Chapter 1

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Izuku Midoriya, quirkless, useless, Deku. Izuku's ex-best friend Katsuki Bakugo, or Kacchan as Izuku used to call him, called him these names. Kacchan's quirk was the 'best' and 'perfect'. Everyone kept boosting his ego so high till he even refused help from everyone and anyone. Izuku tried to help him out of a river and got blasted in the chest for it.

After a while of this abuse Izuku decided that maybe Kacchan wasn't the nicest person to be friends with. He stopped hanging around Kacchan, he stopped playing with any of his 'friends', he stopped playing with everyone. They all bullied him for being quirkless, so why be around people like them.

"You should just give up."

He has been bullied all his life after he found out he was quirkless. All because of this stupid extra joint in his pinky toe, he was osterized for life.

"I'm sorry Izuku, I'm sorry."

That's not what I wanted you to say mom.

'Yet, it doesn't matter anymore.' Izuku thought as he ran on top of the rooftops towards the latest villain attack.

Ever since he was little, running away had come in handy, so he practiced parkour and watched YouTube tutorials to help him learn. After many trials, errors, and hospital visits, Izuku could do it with ease. His workout schedule and parkour training gave him a nice even toned body to work with.

As he saw the villain he quickly reached in his bag, pulled out his camera and a notebook. He sat down turned on his camera and began taking notes. He would take notes and record villain attacks. So yeah, maybe he couldn't be a hero, but at least he could take notes on how to take down specific quirk users. Maybe a support company would take him in as an apprentice and he could work his way up.

Soon after the villain began his attack, a hero with super strength showed up called Death Arms. Using his strength, he caught a falling support beam, saving a few people. Along with him came Backdraft, who could manipulate water, and Kamui Woods, who could create and manipulate trees.

What Izuku didn't expect was a new hero, called Mt. Lady, to jump in and use her proclaimed mover, Canyon Cannon, and kick the villain in his face stealing all the attention from Kamui Woods.

"This Mt. Lady made her mark by giving her ass-instance to Kamui Woods, hehehe. She's clever." Izuku chuckled as he wrote down her stats.

Mt. Lady

Quirk: Gigantification? Becoming a giant.

Drawbacks: N/A

Personality: Seems to like being in the spotlight.

Izuku finished his entry, turned off his camera and packed his things up as he started rooftop hopping. It was almost time for school and he needed to move fast if he didn't want to be late.

Sigh, yay school

(Junior High)

Izuku sat in the back seat, closest to the door. He was writing in his notebook, waiting for the bell to ring so he could head home before the teacher gathered everyone's attention.

"Ok class, as third year students it's time to be thinking seriously about your future. While I could pass out career aptitude test, why bother." the teacher then threw the tests in the air. "I know you all want to go to the hero track." everyone started cheering as the man as the man spoke.

"Come on teach, don't lump me in with these losers."

Oh great, of course he had a class with him again.

Katsuki Bakugo, the most 'gifted child in the school'. More like the most arrogant, slimy, egotistical, piece of-

Izuku shook his head. He needed to calm himself. Holding a grudge wasn't going to solve anything.

After listening to Bakugo's long winded speech about being the number 1 hero, the teacher looked at Izuku, saying. "Midoriya, don't you want to go to UA as well." which silenced everyone.

Before he let anyone laugh at him, Izuku stood up before speaking. "Yes sir, the support department. A Quirk isn't required there."

Bakugo didn't look too happy after Izuku finished speaking. Before he was able to stomp towards Izuku the teacher told him to sit down. Once the bell rang, signaling school to be over, he was the first out of the door. Knowing a certain blond was after him.

After a while of running and a certain 'someone' shouting "GET BACK HERE DEKU!" while explosion's kept going off, he finally escaped on some rooftops. While leaping from roof to roof he saw a blonde skeleton looking man walking with two bags. Izuku normally wouldn't pay that much mind until he saw the man cough up a lot of blood. His eyes widened as he climbed down towards the man.

"S-sir, are you okay?" Izuku asked.

The man just waved him off and said "It's ok. This happens a lot."

Izuku still offered the man a napkin which he gladly took. Izuku said goodbye as he walked away, still a little bit worried for the sickly looking man. He checked his watch and realized he needed to be home quickly so his mom wouldn't worry. His dumb phone died so he couldn't respond. She has been doing good with dieting and exercising, so he didn't want her to worry again and start to gain weight again.

"What a nice boy." the skeletal man said, walking away.

(Back at the Midoriya household)

Inko Midoriya was many things, a wife, a mother, and most of all a worry wart. She saw on the news today that there was an attack and, despite Izuku's thinking he hid it well, she knew that he always ran after the villain attacks no matter how many times she told him not to. Now he was later home, he didn't text her back, or return any of her calls.

After a while of pacing back and forth she hears the door open and a familiar "Mom I'm home!" called out as she rushed towards the door.

Before Izuku was able to take off his shoes his mom grabbed him and started fussing over him "Izuku are you alright, how are you feeling, is yo…"

Before his mom could go on any further he grabbed her and hugged her while saying "I'm ok, I'm ok."

He didn't want his mom to go back to overeating and crying on the couch at night. Inko's figure hasn't really changed since Izuku was a child because when Izuku started working out, he made her do it as well once he noticed she was gaining weight. He had too constantly tell her it wasn't her fault he didn't have a quirk and that he could help people in other ways to keep her from freaking out.

Inko didn't know what she did to be so lucky to give birth to such a sweet son like Izuku.

After she calmed down, she scolded Izuku for chasing trouble again. Izuku scratched the back of his head and smiled before saying. "Sorry, but there was a guy I saw, he started to cough up a lot of blood and I couldn't just leave him there."

Inko smiled sadly before saying "You're still trying to become a hero."

"N-No t-that's not it" Izuku stuttered "I did some research on UA and I could join the Department of Support. I can help the hero's help people."

"Are you sure honey, I mean the police force offers that t…" Inko started before Izuku groaned and walked towards his room.

"How many times do I have to say this! I'm not gonna be a police officer!" Izuku yelled behind him before shutting his bedroom door.

Oh no. Just because he had a bad day he was not going to yell and slam his door on his mom just because he got aggravated. Who was he? Bakugo?

He quickly dropped his bag on his bed, opened his door, and quickly ran to his mom. "S-Sorry mom, I didn't mean it I…"

His mom hushed before saying "It's ok, I shouldn't have brought it up." She guided him to the couch and sat down. "Have a bad day?"

Izuku sat down and rubbed his hands through his hair. "Yeah, Kacchan doesn't like how I'm going to try to enroll in UA."

"Did he hurt you?" Inko asked in concern.

"Nope. He couldn't catch me, remember I'm a parkour master. I can run away from anyone." Izuku joked.

"I can try to talk to Mitsuki to see if she can do something." Inko offered.

Izuku shook his head before saying "It'll only make him worse. It's best to just ignore him."

Inko sighed. Izuku was too forgiving. She shook her head before saying "Well, you go get washed up, we don't want dinner getting cold."

"Ok mom." Izuku said as he went to the bathroom.


Izuku sighed as he ran across the rooftops in his self-dubbed 'Free Runner outfit'. It consisted of a sleeveless dark green shirt with a black hoodie, and fingerless black gloves. Finishing his outfit off was black sweatpants with black and green sneakers. He'd get recognized in his red ones and he constantly trespassed when he free ran..

He always 'roof hopped' or free ran when he couldn't sleep. It always tired him out. He feels like he's free, roof to roof, climbing up thin pipes to get to places he couldn't normally. The adrenaline rush when he's somewhere high off the ground. Feels amazing. He stopped at an empty baseball field near a school. He usually came here to relax.

Here, a place where he can get his anger out. The feel of a baseball bat in his hand and the vibration in his hand when he hits the ball. Izuku picked up a baseball from a basket next, tossed it up, and slammed it across the field.

'Home run' he said in his head as he repeated the action again and again.

He loved hitting the ball farther and farther each time. He would've kept going all night, but he felt his phone go off in his pocket.

Izuku pulled out his phone and saw his alarm. Midnight.

'Well guess I'm tired enough. Good night Japan' Midoriya thoughts as he put the bat back in its basket before running away, climbing onto a nearby roof.

(The Next Day)





"Izuku wake up"


"Wake up!"

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah!" Izuku shouted as he sat up in his bed.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah!" Inko yelled in surprise as she fell down.

"Huh, m-mom are you ok? Why are you on the floor?" Izuku worriedly shot out of his bed to help his mom up.

"Sorry Izuku, but I heard you move around in your bed a lot and screaming." Inko said as Izuku helped her up. "Did you have a nightmare?"

"I… Yeah." Izuku admitted as he looked to the floor.

"Oh honey." Inko said as she wrapped her arms around Izuku to hug him. "Let me make your favorite breakfast, All Berry Pancakes." she said as she led Izuku to the kitchen.

Izuku smiled at this. All his favorite berry's in one delicious pancake. This was the life.

After finishing his breakfast he went to take a shower, brush his teeth, before he put on his school's uniform.

"Ok Izuku, better leave now if you want to be at school on time." Inko told him as she saw her son put on his shoes.

"Ok mom, love you." With a hug, Izuku walked out the door and started his walk to school.

(Junior High)

After an especially long day of school, with Bakugo glaring at him,it made Izuku extremely happy when the school bell. But, as he grabbed a soda from a vending machine, he heard a loud bang and a scream that could only belong to one person. This made Izuku do a repeat of what happened yesterday. RUN LIKE A BAT OUT OF HELL!

'Shit, shit, SHIT!' Izuku thought as he ran away from Bakugo's explosions.


Bakugo's shouting got a lot of the nearby student's attention. After a while of dodging explosions, a crowd formed and that stopped Izuku from getting away.

"Ok Deku, I'll make this clear, you get the idea out of your head about going to UA and you can get away damage free." Bakugo said with a fake smile, as he set of a few small explosions off in his hands while stalking towards Izuku.

"No." Izuku said as he reached in his back pocket.

"Well Deku, hope you enjoy being destroyed in front of the whole school!" Bakugo said as he charged towards Izuku.

After letting Bakugo get close he pulled out a his soda can that was shaken up from his running. He opened it up and let the grape soda spray into the blonde's face, mostly in his eyes. This forced him to close his eyes and scream. Izuku, seeing the violent blond close his eyes, ran past him into the crowd disappearing. Hearing his ex-friend raging screams slowly fade as he climbed the nearest roof using a fire escape.

Sliding down a roof, Izuku fell down with a roll and hid under a nearby bridge to make sure Bakugo couldn't find him. Even though he was sure that Bakugo didn't follow him, you can't be too safe when Bakugo as involved. As Izuku finally caught his breath he heard a loud slam behind him. He turned around, fearing it was Bakugo, but saw something akin to sludge with yellow eyes crawl out from the sewer.

"Perfect, a new host. This should throw off that smiling bastard." a slimy male voice gurgled.

Izuku saw a the sludge fly at him, making him drop his bag and dodge. He kept on jumping and moving around the sludge tentacles that came after him as the slime creature tied to wrap around him. He quickly leapt back enough to gain some distance from the sludge, not wanting to get caught up in all that slime. Now he had more time to think of time. Hopefully he could find a way out of this, but nothing came to mind. As he was racking his brain for ideas, he heard a familiar voice he heard many times as a child.

"I AM HERE!" All Might announced after he stood at the entrance of the bridge.

'Oh thank god' Izuku thought as the sludge man turned his attention to All Might.

All Might easily took out the sludge man with a Texas Smash. Izuku just stood by, amazed that he saw his hero in action. After defeating the sludge man, All Might grabbed an empty bottle and scooped the sludge in.

Izuku immediately grabbed his notebook out his bag and asked with bright eyes. "Can I get your autograph?"

"Hahahaha, of course young man." All Might laughed, signing Izuku's notebook. "Say, that was impressive, a lot of people can't avoid someone so slippery ."

Izuku blushed at the praise "I-I've been doing parkour f-for years now so I know how to move around things."

"Good work, now I need to bring this man to justice." All Might said, before crouching down to jump off.

"Wait, I need to ask you something!" Izuku suddenly yelled out.

"I'm sorry young man, but I need to turn this man into the authorities." All Might said, still walking away.

"CAN SOMEONE QUIRKLESS BECOME A HERO!" Izuku shouted, causing All Might to stop in place making Izuku become rigid.

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