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In the smoke filled blue skies, shots fired above the orange soldier's head. He ran only eyeing one object on the ground as his goal. He jumped over dead bodies with his eyes shot wide open and heart palpitating. This is fucking crazy! He almost fell from the tremors of a nearby land explosion. Ariel bombardment took place all around him.

"Grif, come back!" shouted his maroon friend. "You are going to get yourself killed!"

"I'm not leaving it behind!" Grif yelled in response as he nearly choked from the shock of a falling plane nearly missing him. He was blown forward by the ground impact. His shield held up strong. I guess the army does create decent things once in a while. He stood up to notice the many occupied in an ongoing battle. UNSC soldiers fired, punched and struggled against the extremist Sangheili who still held on to old beliefs that first encouraged the war between them and the humans. Grif narrowly avoided a stray shot from his right. He heard the incoming barrage. Much to his displeasure, he jumped down into a pile of dead bodies that acted as his shield. Okay, almost there Grif, you can do this. You can make him proud.

He pushed a body off of his back and looked around. "Gamma, I need you here."

"How can I help you Grif?" asked the A.I. fragment in a very monotone voice. Grif looked to his miniature light blue human shaped companion. "I need to get to that weapon over there, tell me when I'm good to make a run for it."

"Understood," Gamma looked around absorbing the information and asked. "May I ask why it is you are risking your life so badly for one weapon?"

"It's precious, that's why."

"I do not understand how a device used for killing can be considered precious."

"It's a human thing," argued Grif keeping a low head. "Do I have a clear route yet?"

"Yes, but only for five seconds at best. Go now."

Grif bolted for his goal in sight. He jumped for the gun so close to his reach. Midair however he felt a force opposing his goals. A tight grip rested on his leg as it swung him down to the ground hard!

He looked up to find a familiar Sangheili with his ever so imposing stare. Grif shuffled backwards as the large figure slowly stomped towards him. With heavy breaths of fear and panic, Grif tried reaching for his sword. Visions of Donut's incident once again haunted him. Will I end up like him? Grif finally managed to grip the sword. No, I will survive!

"Grif!" shouted an aqua blue armored soldier. He took out his rifle and opened fire. "Get out of there!"

The orange soldier activated his sword and moved his sword in a piercing motion. Before he could make contact however, he was stopped midway by the enemy who started crushing his arm. Grif lost his grip on the sword and the Sangheili kneed him in the gut. The orange soldier gritted his teeth and cursed his foolish bravery. He crawled to the shotgun and felt his mission to be a partial success. At least I'm not a complete failure. I will protect this no matter the cost. Yet that cost may seem closer than he had originally thought. The Sangheili pushed one foot onto Grif's back. There was an audible crack of his muscles with a loud painful scream.

"We have to get him out of there!" said Sister as she nearly abandoned her weapon and ran for Grif only to be stopped short by Simmons. "Use your head, what you are doing is suicide!"

"Yeah, there is another way of getting him back," said Church as he and the other fragments displayed a holographic visual of his plan. Sister pointed to the enemy who raised his hammer weapon that once hanged by his belt. Simmons nearly gasped from the shock. The final blow was about to be delivered with extreme prejudice. The Sangheili stared at his prey and swung the hammer down while scoffing words of insult. "Filthy human!"

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