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One or two reviewers noted I'd made a mistake claiming that either I had made a mistake or this was the first year Kuoh had been open to boys. However, just because this is the first year it's been open to the boys, doesn't mean that Issei and co will be coming in as freshman. It just means they were transferees. Given the level of perversion in all three and the fact one of them is academically inclined I could easily see them putting in the effort to pass an entrance exam. "For our harems!"

Another issue many of you pointed out was how the Sensei had to leave to move to his next class, with the students remaining in a single class throughout the day. This has been corrected in the last chapter, and I will keep it in mind going forward.

Others have also expressed concern about the idea of using Rias for various reasons as the main girl in this story. I will argue against that below.

She's over used.

Ehhh I don't think so. She is the main female character for one thing, and for another she's sexy as hell and can be damned powerful too if people actually push her to grow unlike in the original which never really allowed her to move past being the source of a lot of the Ecchi comedy and the 'princess' type of heroine: the one whose need to be saved powers the story. And if you count out the utter dreck and the stories which force crossover characters to become part of her peerage rather than making their own way, there aren't very many good stories with her in them. Or at all in this fandom considering that last point, which pisses me off a LOT: people dying against Raynare and her coterie, who are scrubs in terms of her power level in terms of the original story, and super powerful people being forced to become devils. Makes no sense. Yes my standards are high, is that a problem?

Rias's age and Harry's.

This is a more relevant point in many ways. However, Rias and Akeno, and to a lesser extent Tsubaki and Sona all have bodies that are those of college age women at worst. In many ways they are better looking and more mature than most women that age. Akeno's is… just impossible. And I think Rias and Sona in particular will have had to grow up faster mentally than they would have otherwise. Plus, the actual age difference isn't all that big a deal even in the real world. We hear about couples with ages differences all the time.

They are teacher and student, that's immoral!

In the real world yes. In the real world I would never ever condone this. I would sooner see the teacher drawn and quartered. However the same could be said for the perverted trio. The instant they started to try and spy on girls changing they should have been expelled. The moment that one asshole admits to being a Lolita he should have been kicked out and forced to see psychiatric help. However they are not and this is not the real world. THIS… IS… FICTION! In this world perverts can survive beatings, hordes of students create almost cults worshipping their idols, and oh yes, magic and everything else exists.

Further, I'm not the first to go with this idea, though I might be the second or third to write this idea into this particular fandom. Several Japanese manga and Korean manhwas deal with student/teacher relationships for good or ill, older man/younger woman and older woman/younger man. So while they couldn't be open about their relationship if it occurs, the actual relationship is not revolutionary.

Besides, we tend to forget that Rias and the other characters are devils. They have a sense of morality true, but their morals differ from normal humans in many ways. And in my opinion Kuoh Academy was recreated in a way to allow Sona and Rias to go there and control the territory in the first place. It is very doubtful they could do anything wrong and be called out for it, and even if they did, hey presto devils magic for the win.

It also remains to be seen if Rias will be the main girl in the harem, or simply one of several, with another girl getting past her for the prize as it were first.

For other women I am willing to look at the older women in the series, but other than Yubelluna and Kalawarner, none of the ones who aren't already in a relationship interest me - yes Kuroka is being considered, we'll see, but some of the choices she has made, beyond running off in order to protect her sister, would not sit well with Harry. Feel free to try and convince me, but that is just how I see things, and please remember I won't break up happy couples, so no Grayfia, Veneleana or others. There was a review who asked for Grayfia despite my showing that she and Sirzechs were together and Millicas around, so this has to be said.

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Chapter 2: Perverts Come in All Shapes and Sexes

The rest of Harry's first day as a Sensei at Kuoh was a solid block of classes from lunchtime on but out of four classes, he only really ran into two further issues that first day. One was his first freshman class, which he had right after lunch.

The issue started immediately as he entered the room where the class was taking place. This class, 3-A, or the best and brightest freshman class, was three floors down from his first class. The Japanese believed in separating the grades by floor, and even kept all of the labs and other specialty classrooms on a single floor.

As Harry entered the room he took a sniff of the air his werewolf enhanced senses almost going haywire as the distinct smell of cat reached him. The reason for this was easily apparent as he looked around, the students all standing up and bowing as he did, though Harry quickly waved them back to their seats.

The smell was coming from the student nearest the windows in the first row of students. She was a short white-haired girl, who probably could have been an example for the term petite beauty. She was quite cute with short silver hair and an athletic looking body type though her face was markedly expressionless. The girl also had a yellow issue eyes which were locked on Harry the instant the door opened.

Now without those eyes, I'd have just thought that she was simply a cat person who owned a lot of the furry little murderballs. Those eyes, and the way she's looking at me though tell me something different. Is she some kind of were-creature? Harry had done some reading on local were-people, and he knew that there were a few were-people in the world that were not traditionally found in Europe, werecats being one of them.

Shaking that off Harry moved to the front of the classroom smiling at the class. "Good afternoon, my name is Mister Potter, as you all probably no doubt know by this point. As I am a new Sensei here, I am in the same boat as all of you are: getting to know the school and getting to know the students and the other Senseis. As such, whenever I ask you a question, could you please state your name before you give me the answer?" Harry spoke in Japanese and while worded that as a question, it was obvious to the freshman that he meant it as an order.

"Can I have a volunteer for a moment please to come up and take these books for me?" He said in English, gesturing to the large pile of small paperback books he had carried in.

The sudden switch seemed to startle many of the students, but more than half of the class understood what he said, and a few raised their hands. Harry chose one of them randomly, and she stood up, giving her name and said "Traditionally jobs like that are given to the class representative Sensei."

Harry laughed. "That might be, but you're all freshman, and it's the first day of class so you don't have a classroom rep, do you?"

That won him some laughs, and the girl ruefully replied that they did not, just that she had been a classroom rep at the middle school she had been in the year previous. Harry nodded affably and said "Well if you win the job again, I'll be sure to remember that. For now please, Miss Sana, please distribute copies of this book."

The girl did so, reading the cover of it as she did, which read, Terry Pratchett's Witch's Abroad.

"I'm assigning this book as a sort of assessment," Harry said going on as the girl went down the rows, trying not to look in the white-haired girl's direction though he could feel her eyes still on him. "As this is the first day, I would like to perform an assessment of your skill levels personally, rather than relying on the grades that I saw from your old schools. I realize this might be a little unusual, but I hope to show that learning English he doesn't always have to be difficult, or dominated by reading what are known as 'classics'."

Harry held up his fingers making the quotation mark around the word 'classics' while still speaking in practically flawless Japanese before switching to English as he went on. "This however is a slightly teenage book, so if you are irritated by curses, or curse words, or find magic as a topic offensive, please raise your hand and you won't have to participate. There's nothing dirty in these books of course, but they are set in a Middle Ages sort of world, and people cursed a lot back then."

That won him more laughs from the people who were still able to follow what he was saying, and they quickly shared what they were hearing with their neighbors, which was partly why Harry had switched. Students learned best when they were learning together after all, and he wanted them all to get into the mindset of helping one another quickly.

Harry was also happy to see that this class had five boys rather than the two that his first class had, and all of them looked the studious type. Harry noticed one of them exchanging shy glances with a girl next to him, and wondered if there were already couples among the kids. Not my business, Harry thought determinedly.

He began to walk around front of the classroom, handing out syllabuses. "This is going to be our syllabus for the rest of the year. We'll go over it first before we get to the fun part, during which I want you all to take out your notebooks and pencils."

As Harry was about to reach the girl with the silver hair one of the students at the front row quickly held up a hand. Harry turned and nodded. The boy stated his name, then asked "I don't see any actual textbooks on here sensei."

"I'm not going to assign full textbooks. You will be giving excerpts and writing assignments from a few textbooks, but I hope to create a more natural learning environment in this class than would be the case if we just followed along with a single textbook." Harry said in English before repeating himself in Japanese. As he did he finished putting down the paper in front of the white-haired girl, and whispered in a tone that no one but another were-person would have been able to hear. "I don't have an issue with you unless you start one kitty."

The girl twitched, but some of the tension seemed to leave her body as Harry went on, moving across each line of desks and handing out papers. At the same time he fielded questions about the syllabus, which was a good sign, they were reading it, and looking ahead rather than waiting for him to give them all the information. One of the first questions had to do with the assigned weekend reading Harry had inserted into the syllabus.

"Every week you'll read a chapter from an English book. You can pick one out of every five at the start, and you have four days to choose them, but I expect you to start reading them right away. You will be required to write small chapter summaries in English over the weekend followed by a question-and-answer sessions on Mondays. During those question and answers sections we'll cover areas such as grammar, specific vocabulary words, and any difficulties you run into during the reading. Those summaries can range from five sentences, the bare minimum I'll accept, to twenty if you want to show off and maybe earn some extra points."

"Extra points?" asked a student, not giving her name.

Harry looked at her, pausing in handing out syllabuses until she muttered her name and apologized. Harry nodded, and went on as if nothing happened. "Extra points can go towards specific quizzes or test grades to bring your grades up, or homework. As I said I'll also be assigning you specific fill in the blank type worksheets every night except over the weekend so you can use a good twenty sentence summary say to get out of a night's work if you have a test coming up in another class. Though if you do have another test in another classroom coming up please tell me. I'm very flexible in making certain that we don't overburden you."

Many of the students looked grateful at that since Kuoh was a prestigious school and the workload reflected that.

Finished handing out syllabuses, Harry moved up to the front of the classroom. "Now, to read these books there are a few extremely odd names you'll need to get used to speaking. We'll go over those now. Repeat after me," Harry said as he turned to the whiteboard and began to write on it.

Soon enough he had the characters of the Discworld series written out, and some of the students were whispering, and one of them stood raised her hand gave her name and asked quizzically, "Is the Luggage really a character?"

Harry smiled at her which caused the girl to blush but Harry ignored that figuring the students would get over their reaction to him soon enough. Oh please let them get over it, especially those two from my last class.

Shaking his head from an image of red hair and black hair and bodies built for sin Harry asked the girl to look to the back of the book, where the characters were. "Open your books to that page, and let us all read along with Miss Ikki as she tells us about… the Luggage."

After the reading, Harry translated some of the more hard to understand words, and gave a brief overview of how to change Japanese sentence structure into English. There was now a lot of interest in the books, all of the students looking down at them thoughtfully as they realized that this was a fantasy novel that maybe could get into even if it was assigned reading.

This was helped by Harry saying that he would read it first, and continually translating from English into Japanese as they went.

By the time he was done reading the first five pages, the students were into the story, smiling at one another. Harry then stopped, looked at them all and asked, "Now how many words did you notice there that you didn't already understand?"

Most of the students had three, some of them had as many as seven. But this was within the ballpark of what Harry had expected from this class and he nodded. "Good we'll go over those now, and then let's start from the end of the first row and go across towards the windows then back and forth. Each student will read five sentences, and you can ask for help on words two times. Let's see if you can make it interesting too, I'd like to see some accents if you're speaking as a character. How do you interpret the character's speaking, what kind of tone do they use, can you speak like a stuck up king type?" Harry said, changing his voice to match that, getting giggles and laughter from the entire class. "Can you speak like an airhead? Or a belligerent warrior?"

Again his impressions won him more giggles and laughter from all the students save from the white-haired girl, who had only allowed a small smile to flit across her face and that was all. The unresponsive type? That's not fun; we'll have to do something about that.

The students did frequently need to ask for help, but Harry took that in stride writing the word up on the whiteboard to make certain that all of the students understood that they needed to write those words down to, and when questions about grammar came along, answered them quickly. They only stopped the storytelling when they got to Ms. Koneko, who stated her five sentences flatly, without asking for help which was a good thing, but without any kind of emotion or happiness in her town, staring straight at the book.

When she finished, Harry shook his head sadly. "Lame."

The girl looked up at him narrowing her eyes. "Not lame," she said firmly as if the word was a personal affront to her.

Smirking slightly, Harry realized it might well be though why he didn't know. "No, that was quite lame. I mean come on. I asked the class to put some imagination some passion into it, and you do that? If we ever get to a story about robots perhaps that would be the proper tone to use, but not here. Now come on Ms. Toujo, give me an impression of Granny Weatherwax."

Harry ignored the fact that most of the girls had blushed when he had said the word 'passion', feeling their reaction to that was just a little on the creepy side. Rias and Akeno, for all that they were third year high school girls had the bodies of fully grown women and attitudes more like that of college girls so their flirting (subtly in Rias's case) didn't freak him out nearly as much as being looked at like this did by the younger students. I really hope they get over this kind of thing quickly.

Eyes narrowed Koneko stared at him for a moment, but when Harry smirked back at her making it clear he wasn't going to let the next student pick up the tale until she obeyed his request, she sighed then reread the section she had just read. She gave a near perfect rendition of Granny Weatherwax as she had appeared in a cartoon Harry had watched with his daughter at one point.

"Well done!" Harry said, clapping, which caused the rest of the class to clap.

This caused Koneko in turn to flush slightly, sitting down abruptly. She perked up however, when Harry pulled out a bag of local sweets.

"I will give one of these sweets out to every person who we think did the best job both reading in English and the best impression of any voice that she had to do. I think we can all agree that Ms. Koneko, once she was prompted, did the best." Harry said winking at the young girl. With that Harry handed the girl a sweet before motioning for the young girl behind her to start up.

With something to actually win the rest of the class was far more determined and Harry smiled slightly. At this stage, the student should be moving from exterior motivation to interior motivation, but it wasn't as if the change was like flipping a switch, and apparently the truism that all kids liked candy was true in Japan as much as it would've been back in England.

By the time the class ended, the students had about thirty words they would need to study how to speak, though only four whose meaning they hadn't understood. On top of this there were only three points of grammar that they would have to memorize. So Harry was quite pleased with the level of education and interest that they were already showing.

He ended the class with a smile on his face, storing the books in the back after reminding the kids to look at the book list for the weekend reading by Friday. That day they would be able to pick them up from the bookstore.

Still feeling Koneko's eyes on him Harry left after that and headed for his next class. That next class was a simple one, another freshman grade class. Harry again had quite a bit of fun, with none of the students reacting as Koneko had to his presence. On top of that he had become somewhat inured to the blushing and stairs from this students. It still struck him as extremely creepy coming from girls this young but he was able to get us past it.

His fourth class for the day however was a sophomore class, where the ratio of girls to boys reverted to type. There were only three boys in this class and they swiftly proved to be the second problem Harry ran into that first day.

All three of them were in the back of the class crowded around one of their desks. Apparently they had decided to take the time between their last Sensei leaving and Harry turning up to talk about the girls in class.

"Oh my God! I am so glad we transferred Look at the ratio here! Boys we are in oppai heaven! Here it is, right here, I will start down the road of a Harem King!"

"I know! And the uniforms here, they are so damn sexy!"

"Bah who cares about the uniforms, it's the bodies underneath! Have you seen some of the oppai and asses around here, fantastic! I am so glad we were able to get in."

"Your thanks are duly noted," said one of the three to the other two, pushing up a pair of round glasses on his nose. He was the shortest of the three, with messy black hair. The other one who had talked about 'oppai heaven', whatever oppai was, was the middle of them in terms of height. He had brown hair, brown eyes and looked altogether normal beyond the leering expression on his face. The last was the tallest with a cru-cut and a more athletic body type than the other two.

Harry had entered the classroom silently, having gotten used to the idea that the students would notice his arrival, and one or more would then tell the rest of the class to stand and bow. This did not happen this time as most of the girls were too busy glaring back of the boys who didn't seem to realize that their quiet discussion wasn't quiet at all. Nor had the boy noticed the expressions of disgust and growing fury on the faces of the girls all around them.

Deciding to nip both sides of this issue in the bud, Harry reached behind him and forcefully slammed the door shut. The slam did its work, jolting everyone's eyes towards him. "Ladies and gentlemen, I realize it is the last class of the day, but that is in no way a sign that you are allowed to slack off. Eyes front!" He barked, and all of the class jolted, quickly staring forward toward Harry as he marched into the room.

The other classes Harry had been able to handle rather gently but here he would have to tailor his teaching style to his audience. "My name is Mr. Potter and I will be your English Sensei," he said, still in Japanese, before repeating himself in English.

"I am not a very strict disciplinarian, but I do demand that you concentrate on what we are learning, and that certain discussions do not occur in my classroom." He said looking at the three boys, only one of whom had the decency to look sheepish about being caught out. "As for your discussion boys, which was quite loud whatever you might've thought and not at all private, if you're looking for a girlfriend might I suggest that you get to know girls first rather than simply ogling them? Girls don't like it if you only like them for their bodies."

"But the bodies are this thing you have to know first! You can get to know them later," said one of the boys waving that office if it was of no consequence.

"We must be true to ourselves after all!" the boy with glasses said nodding his head firmly.

The one who had looked sheepish before nodded sternly with the others. "There are only two types of men in the world, closet and open perverts. We are upfront with our desires! And I love oppai!"

"It is our power of perversion that sets us apart, that drives us to succeed!" the taller one shouted.

The girls all began to shout, but Harry stopped them with a simple single word. "Enough." It'd taken him months of training with Professor McGonagall to get the Teacher Tone down, but paid off here.

The classroom immediately quieted, and Harry looked at the boys. "If you're not willing to listen to my advice on that point, that is your own problem. However, if I find you harassing girls, concentrating on other things in my classroom when you should be concentrating on learning English, or in any way acting inappropriately for a classroom or scholastic setting, I will have you suspended at the very least. Then you can kiss your oppai kingdom, whatever oppai is I haven't heard that word before and I'm not certain I want to, goodbye."

Harry looked around the girls. "That goes for the rest of you as well. There will be no shouting in this class unless it is in character," Harry said holding up one of the books he was going to hand out. There will be no violence either," he added, looking at one of the girls who had looked like she was going to hit the boy sitting next to her. "Bottle up that emotion and use it in the Phys. Ed. class. It will be particularly useful when we play dodgeball."

There were some laughs at that as two out of the three anyway cringed. The one boy who looked a bit more athletic than the other simply smirked, leaning back and crossing his arms arrogantly.

Harry sighed realizing that his little diatribe wasn't sinking in and decided to move the class on. "I didn't have to cover this with any of my other classrooms, but if you do act out breaking my simple rules of the classroom, or do not perform adequately on your homework, there will be consequences and punishments. These punishments can range from physical such as having to do push-ups for the entire class say, or perhaps coming up and performing a little play in English for us all complete with costume. Now sit down, pay attention and you might learn something above and beyond English ladies and gentlemen."

The rest of the class went somewhat better than it had started, though he was interrupted a few times by the boys trying to comment on one of the girls when they stood up to speak and once when Harry saw one of them had actually pulled out a porn magazine. "This is what I was talking about before when I mentioned disruptions in my class and not concentrating Mr. Motohama." He said grabbing it the hands of the boy in glasses, whose name was Motohama, before he could do more than twitch.

"But Sensei, it's educational! It's not only in English, but it uses foreign bra sizes, that's important information!" The jock, Matsuda, protested.

"Wrong answer Mr. Matsuda." Harry held up the offending magazine, noting that the girl on one cover was being groped from behind while standing in a train, and the one on the back was in chains. That was a sign to Harry and he added a little more force to the glare he sent at the trio.

Holding that glare on the three he ripped the thick magazine in half and then into quarters which seemed to send the boy into paroxysms of grief, there were even tears in his eyes. "Consider yourself lucky. I can't imagine that it's legal for someone your age to own that kind of magazine at all, which means you either stole it or got it from your parents. I suppose I could call and ask if your father's missing a…"

"No, no that's fine!" Said Matsuda hurriedly said, indicating without actually saying it that the magazine had been his.

"I thought so." Harry replied grimly, returning to the front of the class. He had to wonder if this would be a constant battle or if the boys might actually shape up and put aside their childish fantasies.

Harry moved on from there, not covering nearly as much of Witches Abroadas the first two freshman classes had. This class also had a lot more new words they would need to practice and several more grammar issues than the other classes he taught. This was especially sad considering they were a year older than hit the two freshman classes.

Later that day Harry left the school heading toward the elementary school he had had enrolled Lily in. Even as he was walking Harry was still thinking about the students here.

Besides Koneko there was a very odd feel to some of them. I've never felt anything like it wizards don't give off feelings like that unless they're really powerful. It was a sense of something right on the edge of his awareness, something about them was telling him they were more than they appear. In that manner it reminded Harry of the two women he and Lily met in Tokyo that first day.

If I could've trusted my werewolf side to behave I might've tried to smell Rias and Akeno to see what I could detect from that. But there's no way I could have. Damn it, I didn't realize I was so pent up to react the way I did today to flirt, however lightly with my students whatever their looks or maturity. I'll have to do something about that tonight if I can…

Still, that can wait until after I pick up Lily, have dinner, and help her with her homework if I need to. Then I have my first class in the local school of magic to get to. That should be fun at least. Yes Harry decided, despite the issues with the perverts and the mysteries surrounding his strangely mature students and, Harry was pleased with how the day went.


After school let out for that, Rias, Akeno, Sona and Tsubaki met up in the Occult Research Clubs meeting room. It was still somewhat more comfortable for long conversations then the Student Council's office and since Rias had been the one to call the meeting and have personal information about the mystery they were discussing it happened in her territory.

Sona looked at her friend, pushing her glasses up her nose as she did. "So he's a good teacher at least?" She hadn't had Mister Potter's class yet. Before the class began she and Rias had decided to stay in two separate classes so they could more easily compete against one another via school activities in the future. Mr. Potter would have her class and two sophomore classes the next day along with his first two PE classes.

"A very good teacher, actually. Different certainly, and not very authoritarian I think, but very good." Rias said looking over Akeno who nodded. "He seems to wants to teach us how to speak English in as natural format as he can. Koneko, what did you think?"

Koneko shrugged. She was still a little irritated at being called lame, even though she had enjoyed the sweet that Harry he had given her. She also knew she would have to be more emotive in the future in that class, having gotten the impression Mr. Potter would call her out on it if she wasn't. Still, he didn't seem to be too violent or biased against her thanks to her heritage, so she was okay with that and he had given her sweets. "He's a good werewolf," she supplied, munching on the last sweet.

"So he is a werewolf?" Sona asked, prompting Koneko to nod once.

"Well done Koneko-chan!" Rias praised, reaching over to gently stroke the younger girl's hair. The girl leaned against her quickly, pushing her head against her king's hand.

"So he would be a rook for certain if we offered her him a position in either of our peerages."

"No, Mr. Potter also has quite a bit of magical power within him," Rias said thinking aloud. "In fact I think he'd be perfect for the Queen position, but then that one's already been taken," she said teasingly, winking over at her oldest friend, who giggled in reply.

"Ara, I could transfer to become our second Bishop Rias-sama. I'd certainly be more than willing to… serve… under … him." She finished sultrily, her eyes going half-lidded as she licked her full lips.

Sona rolled her eyes at Akeno's seductive tone while Rias simply laughed. "Personally I am uninterested in adding a man to my peerage at this moment. It would wreck our internal dynamics too much. However I do have news of my own about Harry Potter."

As Rias and Akeno looked at her Sona sighed, looked back at Rias seriously. "Mr. Potter was scouted and offered the job by Lucifer-sama."

Rias nodded evincing no surprise at that. "A bodyguard for certain then for both of us I presume, just in case we run into anything we can't handle. Still, he's not one of my Oni-sama's peerage, which could give him a plausible deniability if that ever came to light." She finished musingly. "And he's not a devil of any kind, so if he can be recruited. He could be a major asset."

"True, but I'd caution you about being a little too quick to jump on that idea. He is after all an adult, and frankly I don't see him willing to be easily forced into a submissive position." Sona replied.

Rias glared at her. "I have never treated my peerage like that!"

"No you haven't, but you are still the head of your little family, and he might not be willing to submit even to that." Sona said smiling, patting her friend's hand in apology for how Rias had taken her words.

Rias smiled, taking her hand and squeezing it once in response to that, and nodded thoughtfully. "I thought of that too, and I will be careful."

"There is also the whole Sensei-student thing to consider," Sona went on seriously. "We might be devils, but there's a limit to what we can get away with even here at the center of our territory, not without a lot of memory changing magic. He would get fired unless we continually changed people's memories and you possibly sent back home if any kind of connection between the two of you came to light and got back to our families. This isn't a manga after all," Sona finished, teasing her friend lightly.

Rias nodded, not taking umbrage at the dig to her favorite pastime. "I thought of that too. But building up my peerage is easily the best way to get out of a certain issue that you know is coming up. And Harry Potter represents power of some kind. I'm not going to leap into this. But I do want to find out more about him."

"Perfectly sensible," Sona said standing up. "Now if you'll excuse me, there's a lot of work I need to get done before I head home." She exchanged hugs with Rias before exiting the room with her Queen Tsubaki following her quickly.

After her friends left, Rias moved over to the chest puzzle that Akeno had set up, her eyes peering down at the board but not seeing it for the moment. There were several ways she had thought of to get out of the unwanted marriage to Riser Phenex that her parents had foisted on her before she was even born. Building up her peerage to the point where she could challenge him for the right to her hand and beat him soundly was easily the best of those options, hence why she and the others trained every weekend they could to become stronger, but there were others. One of which would probably have extremely negative long-term consequences, but it was an idea.

Funny, Rias thought, I liked how Harry looked at me; it strangely made me feel good to be looked at like that by a man rather than a boy. Rias thought of Riser as a boy despite his being older than her. Riser Phenex was too consumed by his passions, too grasping and childish in other ways especially his arrogance, for her to treat him as anything but. But Harry Potter, he was something else. What that something else was, she had yet to determine.

So busy was she thinking about their new teacher that Rias neglected to think about the other students at all and how they could help her with their unwanted engagement. She even forgot that she had sent Kiba to keep an eye on one Issei Hyoudou, who she had felt some kind of power from.

Quickly solving the chess problem her queen had laid out, Rias looked over to Akeno. "Could you prepare a magic circle Akeno? I think I'm going to send out my familiars for a little scouting mission."

Akeno nodded readily, having anticipated that command and looking forward to it. Koneko, unable to use the same spell the two of them were, simply pulled out her homework and began to do it, munching on her sweets at the same time while waiting for their peerage's fourth member to show up.


Lily stood with the other students of her elementary school, glowering at a group of older boys and girls. Even elementary school kids formed cliques, and the older boys and girls especially the group she was glaring at seemed to lord it over the younger kids. As a girl who was perhaps a full grade or perhaps even two grades ahead academically of where she would be normally, Lily was perfectly well aware of that and didn't like it one bit.

Since she was a foreigner on top of being a newcomer, Lily had garnered a lot of negative attention from that group and others. I won't do anything about words or whispers, not unless they try to become physical. If they do, then Kapow!

Lily liked the word Kapow. She had seen it in a comic book, and really liked the comedic yet violent nature of the made up word. That and Kazzaam. Kazzaam after all could be used for magical effects and Lily loved magic. She often thought that was another problem between her daddy and mother. Mother took magic for granted, seeing it as the normal way of things. Daddy loved magic, and never stopped learning about it.

Several of the boys and girls she was looking at looked over at Lily glaring back at her, mouthing the words gaijin witch at her, and she scoffed, not breaking eye contact but crossing her arms. As if being called a witch was supposed to be a curse. Her mommy was a witch, Hermione and Luna, her favoritest people in the whole world next to her daddy were both witches and Lily knew she was a witch too. Lily thought these bullies were calling her that because red hair, but if so that was stupid too.

"Lily!" a loved voice said, and her eyes quickly shifted over to where it had come from a wide smile on her face.

"Hey daddy!" She shouted, quickly bowing to the Sensei and picking up her bookbag moving over to her father who stood at the entrance to the school.

The Sensei walked her over, and Lily noticed several of the mothers who were hanging around the jungle gym which was part of the elementary school's front yard blushing at the tall handsome foreigner. Rolling her eyes, Lily grabbed her father's hand and pulled him away. "Come on daddy! I'm hungry."

Harry laughed, letting his daughter pull him away, though he had wanted to talk to one of her teachers about how she was fitting in. Still, that could wait until Saturday, giving Lily more time to fit in and the teachers' time to get to know her. "Does that mean you want to stop on the way home?"

Lily stuck out her tongue in thought for a moment then nodded. The two of them had had a few bad experiences with the food here, the most horrifying being something called natto, which Lily would never eat ever again. Some of the sushi had also been pretty nasty, though some of the others were good.

"All right, let's see if we can find one of those little street stall places. They seem to have decent and quick food. Heh, I doubt I'll ever get over the idea of KFC and McDonalds being high end family food here. Were you assigned a lot of homework? I've got a few things I need to work on too."

"Only a few worksheets," Lily said, waving that off. "The teachers were really surprised by how good my Japanese was already daddy, thought they stuck me with my age group 2."

"Well that probably won't last week don't worry Lily," Harry said, smiling affectionately at his precocious daughter and rubbing her head. "Have you made any friends?"

"Hmm, not yet," Lily said, frowning a little. "I think they'll need a bit to warm up to me, and me to them too. After all this is the first time I've gone to school, and fitting in is hard."

"That makes sense I suppose," Harry replied, not happy about it but understanding that sometimes it took kids time to get used to one another. Not everyone could make friends like he and Ron had right off the bat after all and they were older than Lily was to boot.

The conversation continued as they walked down the street until Lily spotted one of these small food stalls and pulled Harry towards it. The fact that it advertised oden, which was one of the things that she had really enjoyed trying over the past few weeks, explained the urgency.

Harry however paused as he was about to push his way under the stall's flap, staring up into the sky where he had noticed something flying around near one of the rooftops, frowning. A bat? But it's not that dark out yet. Bloody hell, I hope that doesn't mean there are vampires around. Arrogant arseholes the lot of them.


Back in the Occult Research Club's headquarters, Rias and Akeno were looking through the eyes of Rias's familiar via a magical spells they had learned to use in conjunction with their familiars. As one they let out involuntarily squeals at how cute Lily looked the instant she ran over to her father.

"Wow!" Akeno muttered, pushing her shoulder against Rias's. "She really does look like you when you were younger. Except perhaps for a certain air of innocence that you never had."

"Ouch," Rias said, holding a hand up to her large chest. Then she cancelled the spell, sighing slightly. "We won't follow them further for today. I just wanted to see what Lily looked like, intruding like this on family time is a little wrong."

"Ara, so you don't want to find out more about them?" Akeno teased, knowing what the answer was already.

"I didn't say that," Rias said smiling. "While I don't want to observe the two of them having family time or anything like that, that doesn't mean I don't want to snoop around their house little. After all, this is our territory, and if Harry, er Mister Potter is operating within it even with my Oni-sama's approval, we need to know more about him, don't we. Now, why don't you call up your little Oni?"

Akeno nodded, smiling happily at the justification Rias had come up with for their spying. Akeno didn't really need any of that; she was far too interested in trying to get to the bottom of the mystery that was Harry Potter to bother with justifications of any sort.

Waving one hand in the air, she summoned up her Oni. They appeared in the air, all five of them hovering there before falling, landing lightly on their feet. In appearance they were little creatures about the size of her hand that appeared to have skin colored in various shades of neon. They also wore traditional Oni clothing, complete with tiny clubs strapped to their backs. As she looked at them they lined up, saluting. "Desu!"

Giggling Akeno reached down, picking up and hugging each of them to her in turn, causing each Oni to blush as it disappeared into her chest for a moment. "My dears you're going to go on a bit of an espionage mission. Don't be seen, and please remember to work together, this isn't a competition understood?"

"Desu!" the five little Oni chorused, saluting once more as Akeno set the last of them down in the magical circle. Two of them looked a little sheepish at her words of admonishment, but they were sincere in their understanding of her orders, so that was fine.

Stepping back Akeno held her hands out over the magic circle beginning to chant a spell. Rias supplied her with Harry Potter's address, and she finished the spell which should have teleported the little things away,

Instead, the spell fizzled blocked by something. The two devils exchanged a glance and then Rias said "Send your little friend to the house next to Mr. Potter's. Let's see what happens."

That time the spell worked and Akeno nodded. "Some kind of anti-teleportation spell?"

"Well we knew he was a magician," Rias said, shrugging philosophically. "I've never heard of one of them being able to block a devilic type teleportation spell, but it isn't exactly outside the realm of possibility. It simply tells us more about Harry doesn't it?"

Akeno giggled. "So he's no longer Mister Potter at all is he?"

"Oh hush," Rias admonished, moving forward to join her friend as the circle changed, showing the area around the five Oni.

They watched as one of the Akeno's other devils stop started to climb a tree on the property they had been teleported to, which was directly behind Mr. Potter's place. As it climbed it was followed by the others, exchanging orders with them as it dropped a rope to help their climb along. "Desu. Desu Desu Desu!" The Oni in the lead ordered, the others obeying the climbing specialist quickly.

As always, both girls giggled as they heard the Onis speaking. To their ears it was only a single word, but the Oni could have entire conversations simply repeating that single word.

Unfortunately for the tiny explorers there was no tree on the other side of the fence separating the two properties. After some discussion it was decided one of them would have to jump for it. A brisk competition of rock paper scissors followed, and the little blue-skinned Oni came out the loser.

Grumbling Desus under its breath it walked back along the tree branch to get a running start before leaping off the edge of the branch shouting its battle cry. "DESUUUUUU!"

However rather than land on the grass on the other side of the fence separating the two properties, it splatted against something unseen. The jumper slammed into it like it was a solid object and the blue-skinned Oni slid down to the ground as if he had hit a window of glass. "Des…u…" the little being moaned, hitting the fence and then flopping back down to the ground.

"Some kind of solid barrier?" Akeno said intrigued. She wasn't worried about her little Oni. Despite their size they were tough, and could take massive impacts only to come bouncing back like rubber.

"Can your other Oni look inside the property?" Rias said, though she suspected the answer would be a negative. It was, and she smiled brightly. "Well now, that is interesting."

"Such a reaction could definitely not come from a Sacred gear, and I've never heard of a magician able to keep familiars out let alone stop them from seeing into his property at all," Akeno said, one hand coming up to rest on her chin that arm cradled by her other arm under her breasts.

This pushed those two giant mounds forward to a degree that made Rias twitch a little. "It reminds me of something we were told to avoid coming to Japan but not quite. Certainly I never heard of the hehe, going splat phenomenon before just the idea of an aversion field. Still it wouldn't affect familiars like that, this is something different."

Akeno looked at her quizzically, and Rias waved that off. "I'll think about it, we weren't given much information about the aversion fields, just to avoid going anywhere where we felt that kind of feeling."

As her queen watched Rias began to pace thoughtfully, going over everything they had already learned of the foreign Sensei, not noticing a smile had appeared on her face as she contemplated the mystery. Akeno did notice it, and was wondering if that was for the mystery, or if Rias was simply interested in Harry. It would be the first time Rias actually showed interest in a boy at all or rather a man in this case, and Akeno idly pondered how much fun she would have with that if such was in fact the case.

For her part Akeno knew she was interested in Potter the man not just the mystery. He was handsome, strong, and seemed to have a lot of willpower. What wasn't to like?

She had enjoyed trying to flirt with the man, and when he had let out that little response to her it sent a thrill up her spine. It was so much more interesting playing the game with someone who was willing to respond in kind rather than simply blushing, stammering or bowing to her every whim.

"We'll continue to try to get close to him," Rias decided. "But I don't think we'll keep trying to spy on him outside of class. If he became aware of our actions, it could count negatively against our getting to know him."

And frankly it was making me a little uncomfortable watching Harry and his daughter walk around like that, Rias thought but did not say aloud. Of all of her peerage, only Rias came from something which could be called a happy family, though her relationship with her father wasn't the best, and hadn't been for close to nine years now. But that was nothing compared to Koneko, Akeno or Kiba's past, and she refused to rub that into Akeno's face.

Akeno nodded and moved over to get them some tea while Rias moved over to their backpacks and got out their books.


Harry decided he and Lily could eat out in their backyard for the day, having had enough of being inside for one day while at work. That's one thing I've never heard other werewolves talk about, Harry thought as he brought out two small desks and his laptop sitting with his back to a tree. Staying inside for any length of time makes us antsy. I wonder how much of that is werewolf instincts and the number of artificial scents that we smell when inside buildings, and how much of it is simply being enclosed?

I also wonder how much of that will carry over to Lily. Harry smiled slightly as he watched his daughter race out of the house, then over to a tree, climbing up it quickly then down before coming over to him an eager light in his eyes. "Work first luv, then we can play."

The young girl's eyes narrowed. Harry could almost see the wheels turn in her head as she debated trying her dreaded puppy dog eyes attack and he quickly held up a hand. "I mean it Lily. I have work I need to do too, so I wouldn't be able to play with you for very long anyway. But if we both work hard through the week, we can go running on Sunday. So let's eat while we work, and then maybe we can have some play time before your bedtime. "

That caused Lily to nod rapidly, dropping down next to her father, leaning not against the tree Harry was using as a back, but his side and pulling out her bookbag. Lily loved running, which Harry knew was her werewolf side coming out.

As Lily pulled out the food containers in turn and set them up on one of the desks, Harry's watched, a faint smile on his face not showing his thoughts. Lily and Teddy were not the first children of half-werewolf couples of course, but given the unique way Harry had dealt with the werewolf curse, Harry had to wonder how much of it would transfer over. Teddy was a year older, but he hadn't shown anything more than some slightly enhanced senses, and a more than normal hankering for meat. That made him pretty normal for kids like them.

Lily had the first, though she hadn't developed the latter, enhanced speed and, to Harry's chagrin, some enhanced strength too. He had found that out when Lily had fallen off his broom after 'borrowing it' the year before. Ginny's rage at that had been something to see, reminding Harry of Mrs. Weasley at her worst, but Lily hadn't been hurt much despite falling twenty feet, and Harry had declared that it must have been a Potter tradition to steal their parents brooms. Sirius had told him both James and Charlus, Harry's grandfather, had done the same thing.

"Here Daddy, the oden's ready. Eat it while it's hot, you know it goes manky if it gets cold," Lily said, then giggled, holding out a fork to Harry's face threatening to actually put the food in his eye rather than his mouth. "Say aahhh!"

"Ahhh," Harry said obligingly leaning forward and eating the meal off the fork. As Lily laughed, Harry put an arm around her, gently turning her to the meal and the desk containing her first day's homework. "Now, let's see what you were assigned hmmm?"

For the most part Lily was able to handle the workload easily. Math was math after all, and reading Japanese was easy enough with Harry there to help and the translation spell he had cast on the two of them. However the writing assignments, small worksheets with words she would have to copy, were a different matter. This was repetitive work, which Lily promptly began to hate with a passion. Still Harry was quick to help her, guiding her hand to write the first dozen words in kanji before leaving her to it.

With Lily thus unhappily occupied, Harry opened his laptop and signed on to his first class in the local magic. Skimming through the syllabus he found it was decently organized, but all in Japanese of course. And while he was getting used to reading it like Lily had to, he still had an issue reading down the page and from right to left, another thing he had in common with Lily.

The first class was a history lesson rather than a magical one, which was rather interesting to Harry. It detailed how the Japanese magicals had interacted with the Chinese and Korean magicals in the past, which basically had been marked with several short, very sharp wars. Whole communities had been wiped out in those wars, which had thoroughly mixed the different magical backgrounds up to that point. And then came World War 2.

It turned out that the Chinese magicals been wiped out during the war in China. There was a common theory between the surviving Japanese magical communities that some of their own, who had embraced the idea of Japan's racial superiority much like the Japanese military at the time, had instigated the rape of Nanking. Nanking had been the center of China's magical civilization.

Later near the end of the war the group which might have been behind it was wiped out in turn by MACUSA. The same government that would have forced Harry and Lily to carry trackers and bind their magical cores had no mercy on their enemies in a war of survival.

This had halved the size of Japan's magical population, as well as wiping out many native species, leaving only the groups that were isolationist pacifists. They had kept to themselves, hid and didn't fight in WW2 at all, and their wards were pretty incredible according to the history, and they had a pact with something called the Yokai association. After the war the surviving magicals had left behind their isolationist policies and expanded into the rest of Japan, forgoing their seclusion for a more active type of secrecy, hiding among the multitude. There were numerous references to that time that went over Harry's head, but what he understood was interesting enough. After that bit of reading however, Harry began to get to what really fascinated him: the magic of the Japanese wizards, or Onmyodo as they called themselves.

As the idea of multiple separate communities implied, magic in Japan was old, going much further back than Japan as a united nation did, but magic as it was practiced today came from two different presiding principles. One was based on native concepts called Kotodama. The second was based on the ancient Chinese methodology that the locals had absorbed during their wars with the mainland and it was named Onmyodo, and had given its name to the local magic-users as a whole.

There was also a third principle, called Jugondo, but the chapter Harry had been assigned as his first class - which read like a broad overview - said it was no longer practiced outside very select families. These families were almost an entirely separate community, harkening back to the same almost xenophobic ideal that the rest of the magicals had left behind after World War 2. The chapter was very blunt about that, which told Harry very bad things about how those families were both viewed, and how they possibly protected their favored status.

Harry smiled, letting loose a small 'Ahh', as he finally got to the real magic bit. This caused Lily to look up and she turned to him, eager for any excuse to take a break from her own repetitive writing assignment. "What's so interesting Daddy?" Poking her head between Harry's arms she looked at the computer screen only to see a rather intimidating wall of Japanese kanji. "Eep…"

"Heh. No worries Lily. Once I have a handle on the local magics I'll share with you. But the first thing is interesting because it highlights how different Europeans and the Japanese see magic."

"You mean like transfiguration, charms etc?" Lily asked, her little brow furrowing as she put to work everything Harry and Hermione, and Luna to a lesser extent, had told her about magic.

"Mmm sort of, since the locals don't seem to break their magical types down like that. But no, this is a bit over your head at the moment. Unless you can tell me what the idea of there being five elements instead of four would mean to transfiguration and wards?" Harry teased.

With a pout Lily turned away, smacking her dad in the side with an elbow as she went back to her own work.

Chuckling, Harry went back to reading.

Despite Onmyodo having given its name to the Japanese magicals, it was Kotodama which formed the basis of both disciplines. Translating the word to English, Kodama became 'Word of the soul' literally the idea that there were words that could impact the world around one and the individual. There were four stages to learning in Kotodama, which further broke down into mastery of the body, the world around you, the mind, and finally the soul. Those segments were further connected to the Five Basic Elements as the Asians saw the world: water, fire, wood, metal and earth, rather than wind, water, fire and earth. These elements combined to become the five pointed star which became the center of every major runic work and was called Seimei Kikyo.

First came way of the body, or Earth, since that was the element the body came from. This broke down to meaning that a healthy body equaled a healthy magical core, or at least that was what the first chapter stated. Many of the spells under this discipline however, while not being offensive or flashy were incredibly important. Several chapters were devoted to physical enhancement and other things of that nature, which Harry had never heard of before. Combined they could let a normal magic user fight a werewolf on equal footing. But if you combine it with a werewolf's strength, you can take them to a far higher level.

Lily looked up again as her father began to hum. Sticking her head under his arm again she watched him flipping through pages, highlighting several chapter headings. "Hmm?"

"Heh, just some new and interesting spells to learn, these I might teach you first once we get to magic spells. But that's for later nosy one." Harry said with a chuckle, pushing her head back down and away. This turned into a bit of a game, but eventually Harry went back to reading as Lily once more girded herself and began to continue her writing practice.

Then came the way of the word, or wood since that was the medium used to relate the words. This directly led into the other discipline of Onmyodo, but initially was simply spells which could change the physical world around you. Charms and Transfiguration for the most part fell under this discipline and DADA equivalent offensive spells though Harry was unimpressed in the extreme by the spells the book covered. Maybe that will be covered in greater detail by other textbooks in the future, but I somehow doubt it. I think the locals rely on Onmyodo and long term rituals rather than direct impact spells. Their rituals could be helpful though. Harry was also intrigued by the transfiguration spells listed however, since they looked to be far more permanent and stable than the European style.

Then came the way of the soul, and here Harry made a point of breaking out his highlighter once more, since all magic dealing with the soul was seen as Dark in Europe. Here that was not the case, and the importance of the soul was pointed out in no uncertain term by it being represented by the ciphers for water and fire, or the Yin/yang symbol.

A lot of these spells were defensive in nature, protecting your sense of self from others, not your mind so much as your body, though to Harry's way of thinking the soul and mind shouldn't be separated like that. But the book talked about protecting the soul from corruption, and had spells and various defensive meditations to throw off such corruption. There were also other spells to connect ongoing magical spells directly to your soul, so you could set sort of alarms on wards which would tell you if they were tripped, something Harry had rarely seen done in Europe. It also talked about taking over the souls of animals and other beings, though not other magicals. Illusion spells and spells to fool the senses also came under this heading, since most of them worked with the glyphs for water and fire.

One line also mentioned being able to connect to 'the soul of a place' which was odd to Harry's mind, though thinking about it he supposed it meant someplace like Hogwarts. Anyone who stayed in the castle for any length of time could tell you it was alive in a way, and the idea of connecting to the castle's soul, or any place similar was interesting.

Another hint this area had about advanced learning was called aura reading. This again tied into the idea of the soul, but this was about seeing another person's soul, or rather their auras, but it tied into the idea of seeing magic in general. Advanced practitioners of the way of the soul could see people's auras, if they were trustworthy, hiding something, human, not completely human, corrupt, under the effect of spells and other things.

Of course this text didn't actually have any spell to do that, but Harry made a note to see if he could find a text which did. That classification of spells was far too useful to wait on. And maybe with it I'll figure out why Gremory, Himejima and several of the other students seem to feel more than human to my senses, and not just Ms. Toujo.

On top of making a note about that, Harry wrote down a more specific one in the document he had opened to make notes. "What about the Unforgiveables or an equivalent?" was what the message read, since there was no mention of spells that attacked the soul like Avada Kedavra or Crucio. Crucio bypassed the body entirely and basically tortured the soul, while Avada Kedavra, the spell Voldemort had used to kill Harry's mother and so many other people simply snuffed out the soul. The omission of even a mention of spells that targeted the soul could be explained away by the beginner's nature of this course, but Harry wasn't certain about that.

Last came the way of the mind, Harry read. This was contained in the way of the metal element because if you have steel protecting your mind, you could guard against foreign influences. According to the chapter few practitioners made it to that point, simply because of how tough it was, and because mental magics weren't' flashy enough for modern magic users. Indeed, the book was somewhat disdainful of mental magics beyond the requirement to defend you mind from intrusion, and skipping ahead, Harry found no lessons on this discipline within the textbook he had been assigned. Darn it, it would have been interesting to see how different the local mental magics are to Occlumency. Still, we'll have to see when we get there.

From there the introduction chapter gave a brief overview of Onmyodo, or as Harry thought of it, Runes and Arithmancy. Onmyodo was built on the use of talismans, the runic equivalent, and looking ahead saw that two-thirds of the book was devoted to teaching this ancient text. And the thing that came away to Harry after reading the summary was the word diversity. Onmyodo could use talismans to do a lot of the things Europeans would use direct effect spells for, and use them for longer. Their wards weren't as brute force powerful as the European equivalent: they wouldn't be able to hide an entire community in the center of a bustling city. But they would be able to hide it far more subtly in say a national park.

Talismans could be used to bind, blind, defend against offensive spells and physical attacks; force someone or something to submit, and other, far more subtle things. They could affect the mind like a permanent Imperio almost, so long as the talisman was on the individual. The summary had a picture of an Oni like the two Harry had seen in the airport upon their arrival. The Oni had a naturally high level of magical resistance but with the collars on them and the number of talismans there directly touching their skin, that could be bypassed and their minds were quite weak in comparison. Talismans could even be used to ward an area, though they needed to be connected to a power source, and even conjure or as the locals put it, summon things.

At this point Harry noticed that Lily was almost finished her writing assignment and decided to set his work aside for the night, knowing once she became bored Lily became a right little hellion. He would have to write up a summary of what he had just read and submit it. His classes would begin in earnest next week. Those classes would again be more about history and local laws. The actual magic spells didn't begin for another month, though Harry certainly wasn't going to stick to that schedule. Aura sensing spells, then illusion spells I think, and after that start work on Onmyodo. I should be able to skip ahead like that and keep working on the history and law lessons if I'm careful about it. Doing so while working is irritating, but I just have to get through this segment before we get to the good stuff. For now though, I have a slowly sizzling redhead to diffuse.

With that thought Harry shut down his laptop and stood, grabbing the desk under his laptop. "Okay, I think that's enough work for one evening. Let's clean up a bit Lily, then we can play Hunt the Snitch for a bit."


"With so many devils there it's making me nervous, I'm glad that our orders were just to observe for a few weeks before acting if the boy's sacred gear seems to be on the verge of activating." A black haired woman was saying to two familiar faces and one unfamiliar male face. She seemed to be a high school student, with a very good body, if not quite as top heavy as Rias let alone Akeno, with a face that could have graced many a painting or sculpture, matching her body for allure.

"And that doesn't even include the new teacher." She concluded scowling angrily. The expression twisted her angelic features into something not nearly as pretty.

"New teacher, what about him? Is he another devil we'll have to watch out for Raynare?" asked the man.

"He's some kind of were-creature I think," the now named Raynare said, scowling angrily. "Of course I couldn't take the chance of trying to cast a spell on him, but he definitely gave off that kind of wild vibe. And he's quite powerful too."

Both of the others, Kalawarner and Mittelt perked up. "Handsome twenty-something with raven-black hair, emerald eyes, tall with dreamy physique?" asked Kalawarner.

"That's him," Raynare said, then paused. "Wait, he's the one you two mentioned… That's a bizarre coincidence."

"I don't believe in coincidences," said Mittelt and the man it at the same time, before glaring at one another. "Hey don't copy me. Stop it!"

"Shut it you two," Raynare ordered, pacing around pews of the abandoned church that was their headquarters in Kuoh Town, thinking hard. The fact of the matter was that Harry Potter scared her for some reason. There was an aura of power and experience around him. As a soldier herself Raynare could spot such things in others. "We're going to have to be on the lookout for him and be very, very careful."

"Or, I could run into him by chance… He was interested in me when we ran into one another before. That way I'll be close enough to surprise him if he acts against us for some reason, and keep an eye on him too." Kalawarner said diffidently.

Kalawarner was a little worried about that idea since it might mean taking action against Lily and one thing she had never done was kill or even harm a child. But if it was that or being forced to go rogue after disobeying their superior in the Grigori orders, then she would have to do it.

The man scoffed. "Please, not everyone can fall for that kind of stupidity Kalawarner."

"Just because you fell through violence doesn't mean you can look down on those of us who fell for more subtle reasons Dohnaseek," Kalawarner shot back firmly "And unless you want to die in a blaze of glory against the number of high level devils there are around here, I suggest you keep it under control."

Waving them both to silence Raynare addressed Kalawarner's idea. "Hmm… I'll think about it. The problem is what if he notices what you are while you're getting close to him?" She asked.

Kalawarner smiled, reaching up to her hair she stroked her fingers through it, then moved her hand down her body, accentuated her curves. Like all Fallen Angels, Kalawarner's body was built to seduce, and she knew it. "Knowing what I am is a far cry from being able to think about what it means and take action against me. Leave it to me Raynare, don't worry."

The Gothic Lolita shook her head at that, but had to admit it was a good point. Many a powerful man had been done in by a pretty face and a sexy body and though she hated to admit it, Kalawarner was pretty good at that game. Now if only I could convince myself that it was a good idea in this case? She thought to herself wondering what power Harry Potter hid as Raynare turned back to the original discussion about the target they were actually here to watch.


The next day, Harry woke up early enough to cook a large breakfast for both him and Lily with time left over to prepare a lunch for his daughter as well. However, after checking his schedule for the day, Harry decided to spend the rest of his time that morning after waking Lily up for a shower to prepare himself. FUUCKKK! I really didn't think this through hard enough.

Several minutes later Lily came down hopping from one step to another, pausing in the doorway into the kitchen as she spotted the look on her father's face. "Why are you looking so sour daddy?"

Harry smiled at her wanly, unwilling to tell her why. It would be his first physical education class today, something he had been looking forward to meeting his students and seeing their reaction to him. There are supposed to be rules about teacher-student relations, right? Did they not get the memo on that? I hope that at least Gremory and Himejima don't continue where they left off yesterday. To help combat this however, Harry had locked away his instincts his werewolf side and his libido in three different cells in his mind via legilimency.

"It's nothing to concern yourself with Lily," Harry said aloud with a smile, reaching down to ruffle her hair. "Now eat up and I'll walk you to school before heading off to work."

Lily noted that there will seems to be an inordinate amount of mothers there this morning as her father dropped her off, and she glared at them all, before hugging her father tightly around the middle. "I'm fine now daddy, remember you have to get to work." She admonished, waving a finger up at him and wanting him out of there as fast as possible.

Harry but he did turn away, ignoring the looks of the women around them which had been Lily's objective anyway. With a final wave his way she turned, rolling her eyes at the various mothers around. Many of them had hidden their ring hands behind their bodies, though Lily hadn't noticed that, just the interest they had towards her daddy. Giving them the stink-eye, Lily then rushed off to class.

At Kuoh Harry's day started early. His first class was set in the first period of the day, the final freshman English class, followed by the two sophomore years. His first class went very well. Evidently word had gotten around about how he ran his classes, and he didn't run into any disciplinary issues like he had with the three perverts or the girls who wanted to beat them up. Instead the freshman boys and girls vied eagerly by the sweets as they had in Koneko's class.

His second class however went a little bit oddly. As Harry was moving around the room, handing out syllabuses and generally getting to know the students by asking them questions and having them tell him their names at the same time, he paused, staring at one girl at the far back.

The girl had glasses and rather unkempt long darkish hair to go with a thin, bookish build. She was staring at Harry, her eyes glazed over and actual drool coming running from her mouth. He blinked moving to one side, and watched her almost glazed eyes track his face as he did.

Coughing and feeling decidedly uncomfortable for some reason Harry gestured to her as he looked around at the rest of the class. "Something seems to be wrong with her. Would one of you take her to the nurse's office?"

More than a few of the girls looked back, and groaned a little while many of the others giggled. The girl in question however answered before any of them could, muttering, "Eight, eight and a half inches and five around."

For some reason, those words caused many of the girls around her to blush hotly as they stared at Harry,, and Harry resolutely turned his back deciding he really, really didn't want to know. Hiding behind his desk from the girl's gaze, which he now realized was locked on his crotch, Harry began the class.

When it became time for her to read, the girl didn't respond to any of the questions and he shook his head. "I don't know what you are drooling or thinking about but I am going to have to send you to detention Miss Kiryuu. You'll serve it with the Student council president, who I understand is named Shitori-san."

At the mention of the student Council President's name, Aika Kiryuu sobered up quickly, staring at him in shock. "No wait, I'm awake, I'll read it, I'll read the lines and I'll even do voices like you got the freshies to do." Then she twisted her face into what she might have thought was sultry but which just looked disturbing to Harry. "Though if you insist on giving me a detention I'll serve with you sensei. Whatever you order me to…"

"I don't think so. This isn't such a huge issue that I want you to become the first person to have detention with me, and besides, the way you reacting to her very name tells me that you'll possibly learn not to act like this in the future if I force you to serve at Shitori-san's pleasure."

Aika slumped a little, muttering something about stupid sexy foreigners not going along with her fantasies, and Harry shuddered once more. Shaking that idea out of his mind Harry resolutely gestured to the next girl in the back row moving on with the class.

After that was lunch and Harry hid in the teacher's lounge, asking the other teachers plaintively "Can anyone tell me what's wrong with a girl named Aika Kiryuu?"

Several of the teachers laughed at that. "She is a pervert!" said one of the female Senseis shaking her head. "One of the few female perverts I've ever known."

One of the men shivered. "Yeah, Kiryuu s got this weird power, where she accurately guesses your um… proportions. Like that one new sophomore Matsuda is supposedly able to do to girls."

Harry blinked. He never actually measured himself, but now that he thought about it that sounded accurate enough. Shaking his head angrily he looked around and asked "So what we do about her and that trio?"

"Kiryuu keeps her grades up; in fact she's one of the smartest students in the sophomore year. And she's never actually gone beyond taking everyone's 'measurements' and lewd suggestions," said one of the other male teachers sheepishly. "So our ability to do anything about her is limited. We can assign detentions if Aika's a little too loud in class, but that's about it.

"And in your case, that would probably be counter-productive." A female teacher said dryly. She looked Harry up and down, shaking your head dramatically. "Oh if only I wasn't married…"

Harry chuckled at that, but turned back to the other teacher. "I actually found a better way to threaten her. I assigned Kiryuu detention with the Student Council President and sent the classroom rep to tell Shitori-san about it."

"That will work," said more than one of the teachers. "Sona-sama is both respected and feared by the rest of the students, if anyone can keep her in line she well." Finished one of the older teachers.

After having a relatively pleasant lunch meal with the other teachers Harry sighed, then went into the small changing room for the teachers before making his way to the track field. Once there he began to bring out various equipment from the storage shed waiting for the students to arrive, both anticipating and dreading it.

Once the students began to arrive Harry groaned, tearing his eyes away from two students in particular as he realized that the first physical education class was for the third years. And that the girls here all wore bloomers and t-shirts, as he had seen in some pictures here and there while walking around the town.

The bloomers left little to the imagination, showing off legs and rear easily. Most of the girls he could avoid looking at, they were still young teens and had teen bodies. But Akeno and Rias, along with the black-haired girl he knew was the student council president did not have teen bodies. Shitori-san was tall and leggy, her legs such that models would weep to have their equal, her body shown off to a great degree.

However it was Rias and Akeno who took his breath away. Their legs were not nearly as svelte, but they had wider, more womanly curves, their rears tight but still soft looking. Their chests, in particular Akeno's, strained under their t-shirts to a degree that made Harry idly wonder if the shirts could feel pain. They were altogether delectable, and the moment Harry saw them cracks began to appear in the wall of the cages he had pushed his libido and werewolf instincts into.

It was as if the moment he looked at them something about the women hit his mental defenses with the power of a cannon, slipping under and through it. Harry suddenly wanted to grab those breasts, to play with them, to hear their owners moaning his name. He wanted to lick them from head to toe, to fist his hands in their hair and kiss their breath away.

Damn it, it's like they are Veela only a slightly darker and far more subtle sort, just like that Kalawarner woman. My mental defenses can't handle it, not with their bodies or their allure or whatever calling out to my own instincts and werewolf side.

Turning away Harry grabbed his mental control with both metaphorical hands, slapping another wall of steel around the cages, before he turned, smiling brightly at the third years and not letting his eyes linger on the girls who had such an impact on him. "All right boys and girls, five minutes to loosen up, and then I want you to line up over here."

Harry watched, as the girls separated from the boys moving into groups of two as they began to stretch. The boys all gathered together, and Harry moved toward them, describing a few leg and hand exercises that they could do. The girls seemed to have a better idea of what to do stretching wise, but many of them listened in too.

Though he didn't know it, this was because Harry was showing the boys examples of the stretches, not that the girls didn't know them or alternatives. Harry was incredibly well-built, with the build of a swimmer, heavily muscled upper body and trim legs. At one point his shirt actually rode up as he did a stretch, showing off a very well defined torso.

Observing the girls Harry was unsurprised to see Rias and Akeno pairing up and resolutely turned away as Akeno began to do dips, not incidentally thrusting her rear out towards Harry. Then she began to stretch her arms up above her head and work out the kinks and in her neck, having again turned so that she was thrusting her chest out towards where Harry was roaming around. It was an obvious come on, but she made it seem so natural Harry doubted any of the other students noticed save Rias who rolled her eyes.

For her part Rias was simply going through the motions of stretching out, watching as Akeno bent and contorted her body, trying to get a reaction out of Harry as she had somewhat done the day before. However, Rias was not surprised to see that Harry had clamped down on his reaction to them. If he hadn't, I might've actually lost some respect for him. After all he is a Sensei, it shouldn't be so easy to get his attention as all that.

Someone coughed nearby, causing Akeno to huff mock-irritably and stop what she was doing. "I'm just having fun Shitori-sama, there's nothing against that." she whispered.

"Actually there probably is a specific law against it, even if it is the 'minor' who initiates things." Sona said, pushing up her glasses as she turned away from Akeno to rejoined stretching with her own Tsubaki.

After five minutes had elapsed Harry called the class together. He split them all up into two teams, making certain to split Rias and Akeno up as well as Sona and Tsubaki. Akeno and the Tsubaki found themselves on one team, and Rias and Sona on the other. He had no idea about what the four of them were, only that something, some sense that he couldn't quite name, was telling him that they were more than they seemed to be, and he didn't want the two teams to be uneven.

The two kings exchanged a glance, shrugging as Harry began to kick a football over into the middle of the football field. "The game is football ladies and gentlemen. I expect you to nominate a team captain, decide on a goalie and forward positions and all of that yourselves. The objective is to win. The losing team has to do ten laps for every point they are behind."

Akeno held a hand up to her cheek, blushing slightly. "Ara, that's so sadistic~~."

Next to her Tsubaki rolled her eyes, and promptly moved over towards the goal. "I will be goalie Himejima-san please pick out your forward strikers, and the students who will have to sit out this first rotation."

"I wish we were on opposing sides for this," Rias said, shaking her head as she stood next to her friend Sona who had been unanimously elected captain. Rias herself would be goalie.

"True, but I have to admit to having wondered about how I would stack up against your queen in a purely physical contest like this." Sona replied

All devils were almost all devils were naturally competitive, and these two was no exception. "Ah, I could say the same thing, Rias said, shaking her friend's hand then moving towards the goal. Moments later the game began.

For the next hour Harry raced from one end of the pitch to the other, always moving with the ball, and calling the game fairly. When he saw a few student tiring out, he ordered them to rotate with a few others who were standing on the sidelines of the two teams. He had also already prepared some Gatorade for them.

During this Harry made a note of the students who were most athletic and those who were not athletic at all, the better to make certain that there were no bullying allowed and to make certain he had a good idea of how hard to push all of them. He wasn't certain that the physical kind of bullying was an issue among girls, but he assumed it might be.

The game ended with Rias and Sona victorious by one point. In fact, that one point was the only point scored throughout the entire game. The two teams had been incredibly even, with Akeno actually being slightly better at football than Sona, but she had been unable to coordinate her team nearly as well.

"How do you run in those?" Sona said pointing angrily at Akeno's chest as they all moved to over the track.

Akeno bounced in place once or twice, setting her giant breasts to jiggling in a manner that caused every boy in the class to look away with a blush on his face. Harry had already looked away, determined not to get involved in that conversation. Especially since his mental cages had grown several more giant cracks in them.

"It's just a talent I suppose. Don't worry Shitori-san," Akeno said chuckling gleefully. "Eventually you'll be able to have a body like this too. Perhaps some time when you're in your thirties?"

Sona glared at her, and Rias stepped between the two whispering that the other king shouldn't let Akeno get to her like that. This was a bit of a pot calling the kettle black, as Rias had been envious of the Akeno's figure for the longest time and still was slightly, though nowhere near as much as she had been when they were all younger.

Akeno's amusement ended however as Harry blew his whistle, ordering her team to start moving around the track. "10 laps for you ladies and gentlemen, and as for the winners, you only have to do two. However, if you are lapped by any of those who are doing more, I'll tack on some more to your own amount."

"Mmmm~~, so merciless~~," Akeno moaned. She and the other devils then blinked in surprise as Harry joined them racing along easily before passing through them.

"And if I pass any of you twice, you'll have to do twenty more laps!" He shouted over his shoulder.

With that everyone began to run around the track. Harry ran along beside them for a time or ahead of them and then slowly coming up behind the slower runners, egging them on.

Harry loved to run. He had been a decent sprinter when he was younger, the better to get away from Dudley and his gang, but since he had been bitten that had turned into a true love of running. Thanks to his werewolf side, Harry could out run sprinters and keep going long after endurance runners fell over dead.

As Harry ran he resolutely kept his eyes straight ahead above the crowd not looking at the girls who were obviously not wearing bras. Akeno in particular bounced with every step she took, though Rias was only slightly behind her in the bouncy department and Rias had worn a sports bra.

Coming up behind the two of them who along with Sona and her Tsubaki were in the lead, Harry said, "Better put a move on ladies, or I'm going to pass you for the second time."

He did this somewhat deliberately. For one thing, the four of them seemed to be the trendsetters among this grade and possibly the entire student body. If he won them over, and if the other students saw him working them just as hard as he worked the rest of the students in or out of the classroom, then he hoped he wouldn't have problems in the future in terms of discipline or students simply skiving off.

The other reason was wondering what they were and if whatever it was translated into physical skills. The game seemed to point to that: all four of them had outperformed the rest of the class. But this might well give him another clue as to what they were.

An instant later as he passed through them, Harry felt something. Watching out of the corner of his eye he saw Rias's eyes change color for a brief second to red before going back to normal. Afterwards however she and the others sped up quickly, catching up to him, their tiredness seemingly disappearing.

It looked as if they used magic there, or perhaps something like removing a limiter? Harry wasn't certain what he was feeling just then, but there was definitely a greater presence about the four of them, of something beyond human then there had been.

Moments later, the two Kings finished the run, stepping over to the side. Rias began to shout encouragement to the rest of her team, as Sona did the same, only a very different matter. While Rias simply cheered, she shouted "Don't you dare embarrass Kuoh Academy by letting the new Sensei pass you twice!"

This actually seemed to work even on the boys and Harry decided to call it a day, letting the others stay ahead of him. Of course, that was partially because of time limitations, but it was still a decent enough showing.

"Well done everyone! As you can all see, I intend to make our physical education classes as team oriented as I can. We'll switch off sports occasionally like this as well as other team-based games. But we will also always be putting in some sprinting time along the track every week, and we'll also start integrating weightlifting and other things of that nature for the boys and any girls who wish to work on that rather than their overall endurance next class."

"That was quite interesting Potter-sensei," Rias said, moving up beside Harry as the others made for the changing rooms.

"I thought so," Harry said looking down at her.

"You aren't even sweating," Rias said making her tone one of marvel as she looked him up and down and not just to check for sweat. He was a very handsome man after all, and Rias actually felt a thrill having to look up at him like this, his emerald eyes looking into her own.

"Neither are you any longer," He retorted, giving her a very direct look.

Rias looked away smiling slightly. "Well, we do all have our own little secrets."

Harry smiled politely at that. "I won't pry if you don't?"

"That might not be an option for me," Rias said regretfully, before bowing and turning away moving over to join Akeno by the doorway into the ladies changing area. Akeno winked at Harry, turning away as she ran her hair her fingers through her hair, swaying her hips as she followed her king.

Harry frowned thoughtfully, wondering what Rias had meant by that, and further once more wondering just what she and those four students were. He was certain they were all of a kind, but beyond that he didn't really know. Definitely going to skip ahead to the lessons about discerning auras as soon as I bloody well can, He vowed, moving off to put the gear away.


"You were awfully up front with him there Rias," Sona said dispassionately.

"Sona, it's obvious Potter-sensei can tell that we are different from the other students already." Rias said, lathering some soap into her hair, as water ran down her curves. Those curves were such that most adult women would be willing to literally kill or damn her soul for, large yet perky beasts, flat stomach and thin waist. The water ran down to her nice, firm but still soft rear then fell down her long legs taking with it the suds of the soap. "It is better to be up front about such things than try to prevaricate beyond what we already are doing."

"I suppose…" Sona said. "I just wish we could tell more about what Potter is beyond a werewolf and a magician. That aura of his is very strong. And I think we need to keep what we are a secret from him whatever happens."

Tsubaki had taken the time during class to get a proper reading of Harry's aura and much of her findings matched up with what Akeno had discerned the day before. There was a strange dichotomy of white and black and his aura, though Tsubaki reported that at least the black portion looked like it was artificial, the remnant of a curse. The werewolf portion of it showed clearly to Tsubaki, but even that was diluted by other things, slight difference in color as it were that Tsubaki Shinra had never seen before. The fact he could use magic too was at least obvious.

But it was the power of that aura, as well as the odd dichotomy of light and dark that worried Sona. A magic user in itself wasn't something that would concern her, magicians could never match devils for sheer power and there were few spells which could bother a devil given their own innate magical defenses. But the power Potter put off was something else altogether, matching what Sona and Rias had felt fromMacGregor, the bishop in Sirzechs' peerage though there was no taint of the devilish in Potter Sensei.

It somewhat worried Rias too, but her growing fascination in what Harry could possibly be overrode that. "I understand your point, but I'm beginning to think that in this case being up front and honest with one another could be the way to go, treating Potter-sensei as an equal. I won't make a hasty decision of course, nor will I out our devil nature unless as a last second resort, but I can't say it won't happen eventually."

Sona winced at that, but conceded the point. After all, she'd be willing to take any risk too if she was to be married to Riser Phenex. "How long?" She asked, making no effort to elaborate as to what she was asking about.

"Six months or so. He could possibly jump the gun and start pressuring me in five, but I don't think my family would allow that," Rias said grimly. "So say four months before I have to make a decision one way or another about confronting Potter-sensei."


After that class Harry had the freshmen and then the last sophomore English class followed swiftly by the Sophomore PE class.

During this, Harry noticed other students who were somewhat beyond the norm, though nowhere near as much as the four he had spotted earlier. It wasn't as if they were inherently a different type, it was like the difference between a powerful Wizard and a normal one in some cases, whereas others had a more solid physical feel to them.

That was all Harry could tell with his extremely limited senses, which more often than anything came down to an odd feeling of otherness and noticing which student outperformed others physically.

One sophomore in particular stood out slightly, Kiba Yuuto. He seemed to be holding himself back slightly so as not to stand out, though he did that already with his good looks and manners. Or at least he did according to the shrieks and shouts of the girls watching from the sidelines anyway. Harry was amused to note that it didn't matter what team they were on, both sides rooted for their prince, who simply smiled politely to them whenever he got a chance. Despite being just as competitive the goalies on these two teams were not nearly as good as the Tsubaki and Rias had been and Kiba's team won five to nothing, and even that was because he had held back.

Something Harry should have expected was the fact that the three perverts made trouble. They ogled the girls, shouting out incredibly demeaning words, concentrating on their oppai to the exclusion of actually participating in the class. Eventually Harry had to threaten them with a run till you drop endurance lesson to get them to shut up. That worked on the trio of boys, though Aika Kiryuu was more a problem, making lewd comments about Harry and the boys in the class as often as she could.

That day after school, Harry paused in putting away the sports equipment, heading towards the gym as he heard the sounds of wood clacking together. That must be that sword fighting class, kendo was it?

Entering the gym, Harry found the very boy he had been watching during the gym class instructing a few of the female students in some of the finer points of swordsmanship.

As the boy dueled his opponent, Harry move forward, analyzing the match with some difficulty. The boy was holding back his speed. Harry could see there were slight but noticeable twitches in his shoulders and arms as he moved. During their final years together Sirius had taught Harry some sword-fighting in order to offset the normal wizardly reliance on long-range spells. Then again, Harry also had his werewolf abilities, so close range never been a problem for him after being bitten. Even Albus had got into the act making sword fighting one of the few untarnished memories Harry had of his former headmaster. He might have been going as crazy as a box of rocks, but he was still one of the better swordsmen I'll ever meet.

Unconsciously Harry opened his mouth, shouting out "Kirasa-san, move your back foot slightly to the left, your balance is off."

The girl complied quickly, and then both combatants paused as their blades locked, looking at him quizzically. "Well?" Harry said cocking an eyebrow, "What are you looking at? If you're opponent looks away, take advantage of it!"

"That seems a little dirty, sensei," Kiba said cautiously.

"Are we being awarded points for playing nice?" Harry asked sarcastically. "I thought this was a sword fighting club, not an etiquette class. I can't imagine you'd be penalized in such a moment during a match after all."

Kiba laughed at that and the girls did too, though there was a bit of an edge to their voice as Harry once more sort of denigrated the sport they had devoted a lot of time and passion to.

Once more Kiba and the girl across from him clashed, with Harry's calling out small instructions, most of which were about foot placement and grip, which seemed to carry over from European style sword-fighting to Kendo, where the strikes and upper body movement did not. Eventually the match ended with a victory for Kiba, but he had to work for it quite a bit more than he would have otherwise if Harry had not been continually correcting the girls mistakes and shouting out warnings to her predicting his attacks.

"Am I that predictable Sensei?" he asked ruefully looking over at Harry, a smile on his face though his eyes were somewhat serious.

"Your attacks are little linear, but that's not a problem really given the formal nature of kendo I'd guess," Harry said with a smile of his own.

"That was amazing sensei!" said one of the girls, practically gushing as she led the others over to Harry. "Did all that come from your knowledge of self-defense? Or are you a sword fighter too?"

"I was trained by my godfather and a rather elderly gentleman, named Albus Dumbledore. Silly name I'll admit, but he was a master at it. Far better than I am," Harry said, smiling fondly at once more the memories came. "Still, that was interesting."

"Would you care for a match sometime?" Kiba asked, somewhat innocently, somewhat to. The way Harry had analyzed his style had piqued his interest, and he knew that Rias-sama was interested in finding out more about their new teacher.

"I'm afraid not," Harry said with a laugh. "Or at least not now. Perhaps sometime in the future when I have the time you can wail on me Yuuto-san, I doubt I'd be able to keep up with your speed or style after all. Right now, I have to go pick up my daughter, in fact I'm probably going to be late as it is."

"I look forward to it then," Kiba replied.

The girls didn't want Harry to go just yet, Murayama in particular pushing him to stay and take part in the practice, but Harry waved them off, quickly exiting the gym.


"Curiouser and curiouser" Rias said after her knight told him about Harry's comments during Kiba's practice with the incoming Kendo enthusiasts. He routinely helped out the Kendo Club despite being part of her ORC. She held back an urge to squeal with the ease of long practice at keeping her thoughts hidden. I love mysteries!

Sona however shook her head. Once more she was there with Tsubaki, the two peerages meeting to discuss the new mystery that had come to the school. "This mystery is looking to more and more like one that could bite us on the rear if handled wrong."

"Did you just say rear?" Akeno asked, mock-incredulously. When Sona glared at her she just giggled. "That's so cute."

Sona rolled her eyes, but looked over at her friend, who nodded. "I agree, but we still have to get to the bottom of the mystery come what may. Besides, his daughter is certainly real. Whatever else, Harry didn't come here to create trouble for us. His presence may, but not on purpose."

"That's true," Sona murmured. Though she hadn't seen the girl in question Rias and Akeno had told the others about Lily, being rather effusive in how they described her cuteness. "No one would bring a child into a combat situation after all."

Then she paused looking at her friend somewhat amusedly and somewhat suspiciously. "So Potter Sensei is Harry now?"

"Ara, how bold~," Akeno chimed in; always eager to tease anyone regardless of whom it was she targeted. "And scandalous too Buchou."

"Eep! N, no it's not like that you two and you know it!" Rias shouted back, while Kiba decided to make a hasty exit, followed by Koneko and the rest of the mixed peerage. This was one battle none of them wanted to be involved in.


Picking Lily up from school, Harry once again noticed there was something off about his daughter's normal ebullient attitude. "Trouble at school?"

"Just new kids trouble that daddy," Lily said, holding onto his hand as they walked home. She wanted to eat out again, but Harry had vetoed that, saying they had eaten out the day before, and he had perfectly good ingredients waiting at home. "They'll get over it eventually."

"That's a remarkably mature attitude Lily," Harry said approvingly, leaning down to give her a light kiss on the forehead, then hefting her one of his shoulders as he walked on, with her giggling and holding on for dear life. "Now come on! Let's head home, I'm hungry."


Thankfully for his self-control, Harry had an easier time of it after those first two days for the next two weeks, as the students got back into the scholastic mode and he got a handle on the workload both for his job and his classes. He even found the time to head out and buy a textbook from the local magic users which covered the idea of aura reading and meditating on the soul, though neither book would arrive for another week.

On the teaching side of things classes were going well, with each grade level performing decently to his expectations. There were still a few problems, the Perverted Trio made trouble whenever he had them in class, but that was easily dealt with. The girls also didn't seem to like the fact that he wouldn't just let them attack the perverts, but again, that was easily dealt with and Harry didn't even need to raise his voice again. Kiryuu still sometimes freaked him out during class, but the threat of further detention kept her in line.

PE was another matter entirely, but even there, Harry had begun to get a better handle on controlling them. He had seen the three perverts hanging around afterward several times, but again never for long enough to worry him just yet.

The best classes he had were the three freshmen classes, who he continued to force to compete for sweets every other day. It worked very well, and after two weeks most of the freshmen were ahead of where they would have been according to the syllabus he had been given to modify. The other teachers also praised him for getting Koneko to join the rest of the classes as much as she was, since it was well known that she was very much a loner before this.

On the personal side of things, by the first Friday of his time at Kuoh most of the girls seemed to back off from their flirtatious or leering ways, seeming to realize he was a teacher and took that seriously. The exception to this was Akeno who continued to subtly (and not so subtly) try to get a rise out of him. But despite a growing desire to bend her over his desk and hammer her until she cried for mercy Harry could handle a single student acting out like that, even one with a positively sinful body like hers, than he could all the girls acting like he was some kind of super star.

This was put to the test once more the second Friday of his time at Kuoh as the final bell of the day rang. Where he had class 3-A first on Mondays he had it last Friday. Now he watched As Akeno stood up from her desk, stretching out her arms above her head and thrusting her chest out before letting her hands fall down to pull at her skirt, which had ridden up showing some more of her bare legs between her long socks and skirt than was appropriate. And is it my imagination, or did she shrink her shirt somewhat?

Regardless Harry looked away quickly before Akeno could notice he had looked at all. By the time she turned her eyes toward him Harry was blandly watching as the students left to head home or to their clubs, idly flipping through some papers at the same time.

Akeno pouted, her eyes flashing as she it back a growl of irritation. Darn it, you, you man, why won't you react again!?

Rias watched this with amusement as she watched Akeno grit her teeth behind her normal Yamato Nadeshiko mask, trying and failing to keep her own reaction off her face as she moved toward the doorway, pushing her friend along before stopping to bow toward Potter-Sensei, who returned it. Akeno was used to using her feminine wiles to bend men to her whims, not so much to get them to do things, but to notice her really, and the fact that Harry had stopped reacting at all to her after that first day was driving Akeno up the wall, much to her king's amusement.

Though Rias didn't know it, Akeno had become somewhat interested in Harry beyond his magical powers. The fact he was no longer reacting to her, while she became more and more fascinated with him hurt Akeno, something even Akeno hadn't realized just yet.

For her part the redhead had taken an entirely different method of getting closer to the Englishman than her friend, which she knew had borne quite a bit of fruit. She had stopped any attempt at overt flirtation after that first day. Instead she simply talked to Potter-sensei whenever she could, after school or before school or during the lunch break sometimes. Sometimes she pressed him to agree to be her clubs advisor, other times she asked for help with her English. Many times Rias simply asked him about life in England and told him about living in Japan in return. Other times they just talked, about the weather, local parks, movies, food and other things. They exchanged recipes nearly every day, though those conversations quickly grew to include Akeno, who loved cooking just as much as Rias or more depending on who you asked.

Through this method she was learning far more about Harry the person and vice versa. Rias slowly realized as they talked that Harry didn't see her as a Gremory, something everyone else did, or as one of the Two Great Ladies, like the rest of the school. He saw her simply as Rias, his student, and, dare she think it, his friend. In turn she was beginning to see him as more than a mystery too or even a possible help in terms of her future problem, which was a dangerous shift, Rias had to admit. Still she couldn't say she was unhappy to see it.

As the two students left, Harry breathed a sigh of relief, reminded anew of the one thing that had continued to bother him over the past two weeks: the niggling at Harry's senses whenever those two or those like them were around him and the fact that despite his mental control their looks still got to him. Closing his eyes, Harry took a moment to renew his Occlumentic control over his libido and werewolf instincts before shaking his head.

God damn, when the book on auras and meditation arrive I will seriously need to read into them. They're impacting me almost as much as Veela, but much more subtly. At least with Rias I know she isn't doing it on purpose, but Akeno is… well she's a fucking vamp! And off limits, remember that boyo. Thank Merlin the rest of them haven't joined in on her little game.

Sighing Harry gathered up his paperwork and left to pick-up Lily, only to be reminded of something else that was bothering him over the past two weeks: the fact that Lily was having some kind of trouble at school. Against as he picked her up he noticed she wasn't as smiling and happy as she normally would be. It had nothing to do with her work, Harry knew she was whizzing through most of the work they were doing even if she was having a lot of trouble with the writing assignments.

"Practice, practice and boring practice!" Lily had become fond of wailing throwing her hands up in the air in her best impression of Ginny having a moment, as Harry had used to say after Ginny lost an argument or blew up over something small.

Looking down at his daughter, Harry decided to confront her about what was bothering her tomorrow over breakfast. He hadn't really been able to do a lot with Lily lately beyond sitting together and working on their separate work, which was not what he thought of as family. I think it's time to correct that.

Instead of letting Lily lead him away from the school, Harry leaned down hefting her onto his shoulder with a negligent show of strength that caused the mothers around him to blush even more than they had been. However he ignored them, heading off in a different direction than home. "Come on Lily, I think it's time the two of us have a 'we' night. You have no homework due tomorrow right?"

When lily nodded, hugging his head with one arm Harry smiled up at her. "In that case, let's go out to dinner and a movie. That cartoon one you wanted to see."

"It's not called cartoons here daddy, it's called anime!" Lily said with all the fervor of the convert. She had really gotten into anime and graphic novels over the past two weeks, and now was smiling happily at the idea of heading to see the newest One Piece movie.

The next day however, Harry went through with his plan to talk to Lily about whatever was going on at school. Schools in Japan had a half day on Japan for PE classes and for school activities. This was further sign that schools were intended to be the center of life from first grade on up to college to a level that would have been odd to most. But Harry, used as he was to thinking in terms of the boarding school that was Hogwarts didn't find it all that unusual.

This day however Harry knew was going to be a big one for him. First, he was going to have the students start working with actual weight machines, and then he was going to start teaching them some self defense. By this point he had seen all the various martial arts related clubs in action, and while they were good, they really didn't do anything specifically for self-defense, concentrating more on physical ability and training in the various forms to prepare their students for matches. What Harry wanted to teach the students was going to be more applicable in the real world and to boys and girls who weren't even all that athletic.

On top of that, this was the day the teachers went over the budget requests from all the various clubs before they began to recruit from among the freshman who hadn't yet made their choice. Since he was the PE teacher Harry had to be involved in that discussion as part of his job, which was irritating, but he couldn't' get out of it.

Sitting across from his daughter at breakfast that morning Harry asked causally, "So, are you having a big person problem or a little person problem still?"

Lily blinked then scowled looking down at her home made pancakes. "I should've known you'd notice. It's still a little person problem daddy. Don't worry I'll handle it, they haven't done anything more than name calling yet. I still want to handle it myself."

Narrowing his eyes, Harry nodded. He knew better than to ask where the teachers were in all this, as a teacher himself he knew teachers simply couldn't be around at all times, and bullies had a certain low cunning to them even at the elementary level. "Alright Red Moon, but if it looks as if the big people know about it and are condoning it, I want you to tell me. They shouldn't but sometimes teachers play favorites, and it is easy for bullies to show the teachers' one face, and their victims another."

Lily nodded but Harry went on poking her in the nose with a finger. "And no accidental magic, not unless I'm around to cover it up. We don't want to be kicked out of the country, and given the way they welcomed us here when we arrived that's a real concern." Harry didn't say it, but when he had gone in to buy his books on aura reading and meditation he had been given a very cold shoulder indeed. While they magicals had stopped being isolationist towards their fellow Japanese, that did not spread to their fellow magicals. They weren't being watched for some reason, but the locals were no doubt waiting for an opportunity to at least start invading their privacy in the name of making certain they kept the Statute of Secrecy.

With a pout Lily nodded. "Okay daddy."


On Saturdays PE class happened in order of the grades from lowest to highest, which allowed Harry to start with the easiest (in a lot of ways) class. After walking the students through various exercises with the weight machines, he had them gather around him in a half circle sitting on the middle of the tatami mats which served the various martial arts clubs as their training area. "Today, we're going to talk about self-defense."

He waited, and was not disappointed to see several hands already rising into the air. "Do you mean like martial arts Sensei?" asked one of the students, a young girl named Emiko, who was a little more outgoing than the other students. She had become class 1-B's student rep the day before.

"Yes and no. Martial arts is both a mental and physical discipline, but it is intended to either build up your body for self-defense, or for exhibition matches, and it takes a lifetime to get any good at it. I am talking more about the mental side of things though we will include several physical lessons on self-defense. But the main drawback between a martial artist and the kind of self-defense I'm talking about is mental. I am not talking about defending yourself from another equal opponent, or someone in a match."

Harry let his expression become serious. "I am speaking about protecting yourself from people out to really attack or take advantage of you. Say you're walking home, and get robbed? That is one example, or if you're on a crowded train and/or groped from behind."

His eyes sweeping around the freshman class Harry became irritated that a lot of the girls nodded at that. With his hearing Harry could hear several discussions going on that point as many of them talked about how that had happened to them or on that some of them had seen that happen. Apparently it wasn't just a 'hentai' fantasy like the magazine Harry had confiscated and then destroyed from Matsuda. That was disturbing.

"You need to be able to switch to the right mindset in such a moment. You have to set aside any kind of sensibility, leave behind any kind of 'oh I don't want to hurt him' kind of thought." Harry said, shaking his head. "The objective is to get you home safely, to get you out of his grip safely, or to make certain that the guy can't come after you again."

Another student raised her hand, and Harry pointed at her. "You're talking more about hurting someone rather than simply holding them off or running away and calling the police right?" She asked uneasily. The male students in this class all were noticeably silent, though they were all listening at least.

"Unfortunately I am. Sometimes, calling the police isn't an option. You have to be able to look after yourself."

There were some very uneasy looks at that, though not nearly as many as Harry had expected given his research into the Japanese culture for this moment. He had thought that a lot of the students would be a little leery about taking the law into their own hands, or worried about making a scene in public which seemed to be a major reason why crimes like that weren't reported. The students here didn't seem to have those particular hang-ups thankfully. That was good.

Harry had been shocked to discover during his time at Hogwarts that he had a flare for teaching, but his passion for teaching self-defense was much more understandable. After all, if more wizards had been able to take matters into their own hands, then Voldemort and the Death Eaters would never have been the problem they were and the WIzengamot would not be the old boys club it was, warping the British magical community as it wished.

"When you become a victim of an attack like that, no target is to out there, no move dishonorable." He let those words sink in for a moment and then clapped his hands hard together, the sound echoing slightly. "Today I will be walking you through various parts of the human body you can target get the most bang for your yen as it were, places on the human body where if you hit someone hard enough they will stop thinking about anything other than the pain."

A lot of the girls giggled, while the boys cringed, and Harry nodded drolly. "Yes, I see a lot of you can think of one spot already. But there are others, and I hate to inform you ladies but I'm not going to be teaching this class on the assumption that your assailant will be a man. After all, sometimes women are criminals too." He paused then. "Well probably not molesters, but certainly criminals. And I'm not even certain about the not molester part given one of the sophomores."

There were a lot of laughter at that though more than one of the boys shivered, since the word about Aika got around quickly and so did she unfortunately. Though there were more than a few irritated looks going around too, since despite Harry's best efforts to curb their gross stupidity and perversity in his own classes the three perverts had made a name for themselves over the past two weeks. Luckily they didn't act out very often in his class, simply because of how hard Harry came down on them, and any of the girls who interrupted the class trying to assault them.

"Well also discuss defenses against theft, things you can do to not make yourself a target and the most typical types of theft and assault and defenses against." With that, Harry pulled a dummy over from a corner of the martial arts segment of the gym. Once he had it set up in front of the class he walked the students through various targets.

From there, Harry talked about how to defend themselves against being targeted at foot by thieves, and most embarrassing of all how to defend themselves from molesters on a train. Harry normally wouldn't have been that specific, but given the reaction he had gotten to that example earlier in the class, he felt it was warranted.

Once it became time to walk the students through their paces on the dummy Harry wasn't surprised to see that Koneko knew how to throw a punch, though the viciousness with which she attacked the training dummy's weak points was a bit of an eye-opener. Harry looked at her, cocking an eyebrow and Koneko looked away sheepishly "Hate perverts," she muttered under her breath, but he still heard the words.

Harry's second class of the day went pretty similarly, though he did have to stomp on the three perverts almost immediately, before getting a little bit of revenge on them, sticking them withKiryuu for the first time. They seemed to be a little freaked out by her, at least at first. By the end of the class however they seemed to get on well enough, but at least it put most of his trouble students in one specific group.

Halfway through the punching exercise however Harry was interrupted, his cell phone going off in his pocket. Harry pulled it out, looking at it with a frown and held up a hand stopping the next student from attacking the dummy. "This might be an emergency. Hold on." With that he stepped back and opened the phone. "This is Harry Potter, to whom am I speaking?"

The students watched, some in confusion, some with concern. After all, it wasn't every day that a teacher had to stop class to take a phone call, and it was probably nothing good.

"Mister Potter, this is the principle of Kuoh Elementary. I regret to inform you that your daughter was involved in a fight…"


Lily scowled, crossing her little arms over her chest and looking straight ahead, not looking at the other students in the small nurse's office with her, the nurse, or the principal. She had been talked at for several minutes now about how violence was wrong, which she already knew thank you, and about how she had to turn the other cheek.

But there was a difference between turning the other cheek and being a victim, something both Hermione and her Daddy had been very clear about. It was the difference between a friend asking for help on their homework and a friend demanding that you do the homework for them. Hermione was fond of mentioning that their mutual friend Ronald had hopped across that line during their time in Hogwarts.

Next to Lily the one friend she had made since starting school trembled, leaning into Lily's side and trying to avoid the looks from most of the people in the room. Tamiko was a timid little thing in Lily's opinion, very bookish and rather too easily bullied, hence the incident today. Grr, they're just lucky daddy warned me not to have any accidental bouts of magic, or else I'd have hurled them all over the fence or made them blow up like balloons!

She looked up as she heard a familiar voice outside the door to the nurse's office opened. Lily and the others then watched as her father was lead by a blushing secretary and the principal, an older man who was looking rather harried along with a few other parents, into the room. Most of them were looking angry, some of them were glaring at Harry and Lily both, while Tamiko's parents were looking worried until they saw their daughter.

All of them were trying to talk at once until her dad held up a hand and they stopped speaking almost without even thinking about it. Such was the effect her father sometimes had on other people, though most of the time he didn't even notice it, Lily reflected. They just showed him deference, a word that Luna had helped her look up at one point after watching that reaction in Harrods once.

Lily smiled at him rather wanly, but made no move to race over to give him a hug given the serious face he was wearing at the moment. She was gratified however when instead of looking at the nurse or the principal or the other parents her father simply knelt in front of her and looked her in the face eye to eye seriously. "What happened, Lily?"

From there the story came out. Lily and Tamiko had been together during their free time today, a free period which most students used to play in the park. They had been working on their homework by themselves a ways away from the others when one of the other students came over and asked for help. They were fine with that, but then a few other students came over and demanded that they help them to. "That was what they did daddy, they demanded it, they said "Well if you're helping Kana then you have to help us too. Come on do it!'" Lily said, glaring at the two students across from her.

"That's not true at all! We simply asked her for help because we know she's smart!" Shouted one of the other students but he shut up when Harry looked over his shoulder.

"We'll get to you in a moment," Harry said mildly. Then he looked past hurt his daughter at the other girl. "Tamiko?" he asked kindly. "Is that what happened?"

The girl stuttered, but under Harry's kindly look and her own father's nod of encouragement began to tell her part of the story. It matched with Lily's for the most part, except that she added that she was routinely told to help other students. She used the word 'told' rather than asked, which was quite telling and Harry looked over at the principal and the teacher.

The other parents scowled, and one of them even had the temerity to scoff. "If that is the case, then shouldn't you have simply helped them?"

"No!" Lily shouted getting to her feet and stomping one foot before being pushed gently back into her chair by her father. "That's just enabling, that's not helping that's doing their work for them!"

And there's Hermione's influence in her, heh, Harry thought to himself. "All right, so that's what started it, what escalated it to throwing punches?"

"That's right!" one of the men there said, a hand resting on his son's shoulder. "My son has a black eye because of that…" the man caught Harry's eye and stopped what he was about to say, even though Harry made no move to do or say anything.

"They grabbed our books, and threatened to throw them in the toilets!" Tamiko said, letting the words out before putting her hands over her mouth.

"When they tried to grab them out of my hand, I pulled them away, and then one of them shoved me in the back," Lily said angrily. "I turned and hit him with a book, and then this one," she said pointing at the same boy who had spoken up earlier, "tackled me. Then I threw a punch and knocked him off me."

"And where was the teacher in all of this?" Harry asked, standing up and placing a hand on her head to show his support.

The teacher looked away. "I interrupted the goings-on as soon as I saw it, but I was dealing with a scraped knee at the time, and had to run back when I heard the commotion." She was a little older than Harry, and looked as if this was her first real emergency though she seemed to be handling it rather well.

The principal on the other hand Harry had labeled as an obstruction during their phone call, and looking at him now Harry wondered what the man was going to say. "I understand that a teacher can't watch everything especially outside like that," He said, smiling at the woman and causing her to blush slightly which caused him in turn to almost roll his eyes though he stopped himself because this was not the time for it. Even so, he had to wonder. I didn't get this reaction back home, or did I and just not notice it?

Shrugging that thought off Harry went on. "However it seems pretty cut and dried. You have two students, one of whom has been bullied before this, who tried to stop the bullying from occurring. The bullies get physical, and then paid for it," he said looking over the boy with the black and blue and then locking his eyes on the boy's father who seemed ready to explode. "Punish the people who started it, don't call me about my daughter getting into a fight and you taking disciplinary action against her as if it was her fault."

"Regardless of who started it, all of them will be punished for this." the principal said sternly. "We follow a strict policy of nonviolence here, and it is after all just your daughter and Ms. Tamiko's words against theirs."

"No," Harry said simply. "If you want to punish my daughter for protecting herself, then it is very obvious to me that you don't want her in your school at all. I'll simply pull her out and find another school. It's only a week into the school year after all it wouldn't cause that much disruption. I would also suggest that Ms. Tamiko do the same thing. Maybe we'll also go to the local newspaper with the story."

"Besides, it isn't just their words against Lily and Tamiko's several other students including Kana have come forward. If anything I'd suggest you suspend the two little bullies for the rest of the semester!" the teacher said quickly, eager to do her part.

"Now see here you!" the father of the boy with the black and blue eye said, growling angrily but then stopping as Harry stepped forward.

The principal was now in a quandary. He had wanted to sweep this under the rug, but the teacher wasn't going along with that, and he just knew that this wouldn't be the last incident if Lily did stay in the school. The students that Lily had pegged as bullies those first few days had indeed turned out that way, just like their older siblings in the higher grades. But their families were also prominent members in the community, and he hadn't wanted to make waves.

Still, being called out on the carpet like this by a fellow educator, who seemed perfectly willing to go through with his threat, forced his hand. "Very well, I'll be sending all of them home for the rest of the day, and suspend the two students who started this for a week." Taking that hard a line would irritate the families in question as the principal could easily see by the father's face, though the mother had been noticeably silent. Yet it would also show that he was taking a hard line against bullying which would win him more points with the other families once they heard about it.

Harry nodded, and held out his hand to Lily. "Come on Lily, go get your bookbag, it looks like your days ending a little early."

By the time Lily was ready to leave, Harry realized that he couldn't get her home and get back to the school in time for his next class. Worse Harry knew his meetings with the other teachers and the various club reps would take most of the day. With a sigh he looked down at Lily and said "Well, it looks as if you're going to have to spend the day at Kuoh with me Lily." Lily smiled happily at that, having enjoyed exploring the campus the day she had been there.

With that the two raced towards the academy, but even though they ran they barely made it in time, the seniors coming out of the gym and milling around for a moment looking for their teacher. They all spotted him and Lily at the same time and a communal squeal went up from the girls and even a few of the boys. "Oh my God she's so cute!"

They raced forward, but Harry held up a hand, in an effort to abet the rush which only served to stop them from outright abducting her. "Everyone this is my daughter Lily and yes she is cute but please don't mob her. She will be sitting over there on her own for a bit while we have class. Five minutes for stretching, and then we'll play soccer for half of the period. Then we will talk about self-defense. Given the rumor mill I have no doubt you all have an idea about what that will entail." The third years had been run through the weight machines on Thursday.

For her part, Lily was grinning at the students and then pointed at Rias. "I love your hair! Redheads rule!"

Rias laughed, winking at Harry before she knelt down and held up a high five to Lily. "I know!"

Harry rolled his eyes, but shooed the girls away from Lily and outside to the soccer field.

"I wonder what happened." Rias muttered as she began

"Probably some kind of disciplinary action," Sona replied as the two of them began to organize their teams. This time they weren't on the same side, which made this class even better in their opinion.

"Still she is a little cutie, even more so in person," Rias said, exchanging another wave with Lily, who seemed to be watching her in particular.

For some reason that made Rias decide she wanted to show off, and instead of being the goalie, she put herself in as one of the forward players. Sona did the same thing, and the rest of the class was almost left behind is the two of them battle for the ball up and down the field.

My daughter's watching, my daughter's watching, Harry thought, using the words almost like a mantra trying to look everywhere but at the two girls who most impacted his self-control. It wasn't easy despite that.

Watching Akeno run was a treat for any male. Even in a sports bra her large breasts easily the largest breasts Harry had ever seen, swayed, bounced and wobbled. Every time he saw that Harry had to fight a desire to simply sink his fingers into them. He wanted to know what color her nipples were, how sensitive they could be and whether Akeno was really as experienced as she tried to seem, or not.

Harry's reaction to Rias wasn't quite as much from his needs below the belt. She looked amazing running around the field, her legs pumping easily, her red hair like a fiery mane behind her. Harry wondered what that hair would feel like curled up in his fingers. He wondered how strong her legs were, and what she sounded like when she laughed as she was being tickled for some reason. The fact her breasts also swayed and moved when she ran was a major bonus.

Curse their sexy bodies and my redhead fetish! Those mediation books cannot arrive soon enough! Harry thought grimly, keeping his eye more often on the ball to ignore the actual players.

By the time Harry called the game to an end Rias' team was ahead by two points though thanks to what Harry had lined up for the rest of the class, he didn't have any penalties in mind for the loser this time. As Harry ordered the group into the martial arts gym Lily hopped up from where she had been sitting racing over to Rias. "That was great! You and the girl with glasses and those other two, you move almost as fast as I've seen my daddy move sometimes."

"Only almost?" Rias said with a laugh, reaching down to ruffle the girl's hair while Sona, who had come up behind her with the two queens, twitched at being called 'the girl with glasses'.

Lily reminded Rias strongly of her nephew for a moment however on top of being cuter obviously as a girl she was nowhere near as formal as Milicas in public. Is this what he would be like if he didn't have to grow up being the son of a Maou? The thought filled her with a sense of sadness for a moment before she shook it off. "Do you like to play football too?"

"Yep," Lily said with a nod. "I play a lot of games, mostly with my daddy and his old school friends. My mom…" Lily paused, and then shook her head knowing that Harry didn't like talking badly about Ginny even now that they were divorced. So she simply finished lamely, "My mom didn't really ever see the point."

Rias nodded, making no effort to dig for more information there. Regardless of her own interest in Harry, his past relationship was not something she needed or wanted to know about.

At that point Harry spoke up, gathering the class's attention. Lily made to leave, but Harry shook his head, gesturing her to join him up front. "Since you were so eager to throw a punch today Lily, I suppose it behooves me to make sure that you actually know how to do it."

Lilly laughed, nodding her head and making a 'kapow' noise under her breath. The rest of the class even the boys laughed too, having a very good idea now of what happened to bring the little cutie to their school for the rest of the day.

That portion of the PE class passed very quickly, and Lily again moved over to talk to Rias. She was utterly fascinated by meeting another girl with the same kind of red hair she had. That and the exhibition that Rias and her friends had put on during the soccer game had really excited her.

She began peppering the older girl with questions about the school and other things as young kids are wont to do, which Rias answered easily and without any sign of irritation. She was tempted to grill the girl for information on her father of course, but she refrained. She knew that using Lily to get to Harry in such a manner would be a very bad idea.

Harry smiled indulgently, gesturing Lily to join him. "Leave Gremory-san alone Lily, she and the others have to go into get showered and changed."

"I don't mind at all," Rias said, with a faint smile ruffling Lily's hair. "I haven't seen another redhead since I left home."

"Left home?" Lily asked.

"Yep," Rias and with a faint smile bringing one hand to rest on her ample chest before gesturing over to Akeno who had moved over to join them after taking her turn on the practice dummy. The sadist queen smiled happily at the little girl fighting the urge to squeal and hug her like she was a plushy while her king went on. "My friend Akeno and I live together in a house here, but my family doesn't live in Kuoh. They decided to let us have our own place in order to teach us self-reliance. We get a stipend to look after the house, but we need to manage it carefully."

Lily nodded. That sounded like a cool idea to her. Just like Hogwarts, only better since you're living on your own.

Harry nodded too, realizing that was probably one of the reasons why Rias was so mature for her age. At least mentally anyway, why she's so physically mature as an entirely different matter. Harry thought to himself, his eyes fighting this strain down towards Rias' chest or over to Akeno, but Harry kept them on her face. He had also noticed that Rias hadn't taken the opportunity to grill a Lily about information on him, something he knew she was interested in, just as he was interested in what she was. There were still tiptoeing around one another about that and Rias's forbearance when given a priceless source of information made him respect her more.

Leaving the gym, Harry and Lily started to walk towards the school, with Harry saying he would show her around before he headed into a meeting with teachers. What she would do while he was in there was still up in the air. He stopped walking however, when he heard the sound of someone trying to move quietly and a few whispered comments.

"Keep it down you fools! We have to be silent about this. We're nearly done, we can't blow it now."

"Right!" echoed two other voices, in a sort of shouted whisper. "Onwards to Oppai paradise!"

Recognizing the voices, Harry groaned. What the hell are those three up to now? "Lily, could you stay here for a moment?" He asked looking down at his daughter and patting her head, speaking quietly as he held a finger to his lips. "I have to go deal with a bit of it disciplinary issue."

Lily nodded, and moved to stand by the door while Harry quickly moved towards noises, which were coming from the back of the martial arts gym. The back of that portion of the gym was separated by the indoor pool by a short hallway, which left about two yards of space between the two buildings for most of their length. There was a series of bushes set into that area, which Harry had idly noted looked quite nice before this.

And it was from this area the voices came from. As he walked around the corner, the three perverts Matsuda, Issei and Motohama as he had known he would. They were quietly digging at one of the small bushes. As they worked, Harry looked past the bushes, only now realizing that there was a small window back there, which judging from the steam coming out of it must look into the girl's changing room. Well, I suppose it could be the boy's changing room, but I doubt these three would be putting in this much work to see that. Kiryuu maybe, but not these three.

The three boys' whispered conversation proved this as Harry walked on near silent feet up behind them.

"Hurry it up!"

"Stop that, remember we need to make the bush removable, weren't to just doing this to peep once, but for all time!"

"But they're in there right now! Our oppai paradise, just a flimsy window away!"

"Not flimsy at all, and we still need to get past these bushes and put them back, before we can reach paradise gentlemen."

"I can't believe we were able to find such a gem. Whoever designed these buildings was a God among men! A hidden window straight into the changing room. From such things dreams are made of." Said Issei reverently.

Decided he had heard enough Harry took a final step forward allowing his shadow to fall over the trio of perverts. "You know, for students' t who apparently tried very hard to get into the school, you three are doing pretty much everything you can to get yourself kicked out." He said in a loud voice.

The three boys twirled, holding up their hands to their faces as Motohama whispered "Quiet sensei, you'll give us a way!"

"Why in the hell wouldn't I want to?" Harry said frowning and crossing his arms, hoping against hope that one of the three would have the common sense to stop digging their own graves.

"Oh come on sensei you're a man right?" Issei said standing up and moving over to conspiratorially nudge Harry in the side with an elbow. "You can't deny your urges forever. Right behind that wall is oppai paradise!" he went on dramatically, turning and gesturing with his hands. "All you have to do to take part in this is keep quit."

While Issei's comment about not being able to deny his urges forever hitting a little too close to home Harr sighed then clamped a hand around Issei's mouth. "You're just perjuring yourself further Hyodou, best to keep silent. Now move you three, you have a date with the principal."

"Scatter!" Matsuda shouted and he and Motohama tried to bolt past Harry.

But he lashed out with a light kick, tripping one and grabbing the other by his shirt while still retaining the hold around Issei's mouth, acutely lifting him off the ground almost negligently. "Don't run," Harry admonished before dropping him and picking up Matsuda in turn. "If you try to run I'll simply have to chase you, and no one wants that."

This noise had not gone unnoticed, and several of the students including Rias had exited the changing area, heading out of the gym to find out what was going on. Finding Lily outside Rias asked, "Lily-chan do you know what's going on?"

Lily shook her head. "My dad said that he had to hand out some punishments, but other than that I don't know what they're talking about." Then her eye twinkled, as she looked past the girls toward the changing room. "Is there really a paradise in there?" Is it like the prefects bath maybe?

"Only for perverts dear," Sona replied while several of the girls around them began to growl angrily. "Those boys are the type you should stay away from," she went on, leaning down to pat Lily on the head, frowning as she contemplated the boys.

I am seriously second-guessing the idea of opening the school to boys at this point. It shouldn't take three bad apples to spoil the whole bunch I suppose, but those are three very bad apples indeed. I realize he was to double our chances of finding sacred your users, and it has admittedly already begun to pay off. But if those three continue to make a nuisance of themselves I might rescind the whole no expulsion rule to get rid of them, even if they might have a sacred gear.

The girls watched glowering angrily as Harry marched the three boys around the edge of the gym, heading towards the school. Harry was about to tell his daughter to follow them, when Matsuda did something very, very stupid. "Oh my God! Who is that little Lolita! Hey little girl, you want to play?"

Everything paused, everything. The girls paused in shock, shock and horror that someone could be that stupid, that open about his perversions to actually say that in front of a little girl, an actual little girl rather than a freshman who simply had a petite body like Koneko. That would've been bad enough, this was worse. And on top of that say in front of the girl's father! Even the other two perverts were staring at their jock friend.

The devils too were all frozen and then stayed that way for an entirely different reason.

For a moment Harry simply stood there before he slowly turned as if on a mount. A pressure built up that those with even rudimentary magical/spiritual senses could feel as darkness spread from him like a living shadow, an image of Death appearing there. The feel of the apparition wasn't quite magical or physical rather it was almost spiritual in nature. It spread out crushing down on everyone with the weight of its presence. The three perverts found themselves on their knees, their eyes wide and staring as they began to gibber.

The watching students all recoiled, even the devils save Akeno, who blushed, pressing her legs together, her nipple hardening and wetness beginning to make its presence known. The feel of the shadow on her, the pressure in it, the tone of voice, all of it combined to hit her buttons something fierce. Mah~~~, I never thought that being the sub would be very fun, but this is, this is amazing! Potter-sensei, you interest me all the more~~mmmm!

At the same time her queen was having a crisis Rias and Sona quickly began to reevaluate how powerful they thought Harry was. The power he was giving off now marked him as at least as powerful as they were, possibly somewhat more since this was an uncontrolled reaction rather than one he was directing.

"OHOHOHOHO….OHOHOHOHO…." Harry's chuckles rang out, the most evil and sadistic sound that any of his listeners had ever heard including Rias, who lived with Akeno.

Rias in point of fact was trying desperately not to look at her friend now, knowing the face she would be making would be obscene. This didn't help since she could actually hear Akeno let out a low moan, and heard her start shifting from one foot to the other.

"And here I was going to simply demand that you be expelled," Harry said as he stared at the three, his eyes now glowing emerald embers. A few of his old friends would have called them 'Harry's AK eyes' since his eyes could indeed glow like the killing curse when he was angry. "But now…now your fate will be…legendary."

Realizing that Harry was losing control, Rias quickly took command of situation gesturing to Sona to help her. "All right everybody, we have clubs to get to, we can't just sit around here and watch punishment be handed out. Lily, why don't you come with me? We can stay in my club room now. Akeno?" Hearing no response Rias turned. "Akeno!?"

Akeno was in her happy place, staring at Harry, her legs rubbing rhythmically together, her chest heaving as she began to hyperventilate. "Right," Rias growled, leaning over to smack her friend on the back of the head, covering her with an illusion spell at the same time, whispering sternly. "Akeno snap out of it, we're still in public!"

"Mou~~~ Buchou, can't you just let me have my fun?" Akeno pouted but at her king's glare subsided, turning away. "I call dibs on the shower back in the club room. I have need of it…"

"Damn it Akeno that is club property! If you want to do that go home and use your own darn bed!" Rias realized her mistake a second later as Akeno disappeared, leaving behind the illusion for now which to the normal student's senses simply followed behind Rias silently now. "Damn it."

Seeing the rest of the class leaving in haste seemed to galvanize the perverts out of their terrified stupor. Issei and Motohama made a break for it, but Harry grabbed them, hurling them back into the area between the two buildings. Matsuda didn't his mind almost broken under the terror of the vision around Harry.

Seeing her daddy would be busy Lily nodded. Out of all of those present she alone hadn't been affected at all by the display simply watching it, the aura Harry was putting out skirting around her automatically. Without protest Lily took Rias's hand following her the way towards the almost abandoned building that she had made her headquarters. Then she asked a question that made Rias wince and wonder if maybe she should have ordered Akeno to join in on the punishment. "What's a Lolita and why did that strange boy want me to play with him?"

Eyebrow twitching, Rias looked around for help only to see Sona and Tsubaki had already run away with the rest of the class. Cowards! "Well sweetie, that's something you should probably ask your father. Just know it's not a good thing and that if anyone talks to you like that you should probably find your father right away and let him handle it."

Nodding at that Lily followed the other redhead, once more beginning to ask her questions. Rias fell into the same sort of mindset she used with her nephew and had in the past used when dealing with Koneko and even Gasper her hidden bishop, answering her questions easily. It turned out Lily was a budding Japanophile like Rias, having become utterly fascinated by the anime and graphic novels of Japan since their arrival here. Lily's interest and intelligence also stood out to Rias, once more reminding her of Millicas.

Yet even while she was talking to the little girl, Rias could tell several things about Lily by her aura. For one thing, she was a magical too, which should have been impossible given what Rias knew of the Magicians Association, but she supposed there were other associations out there and put that to the side as a relatively minor mystery. For another, she was a werewolf, or at least a werewolf half-breed. Her aura was wild, and she seemed to be very energetic, even more so than a normal seven year old girl.

Oh dear, I hope that she and Koneko have a problem, Rias thought as they reached the floor to the Occult Research Club's room. Koneko had told her about how off-balance smelling a werewolf that close had been to her that first day, though she and Harry had made their peace quickly enough.

She needn't have worried as it turned out.

Koneko looked up as the door opened, looking past Kiba's shoulder from her place on the sofa facing the doorway. She breathed in slightly then cocked her head as she looked at the little girl. She then looked up at Rias, and blinked, staring at her soulfully. "Replacing me, Buchou?"

"I think Akeno is having a negative impact on your sense of humor Koneko-chan." Rias said drolly moving around the sofa Kiba was reclined in, smiling at her friends. "Everyone this is Lily Potter. An issue came up at her school and she came to spend the day with her father here."

"And why is she following you around like a little duckie?" Koneko asked while Kiba simply smiled in welcome. He wasn't good with kids, particularly of the female variety, but at least this one looked too young to be one of the girls who routinely tried to talk him into doing things he'd get in trouble for later.

Lily scowled and darted forward, grabbing the pocky out of Koneko's hand and munching on it. "Not a duckie. Though Aunt Tonks sometimes calls me a puppy."

Narrowing her eyes Koneko scowled but then paused as Lily handed her back half of the pocky stick and hopped up onto the sofa. "You smell of cats. Do you have any, my dad's friend Hermione has this huge ginger tomcat named Crookshanks, he's sooo fluffy. Even if his face looks like a pug."

A small smile appeared on Koneko's face as she nodded, munching on the rest of the pocky and patting the little girl's head. "Hmm… cats rule."

"Nope, redheads do!" Lily replied giggling causing Rias to laugh and Koneko to chuckle. "But do you know any good sweet shops around here? I've found a few, and I was thinking of trying to get my daddy to take me to one tomorrow." Lily scowled a little, kicking her feet against the sofa. "After the last few weeks I think I deserve a treat."

"How about you take out any of your school work and work on that with Koneko-chan and I then?" Rias asked stepping in quickly before the discussion could devolve into a discussion on sweats. "That way you give Ha…Potter-sensei another reason to treat you."

Lily pouted, while Koneko looked up at her king in minor betrayal before Rias reached over and began to rub her head. Purring Koneko closed her eyes, pushing back at Rias's head, and her feeling of betrayal forgotten. "And maybe I'll treat you too Koneko-chan."

As the two younger girls got out their books and began to put them on the table between the two sofas, Rias turned to Kiba. "Could you please go and check if Potter-sensei is done with punishing the three deviants. If so, tell him his daughter is with us here. I know he's got a busy day ahead of him, so if Potter-sensei wants, we can babysit Lily here for a while."


Looking down at the three battered, twitching bodies, and Harry sighed shaking his head. I lost a little bit of control there. Harry hadn't consciously used magic, but he was certain that his magic had acted up just then even if he wasn't wholly aware of how. Damn it, and after I told Lily not to have any accidental magic moments! The irony is withering.

Putting that thought to the side for now, Harry glared down at the trio of perverted fools. "I think we'll leave it there for the day, but if I catch you peeping again I really will see you expelled. And if you Matsuda ever act on that kind of tendency, I will rip off your testicles and make you thank me for it, understood?"

With a half, he turned away leaving the small area behind though he did make a point of taking their shovels with him. Since they were school property he couldn't actually break them or anything like that, but without them the boys wouldn't be able to get around the bushes. It might be best to come back and see if I can put some kind of deterrent up. I won't even need to use magic, just put some floorboards with nails down on the ground, or superglue some to the wall right under the window.

The three boys groaned twitching as their teacher left. Harry hadn't actually hit them much beyond stopping them from escaping. But being in his presence when the teacher had let out that aura of terror was more than enough to break their will. They all sat in their personal puddles for a time even though Harry was gone, their eyes wide and unseeing.

Matsuda finally spoke up, his voice a croak, his throat sore from his attempts to scream, though no noise had come out. "Hey guys." Twin groans answered him and he went on slowly. "I… I don't think I'm into lolis anymore…" This won him two further groans then all three fell silent, staring straight ahead as they waited for their bodies and minds to comb back into conjunction.

Leaving the trio behind Harry walked around the side of the gym, frowning as he wondered where his daughter had gone. Or the rest of the class, how long did that take anyway?

"Potter-sensei?" Harry turned as he heard a voice to find Yuuto standing there. "Buchou sent me to tell you that Lily is with her, Koneko-chan and I in the ORC room. She also said to tell you that if you want to we can look after her while you deal with your various meetings." The blonde boy said with a smile.

Quite thoughtful that Rias. Checking the time, Harry sighed in irritation. "Yes, it appears I'm going to have to avail myself of that offer of hers. Tell Gremory-san thank you from me, but I have to go, I'm already late darn it."

Nodding Kiba turned away and Harry raced towards the main building. To his dismay however the meetings took up the rest of the afternoon evening and into the night. In fact it was about eight by the time the meetings finally ended.

Harry was the first out the door, heading towards the old school building where the ORC apparently made its home. But only the outside looked run down, the inside seemed to be fine, making wonder why the outside hadn't been similarly repaired.

Finding the doorway to the ORC clubhouse, he rapped on the doorway. A moment later Rias opened the door, smiling at him and waving him inside. "Lily's asleep right now," she whispered.

Coming in, Harry first looked around, noting the setup of the room. It was a long rectangular room, with a large desk at the far end complete with chair. There were several standing lights here and there, along with a table and two sofas set into the center of the room. To one side there was a small desk on which was a chess set taking up the entire table, beyond which there was a door to another room of some kind, the doorway having a window set into it going from top to bottom. On the walls were dark brown wood and some heavy dark purple drapes over the windows.

Done with his perusal Harry looked at the sofa facing the door, where his daughter was lying asleep with Koneko, the older girl curled up around the younger, both of them sharing one of the cushions as a pillow. The sight warmed Harry's heart, and he bestowed a gentle smile on Rias, leaning in to whisper in her ear. "Thank you for watching her for me. Was she any trouble?"

Desperately trying to keep a blush from her face at the feel of Harry's breath Rias shook her head. "Not at all, she was a positive darling, a rather mischievous one at times, she and Koneko got into a snatch fight for some of Koneko's sweets, but other than being confused as to why my chess pieces didn't talk or move on their own for some reason she was no trouble. I had her finish her homework however along with Koneko. Your daughter is quite a clever girl isn't she?"

"She's not a dinosaur, but I take your point." Harry said, causing Rias to break out into giggles, not having expected Harry to recognize that line. As she giggled however, Harry reached into his wallet, about to pull out some yen to pay Rias for having watched his daughter.

But Rias caught that, and shook her head quickly. "No Potter-san, there's no need for that. It was quite fun watching her, you've no need to pay me."

"Even if you didn't ask her any questions about me?" Harry asked, staring at Rias intently.

"I felt that would be an underhanded way of going forward." Rias replied primly, before softening and stepping up to Harry, nearly pressing her chest into his. "I am not willing to ruin our little game by abusing your daughter's innocence in such a manner Harry."

Harry didn't back away instead leaning down to stare into her eyes, a smile playing across his lips. Neither of them noticed how Rias had called him Harry rather than Potter Sensei. "You're a good woman Rias Gremory, even if the mystery about you and the others is slowly driving me batty."

"I could say the same about you and the mystery of where you came from. It is both enticing and frustrating," Rias replied, thrilled at being called a woman by the man in front of her. Another shiver of pleasure went through her as she looked up at the man, realizing she rather liked being shorter than him, and the kind look in his eyes were causing her insides to twist around themselves.

The atmosphere was so electric between them Harry couldn't stop himself, his libido finally getting out of his Occlumentic cage and impacting the rest of his mind. He stepped forward very lightly and deliberately pressing his chest into Rias's bust feeling her large, soft breasts right below his pecs. Almost of their own volition his hands came up, one finger tracing down Rias's face as her own hands came up, one hand taking his, the other touching his face in turn. She also stepped forward, pressing their bodies flush against one another, feeling his hard muscles and other things pressing into her body. "And is that all that's enticing, just the mysteries about me?"

Rias licked her lips, her eyes becoming half-lidded as she slowly shook her head, her body going haywire at the electric feel of the air between them, even though she was slightly worried about where this would go. Harry was a man after all, not a boy, and she wondered if he would back away. I wonder if I want him to, but no, it's, it's only been two week's I'm not going to jump into bed with someone after only knowing them for two weeks. "N, no… not just that…"

Harry smiled at that little stutter but the sudden turmoil he saw in Rias's eyes was enough for him to regain control of himself. Reluctantly he stepped back; forcing his arms back to his side despite the fact what he really wanted to do was drag them over Rias's body. Damn their odd auras and my own issues! I will not let my libido dictate my actions, not alone anyway, regardless of foreign influence. "Well, that's good to hear. However I should probably get this little one home."

Blushing now full force Rias retreated, cursing her own libido somewhat. "R, right."

Harry moved over to the sofa, only to stop as he saw Koneko looking at the two of them over his daughter's head. "…Rias-sempai, Potter-sensei… Ecchi."

"N, nothing happened Koneko-chan!" Rias spluttered, while Harry ignored the pronouncement.

Instead he reached forward, touching his daughter's cheek lightly. "Wake up Lily."

Yawning Lily came awake, smiling at her father. "Hey Daddy."

"Hey honey. Sorry I was gone so long, but those budget meetings were sooo awful." Harry said, ruffling her hair before leaning back and standing upright once more. "Come on, let's head out to eat, I don't feel like cooking tonight. I'm feeling like Italian, if we can find a restaurant, and then, maybe some ice cream?"

Koneko perked up at that, giving Harry her best kitten-eyes attack. "Me too?"

"Um, that would be rather too much like favoritism, but… I suppose could say that it's my payment to you for watching Lily." Harry mused, before winking, using the hand not already rubbing his daughter's head to ruffle Koneko's. So long as you play guide Koneko, that's fine by me,"

Koneko nodded, her eyes half closing under Harry's hand on her head. His fingers seemed to find all the right spots, and she had to fight to keep her ears from popping up and ruining her illusion spell. "MM…"

"I don't suppose you could treat me as well could you?" Rias asked, half whimsically, half seriously.

"I…" Harry paused, looking at Rias. Part of him wanted to say yes, but given what just nearly happened, he didn't think it was a good idea. But how to decline the request in front of his daughter?


Elsewhere Akeno stretched luxuriantly, on her bed, certain portions of her body aching from her rather intense solo session. She didn't want to move, but needed some food, so reluctantly left the confines of her satin sheets. Unmindful of her nudity she walked through the house the four members of the ORC shared ignoring the sight of Kiba coming out of his room.

He turned immediately away heading back into his room. Dinner can wait I suppose.

Still naked Akeno moved around the room, preparing a small meal for herself. Just as she began to put the rice cooker on however she paused, staring out the window in thought. Now why do I get the feeling I'm missing out on a chance to tease both Rias and Harry-san?


"Kalawarner?" Raynare began, looking at the older looking Fallen Angel. She had been following her target via a pair of binoculars and had seen the apparition Harry Potter had become when that fool Matsuda had made a comment directed at Potter's daughter.

The sultry angel looked up from the romance novel she had been reading and making a correction before capping her marker and flicking it up into the air. Lots of Fallen had odd hobbies they did on their own time, but Raynare had to admit that going through romance novels and making corrections and comments in the margin was a new one on her. "Yes?"

"You're on. I want you to somehow get close to Potter. Find out what he is, and how to either eliminate him or bring him to our side. But for all that's holy don't go near his daughter!" Raynare said, shivering. "That would backfire something fierce."

"Of course it would," Kalawarner said mildly, rolling her eyes. "Fine. Give me a few days to set it up, and by this time next week I'll have him eating out of my hands."

Mittelt might have said something snarky at that point, but she fell silent as Raynare turned to her.

"You, your job will be to find as much as you can about Potter's background. He's too dangerous to go forward with any plan without somehow neutralizing him. Dohnaseek," Raynare went on without waiting for a reply. "You get to go and get our erstwhile allies. I want them here and ready for combat in two weeks. We will need their added firepower whatever happens. Lord Kokabiel has given us our orders and I mean to carry them out regardless of a new player being added to the game."


In the end Harry wasn't able to, and the four of them went out and had fun time at a local Italian family restaurant. Rias and Harry made certain to not flirt or even talk to just one another, always talking to the group as a whole, knowing they had to take a step back from what had almost happened in the club room. This was made easier by Lily's budding love for all things anime related and Rias' own copious love for such things. Koneko stayed mostly silent, concentrating on her food.

Rias also made a point of saying several times that this was a payment from Harry for watching his daughter as they walked around every time she spotted another student from Kuoh. This would hopefully cover them, as was the fact Koneko and his own daughter was there. Although having Lily around might well have made it worse if Rias was a few years older

After they finished, the four of them walked for a time together before they came to an intersection where they would have to part ways. As they did, Rias paused, smiling at Harry and thanking him for the wonderful meal. In reply Harry smiled back, then asked, "So, that position of the ORC's advisor. Is it still open?"

The smile Rias gave him was almost enough to light the nighttime street.

End chapter

MACUSA - Magical Congress of the USA - apparently canon American magical government, used in Fantastic Beasts, which I've never read or seen LOL.

This is not quite the chapter I wanted to put out, but I realized I had to space out events lest everything happen far too quickly to be believed: Harry getting close to all of the characters and vice-versa, Yuuma acting on her orders to kill Issei, and then everything snowballing after that, to make no mention of my desire to world build on the magic side of things. We won't get to that moment for at least two more chapters, which will let me continue to world build and create further interaction moments as well as scenes showing Harry incorporating more of the local magics into his personal style. And once we do, well, don't expect Harry to deal with Raynare or anyone from that group in any way I have ever seen before this…. hohohoho.