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AN 2: I know a lot of you have enjoyed Peace is a lie but I have to be honest. I didn't really like my characters. They didn't have any dimension to them. Kuro was just bitch cause she was dark side Sith. To me she didn't feel like she had motivations, a personality or anything. Just doing evil things for the sake of doing evil things. SOOO one dimensional. So this remake is an attempt to fix that. Still gonna follow the Inquisitor storyline but its gonna be MUCH more original and not following the games story section by section.

The apartment was silent, the occupants resting in their bed. The two twi'lek females were sound asleep in each others arms. The mother holding her four year old daughter to her chest as she slept.

Kanna Kali'ka was happy. She had a wonderful daughter, a comfortable life with her. It was just them. The girls father was never in the picture, having been taken away to work somewhere as a slave to the Imperial Empire.

For her part, Kanna didn't hate the Empire. Though their treatment of non-humans could be better. They had a strong military power, a solid government and while the Sith were not always the kindest of people, the Sith used their abilities to defend their Empire with a ferocity and confidence that made her feel safe in the Empire's worlds. Kanna was fine with all of that. She would take the Empires laws and rules in stride if it meant she could be with her beautiful daughter.

Kuroki Kali'ka was the love of her life...well, one of the loves of her life. The other was... Well, unavailable at the best of times. But that was okay, Kanna had Kuro and didn't need anyone else.

The little twi'lek girl snuggled into her mothers bosom, smiling in her sleep. She loved her mother, loved her life so far. She had good friends and went to a nice school in Kaas city where they lived. It wasn't all happy though. She was bullied a lot, mostly by other twi'lek's children and human children. Primarily for her skin color. A deep red that was said to be a mutation in twi'lek's. Her violet eyes were a rarity so was her black full body and facial genetic tattoos. Sharp edges and sweeping spikes ending in sharp points. They scared her peers and she was often called "mutant" or "freak" to her face. Her violet colored irises was just more ammunition, though not a very good one.

But Kuroki didn't listen to them. Not after the first time. It hurt the first time, running home after school, crying. She told her mother what happened and Kanna embraced her distraught daughter and soothed her worries. "Do not listen to them, sweetheart. You are very beautiful. What they think do not matter. What matters is what you think of yourself." She steered the crying girl to a full length mirror knelt behind her, hugging Kuro to her chest. "What do you see, darling?"

Kuro stared at herself, seeing the terrifying black markings, her red skin and violet eyes. "I look scary." She mumbled, frowning, a sadness in her voice.

Kanna smiled and kissed her daughters cheek. "You have no control over what you look like, my little one. To me, you are beautiful. Don't you think so?"

Kuro looked again, seeing her mother smiling at her. She really looked at herself. She still thought she was scary, but took her mothers words to heart. She couldn't change how she looked, so why not embrace. With that thought she really saw herself. Intimidating, but kind even cute if you looked her smile. So she did. She smiled and sure enough she could see herself being cute or even beautiful. Even if she didn't look it now. She was still young she hadn't even grown her lekku yet, but one day she would be as beautiful as her mom, and that gave her hope. So she nodded and said. "Yes, mama. You're right. I still don't think I'm beautiful, but one day I will be. I'll be as beautiful as you!" Kuro spun in her mother's arms and hugged her, kissing her cheek.

"That's my girl." Kanna said with a loving smile. Her heart swelling from the positive emotions.

A knock on the door woke up the twi'lek mother. She groaned and sat up, careful not to jostle her little one and put on a robe then left the room. Another knock was heard as she walked through her home to the front door. She glanced at the security camera to see who it was. She froze then paled.

Three figures stood at her door. One was garbed in black robes with purple lining and embroidery. The distinct feminine shape had her heart hammering in her chest. Blonde hair peeked from the hood the center figure wore. Kanna knew who this was. The other two figures were in red armor. The battle armor of the Sith Academy guards. No...they cant be here for Kuro! Kanna thought. Sadly there was nothing she could do if they were. If she tried to spirit her daughter away not only would Kanna be killed but Kuro would be taken or killed anyway. It was Imperial law that anyone who was Force-sensitive would be taken to Korriban for Sith training.

Kanna heard so many things about it. The violence, the underhanded power plays, the dangerous trials. Kuro would never survive! Despite her desires, Kanna opened the door, looking into the eyes of the Sith Lord Zash, the other love of her life. "Zash…" She greeted, part happy to see her again, part misery for what was about to happen.

Zash removed her cowl and smiled sadly at her long time on again, off again lover. They had meet one day when Kuro's father had been taken and the two hit it off rather well. There was no denying the connection Zash felt with the twi'lek mother. She could feel it in the Force as well as her heart. But because of her work she couldn't always be with her love. "Hello, Kanna. I.…" She sighed and frowned. "You know why I'm here." It was no question.

Kanna looked at the masked guards, tears welling in her eyes and nodded. This would be the last time she would ever see her daughter again. "Yes, I do... But Zash, please, do not do this." She begged, moving over to her lover and placed a hand near the woman's heart.

Zash sighed, taking her lovers hand and kissing it before stepping into the apartment, the two guards followed and immediately sought out the girl. Kanna didn't try to stop them. There was nothing she could do. "I'm sorry, Kanna. I really am. But you know the laws. My hands are tied. I can empathize on how hard this must be but... She has to come with me, my love."

Kanna burst into tears and hiccuping cries as the guards carried Kuro out of their room. She was cradled in one guards arms and she was at least relived to note the woman, the slighter build and smaller stature confirmed this, was being extremely gentle with her. Kuro actually snuggled into the guards chest. Kanna faced Zash, who had tears welling in her eyes as well at the pain her lover was going through. "Can't I at least say good bye? Hold her one last time? Please, Zash."

The Sith Lord smiled and nodded motioning for the guard to hand her over for a moment. The female guard complied and carefully handed the girl over. Kanna cradled her daughter to her chest and kissed her forehead. "I'm so sorry, my little one. You have to go now. Please, don't hate me for this. I love you, sweetheart."

The twi'lek mother kissed her daughter again and handed her back to the guard who, once again held the child protectively and carefully and left with her companion. Zash remained behind and pulled Kanna into her arms, stroking the woman's blue skinned lekku. "I wish I didn't have to do this, my love. But I can't go against the Emperor, or the law."

Kanna nodded. "I know, Zash. Please, look after her?" She asked looking her lover in the eye, begging to be heard.

Zash smiled and kissed her Kanna on the lips. A gentle, chaste and loving kiss then pulled away. "I can't interfere in her training directly. But I promise you I will make her my apprentice when the time comes. She will be fine, my love. Believe in me."

Kanna smiled sadly, tears still in her eyes. "I always have." Zash left, leaving a griving mother alone at the loss of one more loved one, crying into the night.