"It's a girl "the head medic ninja said wrapping the newborn in a blanket.

Elder Chiyo walked into her granddaughters room to see her holding her baby not taking her eye's off her child .

"What's her name ?"

"Kimi, she has my hair and her father's eyes."

"I see ...Beautiful story a lovely meaning haruka "

~a few months later~

"She's dead chiyo-sama"

The old woman said nothing but walked forward and stare down at the bloodly mess that was her grandaughers body.

There was an attack and she did what any woman who would do for their child protect them.

A wail broke her out of her thoughts she ture to see her great-granddaughter with small blood spatter on her face chiyo took out a cloth and wipes the babies face.

~flashback 2 weeks ago~

"You did what?!"Haruka yelled.

"We needed something to make him feel loyalty to the sand-"Chiyo tried to explained.

"So you put a seal on my child for that for your experiment for your so-called weapon!" She looked at the woman with pure anger."A life is not something to play with it's precious I will never forgive you for this ,i thought you would have learn your lesson already because of what happened to Sasori ,but i see a was wrong.

Haruka walked away not turning back leaving chiyo in silence.

~flashback endded~

Chiyo held the child in her arms, this child was all she had left of haruka.

"Looks like faith has an odd plan for you and i Kimi"