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Legacy: Three

*** Beacon, Assembly Hall ***

"Ruby Rose," the cordial voice of the headmaster spoke up for all in the assembly to hear.

"Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladonna, and Yang Xiao Long. You have taken the knight pieces and so will become a team call RWBY lead by Ruby Rose."

"Whoo hoo my baby sis rock!"

There was a smattering of chuckles from the group at the two sister antics. They strongly reminded the old headmaster of their parents when they were that age.

The Headmaster Ozpin then looked at the second to last group.

"Jaune Arc, Nora Valkyrie, Pyrrha Nikos, and Lie Ren," The screen behind the headmaster showed the picture of the students behind him on the holographic screen.

"You have taken the Rook pieces and so will form team JNPR, (Juniper) lead by Jaune Arc."

The boy looked stunned but Ozpin could only shake his head. The boy was Selendis twin he had no doubt that Jaune would become an exemplary huntsman.

Finally the headmaster looked at the final group.

"Artanis Troy, Selendis Arc, Karax Polendina and Vorazun Belladonna," Ozpin looked gave the group a long considering look.

"You have taken the King and Queen pieces, and as such you will be call AKVA or Aqua lead by Artanis Troy."

Unlike the other groups like RWBY , JNPR, CRDL and others talking among themselves , AVKA looked as if it was the most natural thing in the world. Had the group had work out their ranking already? Ozpin had to smile. This year crop of Huntsman looked very promising indeed.

+++ Beacon Dormitory+++

"Artanis!" Pyrrha Nikos broke off from her group the moment the announcement was over and looked for her old childhood friend.

A million and one thoughts were going through her mind, most importantly was if he remembered her. It had been so long ago, four years to be exact. She have not heard from him and had been too focus on her career to have the time to do so.

At first she thought that Artanis have forgotten their promises. She had looked for him on the very first day. However, when there was no sight of him she had resigned herself to find a decent partner. The person she choose was someone that made her laugh and best of all did not know her for her fame at all. He treated her like a normal person, just like Artanis once did. So she choose him.

How could have known that he was Selendis brother? The girl who was her sort of rival in a way. Unlike other opponents when beaten by her, she never was spiteful nor was she treated differently. She was simply treated as an opponent and Pyrrha relished their battle every year. Now it looks like Selendis was Artanis partner, Selendis who was very pretty and Artanis who have grown handsome like she knew he would.

She wasn't naive, she knew that most Huntsman became a couple more often than not. It just seem to be a thing. The boy in question, no, man, turned to look at her in confusion that made her stop in her step.

'Oh no! Don't tell me you have forgotten me after all!' Pyrrha internally despaired. However she was already in front of him and found.

She had noted that Artanis was a little bit taller than Jaune which mean he was a full head taller than her. However, unlike Jaune and most guys she seen here, Artanis was wearing a form hugging tight shirt that expanded every time he breathed.

Pyrrha found her mouth went dried as the tight shirt hugged every the contour of Artanis body as if molded to him. There were muscled boys that she seen on their first night here at Beacon, and boy sporting various frame. However Artanis looked like as if artist from long ago sculpted the ideal body and then brought it to life.

"Pyrrha Nikos?" Artanis looked down at her and tilted his head slightly as if he really was confused to see her.

"H-Hello..." Pyrrha greeted her dear friend and childhood crush of years past lamely. She would've to kick herself if she could.

"L-Long time no see?"

Pyrrha just wanted to die!

"Nikos," Selendis Arc chimed in and thankfully diverted Pyrrha attention away from her childhood friend.

"You know t- Artanis?"

Before Pyrrha could answer and explain Jaune and her other teammates came up behind her. Rather, Jaune hid behind her while the orange hair girl, Nora dragged the boy, Ren, with her.

"Pyrrha Nikos..." Artanis muttered as his deep blue eyes look down and then slowly moved back up to her face.

Pyrrha felt her face heat up ferociously. Did Artanis just checked her out?!

"You have greatly changed!" Her old friend sounded genuinely shocked and amazed.

"Y-Yeah?" Pyrrha started to play with the crown on her head and nervously touched her hair.

"Yes!" Artanis nodded and brought out into a wide smile that made her weak in the knees like old times and then to her surprise Artanis arms clasped around her and he gave her a tight hug.

Pyrrha brains shorted out then.


Artanis had a million and one question as the teams were being assigned. He looked at the other reincarnated Firstborn who had been sneaking glances at him.


The Former Hierarch of the Daelam, was certain it was the newly birthed Xel'Naga doing.

'But why?'

Why did Kerrigan not let the them die? Why did she bring them back to life and more importantly why not as Protoss? It should be well within her abilities.

'Kerrigan, Can you hear me?' Artanis sent his thoughts out toward her. He did not have any psionic ability but she was for all intent and purpose, a god now, hearing thoughts of mortal beings would be child's play.

However, after a few moment, there was no answer. If Kerrigan was out there she should have answered, WOULD have, if nothing else she owe him and the others for their final battle against Amon.

Which would now means Kerrigan was not anywhere near them and had left them to their own devices… but why as terrans?

He was broken out of his thoughts as the Headmaster announced his group name. Aqua was adequate and lead by him? He was once more humbled when his former protoss brethren did not protest his appointment as their leader. He would try to live up to their trust.

Before he could gather his group and leave and begin to share information, a red head that his friends from Vacuo would call stunning, approached him. Truth be told as he got older, while still discipline, he could not help but noticed the attractiveness of the female huntress in training. It tend to distract him at the oddest time and make him lose control when fighting some of the more skimpily clad girls.

His family had laughed at his plight while his mother was shedding tears of joy. Apparently they thought he would never be attracted to the female sex. Which would mean one day he would have to settle down and continue his blood line.

That was when the redhead came closer and familiar green eyes that he have not seen in four years was looking up at him. There was only one person which such distinctive eyes, but how could it be?

Artanis was certain that his unfortunate friend would grow up to be more boyish but here before him was a very feminine girl.

"Pyrrha Nikos?" He had to confirmed it. Perhaps she had a cousin?

"H-Hello..." Artanis was once more stunned. The voice was clearly girlish, much different than her deep masculine voice she had before.

He had to double check and looked at her from head to to contrast the difference between the boyish girl in his memories with the stunning beautiful redhead in front of him. However her worried expression matches that of his very first friend.


"You have clearly changed!" Overwhelmed with joy he gave her a hug like he used to and felt the girl stiffen up. Worried he broke the hug and saw his friend was red in the face.

'Oh no! She's sick!' Artanis thought worriedly and was about to pick up his friend and take her to their infirmary when another blonde beauty arrive and something about her arrested his attention like nothing else, but he could not pin point it exactly.

"Whoa there stud! Moving fast!" The voice of Yang Xiao Long broke into the group before she turned to the redhead.

"Damn Nikos, give the rest of us a shot at least!"

Artanis felt Selendis stiffen up next to him and looked at her only to see her give the other blond a hard look. Of course that was when the sick girl in his arm moved faster than he could react and jumped away from him.

"H-ha ha!" Pyrrha while still red in the face, looked very lively. "I err, I'm gonna go to my dorm!"

"Jaune!" Selendis reached out for her brother when his partner pulled him with her. The other two simply gave his group a wave before leaving.

"Well stud," Yang spoke up as she got up very close to him and poked her finger against his chest. For some reason he had to swallow hard as she looked up at him with a smirk that mad his heart beat fast.

"I saw you fighting like a bad ass with those blades of yours, as the other resident hand to hand combat specialist, I now officially declare us rivals!"

Artanis demeanor changed instantly at the thought of combat and he gave the blonde girl in front of him his full undivided attention.

"Acknowledge Yang Xiao Long."

"Geez, so formal," Yang smiled up at him and gave him a wink. "I'm gonna get you to loosen up for sure."

Anything more she wanted to say was prevented as her sibling pulled her away, to their dorm Artanis guessed. The other teams were already gone leaving their group the last one.

Looking at each other the group nodded and head to their assigned dorms.

+++ Beacon, AKVA Dorm+++

The moment they entered Karax held up his hand and place a finger to his lips so that the others would not speak. Taking out his modified scroll, he scanned the room for any form of surveillance before he nodded to the other.

Beacon allowed their trainee privacy it seems.

"Kerrigan," Artanis spoke up first.

"But why?" Vorazun question as she was still amazed at seeing the other protoss here.

"Why give us humans bodies? Why not Protoss? It does not make sense."

Unknowingly voicing Artanis earlier thoughts.

"She is the Queen of Blades, her battle with the protoss and us were many, perhaps this is her way of playing a...prank on us." Selendis chimed in well aware of how childish humans could be, her father was a prime example. For all his power he still play tricks on her and her sisters.

She then look to Karax seeing him hesitant to speak up.


"I do not believe that is the case," Karax replied thoughtfully. He had a long time to think about this.

"I believe that Kerrigan was forced to leave us here on Remnant. I am certain of it."

"What is it Karax?" Artanis prompted when he saw Karax fell silent. "You have a working theory?"

"Tell me, how much history of this world do you all know of?" Karax asked his protoss commanders.

"I am no historian but it all seem to start with the grimm, much of their history has been lost," Vorazun spoke up first before she stared at Artanis.

"Agreed, I am by no means an expert but it appear the grimm had cause much of their history to be lost to them," Artanis hung his head low and sigh before he looked at his Executor.

"I was...preoccupied," Selendis answered but not without a hint of redness to her cheek.

"Having time alone for myself much less studying was...scare in my household."

Karax and Vorazun gave each other confused look while Artanis look on sympathetically at Executor Selendis.

"Siblings?" Artanis asked in an understanding tone.

Selendis just gave a short resigned nod.

"I understand your...troubles," Artanis spoke up before put a hand on the blond shoulder as if to comfort her.

"Hierarch..." Selendis exhaled gratefully before she turned to Karax. "So your theory?"

"While much of Remnant history have been lost. I have been able to find legends that seem to exist before their recorded history. There ais a myth of beings of Light and Dark. Gods if you will. They were said to be brothers, one off Creation, the other weilding Destruction, both created this world, so the legends goes."

Karax look the former protoss who was listening attentively.

"However, if that is true, and given what we learn about the Xel'Naga. What if the 'Brothers' were Xel'Naga? One race with the purity of form while the other had the purity of essence?"

The former protoss all looked stunned at the implication.

"That would explain that there was another Xel'Naga , older and wiser than the newly created Kerrigan..." Vorazun mused thoughtfully.

"You suspect they forced her out of this universe?" Artanis asked seriously.

"It is pure speculation on my part of course," Karax spoke up and held up his hand.

"However I do believe that given her power, she could have brought us back but for us to end up here...perhaps these gods might have had something to do with it. It would also explain the sheer odd chances that we meet up here in Beacon and all become teammates."

"Indeed..." Selendis for once had potential answers and felt… a sense of satisfaction.

"Speculation or not," Artanis spoke up with a hint of finality in his tone. "It feels truer than any theory I have come up with."

"Agreed," the former matriarch of the Nerazim chimed in.

The whole room then fell into a thoughtful silence when there was a small knock on the door.

Artanis looked at each of them before he opened the door to review a blonde male.

"Hey there umm…. Artanis right? Is my sister here?" Jaune Arc asked as he looked pass Artanis to see the Executor who face morphed from thoughtful to menacing upon catching sight of him.

"Excuse us Hierarch," Selendis spoke up as she crossed the room and grabbed the terran by the arm to drag him away.

"Hey what did you just cal- ow, Selendy your grip! Your grip!"

The voice faded down the hallway leaving the three former protoss looking a bit surprise as their fourth companion reaction to the boy.

"I believe that is her terran brother," Vorazun amusement was clear in her voice. "Pardon me, I need to go check on my cousin. Hierarch, Phase-Smith."

With that the former matriarch of the Dark Protoss left the two male alone.

Karax watched as the Hierarch began unpacking his things, Envy burned through him. He look down at his own smaller body and lamented over it's pearly white complexion and soft texture and contrast that with the Hierarch's own build.

He looked up at the sky from the window and asked Kerrigan silently why she could not have given him the same type of build as the Hierarch.

Life as a terran, Karax realized, was unfair.

+++First Day of School+++

Selendis opened her eyes at the first sound of running water and woke up to darkness. She glanced at her clock that told her it was a quarter till dawn before her eyes searched the room. The Hierarch bed was empty of the person but neatly made. A subtle movement made her noticed the humanized Matriarch of the Nerazim was stretching her arms out in a very exaggerate manners. Unlike Selendis pink Pumpkin Pete pajamas the matriarch wore only a baggy t-shirt that covered enough of her to protect her terran modesty. Selendis eyes darted to the top of the woman head and noticed the black feline ears pressing down on her head as she stretched and elicited a noise that was oddly pleasant.


The woman seem to have caught herself as her eyes look over immediately at the Hierarch's bed then at her.

"You didn't hear that did you?" The faunus in hiding asked. It was a good thing that Selendis was human so she couldn't see the blush that was creeping into her cheek.

"No." Selendis curtly lied as she too got up and stretched before looking for her uniform.

The sound of water stop letting the two girls know that Artanis was done.

"Would you like to use the shower first?" Selendis offered courteously. In terms of rank the Matriarch would be higher than hers.

"You can go if you want," Vorazun politely counter offered as she too got her uniform. She needed to go find Blake. Her cousin was jittery last night when she visited her and met her partner. The girl was….outgoing to say the least.

"My thanks Matriarch," Selendis bowed curtly and heard the sound of the door being open. So she made her way with her tower and clothes only to stop in her track as Artanis exit the bathroom with the light shining into their room making everything visible.

Selendis could swear she heard the Matriarch inhaled sharply behind her.

"Ah, Good morning Executor Selendis, Matriarch, " Artanis greeted softly as he finished toweling off his hair with another towel wrapped around his waist to cover his human modesty.

Selendis knew she was staring. She knew she was staring more than was appropriate. However there was something about Artanis bare muscle form with that light sheen from the shower water that was making her brains refused to function correctly.

Human male was attractive to her Selendis found out much to her despaired several year ago when she was going through terran maturity. It had served to put away of the last of her doubt on how human she truly was, along the fact that her body would forever suffer once a month, even with aura.

However, it had never occurred to her to think of the Hierarch as a human. Selendis still saw him as a protoss. She was wrong to have done so. Her eyes involuntarily roam all through the grove and crevasse of the Hierarch form. The funny thing was the Hierarch had worn much less when he was a protoss and acting as Praetor, she had thought noting of it then but now...

"Are you okay Executor Selendis?" Artanis looked at concern for his Executor. Her face was getting increasingly red with her eyes a bit glazed and in the dawning light he could make out a similar expression on the Matriarch.

'What is going on?'

Before Artanis could asked there was a quiet knock at the door diverting his attention from his two comrades. He opened the door to be greeted by a golden eye beauty who eyes widen upon seeing him and the blonde girl from yesterday who wore a matching expression. If Artanis remember this would be the Matriarch cousin in this life and his self profess rival.

"Ah, Blake Belladonna and Yang Xiao Long," Artanis greeted warmly only to see them still standing there. He was almost to get worry when Yang snapped out of it first and let out a long piercing whistle.

"Dayuuuum!" Yang finally said after she was done. Her eyes were blantantly checking out Artanis body.

"Momma likey!"

That appeared to have broken through the silence earlier as Artanis heard the slamming of the bathroom door behind him along with the rustling of something in Vorazun's direction. It also appeared to snap her cousin out of her silent appraisal of him as she finally looked him past him searching for something.

"Ah yes, is my cousin awake? She said she she'd be?"

Artanis turned around to see the matriarch finished putting the final touches on her bow and looked over meaningful at him. He nod curtly.

Do not tell her cousin she revealed their secret heritage to him.

It seemed an overly complex subterfuge to go through but it was important to her cousin and thus to her.

"Would you like you to come in and wait?" the former protoss stood aside to let the girl in.


"No, Thank you."

The first came from Yang who eyes was still looking at Artanis while licking her lips the latter came from her slightly subdue cousin.

"Blake~~!" Yang protested.

"I was just checking on her," Blake gave another look at her cousin and her eyes dart to the top of her bow covered head cousin and nodded.

"I'll see you at breakfast."

"I'll be there shortly Blake," Vorazun assured her cousin as she gathered her uniform and towel.

"See ya stud," Yang waved cheerfully before giving him one last look.

"What did I miss?" Karax soft tired voice let Artanis know that his friend was awake.

Before Artanis could answer the door to the bathroom opened and out came Selendis in her uniform with slightly damp hair she was putting some product into. She exchanged a meaningful glanced with the former Nerazim who passed her and whom promptly shut the door behind her.

"I have no idea." Artanis replied honestly confused by everything since he walked out of the bathroom.


The moment the protoss group made their way to the cafeteria they saw team RWBY and JNPR already at a table waving to them. The the leader of RWBY, Ruby, looked tired as she keep yawning, while the Schnee heiress appeared very alert but sat next to her partner. In fact while the group sat together they made sure they were with their partners for the most part. Seeing this the protoss followed suit.

"Hi!" Ruby noticing the new company suddenly perked up and showed keen interested at Vorazun and Selendis in particular.

"So you're Jaune twin sister and you're Blake cousin right?" Ruby asked for confirmation but it appeared she already knew.

"That is correct."


"That is soooo AWESOME!" Ruby cheered. No one would understand that she was happy she was not the only one with family in Beacon. She wasn't weird!

"Good morning Weiss," Karax greeted his friend from Atlas. The Heiress turned primly to him and gave him a soft smile.

"Good morning to you, Karax," Weiss had been mad initially that her friend had not told her about his wish to join Beacon but decided that it was nice to have someone from home here.

"You didn't tell me you had planned on going to Beacon, I thought you'd be in Atlas Academy for certain."

There was a loud gasp as Ruby looked at her partner. "Weiss! You know Karax?"

"We are childhood friends if you must know," Weiss emphasis that word in particular to Ruby and DARE anyone to make fun of that fact.

"He's also the one that created Snow."

Ruby gasped again this time in genuine surprised as she looked over at Karax along with the other members of team RWBY.

"You made that cute little birdy?!"

Karax was a bit taken aback but nodded. He had updated Snow over the years and while outwardly mechanical, it was acting more real with each patch.

"That is awesome!" Ruby pumped her fist in the air. "Can you make me one? In red?!"

"If I have time," Karax could only half promised. "Snow creation is very complex and time consuming."

"Ohhhhh!" Yang chimed in as she eyed the Schnee Heiress suggestively. "You did all of that for the Ice Queen huh?"

"Ice... Queen?" Karax looked at his friend who appeared flustered now. That was a warning sign that don't dig into it.

"Oh bet she wouldn't be like that with a childhood friend would she?" Yang chuckled as she lean away from Weiss murderous glare.

"Yang! Stop picking on my partner!"

"Fine~" Yang smirked before she looked between Pyrrha and Artanis. "Well what's the story with you two? I never heard the Mistral Champion having a boyfriend. Is it a secret affair?"

"B-B-B-oyfriend?!" Pyrrha voice when a few octave higher as she looked at Artanis. As if that was the prompting he needed he stat directly across from her with Jaune sister on his other side directly facing her brother

"We too are childhood friend like Karax and Ms. Schnee," Artanis clarified and saw the blonde even look more excited along with the orange haired girl.

"Since we were five."

"Oh wow!" Yang exclaimed in amazement before she looked over meaningfully at the red headed girl who blush deepen. Deciding to relent she looked at the champion partner and over at the blond by Artanis.

"So...twins huh?"

"Y-Yep," Jaune still eyed his sister nervously.

"Who's the older one?" Yang asked curiously.

"I am." Jaune declared proudly and saw Selendis confirmed with a nod of her head.

"Whos the better fighter?"

Jaune seemly deflated and sigh. "Selendis… by far…."

"Ugh!" Yang reeled back as if struck. "Elder siblings 1 for 1 now."

"What is that suppose to mean dearest sister?" Ruby chimed in sweetly but there was an adorable glare on her face.

"It means you still too young to beat me little sister of mine," Yang flexed her arms for good measure and then jut out her chest to highlight their difference.

"Ugh!" Ruby reacted as if struck. "I-I-'ll get there one day I promise! I drink milk!"

"This is sooo awesome!" Nora , who had been vibrating in place this entire time, cheered in pure happiness. "You guys all know each other and are connected, that amazing!"

"That does appears to be the case," Vorazun sat down next to Karax. The orange hair girl had returned to her seat singing a tune to herself.

The protoss found themselves part of the conversation before long. Artanis noted that Pyrrha kept sneaking glance at him but when he was about to inquire or as "catch up" as terran calls it, she would talk to her partner. Selendis was also preoccupied with talking to her brother. It was fascinating to see how the Executor act so differently, less… stern. While Vorazun was talking with her cousin partner. Most curiously of all Artanis caught Karax trying to recreate the exact breakfast spread that Selendis brother had.

Was it really so important to get it down to the exact detail?

"Oh no! We're gonna be late for class!" Ruby was the first one to shout as she pointed at the clock in the hall.

And just like that the pleasant scene turn chaotic as students stampeded out of the dining hall.


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