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Just like last time, I am basing this Bella after me and my deafness. I am deaf in my left, have 30% in my right, can read lips and sign.

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Chapter 1-

3 years later.

There was something beautiful about fresh snow blanketing everything that surrounded you outside. The fresh whiteness, where no footsteps marred what Mother Nature gifted us. The lights that gleamed off the freshly falling snow.

Winter had quickly become my favorite season. Only due to the fact that the most pivotal of moments in my life as of late, had all happened during this season. Me proposing to Bella, her telling me she was pregnant. I'd love to say we had our daughter when the first snow fell, but that wasn't the case, in fact, she came in the late summer. She arrived, kicking and screaming into this world, just two weeks before Bella's birthday in September.

I made sure to count all her fingers and toes, and gazed into her wide, blue eyes once she was placed into my arms after Bella was able to hold her after bringing her into the world. I can still remember the smell of her, the sounds of her coos, how long her fingers were, and the way Bella would look over at us with a huge grin on her face as she watched us interact until our baby needed to be fed again.

We struggled with a name, nothing seemed right, until Toby came busting through the door, all excited about meeting his baby sister.

"Is she here yet?" he asked as he walked into the room, Jasper and Alice following slowly behind.

"Yeah, bud. You wanna come meet her?" I patted the seat next to me and waited for him to join. Once he was next to me, I carefully helped him hold his new sister. "Well, Toby, what do you think?"

He gazed down in amazement, his mouth opened and closed a few times, apparently at a loss for words.

I looked over at Bella, who had a soft smile and a tear rolling down her cheek. "You okay?"

She nodded. "Just happy."

I turned my head back toward Toby just in time to see him bending his head down to his sister's, and kissing it ever so softly and closing his eyes. Once he was done, he sat back up and looked at me. "She looks like a Rose, all pink and soft."

My heart stopped for a minute as I looked at Bella, and we both realized that everything just clicked then.

"I think Rose definitely suits her," Bella said in a soft voice. "Rose Elise Cullen, don't you think, Dad?"

I placed my hand softly on Rose's chest, my thumb brushing Toby's fingers. "It is perfect."

From the moment we brought Rose home, Toby was all over "brotherly duties", as he called them. He always made sure she had a blanket, toys around her, even though she was way too young to play with them, and when she was hungry, he made sure Mom had all she needed. He even tried reading to her as Bella would rock her to sleep.

I felt a tug at my pant leg as I was brought out of my memories—a certain two-year-old was wanting my attention. She was a quiet, stealthy thing, always sneaking up on us.

"You want up with Dad?" I voiced as well as signed.

She nodded and pointed out to the window. She loved the snow. She'd sit and watch it fall for as long as she could, if she had the option.

It didn't take long to realize that something wasn't right with our newest member. Even though the hospital hearing test said she was perfect, we had our doubts. She was a very quiet baby, and wouldn't react to certain things the way we thought she should. She seemed to favor one side of her head over the other. Though rare for deafness and hearing loss to be hereditary, Bella was certain.

At four months old, we took Rose to Bella's audiologist, who then did a series of exams and hearing test, and sure enough, our daughter was deaf. We didn't view it as a hardship at all; if anything, it was a gift.

She was an amazing, beautiful girl, who we were lucky to have.

Rose pulled on my shirt a bit harder, her tiny hands coming up to my face. Go out? she signed, smiling.

I nodded and called for Toby, who went to grab all their snow clothes. As I helped get them suited up to go play, I found myself thankful for the life I had now, and wouldn't trade for anything.


To those of you who celebrate, I wish you a very Merry Christmas. Please stay safe.

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