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Part 5: Talk

One day, at the age of fourteen, a blonde teenage girl had met a talking cat and become a warrior for good. And over the next few years, she and her friends had fought the bad guys, saved the day, seen the past, been to the future, and grown up. When the wars ended, they parted ways, each pursuing her own dream, and moving on with her life. Ami went to Berlin, to study medicine. Lita had gone to Italy on a culinary scholarship. Setsuna had said something about other realms and disappeared, occasionally writing a letter to everyone and saying she was fine. Michiru and Haruka had stayed in Tokyo. Haruka to race cars and Michiru to teach art, raising Hotaru together as a family and hanging out with Rei at the temple. Serena had married Darien, and together with the guardian cats, they'd gone off to see Europe. Mina had been discovered by some agent while shopping and now traveled the globe modeling. And somewhere in the future, a pink haired, foul mouthed Rini was growing up.

Mina contemplated all this as she sat at a table in the kitchen of the cherry hill temple and watched the leaves fall in the autumn wind. She was so wrapped up in the scene, she didn't notice Lita had joined her until the brunette placed a steaming cup in front of her.

"Thought you'd like something to drink," Lita said, pulling out a chair.
Mina smiled and looked at what her friend had brought her. Tea, peppermint by the smell of it. "Thank you," she said.
"You're welcome," Lita said, sipping from her own cup.
The two sat like that for a while. Drinking their tea and staring out the window. After awhile Lita asked, "Bad dream?"
Mina nodded. "Kept me up all night."
"What about?"
"Beryl. You?"
"Same. What do you think it means?"
Mina shrugged. "Don't know. But Rei's in the fire room, so whatever it is, it's probably getting to her too."
Lita sighed. "You think it's a bad guy? Someone tied to the negaverse?"
Mina shrugged. "Maybe"
"I don't like maybe," Lita siad.
"Me neither," Mina said, and took a drink from her tea.
The two fell silent again, each contemplating what would happen if it was somehting bad, and how it would affect the happy lives they'd made for themselves. "Maybe it's just a coincidence," Lita said.

"Hopefully," Mina said.
"Yeah," Lita agreed. "Hopefully."

That same morning, outside the city in Mia's house the guys were all waiting for Jadeite to arrive and could think of nothing to do but sit around and fidget while they barely touched their food. "They look so worried," Yuli whispered to Mia as he watched Rowen stir in his fourth spoonful of sugar. He and Mia were watching the guys from the living room couch, having already finished their breakfasts. "You'd think they'd be full of life or something, but instead they just look...depressed."
Mia sighed and crossed out something on her to do list for the day. "Well, how would you feel after having several years of no bad guys and than having to go hunt them down again?"
Yuli looked at his friends again, than back at Mia. "But they didn't have to agree to help," he siad. "They could have just said no"
Mia looked over at Ryo, staring at his armor orb in his hands with a melancholy look on his face. "If you were a ronin, would you have said no if an injured man asked you for help against those who wronged him? Be it demon, human, or otherwise?"
Yuli thought back over his years of knowing the ronins and how generous and kind they had been to him. They'd taken him in when he had no home, and raised him when his parents were never found. He shook his head. "No. No I wouldn't have."
"Well, there you go than."
Yuli sighed and slumped back in his seat a little more. He felt bad for his friends. They deserved their peace, and now they were going to go off to fight again.
Yuli jumped at the sound of the door bell and watched as Mia got up and let the blonde haired man named Jadeite into the house. Yuli eyed him warily. These sailor scouts he had talked about had better be really evil like he said. Because if they weren't, he was going to be in a lot of trouble.

"I need to express again how grateful I am that you are helping me," Jadeite said to Ryo as they and two of the other ronins walked thorugh Tokyo's busy streets.
Ryo shrugged. "Don' mention it. We're good guys. We fight bad guys. These sailor socuts are just bad guys we haven't met yet."
Jadeite smiled. "Yes, but still, thank you"
"You're welcome"
"You said there are less of them," Rowen cut in.
"Pardon?" Jadeite asked, turing to face Rowen, who was walking with Kento behind them.
"You said there were less of them. Yesterday. You said there were less of them than there are of us. Exactly how many of them are there?"
"I fought three of them," Jadeite said, and stared into the distance as he remembered eight years ago. "Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, and their leader, Sailor Moon. Each one was different from the other. But they were all the same in the fact that they were trying to destroy my Queen and her kingdom"
"What could they do?" Ryo asked. "Fighting wise I mean. Did they have powers, or weapons? Or did they use other tactics when it came to fighting battles?"
Jadeite snorted. "They had tactics, but they were not very good. These girls were not very smart when it came to battle. How they beat my queen I can't even fathom. Sailor Mercuries main tactic was to use a type of fog that would disorient you so that one of the others, usually Sailor Mars, could come in and attack you."
"What would Mars attack you with?" Rowen asked.
"Fire," Jadeite said. "Mainly fireballs. Occasionally, she'd use these charms dedicated to fire spirits to hold an opponent at bay, but after a while, they were not very effective."
"And Sailor Moon?" Ryo asked.
Jadeite frowned. "She had no powers, really. She had a tiara she could use as a weapon. She would remove it and it would become a sort of disc of energy that she could throw to hurt you. But other than that, she couldn't do much else. She should be easy handle. Mercury as well. Mars should be your only worry really. She's a fighter. Even without her powers."
"So how do we find them?" Kento asked, finally putting his say into the conversation. "You said you knew who they were."
Jadeite smiled. "True, I do. But this tokyo is a big place. I'll know them if I see them, but it could take a long time to search through all these streets to look for them."
"So how do you plan to find them? Or for us to find them?" Ryo asked.
"With this," Jadeite said, and pulled out of his pocket a small mirrorored orb about the size of a marble. "What is it?" Kento asked.
"It's a energy reader. It will float throughtout the city and search for the type of energy I tell it to search for. Which, in this case, is the three sailor scouts."
"How do you know what their energy looks like?" Rowen asked, peering at the orb as Jadeite let it go and it floated on it's own in the autuimn air.
"Because I had it with me in my last fight with the Sailor Scouts. It recorded what their energy patterns felt like and will alert me when it finds them. The unfortunate thing is, it can only detect the energy pattern in a certain range. It cannot give me an exact location."
"What's the range?" Ryo asked.
"A mile," Jadeite said.

"That's a lot of space," Rowen said.
"I know, but it was the best that I could do."
"You can't make the range any smaller?" Ryo asked.
Jadeite shook his head. "Not if I want to alert the scouts to my presence. A larger reader could find them within a few hundred yards radius, but it is easily detectable"
"Well, we can't have that," Rowen said.
"No," Jadeite said, waving his hand in front of the orb and watching it speed off. "We can't."

Germany was a cold place in autumn. Greg should have known this and brought a better coat. But he hadn't, so now he was standing in front of some old looking apartment building and trying to get the nerve up to go inside. He stood out there for several hours until a young woman passing by stopped and asked him something in german. He shook his head to show he didn't understand her and she said in english, "Are you alright?"

Greg shivered and nodded. "Yeah. I'm waiting for someone."
"Out here?" the girl asked dubiously. "Why not wait inside where its warm?"
Greg shivered some more and said, "She doesn't know I'm here. It's important that I see her though."
"If it's important, why don't you go inside already?"
Greg sniffed and pulled his coat tighter. "If you hadn't seen your ex for almost six years, would you be eager to tell them bad news?"
The girl shook her head. "No. But surely she will not mind seeing you if it's been as long as you say it has?"
"She will when I tell her why I'm here."
The girl shook her head in disbelief. "Who are you looking for anyway?" she asked.
Greg took an old photo out of his wallet. "Her name's Ami. Ami Mizuno."
The girl smiled at the picture. "I know her! She's from Japan, right?"
Greg nodded. "How do you know her?" he asked.
The girl handed him back the photo. "I am her roommate, Mika."
"I see," Greg said, and sneezed.
Mika frowned at him and than smiled, saying, "You should come up for some tea."
Greg shook his head. "I'm not ready yet."
Mika laughed and started pulling him toward the door. "Nonsense. Of course you are. And besides, Ami is not here. She has gone out to run some errands. She will be back later."
"But..." Greg began.
"No buts," Mika said, and pulled him through the door and up the stairs. Once at the apartment, she sat him down to wait for Ami over some tea. After an hour or so, a key rattled in the doors lock and Greg stood up as the door opened. First to come through were some grocery bags, than an arm full of books, and than the rest of the young woman that was Ami.
She was exactly as he remembered her. Sapphire blue hair cut short into a bob, pale skin tinted a pale pink on her cheeks, arms full of books from school, and when she looked up to see him standing there, her wide eyes were still the same royal color he rembered them to be. Ami dropped her books and groceries with thud. "Greg."
"Hi Ami," he said. "Long time no see"
Ami's mouth gaped open and shut, than she opened it agian to ask, "What are you doing here? I thought you were living in new york."
"I was. I came to see you," he said.
Greg sighed. "I have some bad news."

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