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"Ruth, Silky doesn't need to pack anymore food for you. We're only going to be gone for a couple of days."

It was the day after her and Elias's trip to the city. After explaining to her familiar the...interesting situation, he demanded to accompany her on the trip to Iceland where the dragons lived.

"Contrary to what you say, I'm going to need all the fuel I can get to protect you. Evil beings always seem to find you when it's least expected." Ruth turned toward the entryway into the kitchen, scowling at the approaching footsteps. "And I'm keeping you far away from him until we figure out what's wrong."

"Even if you wished to separate me from her, grave mutt, you would never succeed." Elias strolled in, carrying a sealed envelope in one hand. Although his face couldn't show facial expressions, Chise could swear he was smirking. Ruth growled and grabbed Chise's hand. "Let's wait outside, Chise. I'm sure your bone head can finish with the preparations on his own."

"Watch your tongue, dog." Elias remarked, sounding annoyed. He turned to Chise, who watched in astonishment as his demeanor changed completely.

"Hello, Chise. My puppy is looking particularly ravishing today." Chise shivered and placed a hand on her cheek, feeling the heat radiating from her skin.

"G-good morning, Elias. Are you ready to go?"

"I still believe this trip will be a waste of time, considering that there is nothing the matter with me in the first place, but yes, I was just giving this letter to Silky to send to Simon."

Silky handed Chise the basket of food with a smile. Chise smiled back softly and thanked the fairy. "We'll be back as soon as we can, Silky."

She nodded her head silently and took the sealed envelope from Elias's outstretched hand. Elias straightened his overcoat, then turned toward his two smaller companions. "Let's go. No need to step outside, I will take us there."

Not a second later Chise found herself being lifted up into Elias's arms. He tucked her into his left arm, and swung his staff around with the other. It landed on the ground with a loud bang that echoed throughout the house. The area surrounding the magus flashed bright blue as long, thorny vines emerged from the floor. The vines grew and jutted around in sharp points, surrounding the three magical beings. Elias murmured an incantation under his breath, and soon, all that was visible to Chise's wide eyes were the glowing red orbs of Elias's eyes and the mystical blue hue of his magic.

She made a sound in the back of her throat when a gloved hand covered her eyes.

"Close your eyes," he directed. "Or rose you will be unable to see when we land."

She covered her eyes with her hands. Seconds later, a cold breeze swept through her hair. She opened her eyes to see the familiar rocky landscape of the dragon sanctuary.

"With enough training, you should be able to travel from one place to another with relative ease as well. But until then, you should still cast spells with caution."

She looked up as a large object cast a shadow around them. As expected, a large dragon soared up above, wings spread out what looked to be close to twenty feet on each side. Chise still couldn't believe that such majestic creatures existed in the first place. Then again, she still couldn't believe she lived in London with a grim as a familiar, a fairy as a housemaid, and an inhuman mage with a growing satyriasis condition as her teacher. She shook her head, smiling softly at the craziness of it all.

Ruth emerged from Elias's shadow and nudged her food, probably sensing the mixture of emotion swirling through her head.

"Lindel should be close by. I sense his presence up near the top of that hill ahead of us." Elias remarked. He began to walk in the direction he had mentioned, stepping lightly, as though he wasn't the size of two normal humans stacked together.

"Um, Elias?" I shifted slightly in his arms. "You can put me down now."

"Are you uncomfortable?"

"Well, no, but I just thought it would be easier for you if I walked on my own."

Elias kept walking, his grip on her tightening ever so slightly. "I would prefer to carry you, then. It is no trouble."

Chise nodded her head. "If you say so. But don't get any ideas!"

"My mind is filled with many interesting ideas, Chise. Would you like to hear some of them?"

"No!" Chise covered her ears with her hands. Her heart thudded in her chest at the implications of his words."

"I think Lindel was lying when he said Elias had the mind of a child." Chise vaguely head Ruth growl as he trotted alongside them. "More like the mind of a lonely old man."

"Ruth." Chise warned, reaching down with one hand to poke his head. "Don't be rude."

He let out a huff, but otherwise stopped with the remarks. At this point we had neared the top of the hill, where a small wooden cottage sat. Small and large dragons alike were romping through the grass around the hill. At the site of the newcomers, a group of the smaller reptilians ran toward them, shouting Chise's name with joy.


"You're back so soon!"

"Come play with us!"

Elias allowed the popular young woman to slide down, but kept a loose grip on her hand. Chise laughed when the young dragons jumped up to greet her. "Hello everyone. Yes, it's been a while, hasn't it?"

She continued to pet the happy creatures, only looking up when a set of footsteps and a familiar sounding voice reached her ears.

"Well isnt this a surprise. A call ahead would have been nice, Elias."

Elias shifted to look at Lindel as he appeared. "It was not my idea to come. Besides, you are never busy, regardless of when you say you are."

"Blunt as always, Ainsworth." Lindel turned to Chise. "I suppose I have some free time to chat, considering you brought my favorite granddaughter."

Chise smiled up at the light haired mage. "Hello Lindel. It was actually my idea to come here. You see...we've come across a small problem…" she drifted off, unsure of how to continue.

Lindel seemed unsurprised by her statement. "Ah, I knew you two would need my wisdom at some point. Come, I'll make some tea to warm us up."

The group followed him into the cottage, which opened up into a small sitting room. Ruth plopped down by the fireplace as Lindel lit it, enjoying the welcoming warmth. Elias sat down in one of the armchairs. Chise went to sit in the seat next to him, but was stopped by Elias as he pulled her onto his lap. She let out a noise of confusion. "E-Elias?"

"I want you to sit with me." He pulled her onto his knee and kept his hand firmly around her waist. Chise glanced nervously Lindel, uncomfortable by the public display of affection. Lindel simply smirked while pouring the freshly made tea into cups.

"So," he began, stirring his cup slowly, "What seems to be the problem?"

Chise took a moment to gather her thoughts. "Elias has been acting a little strange lately."

"How so?" Lindel leaned forward in his seat. "He hasn't hurt you, has he?"

Elias released a growl. "I would never hurt Chise."

Lindel waved his hand. "I was mostly kidding. Chise?"

Chise fiddled with her hands. "For the past few days, Elias has been experiencing what appears to be an unending desire to...fornicate fornicate with me.."

Lindels eyebrows shot up in surprise. "Is that so?"

"It's not just that," she blurted out, "hes also been very irritable for no apparent reason and never wants to allow me out of his sight." She gestured to her current position on Elias's lap. The current Magus under scrutiny spoke up at this point.

"It is not uncommon for apprentices to be close to their teachers. It allows for greater trust."

Chise craned her head upward to look at his face. "Bus Elias-"

"How many times?"

Chise paused at Lindels interruption. "Sorry?"

"How many times have the two of you been intimate."

Chise blushed. Talking about this with Lindel felt similar to talking to a father figure. It felt uncomfortable in every sense of the word.

She thought for a moment. "Only twice so far…"

"Then what's to be worried about? Aren't you two going to be wedded eventually? I don't see how this calls for any concern."

At this point, Chise felt embarrassed. She was sure he hadn't been acting normally, but maybe it was all in her mind. "I suppose I'm worried because he's never initiated anything like this with me in the past."

Elias stayed quiet as Lindel replied. "Elias may be quite childish at times, but he's lived for hundreds of years. He may not understand what he's feeling yet, but his instincts seem to be farther ahead than his mind." He smiled warmly at Chise. "Be patient with him. He does not understand emotions easily. He's probably acting on these instincts because it feels right." He took a sip of tea before continuing. "And you," Lindel narrowed his eyes at Elias. "Be careful with my granddaughter. Both her body and mind have the fragility of a Humans. Hurt either and I'll come and skin you alive."

Elias let out a snort. "I have no intention of causing Chise any pain. I merely wish to be close to her, and this has allowed me to do so. Have you not enjoyed it, Chise?"

Chise was quite unprepared for the question. "N-no, no, I've enjoyed it quite a bit. It's just all very new to me, being this close with someone. I've never done anything like this before."

Lindel stood up and patted her on her head. "This is a natural part of everyone's life, My dear. Do not fear it. There is nothing wrong with any of it, so long you two stay careful. I don't believe Chise would enjoy becoming a mother at her age."

Chise felt like her face was as red as a tomato at this point. "Th-thank you for your advice, Lindel."

"Yes, thank you for soothing Chise's worries. We'll be taking our leave now. There is much work to be done back home." Elias stood up with Chise in his arms.

"Don't hesitate to come visit me if you get tired of Ainsworth!" Lindel shouted as the group dissipated in a swirl of Elias's magic. They left just as quickly as they had come. Alone once more, Lindel's smile dropped to a frown.

"I pray that my fears aren't coming to fruition with you, Ainsworth."

"Elias, we need to talk."

Chise stood outside of his closed door in her pajamas. After returning, Elias had busied himself in his room, doing paperwork and other work related tasks. She had spent some time reading more of her spell books until the sun had long since disappeared for the night. It was at this point that she had decided to speak with Elias about something that had been on her mind since their return.

Her hand paused in midair as the door opened a crack. Elias's eyes were the only visible part of him that she could see. "Chise," his voice sounded strained, "Now is not a good time."

"Is everything alright?" She reaches forward towards him. He backed away, shutting the door in her face.

"Everything is fine," he said through the door, "just finishing up some important business that cannot wait. We can talk tomorrow."

Chise felt her hand curl itself into a fist. All she wanted to do was talk. What was so important that he couldn't spare a few minutes?

She squared her shoulders. "You're not allowed to shut me out anymore like this," she muttered to herself. She reached for the door handle and pushed the door open. "Elias, what's really going on…"

She really should have considered knocking again.

Elias sat on the edge of his bed. He was no longer fully in his human form. In fact, the only part that looked human at all was his torso. His hands had turned into large claws. His legs remained mostly human shaped, however his feet has turned into large paws with thick, sharp claws jutting out of them. A long, serpentine tale that had been swishing from side to side froze at her entrance. But what her eyes had almost immediately been drawn to weren't these things. No.

There, on his bed, staring at her like a deer caught in headlights was Elias, holding his member with one hand.

"Oh! I'm so s-sorry!" She tried to back up, but in an instant the door slammed shut. Suddenly she found herself being pressed against the floor with Elias leaning over her.

"Chise! You shouldn't have come in here."

His voice kept switching between his normal tone, and one that was more low and gutteral. She gulped. "What's going on, Elias?."

The magus's kimbs lengthwned and constricted, as if he couldn't decide which form to take. His body quivered with restrained power as he peered down upon her. Chise couldn't help but find this situation to be familiar.

"...were right."

Chise shook her head to clear her thoughts. "What?"

"You were right." Elias's words came out slowly. Why was he having trouble speaking?

"I cannot control myself around you." His head leaned down even closer where. "I cannot think of anything else."

Chose stared back ever so calmly. "What are you implying, Elias?"

He growled. "Need...you…"

She tried to look nonchalant about the situation, but a dark red blush appeared on her cheeks at those words. She cupped his angular jawline with her hand. "Why didn't you come ask me?"

"Scared...of me. Too dangerous."

"Elias," she murmured, "I have never been scared of you."

"I have less control-"

She place her hand over the front of his mouth. "I trust you, even in this state. If it will bring you back to normal, of course I'm ok with it." Her eyes narrowed. "But we will talk about this afterward." She felt like a mother lecturing a child.

Elias opened his mouth slightly to lick her hand. "Of course." Caught off guard, Chise removed her hand at the strange sensation. He definitely seemed less human at the moment. But she would be lying to herself if she thoufht that this side of Elias didn't make her the least bit curious. She wanted to know all sides of him, and this was one of them.

She allowed Elias to remove her clothes piece by piece, until she was sitting in front of him, completely naked. Elias himself had already allowed his clothes to disappear. She blushed hard, although it wasn't the first time she had noticed his muscular physique. The dark purple color of his skin intrigued her, and she couldn't help but to place a hand on his chest, feeling it move underneath her as he breathed. She moved her hand downward until it made contact with his stiffening member. As her small fingers felt along the length curiously, Elias let out a noise in surprise. He began to pant, moaning lowly in the back of his throat. Chise was too preoccupied with the current object resting in her hand to notice the effect she had on him.

"It's so...big." Her eyes grew wide as it stiffened even further in her hand. "How did this ever fit…" she rand a finger down it's length before touching the tip curiously.

Elias couldn't take it anymore.

With both hands he grabbed Chise, forcing her onto her hands and knees. Chise couldn't help the squeak that left her at the sudden movement, but she allowed him to maneuver her. She had to remember that this part of Elias wasn't as calm and courteous as the part she had gotten to know.

Elias crouched on his hands and knees over top of her. His large body completely encapsulated her beneath him. With one hand, he grabbed onto one of her breasts. With the other, he placed himself near her entrance. Chise gasped at his rough treatment. She stared his red eyes as his face leaned down into hers from above.

This time, Elias felt no need to rush. He dragged the tip of his member along her opening, feeling the wetness as it seeped out onto him. Chise's knees almost buckled at the sensation, but Elias's strong hand placed itself underneath her stomach, holding her up. He dragged this hand up her stomach and toward her chest, growling as he took a moment to twist and tug on her supple pink nipples. His face remained trained on hers, watching the pleasurable expressions as they appeared. Narrowed brows, half lidded eyes, rosy cheeks. Her mouth opened wide when he finally decided to push his length into her, grunting lowly.

Chise's body quivered. Every nerve ending felt like it was being fired off from his touches. He was rough, thrusting in and out of her like a dog in heat, but she didn't mind. This side of him excited a part of her that she didn't know existed. Knowing that only she could bring this out of him was a thrilling prospect.

Elias maintained his rhythmic thrusting for what felt like hours. She could hear him panting above her. Feel his upper torso sliding against her bare back with each thrust. Her limbs were shaking from the pleasurable feeling. If one of his hands hasn't been clutching her waist, she would have surely collapsed by now.

Elias growled, pumping faster. With his tongue, he dragged its way up her back, relishing in the softness of her body. He brought his face down beside her own. "You are mine, Chise."

Chise nodded, moaning quietly. "Ok."

"Only mine." He thrusted deeper, moving his whole member in and out of her. He snagged her ear with his mouth and nibbled on it gently. "Say it." He demanded, using his other hand to reach down and rub against that special place. Chise shuddered, feeling an electric jolt through her entire body. "I'm...I'm yours."

Elias grunted, thrusting deeper still. "Say it again."

Chise panted, unable to control her body as it reacted to his touch, shaking and quivering. "I'm yours, Elias."

He rubbed faster, relishing at her words. "Never forget that, Chise."

She came hard, collapsing into his ready arms as he continued to thrust into her. He groaned with pleasure as her opening contracted around his length. He panted hard, feeling his own release coming soon. Chise was still wriggling in ecstasy, shaking as he held her up with his large hands. With one final grunt, he thrusted deep inside of her, allowing his seed to spill out.

The room quieted down, save for Chise's heavy breathing and Elias's growls of pleasure. He flipped her around, placing her in his lap with his member still inside of her. Chise wrapped her legs around his waist and placed her hands against his chest.

"Elias, wait." She could tell he was more than ready to do it all again. "I'm not as..durable as you are." She felt lightheaded and weak.

Elias's eyes seemed to come alight with recognition. "Ah, Chise. My apologies. I am getting ahead of myself."

Chise shifted, blushing at the the feeling of having part of him inside of her. "A-are you feeling better?"

"I feel more in control of myself, yes. Thank you, Chise. I have not hurt you in any way, have I?"

"No. But…" she gestured to her lower half. "You're still…"

Elias grunted, cupping her face with his hand. "Can we not stay this way as we talk?"

"I guess that's alright…"

"Good." She could see the contentment in his eyes. "I feel at ease like this."

At this point, Chise was getting used to feeling embarrassed in his presence. She allowed him to hold her, relishing in his warmth.

"I can imagine the subject you would like to speak about."

Chise nodded. "I had wanted to talk about certain...boundaries between us. But that seems unnecessary now that I see the real problem."

Elias tilted his head. "What problem?"

"Your urges are causing you to lose control. The longer you withhold them, the worse you get. The less control you have over yourself."

He stared down at me. "I do see your point, but am no danger to you."

"It's not me I'm worried about." She rested her hands against his arms which were loosely wrapped around her waist. "What if I hadn't been here? Who knows what you would do to those around you if I wasn't able to satisfy your urges. What if your hurt Ruth? Or Silky?" My fingers tightened on his arms.

Elias thought over her words carefully. "As much as I would like to believe i would not do something such as that, you are right. Before you entered my room I was completely unaware of my own thoughts."

"I wonder why…" Chise murmured to herself. "Why am I the only one able to help you?"

Elias let out a laugh. "A needless question. You are more important to me than anyone."

"Do you...like me?"

"Of course I like you."

"No, I mean are you attracted to me? Do you like like me?"

"How would I know? I am not sure I would understand the feelings behind such emotions."

Chise hummed in thought. "Well, What is going through your mind right now?"

"Well…" Elias's mouth opened slightly. "I felt a tightness in my chest when I was alone. Whenever I see you talking to others, I want to tell them to go away. I want you all to myself." His grip tightened around her. "I find your body most ravishing, and enjoy the feeling of you when you are close to me. I like it when you are near me, when I am able to talk to you and touch you as I please. But when I think about anybody else doing that to you…" he growled.

Chise traced her hands along his chest. "So..that's a yes."

"Is it?"

"Mmhmm. But I think you're experiencing these emotions more intensely than people do. We need to figure out if you become even more of a danger to others when you get like this."

"I will look into it. I am sure the college has information regarding this subject."

He shifted slightly on the ground, causing Chise to redden slightly.



"You're still..um..you're still very hard...down there."

"Indeed I am. I was hoping to engage in relations with you once more, after you had rested."

Chise shuddered at the low tone of his voice. "You really like doing this, don't you?"

"It feels very pleasant."

She looked up at him through her eyelashes. "I would be okay with it, if you really want to." Before the words had left her mouth, Elias had pushed her down onto the ground gently. "You are very kind, Chise." He murmured, pulsing in and out of her. "You allow me to do this to you even though you yourself are not yet completely comfortable with my actions."

She looked up into his face above her. "I want to know you for who you are, Elias. If this is part of you, then I would like to understand it. Plus," she let out a breath as his face grew close to hers, "I think I might be getting addicted to it."

That night, one room stayed lit through the dark hours, and two members of the Ainsworth household got very little sleep.

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