Treefroger: She and P!Ruby surpass their Volume 3 Counterparts and the Undertale Sans and Papyrus greatly, possibly rivaling the power of the maidens. I'd also say Undyne the Undying and Genocide Chara/Frisk (Depending on how you view the Genocide Route) is also somewhere around their strength as well.

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Earlier that day...

Raven was annoyed and confused, according to her Intel, their were high magic signatures that erupted from a nearby mountain that the Spring Maiden herself could feel and detect. She had heard and discarded the stories of monsters and the disappearances of many at the mountain called Mt. Ebott as mere legends. She detected a signature that felt like her daughter come from it, only she felt Yang at Beacon as well. But the one coming from the mountain was older and stronger. She was, for the first time in a while, impressed by somebody that wasn't part of her clan.

So later that day, Raven teleported a short distance from this stronger Yang with her mask on and sword in hand and found herself in a forest filled with snow under a mountain. She then began to make her way to any nearby towns and saw many odd looking and colorful Grimm who, when they saw her, turned and ran screaming in fear shouting the likes off "HELP!", "UNDYNE!", "GET THE ROYAL GUARD!", and "YO!" before she could turn even one Grimm into dust.

'Were Salem's troops always this pathetic?' she asked herself as she got to the forest and immediately felt the stronger Yang appear in front of her. Her crimson eyes were met with a girl that had long messy hair like her's, only blonde like Taiyang and she wore a blue hoodie that had a flaming heart symbol on it, black pants with a while line on the side, and finally neon pink slippers. The girl's lilac eyes turned to a crimson that matched Raven's, however her sclera was replaced with black darkness as her right eye housed a blue and yellow flame that burned through the darkness of the forest.

"Yang?" Raven asked with confusion as this Yang not only wore completely different clothes than her daughter when she last saw her on that train, but she also looked a little older.

"Hello Mom." Yang said a mix of sadness and anger at the woman who abandoned her all those years ago.

"What happened to you? You are completely different when I last saw you on that train with that tri hair colored girl." Raven asked with curiosity and anger.

Yang then smirked and said "Tell you what, impress me and I'll tell you everything to see if you really are my mom."

Yang knew it was her mom, as this was just a trick to lure Raven into fighting her so she can wear her out and get all the information she needed out of her and drag her back to younger her so she can calm her down, but obviously Raven didn't know that this girl was playing her for a fool.

Yang then oddly closed her eyes as Raven raised an eyebrow.

"It's a beautiful night outside. Owls are hooting, Grimm are dying... on days like these, women like you..."

(Cue Undertale: Megalovania)

Yang's eye opened to reveal her pupils were gone as that combined with her unsettling smirk made her look a little creepy, if not downright terrifying. Her Ember Celica activating as she spoke the following.


Yang then began to summon a wave of bones, both normal and blue, Raven was surprised but was able to dodge at the last second by turning into a raven as Yang smirks as throws her hand down as the now blue Raven flew at the ground as she was forced to turn back into her human form as Yang dodged a swift sword slash from Raven.

The blonde girl then kept summoning bones and throwing Raven around as she only stopped to dodge Raven's attacks.

"Huh, this isn't as fun as I was expecting. I'm not even going all out yet and I can tell you're gonna lose. You're getting far for a first time battle." Yang says as she then mutters low enough so Raven doesn't hear her "At least the kid managed to win after Oum knows many Game Overs."

"Fun? You think this is some kind of game?" Raven said as her blade glows and grows with her maiden power channeled through it to make a large ice blade. "I haven't even begun to play yet."

Yang then smirked and thought 'So we were right, she is a maiden. I though I felt a high level of magic channeling though her.' as she remembered Summer saying she once speculated that Raven was a maiden due to something being off about the black haired woman before her white cloaked step-mom's "death" as the blonde boxer then whistles as she said "Impressive, but let's see if your ice blade can compete with my power."

The blonde boxer then summoned a Gaster Blaster as Raven was once again peaked with curiosity which was then turned to fear as it fired a laser at her.

Raven's eyes also took up a dark crimson as she rushed at Yang, dodging the blast as she slashed. Yang tried to dodge and then prepared to attack but then.


Yang had barely been able to activate her aura as she took the attack and her power boosted thanks to her semblance. Both of which she didn't have access to as Sans.

Yang then rushed and punched Raven with blazing speeds and began to combo her with multiple punches and shots leaving Raven to dwell on what just happened, this version of her daughter just automatically changed strategies from Bones, Blasters, and Blue to Boxing in the blink of an eye. Raven and her tribe could rule Remnant with her power.

Yang then finished her combo with an uppercut as Raven slashed down before a barrage of blue bones rushed at her taking a large chunk of her aura with them.

'This isn't working, I got to get out of here quickly before I fall of exaustion.' Raven thought before opening a portal to somewhere far away, but just as she was about to do her deed...

"Sorry mom, but I can't let you leave. Not without finishing our fight." Yang said as she tackled Raven and the two were teleported to a random location due to Raven's portal and Yang's shortcuts colliding to send them to Oum knows where. Just as Ozpin and Ruby get there. They managed to see the ending with the two flying into the portal.

(Stop Music)

"What? Where did they go?" Ozpin wonders as Ruby then says "Yang, please be safe wherever you and Raven are." and with that, they make their way back to the house.

(Continue Megalovania)

The two then teleport out of the sky and landed somewhere outside as they land on the ground. The match was still on as the two continue to clash. The Spring Maiden V.S. The Gaster Blaster Master.

Raven then looked around and saw she was at Beacon, much to her annoyance and was confused on what exactly happened while Yang knew what did happen, her shortcuts combined with the portal sent them to Beacon.

This nightime brawl was about to continue.

"Sorry Mom, but it's time to face the music and remeet your family face to face. How does that feel?"

"Go to hell!" Raven shouted annoyed, and yet tears feel from her eyes. She wasn't ready yet to see Taiyang and this place's Yang. Like she ever will be ready.

Yang then smirked as she then summoned a huge amount of bones before sending them at the dark haired maiden who tried to dodge them and got hit a few times, taking her aura to three fourths of it. Before seeing Yang rushed at her as she once again turned blue and was hit with a mighty punch that sent her flying and took a quarter of her aura over half it's max amount. However she then used a portal as Yang looked around and sensed Raven on top of her too late as the woman managed to place a well placed slash to the blonde's right arm as it fell down with sparks and wires coming out of it as Yang tensed at not feeling her arm that Alphys and Summer made for her and covered in a material that made it look and feel like a human arm down to feeling things and appearance changing tech for her Sans form that Alphys used on Mettaton to make him turn from Mettaton EX to the one-shot Mettaton NEO form.

Raven's shock was understandable and was increased when her opponent then said "Crap not again, why do they always go for my arm."


Yang then grabbed it and reattached it thanks to some sort of monster technology as the artificial skin reformed and reattached to one another.

When Yang was healed Raven had focused a large slash that was about to hit her before everything stopped and turned black and returned to see Yang gone as she looked around, only to see a bunch of bones that then vanished as she saw a bunch of bones that were about to hit her but then...

They vanished as she saw Yang standing there as she said. "Look I can tell you're gonna lose so do me and I can tell you could've been a better person. One that could've stayed and watched over her daughter rather than abandoned her and the man she loved. So tell you what do you wish to make amends and start anew again. I'm sure Tai, Qrow, and Ozpin would all like to see you back. Please do this for everyone, I think the me of this timeline would love to have her mom, I would know from pure fact and experience."

Raven stayed silent as she weighed her options and stared at the blonde boxer with confusion and curiosity, before sighing as she walked towards Yang with her arms out. Like she gonna hug Yang.

"You're sparing me!? Finally. Raven. Mom. I know how hard it must be... to make that choice. To go back on everything you've worked up to. I want you to know... I won't let it go to waste. ...Come here, mom." Yang said as she hugged Raven. Who had a small dagger in one hand and was about to try to get the cowards way out, but it was the only way to obtain this girl's power. She lifted the blade up while the girl buried her face into the black haired woman's chest to do the deed. But before she could hit her...

A pain that felt worse than death spiked though her stomach as a multitude of long white bone that was draining her large aura at a speed that would put Ruby to shame. Her blonde haired opponent looked at her with a smile as she chuckled before speaking.

"*Chuckle* 'Geeettttttt dunked on' I know you would use that cowardly last resort tactic that Dad and Uncle Qrow always went on about when they talked about your fighting style. They said if you were backed into a fight that us unwinnable by normal standards, you would use that knife to stab them in the back of their neck or back to survive."

Raven fainted from aura exhaustion as Yang had impaled her with a barrage of bones. As Yang followed suit by using all of her energy into her attacks. Just as Summer had sensed the amount of energy that S!Yang showed before teleporting herself along with her teammate and said teammate's daughter from an alternate timeline to Snowdin before anyone can come investigate what had happened.

They were all unaware that Qrow witnessed the two clash and needed some time to think about what he just witnessed. Ironwood would flip and try to make all his soldiers as strong as S!Yang or P!Ruby because if the two were of similar strength like the spars with Team RWBY and JNPR imply then Roman Torchwich, the White Fang, and possibly Salem herself are straight up fucked when they cross paths with these two. It made him wonder how strong Summer got in the Underground.

As the brother to Raven left. He turned off his scrolls Camera, which had been filming from when the battle continued just minutes earlier. He sent the film to Ozpin and went back inside to the guest room he and Summer got. Needing to give his brain a break after processing all the crazy shit that S!Yang and P!Ruby showed off earlier, as he subconsciously wondered if Summer was as strong, if not stronger, than those two. With that he clonked out on the bed as he hadn't been able to fully rest alone for weeks on end. He needed a break right now, and he was fully gonna take advantage of this chance.

Summer had just appeared as Frisk had just got done packing. When she got to the Skeleton Brothers/Stepsisters house in Snowdin, she saw Summer with Raven and Yang in tow and explained that she felt Yang going at it with Raven and when the two collapsed from aura exhaustion and regular exhaustion she grabbed them and teleported back here in order to avoid suspicion. Meanwhile Ozpin, Ruby, Yang (Who woke up by then), and Frisk were ready to go as everyone wished Frisk, Yang, and Ruby farewell and hoped to see them again sometime soon. When they were told a battle tournament was coming up in a few weeks, they all agreed to watch it via the signal on the TV when it comes around.

With their fairwells said, the humans and faunus teleport away and back to Beacon and now with Summer, Raven, Qrow, and Tai...

Team STRQ will be reformed as soon as the blonde father hears word of Raven and Summer and runs faster than Ruby or Summer for the last copy of the latest weapon's magazine.

Meanwhile Cinder Falls had detected a few large magical presences coming from a nearby mountain and sent Roman Torchwick and Neo to investigate. When they returned later they had a bunch of spear stabs and fire burns on their body. Neo had an annoyed look and gave Cinder a death glare while Roman had a look of anger and gave Cinder an even more threatening death glare.

"Wha-" "Don't ask, we don't want to talk about it." The bowl hat wearing criminal said plainly. Neo gave Roman a thankful look and hugged him like he was her own father, which isn't compcompletely wrong as he's her father... figure, but this was for 2 different reasons and she will forever be thankful for his kindness and understanding.

Cinder just shrugged and looked back to Beacon. Victory will be within her grasp soon enough!

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