The Promise Land Part 1

Author's Note: The original plot of series belongs to creators, writers, and director of the series. However, adding some twist. Some episodes will be split into two or more parts in a episode.

Seven rabbits were resting after what they were on a long journey. A young kitten with a brown fur started to chase after a butterfly flying about.

"Stay close Pipkin." the rabbit with a tough voice and have a lion maned fur.

A young brown-hazel furred rabbit watches the kitten going after the butterfly, until he began to shiver as he was seeing something that no can. He than gasped with a little fright.

"What can you see Fiver?" the taller same colored rabbit asked.

"High lonely hills. Where the wind carries every whisper." Fiver visioned.

"That's where we have to go Hazel. That's where we'll find our new home." Fiver than said.

"Is it far?" Hazel asked.

Before Fiver could answer, they heard a strange yell from the distance. As they were prepared to move quick, they looked up towards the sky to see a strange bird flying about aimlessly. The bird wasn't a threat to them, so they return at ease.

"I've never seen a bird like that one. He's not eili, is he?" the young kitten was curious.

A light blue colored doe rabbit chuckled. "Not all birds are enemies Pipkin, he's just a gull."

"Young bucks these days don't know a thing about the world." the lion maned rabbit shook his head.

"And being in a captain of Owsla, you must know everything, huh Bigwig." a gray-colored rabbit said to Bigwig.

"Hey, you wouldn't have got this far without me I know that much." Bigwig exclaimed.

The gray-colored rabbit just dropped his ears, as he shook his head and started to mope. "We should never left Sandleford Warren in the first place."

Fiver shivered again and stood tall as if he was possessed and looked up towards the skies. "Darkness comes in the light of day. No future for those who stay. A stranger walks amongst us."

"Oh by Frith, he's off again." the tall, tan color rabbit complained.

"Oh my nose tickles. It's a sign from Frith." the gray-colored rabbit started to tease. As the tall tan colored rabbit started to giggle. "The end of the world is coming. Run away!"

"What do you mean, 'a stranger walks amongst us' little brother?" Hazel asked Fiver.

"I don't know. I think someone not from this world." Fiver thought.

A bark sounded off in the distance. Bigwig caught the bark first.

"Quiet." he warned the group, as everyone started to fear for trouble. Bigwig started to sniff into the air and listened to the bark.

"Dog. Close." Bigwig intercepts the scent. "Sounds like he hasn't got our scent yet."

The dog continues to bark, as Hazel left his brother's side to take in lead once again, since their journey.

"Let's not wait, until he does." Hazel said.

The rest of the rabbits started to follow Hazel to move away from the dog's bark. However, the bark went to silence until it started to bark again, only for Bigwig to found out that they got their scent.

"He's onto us! Coming fast!" Bigwig warned Hazel.

"Go, keep running! We'll be right behind you!" Hazel instructed the rest of the rabbits to flee.

"They won't have a chance unless we draw off that dog." Hazel decided.

"So, we offer ourselves up for dog's breakfast." Bigwig said.

Hazel than looked at log that was nearby and thought of a plan. "Not necessarily." They hurried over to hide in the log, as the dog catches up to their scent and arrived with a bark. Hazel started to leave the log.

"What're you doing?" Bigwig questioned.

"Trust me." he said.

The dog started to bark, as he was being called out by Hazel. He than disappeared into the log, as the dog tries to find his scent. Bigwig knew what Hazel was trying to do, so he followed by example. They repeated the trick for a few times, until the dog manages to get inside the log. Hazel and Bigwig jumped out of the log, as the dog get itself inside. When the dog was fully in, the rabbits started to push the log and it rolled over to a cliff and hit a tree, as the log broke in half. Luckily enough, the dog survived.

"Nice trick!" Bigwig commended Hazel.

"It won't last long until we regroup with the others." Hazel suggested to regroup.

"Right!" Bigwig agreed and the two hurried off.

"Does Fiver know what he meant about 'a stranger amongst us', Hazel?" Bigwig asked.

"I don't know. I wanted to know, who'll be among us as well." Hazel was concerned about Fiver's vision.

Near the woods, where I didn't know at the time, were being pursued by a dog, I was on a trail walk with a buddy mine back from work while listening to some Alan Jackson.

"It's nice to travel here and get away from the city life, what do you think?" Walter asked me.

"Most definitely, worth taking time off." I said.

"You just want get away from work." Walter knew why I wanted to take time off.

"Of course. It's just that I can't stand drama in the workplace. Besides, it's not really busy as it was in Christmas time." I said.

"I know what you mean, Andrew." Walter understood. "However, I still don't understand why you wanted to leave the tourist group."

"It's best to explore it, rather than being dragged by someone telling you everything about a place. You have to experience in first hand by yourself." I said.

"I just hope we could find our way out here." Walter worried.

"How about this, you go down one path and I could go in another." I suggested.

Walter knew he didn't like the idea of us being separated, until he agreed.

"I'll call you if I found them or you call me." he added.

"Deal." I agreed.

We than split up, as he went towards further trail and I took a trail that is near to the woods. As I continued to follow the trail, I started to look to see the wonders of the woods that gave me more curiosity to explore.

"Maybe I could find someway to regroup by cutting through the woods." I said to myself.

I went off the path and entered the woods. The further I went in, less the of any sign of a human being out here. I continued to go deep into the woods, before I could go any further a branch fall and it hit my head hard that I fell onto the grass and blacked out.

It wasn't until minutes later, I found out that I was shrunken to a size of an animal. I looked to see the trees are more taller than I was before going down in that size. I reached out my phone and tried to see if I could call Walter. However, due to being in the woody area, the reception on my phone was low and I couldn't be able to call anyone.

"Well. I better start walking around to figure out how to get myself out of this miss." I said to myself.

I began walking through the woods, until I see a pond. It started to feel like I was in a new world from being big to being small. I started to feel a little tired of walking, that I put my stuff down and sat down by the pond waters. I even took off my shoes and put my feet on the water. Surprisingly, I still have my stuff with me, including my DVD player, laptop, belongings, even my guitar. I took out my guitar and started to strum the cords.

Serve God, love me and mend
This is not the end
Live unbruised, we are friends
And I'm sorry
I'm sorry

Sigh no more, no more
One foot in sea, one on shore
My heart was never pure
You know me
You know me

But man is a giddy thing
Oh man is a giddy thing
Oh man is a giddy thing
Oh man is a giddy thing

Before I could continue singing, I see a band of rabbits were passing through. I decided to set my guitar back and watch their move. Apparently, it seems like they were in a middle of bad situation, as I overheard from across.

"We'll swim, now! Everybody in!" the lion maned rabbit shouted. Some of the rabbits jumped into the water and start swimming across. At first I don't seemed to understand why they're trying to get into the water, other than from my imagination that I'm hearing talking rabbits. A dog started barking! I knew what that means, if the dog saw me, as a size of a rabbit, it would probably be the end of me. However, the rabbits managed to get into the water, as two younger rabbits were holding onto a branch that could help them from drowning.

I watched as the scene progressed, until the branch turned and it was heading towards the barking dog. I decided to jump into the water and started swimming towards them. When I got to them, the dog turned and headed towards me. The dog tried to swim charge at me, but I knock a punch on the dog and fell back. I swam over to the two rabbits on branch. I started to push them towards the other side where the rabbits were waiting, but I couldn't be able to have enough strength to push them further. Than the lion maned rabbit came from under the water and helped me pushed them to dry land. When we got there the two rabbits hopped back on dry, as the lion maned rabbit hopped on land last.

"Nice one Bigwig!" the tall tan rabbit spoke. "Good swimmer." It was the first time that I heard a rabbit spoke, as I was up close.

Bigwig than shook himself off to get dry, as the small brown hazel rabbit came to him.

"Thank you, Bigwig that was very brave." he said.

"Nothing at all." Bigwig said.

"Cleaver trick Blackberry, worthy of El-ahrairah." the tall brown hazel rabbit spoke.

"Yes, I think so. It worked rather well didn't it." a female light blue rabbit spoke.

As after they all regrouped, I was taking some breaths from swimming and pushing a branch towards the dry land. The rabbits looked back noticed that I was breathing hard from the swimming.

"Who do you suppose he is?" Hazel asked.

"I knew he was helping me to get Fiver and Pipkin towards the other side and he managed to fend himself from the dog." Bigwig added.

"In a real sense also, he saved our lives as well." Fiver added.

Hazel and along with the band of rabbits hopped over towards me.

"Excuse me, are you alright?" I looked up to see the brown hazel rabbit trying to communicate to me.

"Yeah I'm alright, even though I got myself a work to push a branch that holds rabbits." I said.

"Don't try to conceit yourself, my old son." the lion maned rabbit spoke.

"I'm sorry. I saw what was happening and I jumped into the water. Those two other rabbits would have been caught by the dog and possibly drown, but I have to punch the dog, before it fall back and of course you show up and we started pushing the branch onto land." I explained more correctly.

"Still, we'll like to say, thank you for saving Fiver and Pipkin." the brown hazel rabbit thanked.

"Who are they?" I asked.

The small brown hazel rabbit and a small brown rabbit came forward.

"The one next to me is Fiver, my little brother and the rabbit next to him is Pipkin." the brown hazel introduced.

"Hello." they both said very shy, despite of being saved by a human.

"Before we could try to talk, further why don't we all of us need to keep moving." the brown hazel rabbit spoke.

I spotted two rabbits painting from exhaustion.

"We're half dead Hazel. Give us a minute, will ya?" the dark toned gray rabbit painting for breath.

"We'll have time to rest, when we get where we're going." Hazel promised.

"You heard Hazel. Hop to it, you layabouts." the lion maned rabbit instructed the band to continue on.

As the rabbits started to move on, Hazel and a few rabbits looked back towards me.

"Are you coming along?" Hazel asked me.

"To where?" I asked.

"To the 'high lonely hills'." Fiver answered.

I was trying to figure out what the 'high lonely hills' was until it hit me. "Do you mean Watership Down?"

"Watership Down?" Hazel questioned.

"It's a down that has 'high lonely hills'. I was trying to get over there myself with Walter-"

"Whose Walter?" he questioned.

"Walter is a friend of mine that I came along, unfortunately, we got lost and I found myself here." I explained.

"Why don't you come along with us, until you could find your way back." Hazel invited me.

"Hazel, be serious! He's human, he's man." Bigwig disagreed.

"Just until we get where we're going and until he could find his way back." Hazel said.

Bigwig sighed and shook his head. "I suggest you better come along than."

I straighten myself up with my travel backpack and followed the rabbits to the 'high lonely hills'.

To be continued...