AN: So this chapter gets moody and a little bloody. Everything thats happened to Kuro has to come to a head and….you'll see in this one. Maybe I dont pull it off well but let me know what you think. Be prepared for feels, whether good or bad.

Zash and Corrin, burst into the infirmary at Kuro's scream. The twi'lek was levitating above an unconscious Kory. It wasn't hard to figure out why. The sheer power pulsating from Kuro had Zash and Corrin reeling. Being exposed to so much Force strength would make almost anyone pass out.

Zash rushed to Kuro's side while Corrin attended to Kory. "Kuroki, sweetling, please calm down."

Kuro was struggling to contain her rage. She had to find him. Destroy him! Not just his body, but his entire essence would be obliterated! Their wouldn't be anything left of him to return to the Force! The sorceress apprentice lifted her eyes to a concerned Zash. "C-calm...not until...he dies..." She growled out.

Zash was confused. Who did she mean? "Who, Kuroki?"

Kuro snarled and shot her hand out toward the door, pointing. "You know who! Ffon and his merry band of racist Sith Purebloods! Bring them to me!" She demanded with all the power she could muster."

Ffon. Zash should have known. That miserable little worm had been at Kuro's throat since she got here. Zash frowned and turned to Corrin. "Round up Ffon and his friends. You know who they are." Corrin, after situating Kory into a chair comfortably, set out to do as she ordered.

Zash turned to Kuro once more. "I will take care of everything, sweetling. Let me get you some clothes to cover your modesty." Zash stood taller to kiss Kuro on the forehead and left the room before Kuro could come up with a reply. Instead she focused on calming down.

She thought of Ashara, who always seemed to calm her down. For a moment she thought she saw her in the corner of her eye. She thought of what Ashara would say at a moment like this. The words came like a rush to her mind. Be calm, love. Be calm, I'm always here for you, remember? Trust in me. Those words were enough. Kuro sagged, dropping from her levitated position, to the floor. After her outburst she felt drained and eerily calm now.

It was at that moment Zash returned. She must have gone at Force speed. Zash helped her get dressed in one Kuro's favorite outfits that consisted of black and red colors. A simple pair of pants a top cropped shirt and leather jacket. "There, all better now. You look dashing, sweetling." Zash said, happy to see her surrogate daughter calm.

Kuro looked her mother figure, her face serene in contrast to the anger only minutes before. "Thank you, mother. I always did like this outfit." She said with a tiny smile. Though it didn't put Zash at ease. It was the smile of someone about ready to snap, if she hadn't already. She had seen many like it before. "Where are Ffon and his friends, mother?"

Zash was hesitant to answer but the way Kuro was looking at her, like she could see right through her, compelled her to answer honestly. "I had Corrin gather them in my office."

"Splendid. Let's go, mother. Please carry Kory for me." She ordered and Zash had no intention of disobeying. For one reason or another, Zash would make things right with Kuro. So she carefully cradled Kory in her arms and followed after a seemingly empowered Kuro.

It was plain to see. Zash was in awe of the acolyte. Sith Lords, Sith guards, acolytes, they all got out of her way as if she were their ruler. The Sith guards even bowed slightly, recognizing her power. Kuroki was no mere acolyte anymore. No meager Apprentice trying to please their masters so they could become full fledged Sith. No, Kuro was a Sith already, if not in title, then in spirit.

They arrived at Zash's office and the Sith Lord looked at her protegee She was still calm...and it was unnerving. When Kory had returned with a beaten Kuro in her arms, Zash was distraught. What had happened to her daughter? Who had done it? Kory had explained what she knew, that Kuro was beaten and bloodied, with white stains on her body. Taking that information with Kuro screaming in rage Ffon's name it wasn't hard to piece together what had happened. Ffon and his friends raped Kuro by using a neural disruptor so she couldn't fight back.

So to see her calm and not the blood lusted girl she saw only minutes ago was unnerving. She had known people like this before. She had even heard of the Emperor himself seemingly so calm but still dangerous. Zash was sure of something right then, Kuro terrified her.

They entered the room. Ffon and his friends, five in total, were lined up in front of her desk. Zash handed Kory over to Corrin and walked around her desk, sadly leaving Kuro's side and sat down. She put her Sith Lord face on and intertwined her fingers on her desk. She quirked a brow and said. "Care to explain, Ffon, why Kuro was brought back from the wilds. Beaten, bloody and stained with a particular white substance?" Kuro just stood in front the five, humming to herself and smiling that small creepy smile as she watched the scene unfold. Ffon was as good as dead, no need to rush. Savor the moment. Enjoy the fear.

Ffon, for his part said nothing. They couldn't prove it was him. Kuro was ambushed by the Korriban wildlife and only assumed it was him because of her hatred of him. Ffon said as such. "Really?" Ffon nodded. "You would not be lying to me would you? Because I really do not like liars."

Ffon tried not fidget. Luckily he was saved from having to say anything as Kory chose that moment to wake up. Upon seeing the Pureblooded scum she snarled like an animal and jumped up, flashing towards him. Corrin tried to stop her but was stopped short when Kory grabbed her arm and twisted around Corrin's body then kicked her away, not stopping her charge. "I'll kill you, you fuck!" She roared.

Just as she got to him she was stopped by an invisible force. She couldn't move, her arm poised to strike, lightsaber in hand was inches from Ffon's neck. Kory's eyes widened in shock. Who had so much power to completely immobilize someone? "Kory, dear sister. You wouldn't take my revenge away from me, would you? That would hurt my feelings." Kuro said as she walked over to her human friend. Her voice was like velvet but dripping with something more sinister underneath. She got in close, placed her chin on Kory's shoulder and wrapped her arms around her, almost like a lovers embrace. "Don't you think I've been hurt enough, dear sister?" She asked, sorrow lacing her voice now.

Kory would have frozen in fear if she wasn't already bound. An inner instinct she didn't know she had before reared its head demanding her to stand down. Kory found she could move her head again, so she nodded. "Y-yes, sister. I just protect you the only way I know how. I-I-I'm sorry I wasn't there when you needed me most." She said, expressing her sorrow and guilt and failing Kuro.

The twi'lek's heart broke at her sisters regret and guilt. She shushed her, the venomous undertones gone, just the velvet remained. "It's not your fault, Kory. Don't blame yourself. You had no way of knowing and it was out of your control."

Kory shook her head but didn't say anything. Zash, however, did. "Kuroki. Please release Kory. We need to take care of the issue at hand." She said, acting the Sith lord to her daughter. Kuro released her hold on Kory and hugged her sobbing sister before gently shooing her away to Corrin. She saw the two begin to talk and if Ffon wasn't so high on her shit list she would already be at Corrin's throat. She hadn't forgotten how the warrior had hurt Kory but as it was, Ffon needed to be dealt with first.

Kuro turned her attention to her rapist and his friends. They were terrified of her, as they should be. Kuro really looked at them and couldn't find the fear or inner turmoil that most rape victims had. No, she just had a quiet rage burning inside. "You should have killed me after your fun, Ffon. You almost did. Let me give you some advice on murder. When trying to kill someone, make sure they're dead." She said to her rapist, her voice devoid of any anger. She was like a spider, luring its prey into its web. She smiled at him, that same small smile that held amusement and lethality underneath.

Kuro used the Force, projecting a crushing darkness onto one of his friends. The intense gravity in that small area drowned out his screams as his bones snapped and crushed under the dark and heavy void. When she lifted it there was nothing left of his friend but a pool of blood, organs and bone. "See? I made sure he was dead." She said with a giggle. "Now, this is what you did..."

Again she used the Force on his second friend and her other rapist. She didn't do anything fancy here, just shot a lightning bolt at him. Using enough power to render him unconscious. She walked over crouched above him, running her hands along his back. "Almost dead. Much like I was. But you see Ffon you never did measure up. I'm smarter than you and I know that you crush your enemies." With that, she reached down with her right hand and hooked them into a claw. Then imbuing herself with the strength of the Force she rammed her hand into his chest, crushing his heart against the durasteel floor. "Crushed." She chirped with a smile, as if she were among friends and family having a joyous gathering.

She stood up and was about to cut the life from the other two when Zash interrupted. "Kuroki, please stop. We can..." But she interrupted.

Kuro, for all to see, was still calm, but when she looked at her mother figure, Zash trembled. The twi'lek spoke with the same soft velvet, almost kind voice. But she could sense the darkness underneath. "We can do what, mother? Imprison them, let them off with a warning? That would be nice wouldn't it?" She giggled, an almost insane laughter. "No mother. Ffon raped me, let his friends rape me, then tried to kill me. But I can forgive and forget all that." Her tone belied the words. Kuro would never forgive or forget what was done to her. "What I cannot forgive is this: They instilled fear and doubt into Kory. Made her see herself as weak because she wasn't there to help me. And for that..." She used the Force and compelled all of Kory's lightsabers from her belt and to activate. They shot toward one of the two remaining boys and literally cut him to pieces, she didn't even gesture or move. "For that alone they forfeit their lives, mother." Kuro frowned as something occurred to her. "You don't wish to stop me do you?" She asked with a pout.

"N-no of course not, sweetling." Zash stuttered out. She was afraid. She had never seen such ruthlessness from someone so young, and all with a smile, as if she were enjoying it. She almost jumped as the last boy bolted from his place and tried to rush the door. He didn't even make it three steps. The lightsabers made short work of him. As his pieces hit the floor, Zash gulped, sweat dripping from her temple.

Kuro smiled, tilting her head innocently, not having even glanced at the boy. "Glad to hear it, mother." She turned her attention to Ffon, who was petrified. How was she this strong? It just couldn't be possible. He was taught from an early age that Pureblooded Sith were the strongest in the Force. "I suppose I should thank you, Ffon. You took the last thing that made me soft and weak. So for that I'll grant you what you've always wanted. Power." She smiled at him. Ffon breathed a sigh of relief, but only for a moment. With no warning Kuro channeled as much Force power as she could into manifested lightning and unleashed it all on Ffon. He screamed at the sudden pain. As she poured more and more Force power into the lightning she giggled. "Not enough? I can always give you more. Here!" The Force was too much for Ffon to handle and finally….Ffon exploded. Chunks of flesh, liters of blood showered down on the living occupants. Kory, Corrin and Zash were disturbed. Kuro was smiling and lifted her face to the downpour of blood. It felt wonderful. Having got her revenge she skipped to the door of Zash's office, feeling amazing and more carefree than ever, humming a random tune. She addressed Zash over her shoulder and said. "I'll see you tomorrow for my training, mother."

Zash sat alone in her office, the smell of blood still fresh. She was still trying to process everything. While she knew Kuro was powerful, even at four years old when she was sent to retrieve her, she didn't expect this. Kuro was becoming more powerful….daily! She suspected she had more Force potential yet to unlock.

And yet despite the fear she had of the young girl Zash was still determined to prepare the ritual she had in mind. If Zash was on the twi'lek child's good side she had nothing to fear, though she couldn't say the same about Corrin.

After Kuro left, Kory and Corrin had a bit of heart to heart. Corrin expressed regret at the way she had treated the young girl and wasn't aware of Kory feelings. Kory blushed at having her secret found out but admitted that it wouldn't work out. There was too big an age gap, they were master and student. It would just end in misery for both people. While Kory expressed she still thought Corrin was a beautiful woman she knew now it was just a crush, a teenage fancy that would never come to be. Corrin didn't hold it against her. So Kory left, promising to talk to Kuro before she got it in her head to kill Corrin for hurting her.

Zash hoped it would work out. Corrin was an amazing apprentice and she loved having her around. If she was a Darth, Zash would have made her a Sith Lord ages ago. But as it was she was not...yet. A plan she had formed for such a long time began to change, if only slightly. Darth Skotia, her master was the only one in her way to become Darth. As was tradition in many Sith hierarchy, Zash had to kill Skotia and take his place or remove him some other way. Who better to do that than Kuro and Kory? While Corrin was strong and she had no doubt the young woman could defeat Skotia, she didn't want to risk her. But was it okay to risk Kuro and Kory? They were much younger and less experienced than a Darth, a cyborg Darth at that. No it wasn't okay. But she knew it was the correct choice. Corrin had already proved herself over the years, Kuro and Kory had not. At least, not outside the Academy. This would just be one more step in their training. Facing someone who was stronger than ones self. With a nod, Zash stood and left her office, making a cleaning request on her holocom. With that done she needed to relieve some stress, and she knew just who to see. With a soft smile she left the Academy for one of the major cities on Korriban.

Tython: Jedi Temple

Ashara woke with a heavy heart. The nightly dream was...disturbing. Kuro had told her, with a small lazy smile, what she had done. Killing fellow classmates because of her rape. While Ashara expressed the horror at what had happened to her, she silently couldn't approve of such violent acts, but even so, she still loved the Sith. Once again she found herself needing advice.

She climbed out of bed and got dressed in her signature jacket, pants and boots and headed out. She ran into Aya along the way, a blue skinned twi'lek girl who was the only equal Ashara had come across in their training with lightsaber forms. Ashara had to admit that Aya was even better. Never wasting a movement and using the Force extremely well during fights. While the nightly "dream training" with Kuro had improved her skills, Ashara was still no where near Aya's level of saber mastery. She didn't resent the twi'lek for it, instead it just drove her to do better. "Off to see the wise one?" Aya joked, falling into step with the togruta

Ashara laughed but nodded. "Are you?"

Aya nodded as well, her expression turning solemn. "Yeah its...complicated."

Ashara hummed in agreement. "I can attest to that. Though, seeking advice from Shi'ara must mean things are serious. I wont pry though, not my place." Aya smiled in thanks and the pair fell into a comfortable silence

They remained silent as they trekked across Tython's grassy plains to Shi'ara's daily morning meditation spot. The pair felt bad that Shi'ara's private meditation area was pretty much public knowledge now. They didn't wish to disturb her but many students wanted her advice on things and Aya and Ashara told many where to find her. Now it seemed Shi'ara could never be alone. However, in true Shi'ara fashion, she never complained, only smiled and greeted anyone that came warmly and with a hug or a kind-hearted tease. Further cementing everyone's love for the human Force user.

As they arrived at the stream of crystal clear water they could see Shi'ara sitting lotus style underneath the nearby tree. Aya cleared her throat and said. "You can go first I...still need to think on what to say."

"Are you sure? I'm sure I can wait."

"No, its fine. Go ahead." Aya insisted with a smile and sat down in the grass, lounging back on her hands, enjoying the slight breeze.

Ashara nodded and ventured forth to stand by Shi'ara. She waited until she was addressed, not wanting to disturb her friends meditations. After a few minutes Shi'ara spoke, she sounded tired and Ashara a fresh wave of guilt. Some friend she was. "Hello, Ashara. It is good to see you again." Shi'ara smiled up at her friend with tired but kind eyes.

"I'm sorry." Ashara felt terrible. Shi'ara looked so tired but she was still being so nice. "This was a bad idea. I-I shouldn't be disturbing you so much."

"Do not be, sweet heart. I am fine."

"But….you look so tired! Cause people like me can't do anything by ourselves so we bother you to get help. It's not right! Nevermind why I came here, you should get some rest." Ashara insisted, going as far as to coac Shi'ara to her feet.

Shi'ara giggled and cupped Ashara's cheek. The togruta stopped fussing and blushed. "Ashara, your concern for my well being is heart warming. But trust me, I know my limits." She then kissed the younger girl on the forehead and pulled back. "Now please, tell me what is wrong."

Ashara stared at the human woman. She was truly an adult, the final stages of her training and teenager years were drawing near. With curves and feminine features that would make any girl green with envy. Ashara hesitantly nodded. "O-okay but...promise me you'll take it easy and rest."

"I can do that, Ashara. Thank you."

Ashara sighed retold the most recent events; Kuro's rape and her sudden surge of power. Her revenge and eerie calm, almost insane demeanor. She expressed her concern and fear that Kuro may be losing her mind. "Will she be okay? She seemed, euphoric that she killed five people, in such gruesome ways."

Shi'ara smiled at her friend to help ease her nerves. "Do not fret, Ashara. Kuro is only doing what she was taught. All the pain and suffering she has endured had to come to a breaking point. What those boys did was a crime against life and while I do not approve of her actions there is nothing to be done about it. As I expressed to you before, do not shun her."

Ashara shook her head. "I won't. I would never. I don't like what she did but I can't help but love her. No matter what flaws she has I can't stop seeing her as anything but perfection."

Shi'ara smiled brightly, glad that the Jedi teachings wasn't impeding her emotions and spirit. Shi'ara loved the Jedi, no matter good their intentions, she knew they were misguided in some teachings. So she tried to show her underclassmen another way and still be good Jedi. "Good. So long as she has you, her mind will not be lost. Do not tell her the truth just yet. I see she is drawing her own conclusions. Some of them wrong, but wait for her to make the first move." At Ashara's crestfallen look Shi'ara hoped to soothe. "I know it is painful, believe me, but you must not tell her, not yet. She is not emotionally ready, let her come to you about your connection."

Ashara sighed. "I understand. Thank you as always, Shi'ara."

"Of course. I must keep my stalkers at peace least they do something drastic." Shi'ara replied with a cat like smile.

Ashara rolled her eyes, but giggled. "Yes, we wouldn't want that."

"Not at all. Off you go now, I must put Aya's concerns to rest. Seems someone has developed a crush on our rather energetic and mischievous Kira." Shi'ara giggled as the togruta walked away, smirking. As she left Aya and Shi'ara behind she heard Aya shout. "You told her what?!" Ashara couldn't help but laugh.

Dromund Kaas: Zash's Apartment

Zash had her face buried into a pair of soft breasts. She missed these way too much. A soft slender hand was stroking her short blonde hair and it was lulling her into sleep. She had left Korriban a few days ago to rest and gather her thoughts at the current events that had taken place. Zash needed to see her again as well. "Stop, you're making me sleepy." She mumbled.

She felt the vibrations of a chuckle from underneath her. "Oh, but surely you must be tired." Came the teasing reply. Always with the teasing, Zash secretly loved it.

Zash couldn't help but blush. This woman knew just what to say to make her feel like she was a teenager again. "Yes, well, I dont want to sleep yet. I missed you."

"I missed you too, Zash. How are things at the Academy?" The woman asked.

Zash gently took hold of a blue toned lekku and stroked it in rhythm to the hand on her back. "It is chaotic. I don't know which way is up anymore."

Another giggle. "Yes she has had a habit of doing that to people. Tell me everything."

So Zash did. She feared the reaction but she couldn't hide it anymore. She told her about the sacrifice trial, the other trials Kuroki was put though, the torture and interrogation training that she passed with flying colors. The Sith sorcery path she had decided to take and what that meant for Kuroki. Then finally her brutal rape and her eerie revenge. Zash looked up at her lover, tears in her eyes, sorrow and regret in her own.

Kanna Kalika stared back. She was stunned at what she had learned in the span of minutes. Her baby girl had grown up, been subject to every atrocity sentient life could throw at her. Not to mention that Zash, her lover, had lied to not only Kuro but to Kanna herself. Forcing Kuro to make her believe she was killing her own mother. What kind of monster does that?

She wanted to go off on Zash, yell at her, even hit her, but she at the sound of sobbing, the sight of tears and sorrow on her face. She couldn't do that. Zash was the strongest person she knew so to see her cry was heartbreaking. "I'm sorry, Kanna. Please don't hate me. It was the only way I could think of to make her strong. Sith training is not easy she had to have hate and anger even if it was directed at me. I promised you I would look out for her, keep her safe and I failed that but I knew I could keep her alive. So, please don't hate me, you are all I have….. I am sorry, I am so sorry." Zash trailed off into repeated apologizes, sobbing and a shivering body as she clung to the twi'lek mother.

Kanna was speechless. So many emotions, so many thoughts went swirling through her mind. She had to forgive Zash. She just had to. Sure her actions were questionable but she showed genuine remorse for them. Besides, monsters didn't, couldn't feel remorse, regret or guilt over their actions. Zash truly had done what she thought was right to keep her baby girl alive.

"Oh, Zash..." Kanna breathed and held her lover to her breast, kissing her hair. "It's okay now, my love. I know you didn't mean any harm. Shh it's alright."

She wasn't sure her words got through, for Zash only continued to apologize quietly and sob. Kanna just cradled her lover and rocked her. She stroked her back in a soothing caress, enjoying the sensations of the humans skin and hair under her fingers. Eventually Zash cried herself to sleep and Kanna let her rest. She thought of her baby girl in the Academy and wished with all her heart she could go to her. "My poor, Kuroki. Please forgive your mother."

Korriban: A few years later

The twi'lek had been training with Zash for a couple years now, learning everything she could about Sith sorcery. With recent events in mind she delved into the rituals and techniques with single-minded determination. She never wanted to be weak again, never wanted anyone to take advantage of her or anyone she loved. She was determined to become so powerful that even the all powerful Emperor would tremble at the mere mention of her. She knew that was wishful thinking on that last thought but that's what she wanted regardless.

It's why she found herself in the tomb of Naga Sadow. There was a holocron here that no one had been able to obtain for quite some time and she wanted it. Her overseer didn't instruct her to come, her masters didn't know she was even here. She came on her own, seeking power like a good little Sith.

It was the dead of night when she left. She used the Force to cloak herself, a technique the Sith assassins were trained in. But she didn't see the point in squandering its potential. She snuck past guards and the local wildlife and made it to the tomb without any trouble. It didn't take her long to find the holocron either. The pyramid shape was obvious and she could feel the dark side energy coming from within. She had to open this and retrieve it somehow. So she knelt and meditated on the Force for an answer.

It took hours of pondering and thinking before she realized how stupid she was being. The answer was obvious. The holocron was of the dark side, so use the dark side. She stood on aching legs and blasted the shard with Force Lightning. Her hunch proved correct when the top snapped open and the holocron lay inside. Kuro grinned happily and grabbed it before making her escape.

She returned the same way she left and snuck back into her room. She turned to come face to face with a very put off Kory. Her hand was on her hip and her foot was even tapping, a full on glare cast in her direction. It was hard to take her seriously when Kuro had to look down to meet her eyes, not to mention she was in her pajamas. Some shorts and a tank top. Hardly anything imposing. "Where did you go?" She demanded angrily.

Kuro had the foresight to look sheepish. "Sorry, little sister. But I had to leave and get this." She hoisted her treasure with a childlike grin. Even though she was sixteen she often enjoyed acting like a child, perhaps it was to reacquire her lost innocence or perhaps she was still a child in mind.

Kory looked at the holocron in her sisters hands, dropping her hostile stance. "What's in it?" She asked, curiosity taking the forefront of her mind.

With a grin, Kuro moved past her sister and sat at her desk, placing the holocron on top. "I don't know, that's what I want to find out."

"Wait wait went into a tomb. At night. Alone?!" Kory screeched. Kuro just smiled and fiddled with the holocron. "Unbelievable! You know how I feel about you disappearing, Kuro!"

The twi'lek smiled sadly, her hands going still. The memories of that day came flooding back like a tidal wave. "Yeah, Kory. I do know how you feel about it." She turned in her seat and looked at her sister. "But you need to know how I feel about it."

Kory's anger quickly dissipated and she felt a knot in her stomach. "How you feel?"

Kuro nodded. "I love you, little sister. I love how protective you are of me, it makes me feel special that I'm cared for. But I can't do anything on my own. No one will let me. Between you and Zash, even Corrin, I can't set foot outside this room without one of you there and quite honestly? It's driving me crazy."

Kory frowned. She didn't mean to be so overbearing, but Kuro didn't know what she had looked like that day. Kory couldn't get it out of her mind and she feared if she left her side for too long Kuro would look like that again...or worse. She couldn't bear it. "I'm sorry for being so overbearing. But I can't help it, Kuro. You almost died! You looked like death!"

"But I didn't die. They got lucky to get away with what they did. All because of that neural disruptor. If they didn't have that they would be dead and I would be fine. You need to stop beating yourself up for something that was out of your control." Kuro said calmly. Ever since that first initial outburst of anger, Kuro had never gotten angry again. Anger was an emotion that could drive her out of control. She didn't need it, didn't want it. She always wanted to be in control. She could hate someone, be upset with them, but anger would never control her. If someone called her 'rat tail' she would just giggle quietly to herself and move along. If someone spat in her face she would just smile, her eyes crinkling in mirth. It was almost creepy how unaffected Kuro was by anything. Kory had surmised that because the worst had already happened to her what else was their really to be upset about?

Kory just frowned, not liking how smart Kuro actually was. She knew what the twi'lek said was true, but she couldn't help how she felt. "I wont stop looking out for you." She said stubbornly.

Kuro smiled, an actual warm smile this time. "I'm not asking you to. All I'm asking is let me do things on my own if I deem them necessary."

The one armed human didn't say anything. She couldn't promise that she would because she didn't know if she could or not. So she said nothing and went to her bed and laid down.

Kuro sighed and went back to her holocron. What was inside? What possible secrets did it contain? She really wanted to delve inside right now but she deigned to wait. Maybe she would throw Zash a bone and look through it with her. Kuro giggled to herself. She had been making it hard on Zash, that was true. She would pull childish pranks now and then, like waiting underneath her desk to scare her, or stealing her lightsaber and placing it in a potted plant just outside her rooms.

The truth of the matter was she had already forgiven Zash, even though she knew Zash was still keeping things from her. It was the way she looked at the twi'lek teenager sometimes. Full of regret and sorrow. Kuro could also sense something in the woman's mind. Something behind a locked door that Kuro was itching to open. Whatever it was she knew it was important, but she would let Zash tell her on her own time. For now, Kuro decided to get some sleep, she had a particular exciting subject tomorrow.

Kuro was nervous. She couldn't remember ever being this nervous before. She didn't even know when it started but she knew she felt something different when she was with Ashara. It was simpler when they were still children. They laughed, played and spent time together just talking about anything. But as she and Ashara got older, their bodies changed. They were becoming women of their species, and with that change came new emotions, feelings. Kuro actually noticed Ashara. The way she stood, one foot slightly behind the other, as if waiting forthe right moment to push off of it and burst into motion. Kuro noticed the way her head tails, different in look than the twi'lek but much the same, had grown in length. They passed her now fuller breasts and ended at her ribs. She noticed how bright her eyes were, how beautiful and silky smooth her lighter red skin was in contrast to her youth. Ashara was perfection personified in Kuro's eyes.

It was this new and sudden attraction that scared her. This woman of her dreams, her imagination, was everything she didn't know she had wanted in another. No one in the real world could compare. Kuro had fallen in love with a figure she had conjured in her mind to shelter herself from the pain of reality. She kept it to herself for years, but now, at sixteen she felt like saying something. But she didn't know how.

The two stood in front of each other. Ashara was so happy to see Kuro again, even though she had seen her last night. She could never get enough of her Force-mate. "Hello again, Kuro. How was your day?" She started off, a pleasant smile and something Kuro couldn't quite place, shining in her eyes.

Kuro didn't know what to say. Her day was fine, nothing particularly noteworthy. She spoke before she could stop herself. "It was fine, but it was nothing compared to seeing your beautiful self again." Kuro's eyes widened and she spun around, clamping her hands to her mouth, berating herself in her mind.

'What the hell was that you idiot? Might as well say you wanna ravish her.' Kuro peeked from over her shoulder. Ashara was beaming at her for the compliment. 'By the Force I wanna ravish her.'

"Thank you, love. Its always good to see you too." Ashara wanted to say something else, but that's what left her mouth. Was now the time? Should she tell her they were Force-mates?

Kuro sighed. "Yeah." Kuro felt awkward. These new feelings made it so hard to talk to her normally. Should she just clear the air? Tell her about the attraction she had?

"Kuro, what's wrong?" Ashara asked, stepping closer and laying a hand on her arm.

The twi'lek felt heat scorch her arm where Ashara touched her. It was so warm and felt incredible. Her desire was becoming unbearable. She had to pull away or lose control. She began to move away but then Ashara placed both her hands on Kuro's shoulders and neck. "You're really warm. Are you sick? You should let your mind rest." It was then Ashara did something that made Kuro snap. She placed her forehead against the Sith's, just checking a temperature.

Kuro lost it. She wrapped her arms around Ashara and pulled her in tightly. Ashara's body was flush with hers. The heat touched everywhere and Kuro nearly fainted from the wonderful sensations only Ashara seemed capable of giving her. But still she wanted more. Kuro looked Ashara in the eyes. Her own were wide with desire and confusion on her uncontrollable actions. Then she surged forward claimed Ashara's lips in a heated kiss.

Kuro's eyes snapped shut and pleasure she had never felt before exploded through her at the contact. This was kissing? The thing she had seen only a few people do before? No wonder people did this. If it was this good in her mind she couldn't imagine how good it would be in reality. It seemed like such a silly thing to her before, but now she couldn't get enough of it. She went to move her lips against Ashara's for more but was shocked out of her pleasure educed stupor when the contact was suddenly broken.

Ashara had pushed her away. Kuro felt her heart shatter. Not even her imagination wanted her? "K-Kuro what...?" Ashara said in shock her fingers touching her own lips.

The Sith, while hurt and on the verge of crying, wiped all emotion from her face and stood back up. "I suppose it doesn't matter what that was. It's obvious you didn't want it and for that I apologize for forcing myself on you. It won't happen again." She replied mechanically.

Ashara was shocked at first when Kuro kissed her, never really thinking Kuro would make the first move. But she had and what did Ashara do? Push her away. 'By the force what have I done?' She thought to herself. Everything snapped into place then. Kuro may have shown no emotion but Ashara knew she had shattered her heart with that one action. All she needed to do was not push her away, to always be there for the Sith and yet she screwed that up after doing so well! She had to fix this! "No! I-It's not like that!"

Kuro began to show emotion, but not one Ashara wanted to see. Anger. "Then why push me away if you liked it?"

"I was surprised, I wasn't expecting that at all!" Ashara cried desperately. "Please, Kuro. I promised myself, promised you I would always be there for you, for my Force-mate."

"Of course you're my force mate!" Kuro exclaimed. Wait, she knew? Ashara felt her hopes rise. "Of course you are! You're in my imagination, you're supposed to love me!"

Ashara was confused. Her imagination? "Kuro...I'm not..." She began but was interrupted.

"Yes you are. You have to be. Go down the list, Ashara. You only appear in my dreams, you're everything I wanted in someone, you only showed up after I started my Sith training. My mind must have created you to shelter me from the pain." Kuro wasn't angry anymore, just tired and miserable. "If you were real shouldn't I be able to sense you in the real world? But I cant. You're just in my mind and you don't even want me." Kuro sniffed and began to cry. She couldn't take it anymore. Leaving her heart bare so many times only to have it shattered just as many times and then again by someone she believed would always accept her just left her broken. Kuro just wanted to die.

Ashara felt despicable. She couldn't believe she had hurt the only person in the universe that matter to her in such a way. She shook her head and advanced on Kuro, determined to make this right. She could feel it, now was the time to lay everything bare. She gripped Kuro's face, firmly but gently. Kuro stared into her eyes, terrified of another rejection or something worse. "Kuro, I love you. With everything that I am. I call you 'love' because its true. We can't sense each other because we are too far away from each other. I'm on a planet called Tython in the inner core systems for my training. Though I'm leaving soon for Taris to continue my training there. I sought advice from Shi'ara, shes older than me but shes already stronger and more powerful in the Force than the entire Jedi Council. Combined! She has a strong connection to the Force and she could see you and me. She told me not to tell you we were Force-mates until I had to. You weren't emotionally ready, she said. But I know now is the time for that. I'm Ashara Zavros, Jedi padawan and I'm your Force-mate, Kuroki Kali'ka. I'm sorry I hurt you and I promise I will never hurt you again. I will always be there for you. Always."

Kuro stared, unsure, at Ashara's firm yet loving eyes. She couldn't sense anything other than honesty and sincerity. Ashara was speaking the truth. She was real, she loved her and would always accept her. Kuro felt her heart beating strongly again. No longer shattered, but strong and steady. "I'm going to kiss you now, love." Ashara said before doing just that. Tears welled in Kuro's eyes as she embraced her lover. Ashara gently pulled back and kissed the tears away from her cheeks. She kissed the twi'lek's forehead and hugged her tightly. "I don't know if we will ever meet in person. But whether we do or not, the Force has bound us together. I will always love you, Kuro. No matter what, please, never doubt that."

Kuro nodded. "I love you too, Ashara. Thank you, for accepting me even though..."

Ashara knew what she was talking about and she shook her head. "Don't think like that. They didn't break you, you're still here and they are not. You are stronger, you are better. You. Are. Perfect." She finished, each word said along with a kiss to the forehead, then the cheek, then the lips.

The twi'lek's heart was ready to burst with affection at Ashara's words. She couldn't think of anything to say so she settled with, "T-Thank you."

"You can always rely on me, love." And Kuro knew she could. As she began to wake from her her dream she couldn't help but think she would gladly go through all the hell she had if the end result was getting Ashara to proclaim her love again.

Training used to be a nightmare. Used to be something she never wanted to do. It hurt too much, she did things that she never thought she would have done. But now, Kory loved it. The adrenaline, the excitement and exercise was empowering. What made it even better? Having a strong sparring partner.

The girl in front of her was older than her, eighteen solar years if she remembered correctly. Her name was Yoko Yoru and she was a Pureblood Sith with dark red skin and vibrant red eyes. Solid black hair that was tied into a tail. Sometimes the Purebloods had their bones grow in such a way that they protruded from their faces. This girls bones had ridges that protruded outwards from her chin by an inch or so.

Kory grinned up at the Sith and blocked the red beam that was swung at her. The girl was tall too. Very tall. She would even tower over Kuro who was six and a half feet. The human used the Force and pushed the juggernaut away from her. Yoko landed on her back but used the momentum and back flipped onto her feet and brought her saber in a defense stance, the Soresu form.

Yoko had arrived at the Academy only a month ago. It was unheard of to have someone so old begin training but apparently rumor had it that some strings were pulled and Yoko skipped years of training at another Academy to finish on Korriban. Kory could now see why. Yoko was a powerhouse. She hit like a Rancor and moved like a Nexu. While she was part of the juggernaut training course, which specialized in defense and being able to withstand an enemies blows to tire out their opponents, Yoko was something else all together. She was fast and strong but she could always withstand blows that would shatter her bones. She proved this taking a boulder two times her size to the face and getting up without a single bruise. She was a seven foot tall monster and Kory loved fighting her.

"That all ya got?"Kory taunted.

Yoko didn't say anything, a common occurrence with her. The entire month she had been here Kory hadn't heard her say a single word. She always let her actions speak for her. She pushed off the ground with enough force to leave a larger than normal indent in dirt and shot towards Kory.

The human girl knew she couldn't take that many blows and the last one, even though she blocked it, had her arm feeling numb. So she dropped to her back just as Yoko came upon her and then somersaulted up, kicking Yoko in the ribs and flipping her onto her back. She landed, straddling Yoko and poised her saber at he girls throat, claiming victory. Or so she thought.

Yoko's free hand shot out and gripped Kory's only arm. She twisted and flipped them over so Yoko was on top. She pinned Kory's arm and poised her own lightsaber down at Kory's. "Heh, not bad. But how do you fair against five lightsabers?"

Yoko looked confused and her frown deepened. Suddenly Kory's lightsabers on her belt jumped away and activated and then shot towards the Pureblood. Yoko jumped away and deflected the first, then dueled the second all the while ducking, twisting and dodging the others. Kory rose and watched with awe. Not one of her sabers getting through her defenses. Yoko was way leagues ahead of Kory in skill. Well, then. She figured should add a fifth.

"Enough!" Came the loud barked order. Kory's sabers stopped and returned to her belt and Kory dropped her aggressive stance. It was Corrin calling an end to their duel. Kory felt Yoko come up beside her. "Very impressive both of you." She turned her attention to a dark skinned man, an overseer and trainer of the juggernaut class. "Are you satisfied, Overseer Tremel?"

Earlier in the day the two classes were training together and an argument broke out. Naturally it was to see which class was better. It almost came to blows but Corrin put a stop to it and pit Kory, her best student, against Yoko, Tremel's best student even though she had arrived a month ago.

The two went it at for hours, neither one being defeated or backing down. Kory was an unstoppable force, while Yoko was an immovable object. Many believed that such beings could not beat each other, so far that had been proven true.

Tremel nodded and beckoned Yoko over and she went to leave. But Kory grabbed her arm and smiled at the snarl the woman shot her way. She let go but said."Sorry, just wanted to say that was fun. You're super strong and it was honor to fight you." They may be Sith, but Kory didn't see that as an excuse to be spiteful or nasty to each other so she said what she thought. Yoko was strong and she did enjoy their match.

Yoko paused and gave a gruff nod before moving away, passing Tremel and heading inside the Academy. Tremel sighed and round up his class and left leaving Corrin with her students. "I'm impressed, Kory. Yoko isn't someone anyone could stand against. But you did, and even had her work for a victory."

Kory beamed at the praise. She loved it when Corrin praised her. While her crush for the older woman was gone that didn't mean she didn't respect her. She still wanted Corrin to be pleased with her and to hear her confirm her skill was a soothing balm on Kory's soul. She blushed with a smile. "T-Thank you, master."

Corrin nodded, never seeming to show any emotion and clapped her hand on Kory's shoulder before addressing the rest of the class calling an end to the days training. Kory wasted no time sprinting off to retrieve Kuro from her class.

She stopped at the door, ready to enter when she heard that voice. The same tone of voice Kuro used before she killed Ffon and his friends. That almost too calm voice of perkiness that no Sith truly had. "Do get out of my way, I am meeting my sister for lunch in a few minutes."

"I've been sent by my master, Darth Skotia. He isn't too keen on Lord Zash getting not only one but two apprentices. He demands you cease these actions." She heard a male voice say.

"Interesting." Kuro said with a chipper smile. "He doesn't want his vassals to have apprentices and yet he sends three of his own to prevent that." A giggle and then a much darker yet still distinct friendly tone. "He must be a fool."

"How dare you! Darth Skotia is twice the Sith Zash is!" Came another voice a female this time.

Kory could just hear the mirthful smile as Kuro replied. "Oh is he? Perhaps, but is he twice the Sith I am?"

"What do you..." The question was broken off by a fleshy squelching snap, then the sounds of liquid hitting the durasteel floors and then screams.

"Oh my, seems I made a mess." Kuro said with a giggle. Kory decided to intervene before anyone could hurt her twi'lek sister. She opened the door and stepped inside the sorcery training room.

On the floor was a headless body, blood spurting from its neck. The head was a messy pulp of mass nearby. There were two others in the room with Kuro the one female and another male, both human.

"Kuro!" Kory called out.

Kuro turned away from her grisly work and smiled brightly at her. "Sister, you're here!" She said and flung herself into Kory's embrace. The human girl hugged her with her one arm and watched the two remaining apprentices with an intense glare. "I was on my way but I made some new friends and they desperately wanted my attention. I'm so sorry."

"Its okay, sis. Are you alright?"

"Of course, though they did call me some mean names like rat tail." Kuro supplied with a crinkled smile.

Kory's glare got even sharper and she gently moved Kuro out of the way. "Oh really?" She asked, using the force to activate all five her lightsabers to hover around her like an avenging demon. "Is this true?" She asked them.

Kuro pouted. "You don't believe me?"

"Of course I do, sis. Guess I just want their conscious to be clear before they die."

The two apprentices of Skotia were terrified out of their minds. First the twi'lek had used the Force without moving a muscle to crush their leaders head to a pulp and rip it off. With a fucking smile! As if they were long lost friends! The twi'lek was insane! Now this human girl, with one arm was going to rip them apart. Who were these mere acolytes?

"If you wish but I think they learned their lesson." Kuro looked at her "friends" and said in overly sweet voice that made them shiver in fear. "Haven't you, friends." It wasn't a question, but they nodded anyway and wasted no time in bolting. Then what happened next would forever haunt the lone survivor. "Oh, but one of you can surely rely a message without the other." The pair turned and screamed in sheer terror when a maniacally grinning Kory descended upon them.

She attacked the male, leaving the female to run, screaming in fear. The commotion attracted many acolytes and trainers alike. They saw Kory and Kuro, walking away from two mutilated bodies. Kuro was skipping around and ahead of Kory, clearly in a good mood. The overseers knew they had to report this. It was against the rules to kill each other within the Academy. A few left to the council elevator to do just that, the smarter ones took one look at Kuro's aura and decided against it. They feared their masters, but they feared Kuro more.

Kuro smiled pleasantly as she stood before the council. The Sith Sorceress and Kory were summoned by them, interrupting their lunch. She knew why she was here. She knew the rules and she broke them. She also knew they wouldn't do anything to her. She was too important now. She was strong and she would make a fantastic Sith. They knew this. This session was all just a farce but still needed to be done to keep up appearance and take the laws into account.

A large man with a deep voice questioned her. Kuro knew him, Darth Marr. She respected him, he was a powerful warrior and an amazing leader. "Kuroki Kali'ka, we've heard a lot about you."

Kuroki grinned innocently. "Mostly good things I hope?"

Her joke went over the councils head but she felt some mirth from Marr. Her respect was well placed, despite his intimidating armor it seemed he didn't actually have a stick up his ass. "Indeed." He said. "But to the matter at hand. You are accused of killing fellow acolytes in the Academy. Not once, but twice. As you know this is a grave offense."

Kuro laughed, actually laughed at the council and the serious situation. She didn't care, she had shed her fear long ago. Nothing would terrify her ever again. The council would be no different. "Yep I had heard that. Didn't stop me though. Am I not allowed to defend myself, Masters?"

Marr frowned at the girls brazen display if nonchalance. Was she not afraid? She was before the strongest Sith in the galaxy. She was special indeed. "Explain, if you would." He said calmly in that deep baritone voice that was actually quite soothing to the young twi'lek.

"Certainly, my lord. Anything for you." She flirted with a wink. Marr raised a brow at this but said nothing. "Let's see the first time was because I was raped by said fellow acolytes." She said. "Not a fan of that I must say. Very messy. Kinda gross too." She shrugged, pacing slowly around the council room as each council member listened. Some were there in person, others on holo.

She saw the snarls on some of their faces, notably the females of the group. She knew they would understand at least. Sexism at its finest it would seem. The others not so much but they did find this information unwelcome. "So I used the Force," Kuro continued and threw her arms in the air and then to the side and exclaimed, "and blew them up." She laughed, a little too happily. This didn't go unnoticed by the council. "Well only one of them. There five of them. Used Kory's lightsabers on two." She threw her arm in Kory's direction. The girl had summoned as well but stood on the sidelines.

Suddenly Kory's five lightsabers shot from her belt and surrounded Kuro and ignited, the red beams bathing her in a sinister light. Kuro grinned, her eyes taking on an insane glint. "Whoosh I cut them up like so." She manipulated the sabers to mimic their actions during that day, slicing and dicing a little too close to some of the council members. They tensed and reached for their weapons but as soon as the action started it was over and the sabers returned to Kory's belt. "The other two were more fun, I put one to sleep, to show what they had done to me. But instead of them killing me they left me alive. So to make an example I put one asleep and crushed his heart into the floor with a claw." She hooked her hand into a claw and growled playfully. "I showed him what he should have done. Him being Ffon, he's the one who started all this, anyway the other I used the Force to increase gravity around him and crushed his body to a bloody pulp." She giggled again. "That turned out to be messy. Didn't really think that far ahead." She said tapping a finger on her lip in contemplation. She shrugged.

Then her smile grew darker than normal and it was clear to the council that Kuro's playful attitude was all a front to something much darker underneath. "I saved Ffon for last. He took the last bit of innocent first, giving my hatred a power boost if you will. So I gave him what he wanted. Power." She tapped her lower lip again in thought. "Maybe a little too much cause he exploded. Hmm never did shower in a rain of blood before." Another titter. "That was fun. So that's about it for that one."

To say the council were shocked and disturbed would be an understatement. Kuro had told and shown them some of her power. And to use it in such a way was...unnerving and yet exciting. Another Sith spoke, Kuro didn't know her name. "Amazing." She said in awe then asked. "And the second instance? It was reported to happen a few hours ago."

Kuro smiled at the woman, her eyes piercing her soul and the Dark council member tensed. "Seems a Darth named Skotia doesn't like my mother Zash, so he sent apprentices to kill me. So technically on that one I didn't do anything wrong."

"Wait... Zash is your mother?" Said another Darth. His confusion was clear. Kuro and Zash weren't even the same species much less related.

Kuro shrugged. "She is to me. She knew my real mother. You know. The one I had to kill at the sacrifice trial." She said, looking at each Dark council member with a sudden hatred, though her smile never wavered. "Yeah, that one. Guess I was wanting a replacement. You should always have a mother and father figure, right?"

All was quiet for a time and Kuro waited patiently, knowing nothing would happen. She was proven correct. Darth Marr spoke once more. "I see no reason to punish her for her actions. Both instances were in self defense. Do we agree?" Most agreed, a few disagreed, stating that she still broke the rules and needed to be punish. Kuro just grinned at them, stroking her lekku with one hand out of habit recently. Seeing as majority supported her that left them no choice however. "This meeting is over. Kuroki Kali'ka, you may go."

"Thank you, my lords." She bowed once for the men. "My lady lords." She bowed again for the women, throwing in a wink before leaving with a more pronounced sway to her hips. The tight pants and open jacket with crop top leaving little to the imagination.

Kuro left with a very relieved Kory. As soon as they clear and alone in the hall with no one but the Sith imperial guards, Kory sagged. "Shit that was scary."

The twi'lek laughed and sauntered on, flipping her lekku in nonchalance. "For you maybe. Come on, sis I'm still hungry. We were interrupted after all."

Kory shook her head and followed. "By the Force you are insane." Kuro's loud laughter reverberated through the narrow halls as the two acolytes descending with the elevator.

Ashara was bored. While she didn't mind history and certainly saw its uses, that didn't stop her from disliking it. Important? Yes. Important to her? Not at all. Just leave that to the scholars. Give her a weapon and practice dummy any day. Yet here she was, listening to Master Ryen drone on about the fall of Taris. She tuned him out and thought about her beautiful Sith. Her eyes glazed over as she remembered their last encounter.

Ashara straddled Kuro's lap nuzzling her cheek into the red skin of the Sith's neck. The twi'lek's arms were securely around her waist and Ashara was content. She was so glad their "fight" had not destroyed them. Instead they continued on from there getting more physical with each encounter. Neither dared to get too intimate with each other. While they were sure they would both enjoy such a union they wanted to seek each other in the physical realm and proceed from there. Besides it wasn't like they had any experience in such acts and it was embarrassing to say the least. In Kuro's case she didn't think she was ready for any love making, not after her first experience with sex which was hardly considered love making.

Instead the two enjoyed the physical closeness and warmth the other provided from their dreams. With each passing night they could feel their connection grow. With their emotions out in the open and their fears put to rest the two had no reason to hold back.

Kuro kissed Ashara's temple and played with the togruta's lekku. Ashara let out tiny whimpers of pleasure at the caresses and the kisses her Sith Force-mate was giving her sent shivers down her spine. She had never felt this good in her entire life and she almost craved more of Kuro's touch, but she knew she wasn't ready for anything deeper yet, maybe one day she would be.

"You let out such cute sounds, my little Jedi." Kuro teased.

Ashara pouted. "I'm hardly a Jedi." The togruta liked this playful side of Kuro. The twi'lek laughed giving her goosebumps along Ashara's skin. Thankfully not the terror inducing kind. Kuro told her about her little adventure to the Dark council and the apprentice assassins that put her there, all in vivid detail. Ashara wouldn't lie and say that didn't scare her because it did. No matter how she looked at it, Kuro seemed insane. But despite that, she didn't care. She would love the insane Kuro. If she truly was insane of course. "Oh, so you're not denying that you make such cute noises?"

The Jedi blushed and hid her face from a giggling Sith. Despite her embarrassment she answered. "I'm not cute."

She felt fingers under her chin, lifting her face to meet Kuro's eyes. She felt tears of happiness in her eyes at the look she was receiving. It was a look of complete and unconditional love for her. "You are too cute. Your small stature. "Kuro traced Asharas thin and slightly shorter, yet toned body. Eliciting even more shivers of desire. "Your cute face." Kuro placed a kiss on Ashara's nose then each cheek then finally her lips. "Not to mention how ticklish you are." Kuro said, a playfully dark glint in her eyes.

Ashara's eyes widened at the realization. "Oh no, don't you dare..."

"Oh yes, I dare." Came the reply, then Kuro attacked, flipping them over to pin Ashara to the ground and began tickling her sides. If there was any one regret Ashara had was telling Kuro about her vulnerabilities. Ashara laughed uncontrollably, trying to stop her attacker. Kuro giggled maniacally along with her. "Foolish, Ashara. Never reveal your secrets to your enemy."

Ashara knew she was right. While it was a playful and lighthearted statement, the togruta sensed an inner struggle from the Sith. She would ask as soon as she stopped this torture. "P-Please stop K-Kuro. It hurts." She said in between laughs.

"Then why are you laughing?" Kuro teased.

"B-because you won't s-stop." She answered, twisting and wriggling to break free. "Please..."

Kuro chuckled and showed her lover mercy. Wouldn't want to hurt the poor girl after all. "Alright, alright." She sat up but stayed on Ashara's hips, gazing down at her heaving chest. She licked her lips, desperately wanting to touch, but refrained. Her hands were stained and she was broken and soiled. Filthy and tarnished. She frowned, where had all this self hate come from? She was content with who she was...right?

Ashara noticed the change in her lover and sat up, the roles reversed. "Kuro, love. Tell me what's troubling you? Please don't shut me out." She pleaded.

Kuro nodded though didn't know how to explain this sudden self loathing. But she tried. "I...I don't deserve you. I'm tarnished. A ruined and filthy byproduct of sickness. I kill people for fun! You know what I've done..." She paused but Ashara let her finish, to get it all out. "I just don't understand how the Force could put someone like you, someone so loving, caring of other people, with someone like me. A murderer, a monster, a used and discarded fuck toy!" Kuro shook her head, noting the tears and hating how weak she still was. She tried to hide by cuddling close to her love, burrowing her face in Ashara's chest.

Ashara sighed sadly, stroking Kuro's back and trying to soothe her. "It's okay, Kuro. I do know what you've done and I still love you."

"But why? Why would you love a monster?" She said against Ashara's neck.

Ashara chuckled and kissed Kuro's forehead. "I wont lie to you Kuro. You can be a little monstrous and that scares me sometimes." Kuro tensed bit Ashara kissed her again. "But that's okay. The Jedi teach that killing is wrong or a last resort and we should try to solve problems without violence. But sometimes I don't think that's the right call. Does that make me a bad person? I don't think so. Take a look at you and really think about it. The first people you killed was because you had to survive, for your mother, right?" Kuro nodded, still not looking up. "Right. Its terrible but you had no choice. Then they taught you to torture as a means of interrogation. You came to enjoy it only because you were exposed to it at such a young age...I think."

Kuro had to giggle at Ashara's surprising wisdom and making it sound like she didn't know what she was talking about. Ashara grumbled and poked Kuro's side. "I'm not finished. Anyway, the next time you killed was because...of that. I think that anyone would want to get revenge if they had a means to do so. Then after that a Darth thought he could assassinate you and you defended yourself. My point is, you haven't really done anything monstrous other than torture."

Kuro frowned and said. "Ashara...I enjoy it. I like that I can kill and torture. I like their screams. I love their pain."

Ashara shrugged. "I know. But I think that's only because you want to remove threats to your loved ones, right?"

Kuro hesitantly nodded. Come to think of it the only reason she jumped into these techniques was because she didn't want to be weak so she could protect those worth protecting as well as herself. "Maybe you're right."

Ashara laughed. "Of course I am. I'm a genius."

Kuro smirked. "At being a brute maybe."

"Hey that's not fair! Its not my fault I'm so good at bashing things." Ashara pouted.

"Genetics then?" Kuro continued to tease, suddenly in a much better mood. Ashara always knew just what to say to make Kuro smile again. And it was only the togruta that Kuro would show her insecurities too. As much as she loved Kory and Zash not even they would see this side of her.

"Perhaps, I did have an ancestor who...well he went to the dark side." Ashara admitted. She had been told to keep it a secret but she couldn't keep secrets from Kuro. That was the other reason she was sent to Taris, her ancestor was haunting some Jedi ruins.

"So the winning side." Kuro jabbed.

"Oh, shut up you." Came Ashara's half-hearted parry. The two giggled and fell into silence just to enjoy each others presence. Tomorrow would be another trying day but for now they relaxed together. Always together.

"Ashara!"Came a really loud voice right next to her. She squeaked and jumped and feel off her chair. The class laughed good-naturedly and she grumbled and sat up, seeing Master Ryen above her. She smiled sheepishly. "Care to explain what it was I was talking about?" He asked, knowing she didn't have the answer.

"Uh." She looked around, trying to remember.

"That's what I thought, please try to pay attention, Padawan. This is important."

She frowned and got back into her seat. "Yes, sir. Sorry, sir." He rambled on again and Ashara once more tuned out, thinking about her Sith lover.

Imperial Station: Black Talon

Kuro and Kory were on their way to Dromund Kaas as ordered by their new master Lord Zash. The two were happy to be Zash apprentices and glad to be done with their training. They arrived timid and scared children and left strong and powerful women. Sometimes it was hard to imagine. During her training Kuro never expected to survive her training and even make it to adulthood. But here she was.

Alive, strong and with her loved ones.

For Kory it was unexpected as well. Everyone viewed her as weak when she was a child. They still did after she lost her arm. But she proved herself their better. Her harassers, the sneering acolytes were dead, but she was alive and stronger for it.

What was also unexpected was the giant of beast standing in the shuttle with them. The beast was a dashade, a being that devoured the essence of the Force via Force users. Khem Val was this ones name and he had served Tulak Hord himself. Kuro found him in Tulak Hord's tomb. She had explored almost all the tombs and ruins during her training and found some very useful things but nothing more useful than a beast resistant to the Force. After besting him in battle Kuro gained an actual servant. Though aggravated, Khem would serve faithfully as he had with Tulak Hord.

The other unexpected thing Kuro took away from her training was the holocron. After scouring it with Zash, she had found the location of the dashade which is why she had him in the first place when someone else didn't. Then she learned of a ritual that could increase her Force sensitivity, effectively increasing her overall power. Zash had expressed that this was something she was looking for. Kuro could see why, it was a powerful ritual anyone would want to get their hands on, and it was Kuro's because she had the foresight to learn and discover it instead focus solely on training.

There were other things she could learn inside and she had read them on her own time. History, personal diary entries of sorts, lightsaber techniques, Force techniques and much more. It would take

Kuro a life time to learn it all and she was up to the challenge. But first, Dromund Kaas.

The shuttle ride from Korriban took them to Vaiken Space Dock where they could procure a ship to take them to Dromund Kaas, and the only one going there was a ship named The Black Talon.

The Black Talon wasn't set to leave for another few hours so Kuro and Kory, along with Khem, explored the space station, the former two having never been to one. It was like a city and the women looked around in awe. "So many people." Kory observed, fiddling with her cloak. She was both thankful and resentful of the thing. It was a gift from Corrin and it effectively concealed not only her many lightsabers but her missing arm as well. Kory hated it and loved it for those reasons. She didn't want to hide her handicap, she didn't mind proving her strength to those stupid enough to assume a one armed woman would be a push over. But she had to admit its effectiveness. At least no one stared.

Kuro immersed herself in the many sights and sounds of the station and she had to admit it was both exciting and boring at the same time. Exciting because it was a new experience and she always did love space and space ships. Space stations included. Boring because it was monotonous. Nothing actually happened here, just hourly business. No fights, nothing to learn, and nothing to do. It was a nice sight seeing place but not much else to her. She shrugged and pointed out the cantina. "I'm hungry." She said simply and made her way to the cantina lounge in the very center of the space station.

"You're always hungry." Kory teased as she followed. Then she looked at their monster friend.

"Probably not as much as Khem though."

Kuro giggled and Khem growled. "Master, why did you abandon me to this fate." He lamented.

"Oh don't worry, Khemie. I seem to have people who hate me very much so you can get all the food you want." Kuro appeased her grumbling monster. "Would you like that? Oh yes you would. Who's a good dashade?" She teased as if talking to a puppy.

"Do not mock me, little sith!" He growled, Kuro only laughed. As if the giant eight foot monster was nothing but a baby Akk dog.

"I'm sorry." She said as she sat at a booth. "You just make it so easy, Khemie. Don't be so serious all the time."

Kory clapped her hand on the dashade's muscular arm. "Yeah relax, big guy. You're out of that prison and on the hunt once again. Live a little." Kory added, sitting next to her sister and began ordering something from the holo menu.

Khem just grunted and loomed nearby, ignoring his two annoying companions. He was a warrior, it was all he knew. He had to take things seriously...Tulak Hord took things seriously. This little Sith was weak and when she was at her most vulnerable he would consume her and then...and then, what? She was all he had now and like it or not he was stuck. He sighed again as he watched the little sith and sister eat their meals, talking and laughing.

That is until a squad of Imperial soldiers in black armor, headed by a female imperial officer with silver hair came up to them. The officer bowed at the waist and wasted no time explaining herself. "My lord, my apologizes for interrupting your meal but I have been notified by Lord Zash to ensure you made it aboard The Black Talon. I am Lieutenant Sylas of the Black Talon, I have come to escort you."

Kuro was at a loss for words. She didn't expect Zash to go this far on ensuring her arrival too Dromund Kaas. She was making up for her decisions at the Academy. Kuro smiled a pleasant smile. "I see, well I appreciate the escort, Miss Sylas. But...I'm no Sith lord, just a mere apprentice."

Sylas smiled. She could tell she would like this Sith. She seemed well-mannered and polite and was the first Sith to not refer to her by title alone. "I see, My lord. I shall take note of that. When you are ready we may proceed." Sylas said diplomatically.

Kuro had to giggle, this woman was smart. "Very well, lead the way, Miss." She said, paying for the meal and following her entourage with Kory and Khem.

The Black Talon was a beautiful ship, but not a military ship, as Sylas explained during her tour. Regardless, Kuro was giddy. She was bouncing as she walked, taking in all that she could. Sylas had to constantly fight a smile at the young woman's infatuation. "This is so cool! Kory did you see the…." Kuro began but before she could enter into a babble of the nerds, Kory stopped her.

With a roll of her eyes she droned. "Yes I saw the reactor, yes I saw the weapons system, and yes I saw everything you saw."

Kuro pouted. "Why do you have to ruin my fun?"

"Because someone needs to keep you in line." Kory said with a grin.

"I hate you."

"I love you too."

Kuro sighed and flopped on a couch in the lounge room, a smile back on her face as she realized she was actually on a star ship. Then it occurred to her that this was Zash's plan all along. To let her experience a luxury frigate and enjoy her time on a star ship. Currently she, Kory and Khem were in a lounging room, just taking a break from their tour. She invaded Kory's personal space and lay her head on the humans lap, her lekku draped in front of her. Kory, completely used to Kuro's cuddly personality when they were alone, played gently with one of her lekku, sending delightful shocks of pleasure through Kuro's body. Their positions would look intimate to anyone who happened to look upon them but the two women knew their was nothing sexual about it. Just two sisters enjoying a closeness not many people actually shared.

It wasn't long, likely minutes though Kuro wasn't keeping track, that Sylas came into the room. The lieutenant stood at attention, not permitting herself to sit when in the presence of two Sith. "My lords, is everything to your liking?" She asked with a polite smile.

Kuro yawned like a content kitten and snuggled further into Kory's stomach. The human Sith laughed and pet her head. "Well, if that content yawn was anything to go by I'd say everything is fantastic."

Sylas grinned. "Quite."

Kuro eventually fell asleep, once again being swept to her mind to see her Force-mate once more. Kory stared down at her sister for a time, thinking back on how far they had come. It still came as a surprise, but a welcome one. "You can sit you know." She said to Sylas without looking up. Focusing instead on the contours of Kuro's face. They softened so much during sleep, all the practiced expressions and emotions washed away to form a genuine peaceful expression.

"Thank you, my lord. I didn't want to presume." The LT sat down on a single chair across from the Sith, her posture relaxing.

"Why do you call us that? Speak freely, Sylas, you're among friends here." Kory said with a reassuring smile. It was obvious how tense the military were with their Sith partners. Sylas was no exception. All respect and flowery words to appease their volatile masters.

"Friends, hm?" She retorted with a smile. "That would be lovely to have such friends. Anyway, I call you that because that is what you are." She answered simply.

Kory was confused. "But, why? Kuro and I are just apprentices, new apprentices. We just left Korriban as a matter of fact. I'm sure Lord Zash told you some things."

Sylas nodded. "She has. She has also told me to treat you two with the respect reserved of a Darth."

"She did?"

"Yes. She must care about you two very much. I've met plenty of Sith and not many of them care about their apprentices or their masters, but you three….There is love there."

Kory, at first, didn't believe that Zash cared so much about Kuro. She thought she was just invested in her future apprentice. The one she wanted. It was well known Lords and Darth's chose a certain type of apprentice for themselves. Ones they could manipulate, but ones that were smart and powerful enough to do their bidding. But now she thought back to all the times she had seen Zash at their training sessions, watching Kuro, watching out for her. Many Lords wouldn't even bother with their apprentices until their training was done. But not Zash.

Kory realized she had been silent for a while and looked up at the older woman, and smiled. "Yeah, I guess there is."

This was different. This dreaming was different. She was in a place she had never been, not that that was anything new. The planet was dark, and rotted looking. Lakes of what looked like waste were everywhere. She could smell the disease infesting the planet and it made her sick. Why was she here? It was simple. That was where Ashara was. Instead of Ashara coming to Kuro like she always had in the past, Kuro sought out Ashara. Kuro watched from afar, watching her Force-mate. Ashara was the only beauty in these plague lands. She looked so….cool to her, garbed in a white Jedi jacket and matching pants. She was bouncing on her booted heels, eagerly waiting for Kuro to come over to her. The Sith smiled and sauntered over, an extra sway to her hips, her own jacket swaying to the movements and opening each time to reveal her bare stomach. Kuro found she enjoyed wearing so little clothing now, if only to tease her Jedi, the tube top did it's job wonderfully. She caught Ashara staring at her voluptuous chest and toned stomach. As Kuro came up to her she said. "My eyes are up here, my sweet Jedi."

Ashara blushed and looked up into Kuro's purple eyes. They were half-lidded and staring at her with such an intense want, a desperate NEED that Ashara could not look away from. "H-Hi again, Kuro." She said lamely.

The Sorceress giggled and snaked her arms around the Jedi, gently cradling her body into her own. "Hello, Ashara. I missed you."

"I missed you too. How are you?"

"Good, actually. Kory and I are headed to Dromund Kaas to meet up with my new master. Thankfully it's Zash." Kuro said with a smile. "We're apprentices now, our miserable training is over and I can be with the ones I care about without having to look over my shoulder every two seconds."

Ashara beamed at her. "That's great! I'm so proud of you. I know it wasn't easy but you've proven yourself by living through it."

Kuro nodded. "Yes, despite all the terrible things, I am better for it. Anyway, what about you, beautiful?"

Ashara smiled at the term of endearment and laid her head against Kuro's shoulder. The togruta came to love how tall Kuro was, it was easy to snuggle standing up and they just seemed to fit so perfectly against each other. As she answered her Force-mate she lifted her hands and played with their lekku, letting them touch other and intertwining them together in their own lovers embrace. "I'm on Taris, as you know. I'm a padawan. I suppose it's the equivalent of an apprentice." She scoffed then. "My masters, Ryen and Ocera, brought me here to teach me about compassion midst the destruction of Taris during a war that was held here. They say I'm too prideful, too emotional. They keep warning me of the dangers of the dark side." Kuro had to laugh at that, Ashara smiled with her. If only her masters knew they she was with a Sith every night for fourteen years. "I know, a silly thing to worry about considering the company I keep."

"Good company, I hope." Kuro teased.

"Perfect company, love." Ashara amended with a gentle smile. "Anyway, I also need to finish the last of my trials, or at least, so my masters say. I have to drive away a dark ghost from some ruins of a Jedi enclave. But that's not for a little while yet, I suppose. I never left the Jedi base here yet, they won't let me, not alone at least." Ashara sighed. "I just can't take it anymore, Kuro. Why am I not good enough for them? I've proven myself haven't I? I can fight, I know the Jedi Code, I know the history, I meditate, I do everything they say but It's never enough." She grumbled firmly against her lover.

The Sith soothed her lover, stroking their intertwined lekku. She felt and saw the shivers run through Ashara. "I don't know, beautiful. As far as I'm concerned you're a better Jedi than they are. Stuffy, emotionless drones."

Ashara sighed, she didn't want to get into this again. They had talked about their separate sides of the Force before and it almost lead to a big fight. "There is a reason for that, Kuro." She said simply.

Kuro wasn't having it though. She moved Ashara just enough to see in her eyes again and said firmly. "I know the reason. They are afraid. Afraid of their emotions. Afraid that love, that hate, fear, anger, happiness, sadness all of it will destroy them somehow. Look at me Ashara. I let my emotions run free, I don't feel fear. What do I have to fear? I'm strong, I've proven it. I have family, people I love and I would do anything to keep them safe. Do you're Jedi do the same?" Kuro asked. Ashara frowned sadly and looked away, giving Kuro all the answers she needed. "Exactly. They don't act. They don't help despite what they say. They 'can't get involved' right? Jedi are cowards, Ashara. You are not. They are trying to take away what makes you, you. Don't let them. If something makes you mad, express it. If you love someone, show it. If you hate some one….show it. Emotions make you stronger, not weaker. They fear what they don't understand."

Ashara shook her head, trying to believe what Kuro was saying, but she couldn't. At least not all of it. "You're wrong, Kuro. Please, let's drop this. I don't want to fight."

The Sith sighed and hugged her again. "I'm sorry, I don't want to fight either. It just makes me so angry, at how they treat you. They may not be cruel like my trainers and overseers were, but they are abusing you in their own way." Kuro paused for a moment. "Do you want to know something?"

"What is it?" She whispered against Kuro's breast.

"Zash taught me a lot. Rituals, techniques and Force meditation and things like that. But she also taught something I value more than those." She paused again, looking for the right words. "She taught me….that there is balance in all things. She believes that the Sith and Jedi are just two sides to a whole. I felt something when she told me that, something so deep inside that I knew it had to be the Force speaking to me. I knew she was right. The Jedi way isn't the right way, but the Sith are also not the right way. Somewhere in the middle is the correct path. You and me, Ashara. We just have to find it and walk it together."

The peace that had settled when Kuro slept was short lived when two more people entered the room, neither of which were staff. The first was a female Sith Pureblood, red skinned and red eyed with black hair in a tail style and a perpetual blank, bordering glaring look. She was garbed in heavy Sith warrior armor and cloaked hood. The armor was built for protection rather than speed. Her heavy durasteel boots clanked loudly on the durasteel starship flooring, the resulting noise aggravating a dozing Kuro. She flipped over on Kory's lap to see who was bothering her.

The second figure was a female as well, but a twi'lek with blue skin, blue eyes and petite frame. She was garbed in light, almost casual clothing. The most notable thing about her was that around her neck was a slave collar. Instantly Kuro tensed and an almost twisted smile spread across her lips. "Hello there, would you mind keeping it down please?"

If the tall and dangerous looking Pureblood heard her she gave no indication. She just walked past her and sat heavily on another couch, the twi'lek following and sitting on the same couch, though further away. It was clear the two were not close friends.

Kory watched all of this, having a feeling she had meet the tall Sith before, but had never seen the twi'lek before. She narrowed her eyes, trying to get a better look. The Sith woman turned her cloaked face just enough for Kory to recognize her. "Yoko?" She asked, tentatively.

The woman reacted and looked her way. It was indeed Yoko Yoru, the same Sith she had fought against a few years ago in a duel. Kory grinned and eased Kuro off her lap and stood up, walking over to the Sith. She could see the woman tense but otherwise didn't move. "What a coincidence, what are you doing here?" She looked at the twi'lek and nodded. "I haven't seen you before, though. You a friend of hers?"

The twi'lek smirked. "To be fair I haven't seen you before either." She quipped. Kory was caught off guard at the but laughed, finding that the petite twi'lek had a point. "My name is Vette, and yeah, me the Sith are great friends! Right?" Vette exclaimed proudly, though it was ruined when Yoko didn't say anything, only stared. Vette sighed.

Who were these people to Kory? Kuro thought. "Friends of yours, Kory?" Kuro asked in that overly happy and polite tone that Kory knew was far from happy. The human woman tensed a little but tried to relax.

The human woman turned to her sister and smiled reassuringly. "Not quite friends per se, more….acquaintances? I sparred with Yoko during training. Shes like a Force forsaken mountain. The woman wouldn't….probably couldn't back down."

"I see. For someone to be able to go head on with you they must be pretty strong." Kuro observed the silent woman, wondering if she could actually talk at all. Then she looked at Vette and the slave collar again and thought better of her statement. Internally she frowned, but her appearance was that of a friendly observer. "Though….to hide behind a slave collar with your companion must mean you're not very strong at all." This, somehow, got a reaction out of Yoko. She was on her feet instantly and right in Kuro's face. She had the harshest of glares Kuro had ever seen but she wasn't scared. She only smiled and tilted her head in question. "Am I wrong?"

"Dead wrong." Yoko voiced. It was deep and husky but clearly meant for a female's vocal cords.

Kuro giggled. "Dead wrong….interesting. To get such a rise out of you with such simple words, must mean there is more here than a simple control issue."

Yoko bristled at the thought and moved to strangle the obnoxious red skinned tw'lek. Her hands got to her throat but didn't close around them, no matter how hard she actually tried. Yoko's glare turning into confusion and she look the twi'lek in the eye. The sight unnerved even her. Kuro was smiling, her eyes crinkled slightly in mirth. But she could see something behind them, a malevolence not even she was capable of. "Hit the nail on the head, didn't I?" Kuro looked to their two companions and giggled. Vette was worried, whether for herself or for Yoko, the red skinned twi'lek couldn't quite tell. Kory was tense and waiting. She looked behind her, suddenly realizing that Khem has been awfully quite. He was leaning against the wall, arms folded and watching everything with a glare. She just winked at him and turned back to her situation. "I see you are really quiet most of the time. Is that because you are afraid to speak? Afraid that you will lose control of your emotions and get yourself killed in a situation….not unlike this?" Kuro giggled and leaning in close, her lips right next to Yoko's ear. "You may be able to hold your own physically against Kory, the strongest Sith Warrior I've ever known, and I've read about a lot of them. But against me?" Abruptly Yoko was shot back into the bulkhead behind Vette, who let out a startled scream as she jumped out of the way. "Against me you are like a fly in a storm. You can't possibly measure up."

Kory took that moment to intervene. While she wanted to make sure Kuro was safe, and judging by the current situation she was hardly in any danger. She also didn't want her new friend to be killed. "Kuro, please release her. I think she gets the point and….she's my friend."

Kuro titled her head with a soft smile. "Friend? I thought she was just an acquaintance?"

"She is….but I'd like to be her friend. Come on, sis you know how hard it was for us during training right? No friends, no one to rely on but each other. Training is over, we can start living for ourselves now, more or less. I want to make friends. Please, Kuro. I can understand what you're trying to do but please stop." Kory begged.

The sorceress apprentice sighed and released Yoko, she dropped onto the couch where she had been sitting previously and glared at Kuro, but otherwise didn't move. Kuro believed that to be a wise choice and showed she did have some measure of control. "As you wish, sister. I wouldn't want to make you sad." She said with a giggle and pat Kory's cheek and went to sit down at her own couch. She sprawled on it and added to no one in particular but everyone knew it was aimed at Yoko. "Ah to be bound by such a device, to be used and tormented at the will of the master. How pitiful." She sighed, remembering her own encounter with a device similar to the slave collar. "Better to be a free bird who can flap their wings and express their very nature than be bound by such misery." With those cryptic words she went silent and tried to doze.

Kory frowned sadly, knowing the words were in remembrance of her rape. She turned to Yoko and glared. "You're strong, Yoko. You could be stronger with actual allies and friends instead of slaves. Slaves don't care about you, and why should they? Friends and loved ones do, they make you strong, not the other way around. For her sake and yours, take that fucking thing off." She almost snarled at the slave collar.

Yoko glared and frowned, her eyes flicking to the collar around Vette's neck. It wasn't like she put it there, why were they so against it? It gave her control over the energetic little twi'lek who would most assuredly stab her in her sleep. It was to protect herself. She shook her head and settled back into her seat, flipping her hood over her head to cover her face.

Kory snarled and went to take care of the problem herself. No one should be bound and controlled, if there was one thing Kuro and Kory agreed on it was that any form of total control over another was the ultimate evil in the galaxy. "Stand up, Vette. I'll take it off." Vette was about to do so when Yoko snatched Kory's hand pushed her away. Kory glared and righted herself, her lightsabers activating. "Gonna do this the hard way, huh? Fine." Yoko had her own at the ready and the two paired off ready to fight. Just as they were about to lunge for the other, Kuro laughed. It was a mad sounding laugh and chilled everyone in the room.

She stood up from the couch and grinned at Yoko. Seeing the kind of look she was receiving put Yoko on edge. Involuntarily she backed away. "You want to fight? Fight against doing the right thing? You, who was rushed through training, skipped so much of what made someone strong?" In a flash Kuro was on Yoko, their faces inches a part. Yoko hadn't even seen the twi'lek move. Kuro giggled in her face. "You don't know what strong is. You are weak, weaker than anything I've ever seen. Hiding behind a slave collar for control. Too afraid of a petite twi'lek who's done nothing to you? Why would she? What does have to gain by killing you in your sleep if she never had a slave collar on? Thats' right. Nothing. But because she does, whats to stop her from doing so? You? Who can't even trust?" Kuro shook her head and reached to the Force, pushing Yoko once more into the bulkhead. Holding her there with nothing but her eyes. "Kory, be a dear and remove that slave collar."

Kory swallowed and quickly did as she was told. Removing the collar and crushing the device under her boots. Vette expressed her gratitude. "T-thanks. Um, you're not gonna kill her are you?"

The Sorceress looked at the little twi'lek, that insane glint in her eye telling Vette she was going to do just that. "I don't see why not? Shouldn't you be happy, you'll be free you know."

Vette looked between Kuro and Yoko debating in her mind what to do. Finally she shook her head. "Please don't. She's not a bad person." She begged, meekly.

This actually surprised Kuro enough that she dropped her hold on the Sith juggernaut. Thankfully Yoko didn't try anything, Kory was guarding her sister and was a force to be reckoned with on her own. She couldn't handle both of them. Vette went to Yoko's side and helped her stand. "Not a bad person? She was going to keep control of you with that collar and shes not a bad person?" Kory asked, perplexed. "That doesn't make sense."

Vette shrugged. "She didn't put it on me. The Overseers on Korriban did." She said in defense of the Sith warrior. Yoko glanced at her under her hood, wondering why she was coming to her defense.

"Maybe so but she didn't take it off so she's just as guilty." Kuro added, lowering her stance and sighing. This was such a hassle. She lay back down on the couch, fully at ease with an angry juggernaut in the room.

"True but she never used. She had plenty of reasons and opportunities to, but she never did. Even when I was prodding her to do just that. She's not a bad person!" Vette said firmly, standing at Yoko's side.

Kuro was watching them, trying to figure out. She searched with the Force and found a link. A link between the two and she smiled, a genuine smile. "I see." She said. Vette may not sense it but Yoko probably did. Yoko wouldn't hurt the twi'lek. She couldn't, the Force wouldn't let her. "Well that explains so much. Congratulations, Warrior. You may have something to look forward to after all." She shot a grin at the confused pair and just settled back into the couch to rest some more. "Well, if that's all I'm gonna get some more sleep. Night!"

Kory went back to her sister, seeing that danger had passed. Yoko and Vette hesitantly took their seats once more, now sitting just a bit closer. No one spoke are did anything, soon lost in their own small worlds. Not long after, Lieutenant Sylas come to check in on them. She feel the tension but decided it best not to get involved. Kory joined the LT and the chatted for a while, before Sylas left, throwing a smile and wink at the young human, who blushed and smiled. Kory was sure she was going to enjoy the rest of the trip now that the drama was done.

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