Authors note: Hey everyone! Although I've been reading fanfiction for years, this is my first attempt at writing an actual story. I've been addicted to this anime lately, and I couldn't help but write a fiery scene between Elias and Chise ;) I plan to continue it, so any helpful comments would be appreciated!

Warning: this story is definitely going to stay rated M for obvious themes. I'm hopeless romantic trash when it comes to this stuff. So be warned. Don't like, don't read am I right?



Chise may have been a semi magical being from Japan that lived with a centuries old mage that was more of a beast than a man.

But she was still a young woman.

And as a woman, she had needs.

It had been a busy day full of potion making and running errands with Elias. She had been so happy to finally return from the land of dragons. Elias's warm welcome brought a smile to her face even now, four days later. She hoped she hadn't been annoying him recently; being away for so long had her craving attention from the Magus. As of late she had been pestering him with questions about spells and magical creatures and anything else that came to mind.

She sighed, shifting onto her back as she rested in bed. It was hard to tell how he felt about certain things, her included. Trying to convince herself that she was okay with being used by him for his personal goal didn't seem to satisfy her anymore. She wanted to be close to him. Like a family. Or..maybe something else.

Her hands unknowingly slid down her stomach and slipped beneath her pajama pants. Lately she had been having dreams. Strange dreams. Dreams she wasn't used to having before. They were always intense, usually leaving her to wake up with a pounding heart and a flushed face. And lately, the dreams always ended with Elias's familiar face, hovering above her as he touched her in ways that would have left anyone blushing.

Chise closed her eyes, feeling that sensitive spot beneath her undergarments as she thought about the last dream she had. Everything would be normal, the same as it always was. But then he would walk in, voice husky with want as he commanded her to lie still as he pounced.

She slipped her other hand up her shirt, caressing her breast with her fingers as her other hand rubbed the sensitive bundle of nerves above her opening. "Elias." She would moan in the dream as he ravaged her with his tongue and long, lithe fingers. She rubbed harder, feeling the familiar pressure start to build in her core. "Elias!"


Her eyes slammed open. That hadn't been in her dream. Her eyes peered through the darkness of her bedroom until she found the source of the voice. Elias stood at the front of her bed, head cocked slightly to the side. She blushed hard, pulling up her covers in hopes to cover up what she had been doing. "E-Elias. W-what are you doing?"

His unblinking eyes stared down at her. "I heard you calling me name. Is everything alright?"

She cringed. Was I really talking out loud, she thought. She smiled weakly. "Yes, I'm fine. Just a dream."

Elias nodded his head. "Very well. Sleep well, Chise. I will see you in the-"

He stopped.

Chise stared with wide eyes as he stood frozen, halfway turned toward her doorway. His nose was tilted upward. "Chise," he began, his back still facing her, "What is that sweet smell in the air?"

Her face grew hot. Was he smelling her arousal? She should have known, with his animal senses, he could detect even the slightest of scents. She pulled the blankets up a little higher.

"I don't smell anything."

He turned around and walked closer to her. "I'm certain of it now. It smells delicious. And it's coming from you." Suddenly he was right beside her, ripping the blanket away to reveal her disheveled clothes and hand that was still in between her thighs. "What were you doing, Chise?"

She groaned internally. He seemed genuinely curious, meaning That Elisa, although being hundreds of years old, had no idea what masturbation was. Chise sighed, deciding it to be easier to tell him the truth now, rather than have him ask her about it later. "I was masturbating, Elias."

Elias cocked his head. "Masturbating? I am not familiar with the term."

"It means that I was pleasuring myself."

He continued to stare.

Chise sighed. He picked the worst moments to show his childishness. "Elias, when men and women reach a certain age, they begin to crave certain things."

"Ah, I see." He interrupted. "You are in heat."

She blushed harder. "I guess you could put it that way."

He seemed satisfied to know the answer. "Well then, I shall leave you be then-"


He paused in his walk to the door.

She didn't know what made her say it. Maybe it was her hormones. Maybe it was because she had been apart from him for months. Whatever the reason, the words escaped her mouth before her nerves could get the better of her.

"Would to help me...with that?"

"Chise, are you saying...?"

"Please?" It had been too long since she'd felt release. Her body felt desperate. "Its just that you're here now, and I trust you more than anyone else."

With a flourish, he was back at her bedside, sitting on the bed with her cocooned in his lap. "Of course I will assist you, if that is what you wish for me to do."


"Very well then. Shall I begin then?"

He waisted little time. Before she could blink her loose pajamas had been removed and she was left completely bare in his arms. He pushed her down gently onto the mattress and hunched over above her. It wasn't long before she felt the length of his long, wet tongue slide it's way from her ankle to her neck. His tongue was rough and slimy. She shivered at the sensation.

"You taste as delicious as you smell." She wasn't sure if that was a compliment, coming from someone who used to eat humans. She felt him pause. "I wonder if that spot tastes as good as it smells."

Chise was unprepared as the tip of his tongue dipped into the opening of her womanhood. She gasped, arching her back as his lean muscled arms kept her in place. Elias licked his chops. The sweet taste from that spot in particular sparked something inside of him. Something instinctual and feral. He dipped his tongue in Again, deeper this time around. Chise couldn't help the moan the gore out of her mouth at the pleasant sensation.

Elias enjoyed the noises he was getting out of his little apprentice. He brought his face down lower to her nether regions. "What is this little spot?"

The tip of his tongue shot out and wrapped around the sensitive area of her clit. Chise's hips bucked as a sudden wave of pleasure overcame her. "E-Elias..."

He prodded and tugged at the bundle of nerves, fascinated at the effect it was having on Chise. She was squirming on the mattress, eyes squeeEd shut as the pressure began to build all over again. Buy this time it wasn't a dream. By god she hoped it wasn't.

As Elias's tongue worked magic on her clit, he decided to stick one of his long fingers into her opening. She moaned loudly, whispering his name through panted breaths. He began thrusting his finger in and out, growling lowly at the satisfying feeling it brought him. His other hand rested underneath her back as it remained arched.

"Elias!" With a shudder, she unraveled completely. Sheer bliss washed over her as wave after wave of pleasure rolled through her body. Elias continued with his work.

"Chise," his voice was gruff, "I have a request."

"Yes?" She panted, already feeling the pressure building up once more. Elias growled and licked her neck. "I wish to mate with you."

In the heat of the moment, Chise didn't hesitate. "Anything you want, Elias."

In an instant, Elias positioned himself above her, his member already out and throbbing. She stared with wide, unsure eyes at his girth. But before she could reconsider, he pushed it into her, slowly and sensually. Chise moaned as her walls were stretched out. The pain was completely erased by the sheer pleasure of the friction he created inside of her. He bit down gently on her shoulder as he thrusted deep inside, growling in ways she had never heard before. But she wasn't afraid. "Elias!"

Elias growled low and thrusted harder, building ups rhythm. "Say my name again, Chise."

As he licked around her breasts, she moaned his name again. "Elias..I'm going to...Again.."

She came hard as he pounded into her. Elias pulled his member out with a grunt and came as well, mouth open in pleasure. "Chise..."

He looked down. His apprentice was fast asleep beneath him. He picked her up gently and carried her across the hall to his bedroom, where he sad down with her enclosed in his arms. He rested on his bed underneath the covers, content to watch Chise sleep as his more feral mind pondered the events that had just occurred.