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S&S hey everyone merry Christmas this is my first Christmas OUAT Story and was inspired by an old Christmas movie called a mom for Christmas the movie was based on a book a mom by magic. I can't STAND Blue so instead Gideon's fairy god mother is Nova. Bae grew up in the enchanted forest with his papa and Belle,he met Belle when he was 14 but died at the age of 35 in the war against the evil queen Regina leaving behind his wife Princess Emma and their 11-year-old son sir Henry also Rumple is the saviour he defeated Regina but was unable to save his son Bae

Note: Henry is 28 Gideon is 12 Emma is 46 Bae would have been 52 but appears at the age he died 35 rumples is 218 and Belle is 55

Note2: Belle and Bae are only 4 years apart she met him in 1991 when she was 17 and he was 14 when she became a caretaker for his farther castle

Title: a brother for Christmas

Author: Suns and stars

Pairings: Rumbelle/swanfire

Genre: family sprit angst hurt and comfort

Warnings: none

Rating: K

Disclaimer: I do not own OUAT

Intro: Gideon wishes for his older brother Bae to be with the family for Christmas

***24th of December 2029 Dark castle enchanted forest***

12-year-old Gideon woke the morning on Christmas eve by Sultan the family dog.

"Alright boy I'm up" he says.

Getting out of bed he dressed warmly for it had snowed the night before and the morning was chilly after dressing he made his way from the east wing down towards the dining hall trailed after by Sultan.

Entering the dining hall, Sultan padded over to the roaring fire and lay down on the thick carpet Gideon on the other hand saw his father at his wheel and looked over at the fire place which was blazing with a fire inside, above the fireplace was a portrait of his older brother Baelfire.

Looking at the portrait of his older brother, Gideon sighed. Growing up he had always heard stories of his brother from everyone who knew him his parent's sister in law and his nephew, he just wished he could meet him get to know him and have memories of him.

Walking out of the dining hall he made his way through the hall and let his nose lead him to the wonderful smell of portage and tea entering he saw his mother Belle cooking away.

"Merry Christmas Mama" says Gideon

Setting down the bowl of oats she turns with a smile on her face

"Merry Christmas darling" said Belle.

Gideon walked over to Belle and hugged her.

Pulling back, he looked up at her and smiled

"How long until breakfast?" he asks her.

"An hour why?" she asks.

"May I go for a walk"

"Alright but stay within the grounds and bundle up it's a bit cold out" she tells him.

"I will thank you mama" said Gideon.

He turned and ran out of the kitchen and thought the castle.

Back in the kitchen Belle turns back to making breakfast seconds later she feels her husband's arms wrap around her waist his nose and lips nuzzling into her hair.

"Merry Christmas …. Master" Belle says sweetly leaning back against her husband's chest

Seconds later Belle felt the rumble in his chest as he laughed.

"Merry Christmas my little maid" he whispers

Before placing a kiss behind her ear.

"Was that our little hero I saw tearing though the castle?" asked Rumplestilskin.


"Where was he going in such a hurry?" he asked.

"He wanted to go for a walk I think he may resent not having any memories of Bae only learning about him though stories Emma you myself and Henry tell him or only seeing him though portraits" said Belle.

Belle felt her hair flutter as her husband gave a deep sigh.

Setting the jug of boiling water down on the counter she turned and placed her arms around his neck

"I know this time of year can be hard for you it can be hard for me to I've loved Bae since I first met him when he was a wee lad of 14 and I Miss him greatly" said Belle with tears in her eyes.

Rumplestilskin leans in and kissed them away.

"Watching our grandson grow was once a joy now it's just hard he reminds me so much of Bae and looks like him to" Rumple says quietly.

Belle pulled her husband's head down and rest his head on her shoulder where he buries his face into the side of her neck where she could feel the wetness of his tears.

Gideon walks the grounds until he came upon the tree they planted in honor of Bae 17 years ago it is his favourite spot his parents could always find him under this tree now he sat at the base and looked up at the sky and sighed and closed his eyes letting the tears fall

"Whoa hey easy little guy" said a sweet voice.

It was at that moment that Gideon felt the softness under his head and quickly pulled back but beamed when he saw the sweet face of his fairy god mother Nova and then felt a tap on his shoulders and turned to see Tiger Lilly his Papa's fairy god mother.

"Papa needs you Tiger" said Gideon

"I know he does dear" said Tiger Lily.

"I heard your wish Gideon, but you must know it takes a lot to grant such a powerful wish as your wish, however it will only last until midnight Christmas day is that alright?" asked Nova

The 12-year-old nodded.

"Now as I just said it will take a lot of magic to do so that is why I asked Tiger here to come with just in case I need a magic boost" said Nova

Nova saw Gideon eyes fill with worry but then he said.

"Can't I give you a magic boost if you need it?" asked Gideon.

He wanted to help his fairy Godmother in some way if she needed it.

"Oh, I'm sorry dear but only another Fairy can give a depleted fairy a magical boost" says Nova.

"Oh ok" says Gideon.

"Gideon dear I think I hear your mother" said Nova

Tuning to face the castle they did indeed hear Belle.

"Go on dear your wish will be here at midday"

Gideon grins.

"Thanks Nova"

Then turns to Tiger Lily.

"Thank you to Tiger"

With a hug and a kiss on the cheek for both Gideon turns and runs off.

Reentering the castle, he removes his scarf beanie cloves and coat.

The scarf had belonged to his brother and was given to His Nephew Henry after Bae passed but henry gave it to Gideon on his 5th birthday, he took the end and placed it over his face and let the tears fall.

Unknown to him Rumple saw and smiled sadly.

Turning around Gideon stopped when he saw his farther.

All Rumple did was open his arms and Gideon came running.

He wrapped his arms around Gideon and lifted his son into his arm,

"I miss him to Hero" Rumple whispered

Giving his son one last squeeze, he set him down on his feet and placed an arm around him before walking off to the Dining room. Walking into the Dining hall they saw Belle setting the tray of their breakfast down and then placing their tea and bowl in front of their place settings. Walking over he hugged his mother in thanks and took his seat as did Rumple and Belle

"Have you heard if Sissy is still coming over I know Henry's still away traveling?" asked Gideon.

"Yes, they are Both coming they will be here by midday" said Belle

Taking out the letter a blue bird brought to her an hour ago then handing it to her son to read.

He smiled and re folds the letter before handing it back.

"I know we have decorated the castle, but can we go find and do the tree when Emma and Henry get here?" asked Gideon

"Of course, son" said Rumple.

After breakfast Gideon helped to clean up and do the dishes then spent the morning either reading or helping his farther make golden tinsel for the tree. The hours passed and just as the clock struck mid-day there was a knock echoing through out castle

"I'll get it" says Gideon.

Before racing out of the Dining hall before either of his parents could get up. He raced through the castle the pounding of his feet echoing loudly though out the castle he wanted to get the door in case it was Bae but since his sister in law and nephew were arriving around the same time he wasn't sure if it were THEM at the door. Skidding to a stop in front of the large doors he took a deep breath and opened the doors

His face lit up when he saw who was behind the doors

"Bae?" he asked

With tears in his eyes and a smile on his face

Bae smiled.

"Hello Gideon" he whispered

Keeling in front of the pre-teen.

"You know who I am?" Gideon asked with shock.

"Of course, I do little brother I've been watching over you since the day you were born" said Baelfire.

He then looked around.

"Where is Nova and Tiger?" he asked

"here dear" says Nova.

Gideon looks up to see both his fairy godmother and Tiger Lily hovering in mini form.

He smiles.

"So big brother, are you ready to give our papa a heart attack and make mama faint?" asked Gideon

The man just smiles.

Takes his brother's hand and walks inside.

"We'll go on ahead" Nova whispers.

"Don't be seen" Gideon whispers.

With that they fly off.

Meanwhile Gideon leads Bae though the castle but holds up his hand at the door to the dining hall.

"Ah there you are Gideon" said Rumple sitting at his wheel spinning.

"Who was at the door was it Emma and Henry?" asked Belle.

Hearing this Bae's heart skipped a beat.

They will be coming here he thought.

"No, it wasn't Mama" said Gideon

"So, WHO was at the door Son?" asked Rumple

Getting up and making his way over to his wife and son.

Gideon did not answer instead he just grinned

"Come in" he called.

Just then Bae walked in.

Rumple eyes widened.

Belle almost dropped the book she was reading.

"Is this a dream, are we dreaming?" the couple ask as they make their way over to Bae

"No Mama Papa you're not dreaming I'm really here" said Bae

"How?" they as while reaching out and tracing his face in wonder and shock.

"Ask him" said Bae

Motioning to Gideon.

"Giddy how is it Bae's here?" asked Rumple.

Who like his wife was still in shock over the sudden appearance of their dead son

"I made a wish that he could be here for Christmas, so I didn't have just stories to go on for the rest of my life I wanted to meet him get to know him and truly make some memories of my brother by myself" Gideon explained.

"That is very touching honey but HOW did it happen?" asked Belle.

"Ask her" said Gideon.

Pointing to the ceiling

They looked up and saw two little fireflies' but as they came closer Belle and Rumple saw WHO it really was.

"Nova Tiger Lily" they both said

Seconds later they both resized.

"I heard Gideon's wish and granted it but had Tiger with me just in case I needed a magical boost" said Nova.

The couple smiled.

Turned and hugged Bae.

Seconds later they heard another knock they all looked at one another and then began pushing Bae to an area where he would not be seen. Gideon then raced out and though the castle coming upon the door Gideon flew them opened to see his sister in law and nephew.

He flung himself at his nephew to the point where Henry lost his balance.

He laughed and regained his balance hugging his Uncle in return, releasing the 12-year-old.

Gideon turned to his sister in law Emma.

"Merry Christmas your highness" he said

With a bow identical to the one his father uses on his mother after giving her a gift.

Emma raised an eyebrow making Gideon smile sheepishly.

"I mean Sissy."

"That's better hero, now what has got you so excited?" asked Emma.

As she and the boys entered the castle with Henry closing the door.

"Mine and Papa's fairy Godmothers are here" Gideon replied

As the three made their way through the castle.

Mama and papa are in the Dining hall" said Gideon

As they continued making their way through the castle only to stop outside the Dining hall

Emma smiled.

"Last time I remember seeing Nova was the day you were born but I don't ever recall your papa's fairy Godmother, but I do know her name Tiger Lily, right?" asked Emma as she and the boys enter the dining hall

"That's right Princess" replied Tiger Lily.

As the Fairy in question saw the three of them enter.

Gideon walked Emma and Henry over to Tiger Lily and introduced Emma to his papa's Fairy Godmother and intern introduced Tiger lily to both his Nephew and Sister.

"Tiger I'd like you to meet my Sister and Nephew Emma and Henry, Sissy Henry Meet Tiger Lily, Papa's Fairy Godmother.

"Princess, Sir," said Tiger giving them both a curtsy

"No formality's please we hate being addressed by our titles by family members and that is what you are" said Emma.

"Really?" asked Tiger Lily who was surpised that the Princess of the westen borders of the Infinite Forest would consider her as family

"Well you are My farther in law's Fairy godmother are you not that makes you family." Said Emma.

Tiger Lily smiled

Emma silently excused herself to greet Nova while Henry wonders over to the fire place and looked up at the portrait of his farther. Henry closed his eyes it's been 17 years and still the pain was as if he lost his father just yesterday.

After greeting Nova with a smile and a hug the Pink fairy tapped Emma on the shoulder and pointed to Henry turning Emma saw what Henry was looking at and sighed making her way over walking up behind him wrapping her arms around him.

"I miss him to honey" Emma whispered.

"Merry Christmas dad" He said softly.

Bae snuck out of his hiding place and walked up behind them only the sofa was between him and his family

"Merry Christmas Son my love"

Emma and Henry froze and slowly turned around and before them stood their father/ husband Henry scrambled over the sofa and into his father's arms Bae held his boy tightly then pulled him away to get a better look at him.

"You've grown my boy" said Bae.

"How is this posable?" asked Emma.

As she made her way to her husband on shaky legs and fell into her arms bursting into tears

"I made a wish to know my brother and not just from stories, so Nova granted my wish only 5 to 10 minutes ago" said Gideon.

Henry and Emma smiled in understanding.

Henry looked around.

"Grandpa you have not put directions up" Henry observed

"Well I've been busy making gold Tinsel so care to help me with the directions?" asked Rumple.

"Love to grandpa"

"I'll help to" said Nova.

"Well then Emma Tiger would you both mind helping me with Lunch.

The women nodded.

Bae turned to his brother and smiled

"Well little brother it's up to us to get the Christmas tree" said Bae.

"Let's go" said Gideon.

The siblings were walking the grounds, Bae had the saw over his shoulder as their searched for the perfect tree, but Gideon was picky on what tree he wanted he said one was took skinny the other was too wiggly and the 3rd looked like a weed.

Bae sighed.

"That was the last one little brother"

"But it's more this way then that" Gideon whined.

Bae laughs and placed his free arm around the boy.

"Well it looks like we are going to have to make a trip into the forest" says Bae.

"Papa doesn't want me going out into the forest alone" says Gideon.

"You're not alone bro you'll never be alone" says Bae

placing a kiss on the top of his brother's head.

So, the brothers headed off to the stables to saddle up Philippe.

With Philippe saddled to the slay they made their way from the stables and with a snap of Gideon's finger the gates opened, and the brothers set off to find the perfect Christmas tree.

The brothers looked for hours that is until Gideon cried out.

"that's it, that's it."

Bae looked up and smiled.

"Oh, Gideon its perfect" says Bae.

Pulling Philippe to a stop the brothers got out and made their way towards the tree with the saw in hand and together began chopping down the tree it began teetering until Gideon called out.


As it fell

Bae laughed

They put the saw away and grabbed some rope and tied the tree to the back of the Slay.

"Take it away Philippe" Bae called.

The horse began moving and pulling the tree after some time the brothers got back into the sly and made their way back to the castle.

Entering the gates and making their way into the stable they put Philippe back in his stable and then began untying the tree.

"We are so NOT carrying that all the way into the castle" said Gideon

"Then how?" asked Bae

Although he had a good idea how Gideon was going to get the tree inside.

The 12-year-old rolled his eyes and snapped his fingers.

Up at the castle poor Henry almost fell from the ladder when the tree suddenly appeared beside him.

Seconds later it happened again when his father and uncle appeared in a puff of red smoke

"Gah uncle Gideon" Henry growled.

"Oops sorry Henry" said Gideon.

So, while the decorations were being put up Bae and Gideon sat down at the table and ate the lunch that they missed since it was going on about 3 in the afternoon after they ate their lunch the family spent the rest of the afternoon decorating the tree hours later the family sat down for Dinner and enjoyed the light chatter and joking.

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