. The woman was definitely not impressed with him. "Mr. Maxwell, we have already given you numerous extensions and you have not been able to show a single word of what you have written. I'd advise you to make an effort here or else you'll end up a starving artist."


"Mr. Maxwell, may I remind you that I am your boss. I can decide not to accept this work at all." She glared up at him. "Now if you'll excuse me, I have other clients to see to."

Duo stalked out of the room, muttering curses as he went. The secretary jumped and squeaked as the door to the office was slammed on his way out. She watched him go with wide eyes. She had never seen Mr. Maxwell quite so angry before this.

'Who the hell do they think they are?' Duo thought furiously as he left the building and started towards his car. 'After I've made so much money for them they could dammed well do me this one favour. I'm the one that got that bitch her fancy office with the huge desk and spinney chair. I can get this freaking book finished eventually. I just need a little inspiration.'

He squealed out of the parking lot, cutting off people as he did so. He paid no head to the blaring horns or yelled curses and kept speeding.

'And it's not as if I'm going to get any inspiration sitting in my apartment staring at a blank computer screen. When I was younger it was different. I was actually able to go out and experience things. Now they expect for me to come up with plot ideas for a lot of things I've never even witnessed let alone experienced. It's like getting blood from a turnip! It's impossible! I'm starting to feel so old. I go to a public place and watch as people my age socialize with one another and think about how nice it was when I used to do that. I haven't even been out with my friends in ages. It's been at least a year since I've dated and even longer since I got laid. I need to get a life!'

He came up to a red light and banged his head off the life. The horn let out a long wail and he pulled back as his head began to throb. Even his car was against him now!

Than he felt his stomach rumbled and realized that he hadn't eaten since the night before and it was mid-afternoon now. He turned left when the light turned green, towards a restaurant he remembered was near by.

He ordered the same thing he always did when eating out. A turkey sandwich and a Pepsi. It wasn't the most extravagant meal, but it fulfilled its purpose. Plus he was quickly running out of funds from his last book deal.

As he ate he pulled out an old paper back novel that he usually kept in the pocket of his jacket. This book was his favourite. He had purchased it when he had been attending highschool and it was pretty much what had convinced him to become a writer.

Over the years since graduating from university he had become one of the best-selling Fantasy/Sci-Fi authors in Canada and The United States. He had written many stand-alone books as well as a series.

The series was about five young men who had become pilots of huge humanoid machines in order to protect the space colonies that they had lived on. He had started the story while still in highschool, so the characters were all the same age as he had been than. He had even integrated himself into the story as one of the pilots. His personality had drastically changed since he was a teenager and it seemed that the character Max was just that - another character. They were totally opposite in everything.

It was actually the series he was supposed to be working on. As in all of the past novels, he had left the end open to a future sequel. The leader of the group, Odin Lowe, had left to save his love interest. It was kind of cliched for Duo's taste, but he had been trying to satisfy all his female fans out there.

His best friend Hilde had certainly liked the little touch. But then Hilde had been getting ready for her wedding and had been partial to anything romantic.

Personally, he believed that there was something going on between Odin and Max. The pairing just fit so well. But when the editor had picked up where the relationship had been heading, he had been told that it wasn't acceptable. That the majority of his fans wouldn't accept the concept of a same sex relationship. So he had written in Rose. He didn't really like her and had managed to get her in a lot of trouble. In fact he had written it so that Odin had attempted to kill her quite a few times.

After a lot of research he had found that a lot of his fans agreed with his opinion. Both that Rose wasn't a necessary character and that Odin and Max would make an excellent couple. He had also found a lot of pairings that he had never thought of before. Some he hadn't even wanted to think of. But it was obvious that Odin/Max was prevalent in the thick of things. Much more than Odin/Rose.

He stuffed his book back into his pocket and sighed in frustration. He ought to be thinking about the future of the plot and not the past. Here he was sitting in the middle of a restaurant thinking about what could have been when he should be thinking about what was going to happen.

He was about to stand and leave when a young girl of about 16 walked up to him hesitantly.

"Um... Are you Duo Maxwell?" she asked with a slight blush colouring her pale cheeks.

Duo grinned charmingly. It was always nice to have a fan recognize you.... "Why yes. I am."

"Could you sign this, sir?" She thrust out a copy of one of his last novels.

"Sure," his grin widened and he scrawled his signature on the inside of the cover. He gave it back and she smiled, her blush deepening.

"Mr. Maxwell? May I ask you a question about the books?" She asked hesitantly. As if she felt she shouldn't be asking him, but was dying to hear the answer.

"Sure," He shrugged. "It's not as if I keep a lot of stuff about my books from the public."

"What's with the thing between Rose and Odin? It seems that she was just thrown into the story to please someone else. I mean, is she really necessary to the plot? I always figured that Odin and Max were going to get together." She blushed and looked down at her feet. "Of course I'm probably seeing things where there isn't anything."

"You're a very observant young lady," he told her and she looked up at him uncertainly. "When I first started this I had planned to put Odin and Max together, but when my editor noticed the direction that the relationship was headed I was told to take it out.
There's still hints but that's why I was told to put Rose into the story."

"You should take her back out," the girl spoke vehemently. "It takes a very courageous person to stand up for what they believe in."

"I agree with you, kid. But," he shook his head; "Unfortunately my publisher does not. They think I'd loose a lot of readers and that they'd loose a lot of money in the process."

"Then find a new publisher," she suggested.

"Easier said than done."


"Heather, why don't you stop pestering the poor man."

Duo turned and nearly fell out of his chair with shock. This man was what he had always imagined Odin to be. Sleek and well muscled, an air of mystery and danger. Exotic Prussian eyes gazed at him from behind a fall of dark brown hair. The man was by no means tall, but he still looked like he could do some damage. He looked to be about Duo's age, give or take a year or so.

The man dug a wallet out of his back pocket and he handed the girl two twenty dollar bills. "Why don't you go pay for our lunch?"

"Hai, nii-chan!" she chirped and bounced away. Duo had spent a year in Japan when he was younger and was quite fluent in Japanese. Apparently this was the girls brother.

The man watched his sister go with a slight smile before turning back to Duo. "I'm sorry for Heather's behaviour. When she get's herself into something she does it passionately."

"'s alright," Duo shrugged. "It's been a while since I've been recognized in public and to tell you the truth I rather enjoyed it."

"So you really are the author of all those books she reads?" Duo nodded. "I just figured she was seeing things. But I guess you do look like the picture in the back of the books."

"You've seen my books?" Duo was truthfully interested.

"Can't help it. Not with a sister like Heather," he shook his head. "She's got pictures of you and sketches of the pilots hanging up on her wall. She throws a fit if I even look at them funny."

Duo laughed. "I didn't think anyone'd go as far as that. Do you know what she thinks of the pilot Max?"

He shrugged. "He's her favorite besides Odin. Says he's a 'bishounen' and that's final. Her and her friends have a site dedicated to the two pilots."

"It's nice to know I've still got fans. Max is actually me, or how I was when I was 16. That's why I asked. A confidence booster, really. Though I wouldn't go as far as to say I'm pretty."

"Did she get the information that she wanted?"

"More or less," Duo shrugged. "I kind of wish I could take her advice but not all of my fans are as open minded as she is. Not many would like to see Odin and Max together."

"So it is true? The thing between them? When I read the novels I thought there was something, but than Rose came into the picture."

Duo blinked at him, surprised. "You read my work? You don't exactly seem the type."

"Heather kept throwing the first book at me until I got sick of it and read it. I own my own copies now."
Duo nodded. That was usually how most people got hooked.

Heather came bouncing back over. "I'm done, Heero. Can I go to Di's house after we get home?"

He nodded and turned back to Duo. "It was very nice to meet you, Duo. I'm Heero Yuy by the way. This is Heather. I'm sure you'll hear lots from her from now on."

"Fine with me," Duo grinned. "It's been years since I've had any friends to talk to. My best friend got married a little while ago and she'd busy with having kids."

"You'd consider me a friend?" Heather asked in amazement. "That's so cool!" Duo half expected the girl to jump up and down. Now that she had become accustomed to him she didn't seemed nearly as shy.

Heero sighed and began to pull his sister away. "Bye Mr. Maxwell! I hope to see you again soon!" She waived.

Duo chuckled and waved back. He hadn't had this much fun in ages. He paid for the meal and left himself, heading strait towards his apartment.

He had just met his inspiration....



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