The Road to Hell

Summary: Is paved with good intentions. Wally learns this the hard way, when he awakens -after being blasted- in a world that resembles his own. Except the first Cadmus mission ended in failure. Wally must navigate this new world and try to get home before he becomes a permanent resident.


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Chapter 1: Strange new world


In the Watchtower monitor room the Justice League was frantic. Seconds ago a strange anomaly took place in Central City. The speedforce opened for a few seconds. It didn't seem to take anything in itself but a blur was spotted leaving it. They could only wonder what had come from the other side. The possibilities worried everyone.

Well, almost everyone.

The Flash, youngest member of the Justice League, didn't feel concerned at all. He trusted the speedforce and didn't think anything bad would happen. Even if it did, he had hope that he and the others would stop it.

"Bruce?" Barry said in a pleading tone. "How about I go investigate? If it's moving that fast I'll be the only one who can catch it."

Batman turned away from the monitor and gave the scarlet speedster a hard look. "Not alone you aren't," he growled, thinking about it. "Lantern, go with Flash and do recon. But do not engage. Understand."

"You worry to much," Hal, the Green lantern, said as he floated over to Barry. "We'll be fine."

"You better be."

Not wanting to waste any time, the two quickly made their way through the Zeta Tube to Central City and began their investigation.

Flash breathed in deeply. He hasn't been on Earth in a week, he's missed the smell of fresh air.

Movement caught Flash's attention and his speedforced-enhanced senses kicked in. What he saw made him almost faint and the world around him appeared to slow to a stop.

"Wally?" He said to himself, chasing after the figure. Leaving Hal in his dust.

He was vaguely aware of the sound of his best friend telling him to come back. But he couldn't.

As insane as it sounded Barry could have sworn he saw Wally run by. But that was impossible, his nephew died 3 years ago...

Teary eyed Barry called out to the kid. "Wally!"


Ten minutes earlier.

Wally was running inside the Speedforce. At least that's where he thinks he is. As little sense as it made he just short of 'knew' that's where he is. It was really the only thing to do in this strange afterlife he's in. After being hit by that beam the red-headed speedster had woken up in there and it's been... lonely. Sometimes he'd think he saw someone but no matter how hard he tried to run to them they'd always disappear before he got there. He was definitely in speedster hell.

But then something new happened in this endless blue void.

Something grabbed him.

With a jerking motion Wally was plucked from the ground and thrown through some kind of glowing purple portal. As this happened he felt his body burn and twist until his physical form resembled that of a young teen. Much like when he was 15...

Wally was skid across the ground when he landed. He felt confused and afraid, not knowing where he was. He was just glad that his uniform had stayed in tact, even shrank with him.

The small speedster looked around, it looked like... Central? But different. More advance. There were screens on top of buildings with an unknown symbol on them with a 'JL' that vaguely reminded him of the Justice League crest.

Confused, and a little afraid, Wally began running through the streets trying to figure out where he really was and look for anyone familiar...


Back to the present.

Wally thought he heard his name and stopped his run, fumbling as he wasn't used to his shrunken body yet. He turned around and a large grin spread on his face. "Uncle Barry!" Wally exclaimed in delight, rushing to his beloved uncle.

However when Wally got closer he noticed that something was wrong. It looked like his uncle at first, but now... The costume wasn't right. More like military gear than the spandex he was used to seeing. Shiny red Armour with little yellow lightning bolts around the seems covered the mans body.

At this realization Wally stopped himself again, falling to the ground as he did. The young speedster wasted no time getting up and began to run in the other direction as fast as his legs could carry him.

A look of horror wound up on Barry's face as he chased after his nephew. "Wait!" He begged. "Please come back!" He couldn't lose him again! Why was Wally running away from him?

If winding up dead, or whatever had happened to Wally, was anything to go by then things were going to keep getting worse and worse. At least that's how Wally felt. And if he was dead what was he doing being alive again? This was so confusing but he couldn't worry about that right now, the man pretending to be his uncle was chasing him, easily matching the speed that the young speedster was barely holding. Eventually the man grabbed Wally and forced him to stop.

Wally panicked. "Let me go!" He cried out, wishing his uncle was there and wondering who would pretend to be the Flash when... "Oh no. Zoom?"

"No Wally, it is me." He said, giving him a hug. His helmet didn't show his eyes so Wally couldn't see those, maybe that was the problem?

Wally struggled against his captor. "Where's the real Flash -what have you done with him?" He snapped at 'zoom'. He refused to show fear to his enemy.

"Wally, it's me, I swear," he assured his frightened nephew, not caring that the kid was a child again. He didn't care. Wally was alive and that was all that mattered at the moment after all he's been through the past few years. He just wished Wally would stop wiggling so he could take off his helmet and prove his identity. That would hopefully calm Wally down.

The only thing Wally could think of to rationalize the situation is that Zoom has officially snapped. Wally wasn't as good in hand-to-hand combat as the rest of the team was, but he did significantly improve from Black Canary's training. Trying to stay calm, Wally dropped and knocked his attacker's feet out. The two fell to the floor but Wally reacted first, running away. He managed to get into a highly populated area where he hoped Zoom wouldn't follow.

Even though Barry was faster than the boy, he decided to stay back and follow until he figured out what to do. Following Wally was easy since red and yellow are easy to find. It was like that time someone robbed the bank dress as superman.

Wally thought that maybe he had lost the impostor and sat down on a bench to calm down and collect his thoughts. The most important thing right now to him was to find his real uncle. And figure out why Central seemed different. The city changing really scared him.

Feeling distraught, Wally, curled into himself and cried, allowing his emotions to flow.

Barry notice this, he knew that something must have happened to make Wally so scare, was his uniform just that intimidating? No one else was ever afraid of him...

Wally began wiping away his tears as he prepared himself to head out again. It would be stupid to stay in the same place for to long with Zoom hunting him down to do god only knows to him. He had to get moving. Run. Find help.

In a milosecond Wally leaped off the bench and started running again, not knowing that Barry followed him.

Where were the Zeta Tubes? This was getting ridiculous! Not knowing where else to go the shrunken speedster changed course for the Hall of Justice.

When he got there he knew that something was wrong.




This was not the Hall of Justice he was familiar with, that much was clear. The statues of the League were different and made of obsidian, morbid versions of themselves. Among them was the different Flash he had seen. The one chasing him. What happened?

Someone coughed behind him, and Wally turned to see the 'other Flash' standing only a few feet behind him. "Y-you followed m-me?" Wally squeaked out.

"I was hoping you'd run off your fear," Barry replied, he looked up at the large statues of him and his friends. "Why'd you decide to come here?" He wondered, thinking about how sad he was when Bruce tore down the old ones, he liked them.

"Looking for the Flash," Wally explained, looking around for where to run.

Barry was hurt by this. "I'm the Flash. I'm Barry," He said, taking off his helmet.

Confusion covered Wally's mind when the impostor removed his helmet. He looked exactly like his Uncle Barry. Even Zoom wasn't that similar, they had different eyes. These eyes were kind -like his uncles. Looking at him with care and concern.

"I don't understand," Wally said shocked.

To add to his confusion, the door to the strange Hall of Justice opened up and a woman who was and was not Black Canary stepped out. Like the impostor Flash her costume was militaristic and compared to her usual one was more threatening. It matched the obsidian statue.

"Who are you?" Wally asked her, shaking.

Black Canary's impostor gasped at the sight of the boy. He looked just like Wally. From just before he...

Wally started to back away from the woman, freaking out more and more by the second. Whoever was behind this wasn't just impersonating his uncle -but other leaguers! What should he do? They tore down the original statues and replaced them with themselves!

"I... I don't know what your planning -but it won't work!" Wally stuttered out, hating how scared he sounded.

"What we are planning?" She asked, baffled by his words. She was confused to see someone that is supposed to be dead claiming he knew they were planning like they were James Bond villains.

"Wally, please calm down," Barry practically begged his nephew.

"Who are you people?" Wally asked, trying to sound braver than he was feeling. "Where is the real Flash and Black Canary? What did you do to the Hall of Justice?"

"We are the real one, things just change since you 'left'." Black canary said, she knew that the boy was important to the scarlet speedster. She knew just saying that he was killed, or they left him for dead might scar the kid.

"I -I don't understand..." Wally began to panic worse, his brain going a mile a minute trying to figure out what was really going on. Where was he? Why was the Hall of Justice taken over? Why were these people dressing up like villain versions of the league.

"Don't be afraid," Barry insisted, moving closer to his nephew. The boy was vibrating in fear.

"Stay away from me impostor!" Wally warned him.

Barry's eyes started to tear up, unable to handle his nephew looking at him with hate and fear. It was too much.

Black Canary looked at Flash with pity. She'd solve this for him. Swiftly she grabbed Wally while the small speedster was distracted and easily restrained him. "We are who we say we are." she said, she was trying to sound comforting, but when your focus is intimation it's hard.

Wally was terrified by the sudden attack. He flung his elbow back to hit her, but she dodged. At least it got her away from him.

Then he did the only thing he could think of.


He ran as fast as he could into the building, as the door was still open. If he was lucky maybe the team or the league would be tied up in there. However when he got inside he saw at least a dozen members of the league seemingly on their way outside.

They just weren't the ones he was looking for.

"There's more of them?" Wally squeaked in shock and horror.

Black Canary grabbed him again. "Sleep it off," she said softly before using a pressure point to knock him unconscious. She then passed Wally over to Barry, whom was still quite teary eyed.

"What is going on?" Batman asked Barry going over to the speedsters. "Is that..."

"It's Wally," Barry confirmed. "He looks the same he did when... I can't believe it. He's alive. I'm holding him."

Batman had a neutral looked but was happy to see him alive, could this mean that Richard survive? "We are going to have to perform some tests to make sure nothing is wrong with him." Batman was happy that the boy was alive, but if what ever brought him back effected them they needed to see what it was and fix it if need be.

"Yes, thank you Bruce. But we have a bigger problem. Wally doesn't believe its me," Barry admitted, trying to ignore the pitying looks the rest of the league gave him as they listened. "He thinks I'm Zoom."

"We can't exactly bring him here for multiples reason." Bruce said, since Zoom was dead, and even if he was alive they wouldn't allowed him anywhere near Wally. "Don't cry, everything will be alright," he promised, putting a comforting hand on Barry's shoulder.

Barry smiled at that.

Before anything else could be said Hal flew over and hugged Barry tightly, almost causing the speedster to drop Wally. "Don't you ever run off on me again!" He scolded Barry.

Barry looked teary eyed at him. "I'm sorry."

Hal sighed and hugged tighter. "It's ok little brother. Just don't do it again... Is that Wally?"

The scarlet speedster nodded and quickly explained what happened.

"Maybe now we can get some answers on what happened that day," Hal remarked.

"We'll ask him what he remembers," Barry agreed. "But first we need him to trust us again. I'd ask Iris to help but she made it clear I wasn't allowed within 100 feet of her ever again..."

"Maybe he'll have calmed down by the time he wakes up," The Green Lantern tried to assure his friend.

"I hope so..." Barry sighed.


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