*~*~*~*Tamer's Realm, Southern Quadrant, Real World*~*~*~*

'It didn't make any sense............' Rika thought, sitting next to Henry.

"I still don't believe it............even after all these years......" Rika whispered sadly.

"It doesn't make much sense does it? I've heard of people disappearing an never being seen again, but I've always wondered.........what really happened.?" Henry murmured.

"We've got to stop thinking about it, he's gone and has been gone for 20 years. They're not coming back, we have to move one with our lives! I miss them to, but there's nothing we can do. We even looked in the digital world remember?" Ryo told them as he walked away.

"I know it as well as you do Akiyama! Even if we never find him I want to know what happened! And I know you do to!" Rika yelled after Ryo, before he disappeared from sight.

"We have to get going, Terriermon is gonna kill me if I leave him with my kids any longer." Henry said dryly.

"I know what you mean, my brat won't stop trying to spar with Renamon" Rika said grinning.

"I'll see you later, Rika! Oh ya, and tell Takeru I said hi all right!" Henry shouted as he got into his car.

"Alright, tell Jeri to call me later!" Rika replied as she walked away.

'Takato.........Guilmon.........' All the Tamers thought.

*~*~*~*Digidestined Realm, Eastern Quadrant, Real World*~*~*~*

"Is Mimi coming?" Izzy asked Yolie.

"No, she had a show to do Paris, and Joe has an operation in the States that he can't get out of" Yolie said to the rest of the assembled digidestined.

"I can't help it, but I know they're still alive! Theres this feeling.....I just know and the reason I asked you guys to come is I want to look in the digiworld one more time." Kari begged.

"I don't know, but we can't ever give up hope........I'll help, and I know our partners will help." T.K said giving Kari's shoulder a reassuring squeeze.

"Did you bring your laptop Izzy? I kinda forgot mine...." Yolie said sheepishly.

"Of course, never leave home with out it!" Izzy said smiling, he pulled said laptop out and began to get the portal open.

Izzy set the computer up and went to stand with the other seven digidestined.

"Let's do this! Digiport open!" Yolie commanded.

The portal opened and pulled the adults into a land they were all familiar with.

*~*~*~*Digidestined Realm, Eastern Quadrant, Digital World*~*~*~*

"Sora!" Biyomon said happily, hugging her digidestined as soon as she was settled.

"Gatomon!" Kari said hugging her feline digimon friend.

"I missed you so much Kari!" Gatomon said hugging her partner back just as fiercely.

After the touching reunion between the digidestined and their digimon partners.

"Well Izzy, there was this weird place that we never checked out before....."Tentomon began.

"How come we never looked there before then?" Cody asked, getting slightly mad.

"Well you know how all digimon eventually get reborn right? Well this place used to be where most of the viral digimon hung out, and a lot of digimon who went there weren't seen again, which is strange in it's self.But anyway, the thing is they're gone now and I think we should check it out." Gatomon explained.

"Where is it?" Izzy asked

"Come on..." Patamon said leading the way.

The other digimon followed closely behind with their digidestined partners.

They walked for about 4 miles before they saw what the digimon had been talking about.

Kari had started to shiver as soon as they had gotten close to the looming castle.

"It's so dark.....the darkness....." Kari cried, and stopped walking. She had fallen to her knees crying about the darkness.

"You guys go ahead! I'll stay here with Kari!" Gatomon said putting her paws around Kari.

The rest walked quietly away, worried for Kari, but they knew they had to check this place out.

"Shhh. Kari it'll be okay...." Gatomon soothed, rubbing her back.

"We'll be back, keep good care of her Gatomon!" T.K said as they walked into the foreboding castle.

"I feel like we're walking into a horror film or something...." Yolie said looking around.

"Creepie isn't it?" Armadillomon asked.

"Well where should we start? The attic or the basement?" Izzy asked.

"Well if we split up into two groups and then one can start in the attic and one can start in the basement." Cody reasoned.

"Alright...group one will be T.K., Patamon, Tentomon and myself, and group two will consist of Yolie, Hawkmon, Cody, Armadillomon, Biyomon and Sora. Group one will start in the basement and group two will check the attic out. Everyone got that? Then we meet back here in two hours." Izzy said. The digidestined split up and went their separate ways.

*~*~*~*~* Two hours later*~*~*~*~*

Group two got back to see group one waiting for them.

"Find anything guys?" Sora asked.

"All we found were rooms and a kitchen."Armadillomon said.

No one from group one spoke.

"Guys.....hello anyone home?" Yolie asked waving a hand in front of T.K.'s face.

T.K. Didn't say any thing for awhile.

"What did you find...." Cody asked quietly, he had noticed they were very pale. Something must have freaked them out.

"We...we found them....." T.K. Whispered, and looked at the floor.

Sora asked the dreaded question.

"Are..are they alive?" She asked shakily

"We're not sure, we wanted to come and get you guys before we did anything." Tentomon explained.

"Lets go then..." Cody said and they marched somberly down the stairs.

Izzy led they way down into what looked like a dungeon, they walked passed empty cells and into a large chamber.

"It's a lab......." Yolie said looking around.

"Where are they?" Sora asked not seeing anything that resembled the missing digidestined.

"This way....." Izzy motioned towards a door.

He opened it and was followed by the others.

"I can't see anything!" Yolie complained.

T.K felt along the wall for the light switch and turned the lights on.

"Oh......my......god......" Sora gasped.

They had found them all right............

There was five children floating in tubes of strange green water. And beside them there was five more with digimon floating in them.

"We have to get them out of there!" Yolie said frantically.

"How? If you have any ideas I would like to hear them" T.K muttered bitterly.

"Well there's a couple of computers and some control panels over there, if we can figure out how the controls work we can get them out, or we could try to hack onto the computers. Either way it's something." Cody pointed out.

"Alright, but I don't know if we can get in, that computer looks pretty old..." Izzy said doubtfully.

"Anything yet Izzy? It's been twenty minutes...." Yolie whined.

"Hold on.......I'm in!" Izzy shouted excitedly.

"Alright!" Yolie said happily punching her fist into the air.

"Lets see....all right, I've got it! Press the left yellow button and then far right red one and the capsules will drain and open!" Izzy instructed.

Cody did as Izzy instructed and the strange green liquid began to drain from all ten of the capsules.

The digimon in the tanks began to stir, but they didn't wake up, except the strange red dino-dragon.

Golden eyes shot open. The digimon backed up against the glass.

"T.K........that digimon woke up......" Patamon said worriedly.

The digimon's mouth moved and his paw glowed and he slashed at the glass shattering it instantly.

Their was a hiss as the other nine opened and their occupants fell out.

The red digimon ran to the strange kid and pulled him away from the other.

He growled at them but didn't attack.

Sora felt Tai's neck for a pulse and found a weak, but steady one.

"They're alive!" Sora cried joyfully.

The digimon stirred and woke up.

"Ugh....Tai? Tai!" Agumon was the first up and was by his partners side instantly.

"Davish!" Veemon cried out and rushed to his partner.

"Matt!" Gabumon called, shaking Matt trying to wake him up.

"Ken?" Wormon asked worriedly from the fallen boys side.

The boys stirred slowly, eyes slowly opening.

"Oh.....what happened?" Davis moaned.

"Davish! Your all right!" Veemon said excitedly hugging his partner.

Matt and Tai woke up at the same time to the relief of their partners.

"Ken....please wake up!" Wormon pleaded.

"Wo...Wormon?" Came the shaky reply.

"I can't believe we found them after all these years........" T.K. Said wonderingly.

"Muh....what are you people talking about? And where are we?" Davis asked weakly.

"Davis....you guys disappeared 20 years ago......and i don't know why, but you four didn't age....we just found you in this castle, some dark digimon used to live here...." Izzy explained quietly.

"Hey, is that other kid okay?" Yolie asked

"I don't know, I'll go check." Sora said and left Tai's side.

Sora approached the strange child and digimon, but when she started to get close the digimon moved in between her and the boy and growled loudly at her as a warning.

"Hey! You better not hurt Sora!" Biyomon yelled as she flew in between the growling digimon and her partner.

The digimon stopped growling when he saw Biyomon.

"You partners.......?" He asked quietly with an innocent voice that you would not expect from such a ferocious looking digimon

"Yes, we just want to make sure he's all right." Sora said calmly.

"Alright....." He said slowly.

He moved and let Sora go to the boy.

As she got close she saw that he was wearing a hooded t-shirt, clam diggers, yellow wrist bands and blue and yellow goggles atop a wild mess of dark golden blond hair.

She reached out and felt for a pulse, finding a strong and steady beat she gave a sigh of relief.

"Is he gonna be okay?" The red digimon asked worriedly.

"Ya, you should be able to wake him up." Sora informed him

"Is he your digidestined?" Biyomon asked curiously.

"Digidestined........what's that?" He asked, he looked confused.

"You don't know?!" Biyomon exclaimed.

The digimon shook his head. He kind of reminded Biyomon of Agumon, but not much.

He reached out gently with his large claws, and Sora was slightly afriad that he would hurt the child with his large claws, but he didn't.

"Takatomon...wake up...we have to get back...." He said shaking the boys shoulders slightly.

"Ugh....Guilmon?" He groaned, opening his eyes he saw his friend bent over him looking worried.

"Takatomon!" Guilmon said happily, hugging his tamer.

Takato hugged Guilmon back and sat up, even though he felt very weak.

Takato let go of Guilmon and looked around. He got up shakily using Guilmon for support and walked over to where the rest of the digidestined were.

"Does anyone know what happened?" Izzy asked, he wanted to know what happened.

"There was this strange fog, and then we were here." Tai said and the other three nodded in agreement.

"It was a digital field.......and there was a strange digimon, I didn't get a good look at him, he reminded me of Diaboromon though....." The strange kid said quietly, deep in thought.

"Diaboromon! It can't be! We destroyed him!" Davis scoffed.

"Anyway, do you mind telling us who you two are, I'm sure we would like to help you get back to your family......"Cody asked, trying to keep an argument from breaking out.

"My name is Takato Matsuki, and this is my friend and partner Guilmon. You won't be able to find my parents." Takato said looking at the floor, he knew were he was and he didn't think he would be able to go home.

"Why not? They're not...." Yolie asked angrily.

"No! No, they're fine as far as I know, I'll explain it later, this place is really creepy, and I for one would like to get out of here." Takato said, and started to walk away. He stopped and waited for the rest to get up and catch up.

"Hey, where's Kari?" Davis looked around not seeing her.

"She's out side with Gatomon."T.K said, leading the way up the stairs.

"Why?" Tai asked surprised.

"The darkness" Ken said.

"How did you know?" Yolie asked, surprised.

"I can feel it. It's really bad." Ken said weakly. " You guys could probably feel it if you stopped and touched one of the walls."

Davis ran a hand over one of the walls and shivered.

"Whoa...." He murmured as the kept walking up the stairs and into the main hallway.

"Come on lets get outa here!" Matt said pulling into the lead.

*~*~*~* Outside the Castle*~*~*~*

"Celestial Arrow!" Angewoman cried out, shooting a holy arrow at Diaboromon.

"Tai!" Kari yelled and hugged her brother.

"How many times do we have to kill this guy!" Matt yelled out in frustration.

"Alright! Veemon time to digivolve and take this guy out!" Davis said pulling away from Yolie who had been supporting him.

"Wormmon! You to! We won't give this guy a chance to digivolve!" Ken said moving towards Davis.

"Veemon digivolve to.... X-Veemon!" Veemon announced as he digivolved into a larger blue dragon.

"Wormmon digivolved to......Stingmon!" Wormon yelled as he digivolved into his champion form.

"Stingmon! X-Veemon DNA digivolved to......... Paildramon!" Paildramon called out in his dual voice.

"That won't be enough! Lets do this!" Tai said holding his digivice in front of him.

"Agumon warp digivolved to.......WarGreymon!" WarGreymon's gruff voice said.

"Ya, it's Omnimon time!" Matt said holding his digivice out towards Gabumon.

Like Agumon a beam of light hit Gabumon, digivolving him strait to his mega level.

"Gabumon warp digivolved to.........MetalGarurumon!" MetalGarurumon howled announcing his presence.

Diaboromon smirked and crushed Angewomon sending her back to Gatomon.

"He's stronger than before watch out!" Gatomon cried as Kari picked the injured digimon up.

"Right! Then how about we show this guy why you shouldn't mess with us! Paildramon digivolved to..... Imperialdramon! Imperialdramon mode changed to..........fighter mode!" The newly formed mega yelled, getting into an attack position.

"Cable Crusher!" Diaboromon shouted attacking Imperialdramon.

"Argh!" Imperialdramon screamed in pain as he was hit by the attack.

"WarGreymon, he can't do it alone!" MetalGarurumon said.

"Right!" WarGreymon replied.

WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon glowed and merged into the exhalted knight digimon Omnimon.

"Trancedent Sword!" Omnimon shouted, attacking as soon as he finished digivolving.

Omnimon slashed back and forth at the evil virus Diaboromon.

Omnimon got a couple hits in but Diaboromon was faster than before, Gatomon was right he was stronger.

"We have to help!" Takato said frantically, he knew that with out help Diaboromon would win.

"Stay back you'll only get hurt!" Yolie said putting a hand on Takato's shoulder.

"We can help! They can't do it alone!" Takato yelled wrenching his shoulder out of Yolie's grasp.

"Guilmon! Lets do this! Biomerge Activate!" Takato shouted holding his D- Arc in front of him.

A blast of light engulfed Takato and Guilmon.

"Takato!" Yolie cried out worriedly, ' he's only a child! We can't let him fight!' she thought.

"Guilmon biomerged to............Gallantmon!" A tall white armored knight digimon stepped from the light. He carried a shield on one arm and a lance for other. "You shall not destroy these good people! I will stop you! Lightning Joust!" Gallantmon shouted and attacked, jabbing his lance at Diaboromon.

Diaboromon attacked back, knocking his lance aside. But while Gallantmon had been distracting him, Imperialdramon and Omnimon had been charging up their attacks.

"Positron Laser!"

"Supreme Cannon!"

The two attacks, crashed into the Diaboromon.

"I'l.........be.........back..........." Daiboromon choked out before he completely dispersed into floating data.

"That, was kinda easy....." Gallantmon said.

"Ya, good thing huh?" Omnimon asked the smaller knight.

"I don't know.....I just got this feeling that, that wasn't the end.......but the beginning...." Gallantmon muttered.

"Yeesh......douse the victory feeling for me....." Imperialdramon complained.

"I'm sorry......but......I don't know, that just seemed TO easy...." Gallantmon said quietly.

"Ya...but....I, hey do you two sense that?" Omnimon asked

"Sense what?" Imperialdramon and Gallantmon asked at the same time.

They smiled at each other, though you couldn't see it.

"I'm not sure....I think it's a viral mega!" Omnimon said doubtfully.

"Are you sure, I don't want to fight any more today......" Imperialdramon whined.

Gallantmon started to sweat and laughed nervously.

"Hehe...really? I don't feel anything." Gallantmon said quickly.

"Actually, now that you mention it.....it's really strong to! I hope they don't decide to go on a rampage...."Imperialdramon mentioned

"I know who it is......." Gallantmon offered.

"Who? He's not going to go destroy some helpless digimon is he?" Imperialdramon asked.

"Why do you even bother asking that?! All virus digimon are evil!"Omnimon shouted at the Imperialdramon.

"That's not true!"Gallantmon argued.

The three mega's bickered with each other.

"You think we should stop them?" Tai asked, slightly amused by the fighting mega's.

"You wanna tell them to shut up? I didn't think so" Matt scoffed.

"Just because a digimon is a virus doesn't mean they're evil!" Gallantmon and Imperialdramon shouted at Omnimon.

"They are! When have you met a good virus?" Omnimon countered.

"Wormon! And Guilmon!"Gallantmon yelled at Omnimon.

"Wormon doesn't count! And I didn't know that weird red digimon was a virus!" Omnimon shouted back.

"I'm not weird!" Guilmon's voice came from Gallantmon, rather than the normal dual voice.

"Oops......"Gallantmon squeaked

"Your the virus we were sensing before!" Omnimon roared, turning on the other knight.

"So? Me being a virus has nothing to do with anything! Something is wrong in the digital world and all you can do is argue! If the Legendary Omnimon is to busy bickering with another knight then we'll go on our own!" Gallantmon yelled at Omnimon.

"Fine! We don't need a freak digimon like you around!" Omnimon yelled back.

Gallantmon rounded on Omnimon.

Takato's voice came out by itself, and the anger in his voice was so strong that no one could tell who was speaking.

"You can insult me all you want, but you insult Guilmon you go to far. I challenge you! You have insulted my honour!"

"You will not win Omnimon...." Gallantmon's dual voice said.

"I do not think that will be so Gallantmon, I have the type advantage, and I will win." Omnimon replied steadily, revealing his sword.

The two digimon walked away from everyone else.

"Shouldn't we stop them?" Ken asked.

"It's just more senseless fighting..." Cody murmured.

"I don't think we could even if we wanted to." Matt said.

"What do you mean?" Davis wanted to know.

"Why wouldn't you want to stop they're fighting?" Yolie asked

"That strange digimon of Takato's insulted Omnimon. I want him to kick that stupid knight to kingdom come." Matt said grinning.

"Tai, please stop this fighting! I don't want anyone to get hurt! And you and Matt are still weak! Please for me!" Kari begged.

"Kari I can't stop him, and I'm not going to fight with Matt over something like this! It's Omnimon's decision to fight. I don't like it but I won't stop him. It's his choice to fight a pointless battle" Tai said showing wisdom that people not often saw.

"Alright Tai......." Kari mumbled, and looked away from the ensuing fight.

"Omnimon, I do not want to fight like this, you are a holy knight, as am I, but I will not let you insult my honour." Gallantmon stated as he drew his lance out, ready to fight.

"You have no honour......." Omnimon growled and readied his sword.

Gallantmon and Omnimon rushed towards each other, weapons at the ready.

They slashed viciously at each other, blocking and attacking so quickly that Imperialdramon was the only one that could really follow the fight, and even he was having trouble following the fast moves of the two knights.

There was an explosion, with dust and smoke billowing out from a large crater.

"Omnimon!" Tai and Matt called out worriedly.

The smoke cleared, revealing Omnimon bent under the strain of Gallantmon's lance.

Omnimon used his cannon, and brought it up to Gallantmon.

Gallantmon saw this and had an idea.

"Supreme Cannon!" Omnimon bellowed.

Gallantmon smirked, he had this fight in the bag now......

Moving quickly Gallantmon brought his shield up and deflected the blow back at Omnimon. He didn't have a chance to move and took the hit full on.

Gallantmon leaped back and let loose his most powerful attack. He held his shield out in front of him, letting the power charge, and the shield began to light up. When it had finally stopped glowing he let the blast loose.

"Shield of the Just!" Gallantmon yelled,letting the blast go. A large beam erupted out of Gallantmon's shield and crashed into Omnimon.

"Aahhhhhhh!" Omnimon screamed in pain.

"Omnimon! No!" Matt and Tai screamed.

Omnimon couldn't get up, the blast from that shield had really hurt him. Omnimon looked up, armor creaking as he did so, to see Gallantmon standing over him.

Gallantmon looked down at the wounded Omnimon, trying to decide what to do.

"Finish me, do what you want to virus............destroy me." Omnimon whispered so his partners couldn't hear him.

Gallantmon sighed, Omnimon really didn't get it.......

Gallantmon reached down to the other holy knight.

Omnimon looked up to see Gallantmon offer him his hand.

Omnimon was shocked, but slowly gave him his hand and was pulled up by Gallantmon.

"You fought well Omnimon, but in the end I was victorious. Now that that is out of the way we need to concentrate on the darkness......." Gallantmon said as he helped Omnimon back to the others.

"Omnimon, are you okay?" Tai and Matt asked as they went over to their digimon.

"I am fine, but I do not think I can hold this form for much longer...." Omnimon stated. Already he had begun to glow and shrink, and soon Omnimon was no more, and in his place were to slightly beaten rookies.

"Man....you fight rough.." Agumon groaned as he plopped down on the ground.

"No kidding, we haven't fought like that since that time Diaboromon digivolved." Gabumon said sitting down beside Agumon.

"Are you guys all right?" Tai asked, as he sat next to his digimon.

"Just a little sore, but I'm exhausted! It's hard work fighting as Omnimon!" Agumon exclaimed.

"Ya, I can't believe you beat us though, your really strong!" Gabumon complimented.

"Thank you Gabumon, Tai I would like to speak with you alone for a moment." Gallantmon asked stepping away for a minute.

Tai looked at the rest of the digidestined, and nodded. Tai jogged over to where the viral holy knight was waiting.

"So, what did you want to talk about?" Tai asked curiously.

"Did you notice that my voice is really two?" Gallantmon asked back.

"Ya, we figured you DNA digivolved with another digimon. And that would explain why Guilmon, who is a virus digivolves into a holy knight." Tai reasoned.

"Did you notice the absence of my human partner?" Gallantmon asked.

"Ya........ I wonder where he ran off to......." Tai wondered.

Gallantmon looked around, finding what he wanted, a large rock that would block the view of Gallantmon and Tai. Gallantmon motioned for Tai to follow him behind the rock.

*~*~*~* Inside Gallantmon*~*~*~*

/ Are you sure we can trust him Takato? / Guilmon asked.

//I'm not sure Guilmon, but we need help, and I don't want to ask the others. It would be to weird, talking to a grown up Izzy. // Takato explained from inside his golden sphere.

/ Okay Takatomon......I trust you, but I still don't like it... / Guilmon said

//I don't like it either Guilmon, but we won't know until we try right? // Takato asked .

/ Right! / Guilmon said happily.

//Then lets do this // Takato said.

*~*~*~* Back outside with Gallantmon and Tai *~*~*~*

"Tai I am going to show you something because I trust you, I will tell the other digidestined in time, but right now I do not want them to know who I really am." Gallantmon began.

"You can trust me but, what do you mean who you really are?" Tai asked.

Gallantmon sighed, he hoped he wouldn't regret this......

Gallantmon glowed and separated into two separate beings.

Tai was shocked when he got a good look at who was in front of him.

"Takato? But how?" Tai asked, very confused.

"Alright, I'll explain, but you might want to sit down, it's a very long story." Takato said sitting down beside Guilmon.

"It all began when I found this weird blue card.........I had been sorting through my digimon cards when I found it. Not knowing what it was I swiped it through my card reader. My card reader went ballistic, and almost blew up. But then, then its started to change. When the glow died down my card reader had changed into my D-Arc. I thought I was dreaming, but I didn't have time to wonder about it because I was late for school. I stuffed it into the show box with the rest of my cards and ran off to school. School was really boring that day so I ended up drawing my own digimon. After school I went back to the park and grabbed my cards and ran home. After supper I toyed around with my D-Arc, seeing a slot on the side I decided to swipe the picture through, it got stuck but the D-Arc pulled the pictures and stats through. A digiegg appeared on the screen, and the next day it hatched and I found Guilmon. We ended up fighting another Tamer, and her digimon, but that soon stopped and we made friends with her and another Tamer I had met at school. At first all we did was fight the random digimon that made it to the real world, but then the Deva's started to appear and we fought them.One of our friends became a Tamer when we were fighting the pig Deva. Then one of the Deva's, Makuramon kidnapped one of our friends, Calumon. We went after him into the digital world, and ended up getting separated. We met up with Ryo, and he was a Tamer to. One of our other friends became a Tamer, and we ended up in the Soverigns realm and fought with Beelzebumon. He ended up killing Jeri's partner, and we got mad and fought harder. Then Guilmon and I biomerged into Gallantmon for the first time, and nearly destroyed Beelzebumon, but Jeri didn't want us to kill him so we stopped. Beelzebumon left and we went to go get Calumon from Zhuqiaomon and ended up fighting. Henry's sister some how managed to get to the digital world and became a Tamer also. Henry and Terriermon biomerged to fight Zhuqiaomon, and they were doing very well. We ended up fighting Zhuqiaomon to, but Azulongmon stopped us, and we went and got Calumon from the D-Reaper. Rika and Renamon biomerged so they could fight the D-Reaper.

We went home after that, and the other person that had come with us, Kenta, became a Tamer. After we went home for a little while the D-Reaper appeared in the real world. We fought hard and ended up winning, but the digimon had to go back to the digital world because of it. 2 months later I found a portal to the digital world and brought all of our partners back. A week later a rouge Locomon began to terrorize the train tracks. We stopped the Parisimon that was controlling it, and closed the portal that he had opened. After that we ended up here." Takato explained, leaving some things out, so as not to freak Tai out.

"Whoa........... Uh I have a few questions though.....whats a Tamer....and digimon cards? What's up with that?" Tai asked.

"A Tamer is basically a digidestined, only we can help our partners by slashing cards to make them stronger or faster. And where I come from digimon is popular T.v show and card game" Takato explained.

"Takato.......we should go back....those weird people are looking at us funny" Guilmon said pointing to the digidestined.

"We should probably head back huh?" Tai said getting up and pulling Guilmon and Takato to their feet.

"Ya,Tai don't forget your promise" Takato reminded, as the trio walked back to the rest.

"I won't..." Tai promised.

"What took you guys so long?" Yolie asked worriedly.

"Nothing, ah Takato wanted to tell me something that's all." Tai replied.

"We should probably head back to the real world..." Cody suggested.

"Ya we've been gone a long time,"Kari said.

"Dad is going to flip when he see's you Matt"T.K chuckled at the thought.

"Ya, how do explain to your parents that you've found your brother that's been missing for 20 years, and he hasn't aged at all!" Kari exclaimed.

"That's going to be a tough one." Sora agreed.

"Well what are we waiting for? Digiport open!" Davis commanded from in front of the T.v.

They were all pulled in, and landed in a large heap with Guilmon on the top.

*~*~*~* Digidestined Realm, Eastern Quadrant, Real World*~*~*~*

"Ugh, Guilmon get off!" Takato yelled from the bottom of the pile.

They slowly got untangled, and soon everyone was standing beside their partners.

"Now what?" Davis asked.

"We get you back to your parents." Cody said firmly.

"Awe....." Davis whined.

*~*~*~*Different place, Digidestined Realm, Eastern Quadrant,Real World*~*~*~*

"I sense something..........could it be? I've found you........."

*~*~*~*Back with the Digidestined*~*~*~*

"What are we going to do with Takato?" T.K asked Cody.

"I don't know.....my wife would kill me if I brought home a strange kid." Cody said shaking his head.

"Me to...... Hey Yolie! Can you take care of Takato?" T.K asked

"Hm? Ya sure, lets get these four home first though!" Yolie said.

"Alright people lets get out of this stupid warehouse....." Sora said taking command of the confusion.

*~*~*~*Different place, Digidestined Realm, Eastern Quadrant,Real World*~*~*~*

"I've found you Takato...."

*~*~*~*Back with the Digidestined*~*~*~*

"Wow.....I wonder what June looks like, I bet she's a prune!" Davis laughed, as the group of humans and digimon walked out of the abandoned warehouse.

"FINALLY! DO YOU KNOW HOW LONG I'VE BEEN LOOKING FOR YOU?!?!?!" A tall figure ( by human standards ) screeched at Takato.

"WHEN I GET YOU TWO BACK I'M GOING TO KILL YOU!!!!!!!" The tall digimon continued to rant as he grabbed Takato and Guilmon.

"Let them go! Lightning Paw!" Gatomon yelled and launched her attack at the demon lord.

"Hey! Stop that!"The demon lord yelled, and dropped the two that he had been yelling.

Takato and Guilmon looked up to see Beelzebumon yelling at the digidestined.

Guilmon reached a claw up and tugged on his black leather bomber jacket.

"What do you want pineapple head? I'm busy yellin at these buffoons." Beelzebumon continued to rant.

"Beelzebumon......." Takato sighed.

"Hey nice to finally see you again goggles" Beelzebumon said to Takato, finally stopping his ranting.

"Hey let those two go! We're taking them back to their family!" Kari yelled at Beelzebumon.

Beelzebumon started to laugh at them.

"Don't you yell at my partner!" Gatomon growled at Beelzebumon.

"We've got to get going. Takato I've got a present for you and Guilmon, seems I'm not the only one that was looking for you." Beelzebumon told the two. Turning around he whistled.

There was a soft whooshing sound, like wind. Everyone looked up to see a large red and yellow dragon like creature.

"Grani!" Takato and Guilmon yelled happily.

[ Hello, my friends. ] Grani said, but only Takato and Guilmon could understand him, to everyone else it just sounded like computer nonsense.

"We've missed you so much! How did you come back?" Guilmon asked excitedly.

[ Zhuqiaomon brought me back, and Beelzebumon found me with his bike Behemoth. We've been looking for you for 15 years.] Grani explained.

"It's so nice to see you back!! Beelzebumon, how come your here? Shouldn't you be with Ai and Mako?" Takato asked the biker demon lord.

Beelzebumon's red eyes took on a sad glimmer, and for a second Takato thought me might cry.......but this is Impmon, Beelzebumon......Mr.tough guy.....

"They, they uh..." Beelzebumon began.( He left cause they were fighting again and they promised him they wouldn't )

"It's okay.... I understand" Takato said quietly.

"Hey! Did someone forget we exist?!?!" Davis yelled angrily.

"Ya, sorry but I wanna go home, I miss my friends. It was really cool meeting you guys, but I want to see my parents. And I'm sure Guilmon misses the other digimon." Takato said from beside Beelzebumon.

"Are you sure?" Hawkmon said eyeing Beelzebumon.

"He doesn't look like the friendly sort..." Patamon said from on top of T.K's head.

"Looks can be deceiving Patamon." T.K told his partner.

"Well I guess this is bye, I only met you guys an hour ago, but eh I had fun" Takato said grinning at Agumon and Gabumon.

Agumon and Gabumon glance nervously at each other.

"Bye bye!" Guilmon said waving happily.

[ Hop on, we have a way back home, in a field about 10 kilometers from this location. ] Grani stated.

Guilmon and Takato leapt onto the back of the red dragon, and Beelzebemon jumped up behind them.

"I ain't fly'n" Beelzebumon said.

[ I don't mind, don't worry Takato.] Grani reassured Takato before he could ask.

"I know, I just, I dunno.....I'm not sure if we should leave......It feels like there's something wrong here......can you feel it Guilmon?"Takato asked his partner as Grani flew above Odaiba.

"You mean that funny feeling here?" Guilmon asked, pointing to just above his heart.

"Ya," Takato said, with a far off look in his eyes.

Beelzebumon gave them a weird look and raised an eyebrow.

"Are you sure your all right?"Beelzebumon asked, reaching over trying to feel his forehead.

"I'm fine, I'm fine" Takato said smiling, and pulled away from the massive claw reaching over for him.

"I bet if you dedigivolved, you could feel it to" Takato suddenly said quietly.

Beelzebumon gave him a weird look.

"And how do I get back to my beautiful mega form?" Beelzebumon asked.

"You can digivolve remember?" Takato said dryly, rolling his eyes.

"Uh..ya...I knew that" Beelzebumon said sheepishly.

Beelzebumon closed his eyes and began to shrink. Soon he was back to his rookie form, Impmon.

"Whoa......."Impmon said shocked, he opened his emerald green eyes, and looked at Takato.

"I can feel it now..........but it doesn't make any sense. What could it be...?" Impmon pondered.

[ We have arrived, do you want me to take us through? ] Grani asked, disrupting their thoughts.

"Thanks Grani" Takato said, leaning against Guilmon. They were both exhausted.

Impmon watched as the two fell asleep. He couldn't help but feel a little jealous. They had each other, he had no one.....he had left his so called Tamers along time ago...............


"Impmon!!!!" A 10 year old Mako screamed.

"Impmon! Mako's been breaking my stuff again! Get him!" A 10 year old Ai screamed right back.

"You guys promised you wouldn't fight any more! Please stop!" Impmon pleaded with his Tamers.

"I don't care! Ai put make-up on me while I was sleeping!" Mako yelled, barely even recognizing Impmon.

"Your just a bunch of data! You can't understand!" Ai yelled at Impmon.

Impmon froze. He was just data? No.......no.....

"No!" Impmon sobbed and ran away. He ran he didn't stop, he gave a quick glance back to see the twins glaring at him. That cinched it. He was going to find the stupid goggle head if it was the last thing he did. He felt himself digivolve and he flew off to find a way into the digital world as Beelzebumon Blast mode.

*~*~*~*~* End Flashback*~*~*~*~*

Impmon sighed as he looked at the glittering portal in front of them, it would take them to a cross road, that split four ways, one way for each quadrant. Grani and Impmon had discovered it a while ago, when they began to think that maybe Takato wasn't in the quadrant that he belonged in.

Grani flew quickly through the portal and headed down the south road and into the digital world of the southern quadrant.

An hour later Takato began to stir.

"Impmon?" He mumbled.

"What?" Impmon asked annoyed, he had almost been asleep.

"Are you okay?" Takato asked.

"Of course I'm okay! Sheesh, do I have a sign on me or somethin that says ask me if I'm all right? I think you and pineapple head have gone crazier than you were before!" Impmon babbled.

Takato sighed frustratedly."If you say so....."

"I do say so, now if you would be so kind........I want to get some shut eye before we get back." Impmon said closing his eyes, and trying to get to sleep.

"Grani, are you getting tired?" Takato asked realizing how long Grani had been flying for.

[ I am fine Takato, thank-you for your concern. If you would like to know we will be arriving in the real word in about 30 minutes.] Grani told Takato.

"Thanks Grani....."Takato yawned.

Grani glanced back at the half awake Tamer and the two viral digimon.

Takato drifted of to sleep once again, leaving Grani alone to his thoughts.

[ I know you will do well Takato........I just hope the others will be able to fight this evil.......] Grani thought aloud.

Grani flew on through the digital world and up into the real world.

The three slumbering guys woke when they heard the sounds of traffic.

"Are we home?" Guilmon asked, blinking his eyes sleepily.

[ Yes, would you like me to drop you off in the park?] Grani asked the trio.

"Sure, uh where are you going to go after?" Takato asked.

[ I am going to explore this world, last time I was here I did not get the chance to do so.] Grani said landing on a pathway in Shinjuku park.

"I guess we'll see you later Grani, I hope you have fun exploring, thank you so much for bringing us back, you have no idea how much this means to me." Takato said thanking Grani as the red dragon rose up into the sky.

[ You are welcome Takato, I will see you and Guilmon again soon.] Grani assured. ' Sooner than you think......'

"Well, we're home......now what?" Takato asked.

"I'm getting outa here before some hot shot Tamer decides I look like fair game, a lot a kids became Tamers when you were gone Takato, so watch out." Impmon yelled as he hopped up into a tree and dashed away.

"Well Guilmon, lets go home!" Takato said to his partner as soon as Impmon was gone.

"Yay! I can get some bread!" Guilmon said excitedly.

"Ha! I don't think so! I want to fight, and I always get what I want!" Someone behind them said.

Takato and Guilmon turned around to see a girl, in blue jeans and a purple long sleeved shirt,brown eyes and light blond hair,probably about 10, or 11 with a strong looking Gabumon.

"I've never seen you around! You must be new! I'll teach you to fear me and Gabumon! I'm Karen Takatashi, the Digimon Queen." Karen bragged.

"If your the Digimon Queen, I'm a Raremon.I know one Digimon Queen, and that's Rika Nonaka! We don't want to fight, we refuse, besides, you wouldn't win if you actually challenged us." Takato glared at this new girl.

"Ha! You mean that famous model? She doesn't even have a digimon! We're going to fight!" Karen said pointing a red and purple D-Arc at Guilmon. Of course nothing came up though.

"Stupid piece of junk!" Karen shouted at her D-Arc.

"Gabumon, walk all over him!" Karen ordered (sounds familiar doesn't it?)

"On it, Blue Blaster!" Gabumon said as she jumped into the air and fired her attack.

Guilmon dodged easily, and fired his own attack back at her.

"Pyro Sphere!" Guilmon shouted, firing his attack and blasting Gabumon into a tree.

"Digi-modify! Rejuvenation Activate!"Karen cried, swiping the card through.

Gabumon glowed briefly, and her wounds disappeared.

" Karen, this guy is fast! Can't you get any info on him?" Gabumon yelled as she dodged another Pyro Sphere.

"My D-power isn't giving me anything.........but I know I've seen him somewhere! I can't remember....I've got it! In history class we were learning about something called the D-reaper!" Karen said.

"What does that have to do with this?" Gabumon cried as she narrowly missed Guilmon's Rock Breaker attack.

"We learned about the digimon that fought against it! There were a whole bunch! A Renamon, a Lopmon, Terriermon, Guardromon, Cyberdramon, even a Beelzebumon and a MarineAngemon! There was another.....what was his name....I've got it! Guilmon!" Karen shouted.

"So I've got a name! That doesn't help Karen!" Gabumon yelled frantically at her Tamer, this digimon.......Guilmon was getting closer.

"His stats.....uh...from what I remember, he's a rookie level, and a virus, I can't remember any thing else!" Karen said.

"A Virus! I'm going to need help with this one Karen!" Gabumon said.

"Alright, lets digivolve and take him out! Digimodify! Digivolution Activate!" Karen said slashing another card.

"Gabumon digivolved to.......... Garurumon!" Gabumon announced as she was transformed into Garurumon.

"Howling Blaster!" Garurumon yelled, launching the attack at Guilmon.

There was a small explosion and when the smoke cleared Guilmon was no-where in sight.

Karen was shocked.

"No....Garurumon! We didn't delete him did we?" Karen asked worriedly.

"No.....look up." Takato said calmly.

Karen and Garurumon looked up to see Guilmon floating above them on 3 pair of glowing, white wings.

"Let's go Guilmon!" Takato yelled up to his friend.

Guilmon nodded and flew off, and Takato ran off into the bushes.

"This means we won you know!" Karen shouted after Takato.

Garurumon glowed and de-digivolved back into Gabumon.

"I don't think that really counts." Gabumon said.

"Darn! Oh well come on Gabumon......mom's probably wondering where we got to........" Karen sighed to her partner.

The two walked off, not seeing he pair of glowing eyes behind them.

"Soon....." The shadowed creature murmured.

Takato looked at the bakery, nothing had changed....he was amazed. Twenty years and his parents still hadn't changed the bakery. Oh well.....he thought and entered. A bell chimed as he entered. His mother was at the till, her head down looking at something. Takato guessed his father was in the back, making bread.

Takato grabbed a loaf off the shelf and went up to the till, he placed the bread on the counter in front of his mother.

"Do you want that in a box or a bag?" She asked, not looking up.

"Well.....OH MY GOD!" She screamed when she looked up.

"Hi Mom, miss me?" Takato asked smiling.

"Dear is something.........TAKATO?!" His father had come from the back to see if anything was the matter.

"Hi Dad" Takato said casually.

"Honey......I think I've gone crazy......I'm seeing Takato....." Takato's Mother said to her husband.

"Then I'm crazy to, cause I see him to...." Takato's Father replied.

"Ugh, Mom, Dad, I'm really here, see?" Takato's reassured them by putting a hand on each of their arms.

"My baby!" Mrs. Matsuki cried and hugged Takato.

"..............*Thud*............" Mr.Matsuki had fainted.

Takato and his mother stared at him, while Guilmon poked him with a claw.

"Takatomon......I think you killed him......." Guilmon said looking at Mr.Matsuki.

"Hehe...ya...It's so good to see you Mom!" Takato said excitedly, hugging his mom.

"I'm so glad your home......but.....shouldn't you be a little older, say about 33?" Mrs.Matsuki asked her son.

"Ya, I should, but I didn't age, kinda cool, uh Mom, shouldn't we wake Dad up?" Takato asked letting go of his mom and looking at his father.

"Oh he'll wake up! I've missed you so much Takato..." Mrs.Matsuki said wearily.

"I missed you to mom....and Rika and Henry to...." Takato said, thought's drifting off to his friends ' I wonder what they look like now'

"You must be exhausted.....I'll set a futon up in your old room, we cleared everything out after a while, it's just an empty room now...." Mrs.Matsuki babbled.

"That would be nice huh Guilmon?" Takato yawned to his friend.

Guilmon nodded and blinked sleepily.

The three of them walked up the stairs, and paused at a closet while Mrs.Matsuki pulled the futon out. She rolled it out in the empty room, while Guilmon and Takato curled up on it.

"Thanks Mom......" Takato mumbled.

"Good night Takato......" Mrs.Matsuki whispered happily. Her son was back.....

"Good night Guilmon..." Takato whispered.

"Nighty night Takatomon..." She heard Guilmon whisper back.

*~*~*~* The next morning*~*~*~*

"Hmmmm" Takato and Guilmon groaned.

"Merhl?" Takato mumbled.

"Takatomon digivolved to..." Guilmon mumbled.

Mr and Mrs.Matsuki laughed quietly at the sight of the two.

"Should we wake them? We finally have them home, maybe we should let them sleep in." Mr.Matsuki suggested.

"Of course not! He's got 20 years of chores to do!" Mrs.Matsuki said, walking over and shaking her son gently.

"Eh? Mom?"Takato murmured, sitting up.

"Breakfast and then you have chores to do young man." Mrs.Matsuli stated, and walked out of the room leaving Takato with a sleeping Guilmon.

"Chores?" Takato groaned at the thought and flopped back down onto the futon.

"Hm? Takato, I'm hungry...." Guilmon complained.

"We'll get some breakfast when we go down stairs, okay?" Takato told the red dino-dragon.

"Yay!" Guilmon said jumping around like a cheerleader.

Takato shook his head and pulled the red digimon down the stairs into the kitchen.

"What's for breakfast?" Takato asked sleepily.

"Oatmeal, and bread. You'll eat and you'll like." Mrs.Matsuki said plopping a steaming bowl and a small loaf of Guilmon bread in front of each of them.

Takato and Guilmon inhaled the food.

"Mom, I want to do a few things, I just got back and I'ld kinda like to see my friends...." Takato began.

Mrs.Matsuki glared at her son, and nodded.

"Take the trash out when you leave!" Mrs.Matsuki ordered from the kitchen.

"Alright!" Takato said, picking up the trash and heaving it into the cans. Checking his goggles, cards and D-Arc he left to explore the city he grew up in.

"Wow....it sure has changed huh Guilmon?" Takato asked his partner.

No one looked twice at Guilmon. Digimon partners were popular, not everyone had one, but still a good chunk did.

"I wonder if anyone still lives here? Think we should try the phone book?" Takato asked Guilmon.

"Okie dokie!" Guilmon agreed.

Takato and Guilmon wandered around looking for a phone booth, and just looking around seeing how much Shinjuku has changed.

After walking a couple blocks the pair spotted what they were looking for.

Takato stepped inside the phone booth and looked for Henry under Wongs, while Guilmon waited outside.

"Wonder....no....Wongs.....Wong Computers.....Wong, Henry......" Takato mumbled under his breath as he memorized the address.

Takato stepped out of the booth and took off running down the street, closely followed by Guilmon.

Takato and Guilmon weren't watching where they were going and ran into someone in front of a huge office building.

"Hey watch where your going!" A tall woman snarled at Takato.

"I'm sorry mam!" Takato yelped.

The woman turned around and looked at Takato.

"Ta..ka..to?" She asked shakily.

"Do, uh do I know you Mam?" Takato asked.

"You know me Goggle head!" Was the reply.

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