You score your nails down his chest and his stomach muscles flex accordingly, with arms tied above his head, his back arches. "Was I supposed to feel that?" He says, smirking down at you and he tips his head back and looks down his nose to get a good look at you.

"Your body betrays you, dear." You smirk back, too proud for your own good. "I know you felt that." You bend down to kiss him, hot and wet and charitable.

"Getting rather ahead of ourselves aren't we, hmm?" He wets his lips and you feel your heart quicken in your ribcage. Wondering if he did it on purpose. You also wonder if he did that so you'd question yourself. Enraged, blood hot, you reach over and yank the ends to the cords around his wrists one after the other in quick succession. He gasps, from shock or pain you could not tell which and he looks at you with a toxic mix of respect and lust. Someone as cruel as he? What a potent mix.

You feel him rut against you, and it makes you smile despite yourself. Nude, with the Trickster at your mercy. Practically at your feet. Such a sweet thing, that you would only have seen in your dreams at night.

Exhaling slowly, you move against him, feeling him harden. Why bother meeting if you were not to indulge? Sensing you've changed track, he clears his throat and pulls at his bonds. You hear them creak around the bedposts and this causes you to look up. You stop your movements.

"Please?" He asks, face devoid of any agenda. "I wish to feel you." He whispers, half to you, half to himself.

Exhaling, you wave your hand to the bonds, in a "get away" gesture. Still mounted on the Prince, you watch as the bonds flicker and die in a green hue almost as if they were never there at all.

You drag your eyes from the headboard to his eyes. Loki lowers his arms onto the bed for a second before sighing, reaching his fingertips across your thigh, he crawls them to your hip, then around to your backside, holding you in place.

Forwards and back, he rubs himself against you, earning a hiss of pleasure out of you. You were no virgin, especially with him, but he still treated you with the same respect during your couplings.

You slip a hand between you both and guide him right to where you wanted him. You both inhale sharply when he fills you, you're usually much wetter when he first enters you. You groan, shooting out a hand to steady yourself on him, you buck your hips and take in the rest of him.

Resisting the urge to bite your lip, you grit your teeth when you start to move, like a piston, he moves with you, holding onto you, his wrists disappear behind you. He starts to fondle your backside, and his eyes glitter. Playing with his prize. The way you're both positioned, his pubic bone rubs deliciously against your sweet bundle of nerves.

It doesn't take you long to finish him, as well as yourself.

You watch his wrist still firmly on your behind, wondering what he had in mind. When you feel his other hand find your face, you blush. You loved how gentle he was with you, whereas he was not with others. His hand spans your whole chin when he tilts it up, fingers tangled in your hair.

He kisses you, warm and sweet. Slides his hands down to your armpits, he pulls you up in his arms, so you were kneeling before him, your legs like jelly. Mirroring each other.

"I'm glad you're here with me, instead of him." He murmurs.

Your brows knit together. His voice distant in your mind, fighting to be heard amongst the fog of your earlier orgasm. "What? Why would I be with him? He's only my betrothed." You grin.

Loki shakes his head in utter disbelief. "You're to wed him." He reminds you.

"But I don't love him." You reply back, proud, in all your naked glory, feeling like you were heading an army. Emphasising the word "love" on your tongue.

He pauses, and his eyes harden, something obviously troubling him. "It must be getting harder for you to sneak out at night."

"You let me worry about that." You shuffle forwards on the bed until you're chest to chest. Looking through you like you were a ghost, he feels his way around your ribs, drifting down to your backside again. He grabs a handful of it.

It's close to dawn when you awaken. Loki has curled himself around you during his slumber. Protecting your body with his own. You reach to curl a strand of his inky hair around his ear before touching his cheek. His skin always as cold as winter.

You get up, finding your gown where you had tossed it the night before. Throwing it on, you do up the ribbons and ties. Slipping into your shoes, you press a quick kiss to his cheek, pulling up the bed sheets and furs around him before you depart.

You quickly find your room, slipping in the door before anyone can see you or pass on they have seen you during the night hours.

Swiftly disrobing your gown on the nearest chair, you slip into the golden covers of yours and your lover's bed. He snores loudly, allowing you to know you have not disturbed him.

Tossing your hair over one shoulder, you fake a wide yawn, accidentally on purpose brushing his face with the back of your hand. He stirs, waking almost immediately. "I'm sorry, my Prince. I had awful dreams," you tell him. Lies being less visible on your face as of late.

He grins widely, pleased to see you. "Nay, you have nothing to apologise for," Hair the colour of sunlight and eyes the shade of the deepest oceans, Thor kisses you. "Now tell me of these dreams."

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