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Chise was helping Silky wash and dry the dishes when a large crow banged against the window. The crow squawked animatedly, hopping from side to side on the ledge. Silky reached for her broom with a huff, but a small piece of paper dangling on a string from the neck of the small creature caught Chise's eye.

"Hold on, Silky." Chise opened up the window. A gentle breeze floated in, pushing her hair back slightly. She held out a hand and the bird hopped onto her finger, staring up at her with intelligent black eyes. Her fingers wrapped around the piece of paper and tugged it gently from the birds neck.

"It's Elias's handwriting…" she murmured , opening the note with a quirked eyebrow. "It's a…" she turned the paper to the side, eyeing it from a different angle, "its a map...I think."

She read aloud. "Follow the directions. Come as you are. Leave the dog at the house."

At the last sentence, Ruth emerged from the living room, growling in annoyance. "Living for hundreds of years apparently makes it ok to be rude."

Chise folded the note back up, ignoring her familiars comment. "This isn't like Elias. I wonder if everything's okay…"

"Well it sounds like he wants you to meet him pretty soon, so I would go if I were you." Ruth padded into the kitchen and pressed his nose against her stomach. "But I'll be ready, in case something strange happens. Something strange always seems to happen whenever you're around that mage."

Chise patted her familiars head. "I know I can count on you, thanks Ruth." She looked down at herself, at the white T-shirt she was wearing along with a pair of casual jean shorts. "I'll just grab my green cloak and be on my way."

Chise followed the map as best as she could. Her English still wasn't great, so none of the little side comments on each sketched out line were very helpful. So far, she had trekked across the bridge and through a stretch of familiar streetsides. But now she was entering territory she didn't know very well.

"It looks like I need to go past this forest here…" She muttered to herself, squinting at the hastily drawn map as she walked. "I wonder why he's bringing me all the way out here."

Chise walked carefully through the forest, stopping only once briefly when a small woodland sprite floated from her tree to say hello. Soon enough, the heavily wooded area gave way to a circular clearing. The clearing was filled with flowers of all colors and sizes, waving gently in the warm breeze. In the center of the grassy field lay a blanket. And sitting as casually as he could on the blanket, was Elias, clutching a small picnic basket in his large hands.

Chise paused at the sight. She had envisioned many different outcomes to his mysterious treasure hunt, but none of the outcomes included this. He had even plucked a few flowers and had woven them into some sort of flower crown, which was seated next to him.

"Elias...what is all this?" Chise settled onto the blanket next to him, noticing the neat expanse of sandwiches, cookies, and fruit that rested on fancy little plates all around the blanket.

Elias cleared his throat, and Chise swore he would have been blushing had it not been for his skeletal head. "Chise. I'm glad you were able to find me." He spread his arms wide. "Welcome to our date."

Chise blinked.

Elias continued to hold his arms open.

"A...date?" Chise asked finally, feeling her own face begin to flush red with heat. "You did all of this because you wanted to go on a date...with me?"

Elias nodded. "A romantic picnic surrounded by flowers and filled with decadent food is the perfect choice for a first date, because it shows dedication, passion, and fun."

Chise picked up a chocolate covered strawberry and nibbled on it slowly. "That doesn't sound like something you would come up with. Where is all of this coming from?"

Her mentor cocked his head to the side. "Can I not show my affection for you in this way through my own fruition?"

"No, no, of course you can! It's just...this is all very strange, especially for you. I didn't even think you knew what a date was, let alone think it was something you would be interested in…"

Elias sighed. "And there lies the point of all of this." he sat up straight with his hands resting against his crisscrossed legs, looming over her as she chewed. "Chise, you have already taught me so many things about human emotions. I have thoroughly enjoyed our intimacy over the past few days. However, it has come to my attention that I have been selfish."

Chise frowned. "Selfish? How?"

"I've been so preoccupied with my own physical pleasures that I failed to even think about your own emotional well-being."

Chise turned her full attention to the mage in front of her. "Elias, I thought I made it clear early on that you can do whatever you want with me. You haven't hurt me in anyway."

Elias leaned forward and touched the front of his mouth to her forehead. "I want this to be different. We're diverging into territory that neither of us are very familiar with. I want us to be equals when it comes to this...relationship we have. And speaking of…" Elias picked up the flower crown.

"I had planned to use this date for a different proposal, however Angelica's disapproving lecture brought on a slight change. And so," He lifted the crown into the air above her head, "Chise Hatori, would you do me the honor of becoming my 'girlfriend' as the englishman say?"

Chise almost fell backwards in shock. He wanted her to be his girlfriend? Him, a centuries old magical creature with abilities far beyond her own imagination? The thought of it was ridiculous.

And yet she couldn't help the smile that spread across her face.

"Of course I will be your girlfriend, Elias." Her smile widened as the mage placed the flower crown atop of her head. She still wasn't quite sure Elias understood the full meaning of a relationship, but he was trying to understand, that much she could tell, and that in itself was something worthy of praise. "It does feel nice to finally put some sort of label to our strange relationship." Chise laughed, blushing as Elias nuzzled his head against her neck.

"I cannot guarantee that I will be able to feel what you feel, but I intend to try to put a name to these strange feelings as they come along."

"What are you feeling now, Elias?" Chise murmured. She flushed as Elias grabbed her and pulled her into a tight embrace.

"My chest feels warm, and the warmth is spreading throughout my whole body. I feel the need to be close to you, even closer than we are now. What feeling would that be, Chise?"

The redness spread from her cheeks and down to her neck. Elias always knew what to say to make butterflies explode in her stomach. "Attraction, Elias. That sounds like attraction. Perhaps fondness, as well."

"Hm," He murmured, humming low in his throat. "I like these feelings."

"I like them too." She smiled brightly, green eyes twinkling in the sunlight. "Now why don't we eat some of this food you prepared. I'd hate to see it all go to waste."

"Of course. And afterward, I would like to take you sightseeing through the streets of London."

A bubble of excitement burst in Chise's chest. "We're going to the city?"

"Of course. Sightseeing is also a prime example of a successful date, according to Angelica."

Chise giggled. "I would have loved to see her face when you came knocking on her door asking for relationship advice."

"I can assure you, she made the visit every bit as painful as she was able to."

His matter of fact tone of voice made her laugh even harder. It was a refreshing feeling to laugh. Chise couldn't remember the last time she had felt so happy, so content. And as each new memory found a spot within her mind, she was finding it harder and harder to feel the anguish and fear associated with her past.

And all of it was thanks to Elias.

"Here, Elias. I think this is something that couples like to do on dates." She picked up a ripe strawberry. "Say ah-!"

Elias stared. "Ah...?" his voice turned up in a question.

Chise placed the fruit inside his mouth and smoothed her hand across his jaw. "There you go."

Elias swallowed the morsel in a single gulp. "Feeding one another is an act of romance?"

"I think so..." She rubbed her chin in thought. "Although I'm not sure what is so appealing about it."

With the arm that wasn't securely wrapped around her middle, Elias picked up another strawberry. He held it gently between two fingers and brought it toward her mouth. "Say ah-." He imitated, deep voice vibrating against her back. Chise opened her mouth wide with closed eyes, and once the sweet treat was on her tongue, she closed it. Unintentionally, her mouth closed around one of his fingers as well. Without much thought, Chise sucked the sweet hint of melted chocolate from his finger, sighing contentedly as the delectable flavor filled her mouth.

Elias's breath hitched. He pulled his finger out of her mouth, staring silently at the moist appendage. Chise chewed her snack methodically, unaware of Elias's sudden change in mood.

He quickly grabbed another strawberry and held it in front of her mouth. Enjoying the attention, Chise allowed him to stick the piece of fruit on her tongue. She repeated the same act as before, closing her mouth around his finger in order to get every last drop of sweet chocolate.

A low groan sounded in the back of his throat.

Chise reopened her eyes and turned her head upward to look at Elias's face. "Is something wrong?"

Elias was staring at his finger once more. "For some strange reason, whenever you suck on my finger, a searing heat makes its way to my stomach."

At the end of his sentence, Chise jolted in surprise. "I think I know the reason." She whispered, staring ahead with wide eyes as the feeling of his hardness pressed against her back. She shifted slightly, just to make sure she wasn't imagining things. No, Elias was definitely aroused.

A short growl reverberated from his chest. "Chise."

She knew that tone. It was the same tone of voice he used whenever he wanted to do that.

"Alright." She said, reaching up to pat his jaw bone. "Although doing it outside might make me feel awfully exposed..."

He pressed her down against the soft blanket and reached forward to cup the supple mounds on her chest through her shirt. "I doubt anyone will pass through this area. I chose it specifically because of how secluded it tends to be." He massaged her chest, earning a low groan that from Chise's lips. She stared up into the treetops, feeling more human, more alive than she had in a long time. She took in a deep breath, trying to take in as much as she could from her senses. She wanted to remember this. All of it. The sweet smell of flowers drifting toward her nose. The warmth of Elias's hands as he touched her. The sound of leaves rustling up above in the treetops.

The distinct sound of a twig snapping from somewhere behind her...

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