DISCLAIMER: This is a work of fanfiction produced for entertainment purposes only. Yu-Gi-Oh! and all related characters are the creations of Kazuki Takahashi.

Isis in Denial
by Shadow's Mirror

Isis frowned slightly at the three males standing in her office. She could not believe what they had just told her. No, she refused to believe it.


Malik nodded. "It's true, Isis! I swear!"

Isis frowned a little more, but it was Marik who replied. "You shouldn't swear, Malik. Isis said not to, remember?"

"That was a different type of swearing. Like what Odion did yesterday, when the shop was sold out of the new issue of Fluffy Bunny Magazine, remember?" Malik looked at his dark half.

Marik thought for a moment and giggled. "Oh yeah. The lady behind the counter told him off for it."

Malik nodded and looked at Isis again. "Anyway, it's true. I..." He glanced at Marik and then back at Isis. "I promise."

Isis frowned a little more. "No."

Odion coughed softly and gave her an apologetic look. "Isis..."

She looked at him, her frown deepening again. "No."

"Sister Isis. It really is true." Marik nodded very solemnly.

Malik nodded as well. "It is. You do it."

"All the time," Marik added helpfully.

Isis now looked quite cross. "For the last time. I. Do. Not. Snore." She was careful to say every word quite clearly, as it seemed that her three brothers were all especially hard of hearing that day.

Marik looked at his Light. "Plan B?"

Malik sighed softly and nodded as he brought his mobile phone out of his back pocket. "Plan B." He hit a few buttons and then turned it so his sister could see the video playing on it.

The video showing Isis lying in her bed, peacefully sleeping and not-at-all-peacefully snoring.

Marik pointed to it. "Look, Sister Isis! Your glass of water is shaking at the sound!" He actually sounded impressed.

Isis's eyes widened in shock and horror, then narrowed almost immediately. "Malik Ishtar! How many times have I told you not to use your mobile phone to video other people without their knowledge?" She frowned at her brother. "I also recall telling you what your punishment would be for it." She held out her hand.

Malik went pale, his eyes widening until he was giving her the full on Hikari Eyes, as Bakura and Yami called the pleading, completely innocent, wide eyed look that all three of the Lights could use to make their dark halves do whatever they wanted them to do. "No! Not my phone!"

Unfortunately for Malik, Isis was completely immune to The Eyes. She gave him a stern look, her hand still held out.

Malik pouted as he handed her his phone. "Fine. But even if you delete the video, that won't change the fact that you really do snore!" He just had to point that out.

Isis managed not to wince as her brother correctly ascertained the real reason why she wanted his phone.

"Malik, we shall speak about this more later. I have work to do now, so off you all go. No, not you Odion." She gave her eldest brother a stern look. "You and I need to have a little talk about swearing in front of shopkeepers and siblings."

As Malik and Marik left the room, Marik looked at his Light in confusion. "So... did we win? She really does snore and we proved it, right?" He wasn't entirely sure that proving it had been worth losing Malik's phone. It felt like a pretty hollow victory, to him.

Malik nodded. "We won. Completely." He smiled his most innocent smile at his Yami. "I knew she'd want to erase it off my phone, but it won't do her any good."

Marik looked confused. "It won't? Why not, my Light?"

They'd reached Malik's bedroom. He closed the door and then flipped open his laptop and brought up the popular video clip website he'd been looking at before they'd gone to speak with their sister. He showed the page to Marik.

"Because I uploaded it here last night. See? It's already been viewed over a hundred thousand times."

The End