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Yet another book was thrust onto the table and Duo sighed, rubbing his palms against his eyes. Forcing a bright smile, he looked up at the blushing girl in front of him. She mumbled nearly incoherently as Duo was just barely able to pick out the words "number one fan" and "Cheryl". In a way she reminded him of Heather. But then again, most of them did, at least subtly.

They were mostly young, impressionable teenagers, besides the odd sci/fi fanatic. A lot of them fangirls, much to his growing surprise. Each of them looked at him with worshiping eyes, stuttered out their names or names of friends. His books had become like a whole living entity to these people. They lived and breathed the fan work; the fanfiction, the art and forums. It was unsettling, this devotion they had for something he'd first created when he was their age.

It was starting to give him a major ego trip.

As Cheryl scampered away, sparkly eyed and clutching the book to her chest, a sharp elbow to his side broke him out of his thoughts.

Heather grinned at him from signing's of her own. "You're starting to inflate. Stop it."

The girl had always seemed to know when and where to burst his bubble. He came hurtling down and smiled sheepishly. He tried to be defensive, but came out teasing. "Speak for your self. I'm sure you've gotten more attention for your illustrations than I have for my books and you've only done cover art for this one."

She shook her head and turned back to the girl standing in front of her, pen set at an angle ready to sign.

Duo shook his head and turned back to his own table, smiling at the hesitant teen next in line. The boy returned the smile shyly and handed his book over.

"My name's Ian, Mr Maxwell... I'd really like to say how much I've enjoyed your work, especially the Odin and Solo aspects. It's helped me a lot with troubles I've been having with accepting who I am and I really respect you for bringing their true relationship out in the public."

This by far was the best praise Duo's received all day, and he'd heard just about everything. He grinned at the boy as he returned the book. "Why thank you, Ian. I really appreciate it."

The sandy-blonde haired boy blushed and was turning around when I familiar figure waltzed up to the table to stand next to him.

"Heero, glad you could make it."

His lover quirked his lips slightly, the closest he got to a smile in public. "I said I'd come, Duo. I never lie, baka."

"Not to someone important, at least," Duo agreed.

"That would leave you out," Heather called teasingly.

"Heero, tell your sister to behave herself."

"'nii-chan, tell Duo to bite me."


"Duo, shut up. I'm not doing anything about either of you. If you wish to act like juveniles, then you can do it on your own. I will not be caught up with the both of you."

Duo glared as the darker haired man continued to level him with his own amused gaze. After a few moments of silence and curious muttering from the customers Heero tossed a copy of Duo's book on the table.

"I figured since I was here, I may as well get something out of it."

"And my presence isn't enough?" Duo pretended to be hurt as he opened the cover. Suddenly, he grinned and scribbled a quick note before handing it back to the other man.

Heero glanced at the inscription, eyebrows shooting up. "Is that a promise?"

Duo's grin turned seductive and he crooked a finger at the man, indicating for Heero to lean closer. When Heero did so, Duo grabbed a hold of his shirt and pulled him so their noses almost touched. "Only if you want it to be."A quick kiss and he pushed Heero away.


"Only if I don't follow through."

Someone coughed and Duo looked over to find Heather glaring. The look was quite lost considering the grin she couldn't quite stop from forming. "I hope you know that by tomorrow everyone is going to know that the infamous author Duo Maxwell is as gay as his characters, and that he's dating the brother of his cover artist."

Duo shook his head. "I want everyone to know he's mine! No more hiding in the dark, broody computer genius. I don't want to share and if that means the whole world has to know, well then, so be it."

Heero snorted, crossing his hands in front of his chest. "A bit possessive, aren't we?"

"Like you're any better? I do remember what happened that time the waitress tried to give me her number. Or the time the guy on the subway accidentally felt me up. I think you would have killed them if I hadn't have stopped you.

It was in this familial bickering that Duo found his happiness. Heero responded with his usual curt sentences and Heather would break in with her usual teasing remark. They really had become a family and as the crowd looked on, no a little curious or confused, Duo realized that this was it. This was what he'd always been missing in his life. It had taken him nearly a year to realize it, but if he had these people around, he'd be happy for the rest of his life. They really were his true Inspiration.


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