This is a netorare fic. Kushina and Minato are married. There will be no feeble attempts to change Naruto's or Kushina's DNA. They are mother and son, and they will engage in hot incestuous sex till death do them part. Minato will find out sooner or later. He will be furious, but he will never get his wife back.

Main pairing: Naruto/Kushina & Naruto/Mikoto (Yes, Fugaku is also getting cuckolded)

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto, but if I did, you can bet your ass that the plot will revolve around Uzumakicest.


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Patience is not sitting and waiting.

It is foreseeing.

It is looking at the thorn and seeing the rose, looking at the night and seeing the day.

Toying with his brand spanking new hitai-ate, a grin was dancing across the face of an eighteen-year-old Naruto Uzumaki. He had blazed through the ranks of genin and chunin – he was now officially a jounin. Men and women alike in Konoha's ninja force all have some sort of goal or aspiration. Some want to protect their family, some wish to strike fear in the hearts of the enemy, some simply want to serve the Hokage. However, he couldn't care less about being a shinobi. The only reason why he entered the profession was to indulge in life's greatest sins: drinking, killing, fornicating. Ramming his cock down a woman's throat at the age of thirteen may seem unsettling for civilians, but no one bats an eyelash when a ninja (no matter how young) does it.

But yes, his greatest sin was sex. Not with just anyone mind you. He became a genin so he could bed his best friend's mother.

They say a beautiful woman delights the eye; a wise woman, the understanding; a pure one, the soul.

This saying didn't extend to breathtakingly gorgeous MILFs like Mikoto Uchiha. Her luscious black hair was always styled, no matter when the blond saw her. Her laughter was hypnotic, her smile was contagious - she was the epitome of feminine grace. The weapons of mass destruction on her chest could bring any sane man to their knees. Oh, how ripe and juicy they were, always lovely to suckle. Shake them and bounce them in his hands, but the wonderous tits always jiggled and made hypnotizing movements that made him want to just stare at them for hours. Take those ripe nipples in his fingers, tease them or then use his teeth to chew on them like a pacifier.

Sasuke had missed out on some delicious breast milk, but Naruto had no intention of missing out. Those rosy pink nipples were always delightful to feast on, especially since she had gone through a medical procedure to produce breastmilk again. Oh, how he loved milking her.

Mikoto also had a sensational pair of full hips that supported an ass which could trigger an instant erection. Even when he was a child he would stare long and hard at his mother's glorious ass. This was the same case for his godmother as well. It was the highlight of his day to see her hips swaying side to side, her fat ass bouncing. For as long as he could remember he was driven by women's backsides, especially of mature women. Due to this early driving force, he's been worshiping Fugaku's wife's bottom for the past five years. In between the crevice, his tongue slathering saliva all over her perineum.

Two beautiful pink folds guarded the tunnel leading to her womb. Mikoto's pussy wasn't the first he's had the pleasure of feasting upon. With Jiraiya hounding on him and forcing him to expand his sexual knowledge base, he's been in between the legs of countless prostitutes. However, he never grew attached to those women. The only two women in his sight were Mikoto and his mother. So when he was finally up and personal with Mikoto's cunt, he gave it everything he possibly had. Sasuke's mother never even stood a chance against him. Let's not even talk about how much time he's spent exploring her cute little asshole.

The seduction began when he was twelve years old.

He wanted his mother. Ever since he was a child he found himself angry at his father for being able to win over a woman like Kushina Uzumaki. He had a perfect memory and could still recall memories of him and his mother bathing. She would always allow him to suckle her tits in the bath when he was getting a little grumpy, which was why he was so drawn to tits in the first place. However, his mother's ass was definitely something he could spend his life savings on. The redhead's hips were nice and plump, packed with doughy flesh which jiggled with each step she took.

Cruising through the ninja academy was for the sake of one day gaining enough skills to take his father's place in the bedroom. Thanks to Jiraiya being his godfather, he had become incredibly acquainted with the female anatomy.

Of course Jiraiya knew of his dream. It took only a heartfelt confession for the old fart to help him in whatever way he could. Jiraiya may have been Minato's teacher, but he was a Super Pervert. Make Out Paradise: Blond on Red Incest was going to be the number one selling book in the Elemental Nations. So while he did feel guilty of possibly ruining his student's marriage, he knew there was no stopping the power of incestuous romance. After thorough analysis, Jiraiya realized that Minato was just a tool whose purpose was to help raise his wife's future lover.

To help his newest apprentice win over Kushina, he first had the gaki earn the affections of his godmother. To his delight, Naruto was attracted to the Uchiha matriarch and would always spend time with her over the weekends. However, this was going to be tricky because Mikoto was married to Fugaku, though no one particularly liked the Clan Head. After sending him to various prostitutes and whores, he received pages of positive feedback from them regarding Naruto's oral skills. Then, one day he camped outside the Uchiha compound master bedroom's window.

He found Naruto between Mikoto's legs.

By Kami the gaki was eating the poor woman's pussy like it was the cure to cancer.

That night was the birth of Make Out Paradise: Housewife's Oral Service.

Fugaku learned of this a month later and was relatively fine with being cuckolded. He wasn't a sexual person and only bothered with coitus to sire heirs. However, he was incredibly turned on by the sight of his wife getting pounded by his former teammate's son. He wasn't ashamed to say he masturbated several times to them fucking like rabbits in heat. He wasn't ashamed to move out of the master bedroom. He wasn't ashamed to permanently hand over his wife to a thirteen-year-old teenager. Mikoto was never his to begin with – he knew that now.

Jiraiya also learned another thing about Naruto; that the gaki had one gigantic cock. Measured at little over a foot long (14.5 inches), the humongous shaft was thicker than the average kunoichi's wrist. If he was being honest with himself, the Super Pervert was concerned for his previous student's wife. Kushina was an extremely powerful kunoichi, but would she be able to handle Naruto's monster cock? From what Naruto had told him, it took Mikoto a full week to learn how to take every inch of him inside her.

It was difficult stomaching the fact he was three times smaller than the kid. Then again, this was a blessing in disguise. If he could come up with some bullshit "prophecy" to ensure Minato stays away from home, it would create a drift between Minato and Kushina. Through this the redhead could depend on Naruto for being the head of the household. He trusted the youngster to be able to seduce his mother from there.

Project Uzumakicest was a go.



"Ah, good. You're here, Itachi," said Fugaku in a dull voice. "Where's Sasuke?"

"He left after breakfast," answered Itachi. "By the way, have you finished signing our police training school documents?"

Fugaku gritted his teeth as he got out of his chair. "Damn it. I forgot all about that. Come Itachi, let's finalize the paperwork right now. We have to get your mother's signature as well."

Seeing no reason to disobey his father, Itachi followed the man out the study. As they entered the living room, they came across their Matriarch, who was sitting on the sofa, engaging Naruto Uzumaki in a dance of the tongue. This was an all too familiar sight for the men in the Uchiha family. Ever since Naruto cuckolded their father five years ago, it was common for Sasuke and Itachi to walk in on their mother fooling around with the blond, but with clothes on.

They were alarmed when they first saw the two making out. Never in their wildest dreams had they imagined their sweet mother would cheat on their father. And when their father later confronted them, they were knocked-for-six to hear him say that this was how things were going to be from now on. But at the end of the day, at least their parents weren't getting divorced. Thankfully, they never caught the adulterous couple having sex since those two normally knocked boots in the privacy of the master bedroom. When Naruto and Mikoto wanted to fuck in the kitchen, living room, or in other areas of their humble abode, the two Uchiha heirs would be informed to take their leave.

This time was different because his mother was fully naked and so was her lover. Their lips were molding together as they swapped saliva, kissing passionately. The woman's hands were full of the blond's thick, throbbing manhood, whereas the blond was kneading the former kunoichi's gorgeous bubble butt. Itachi groaned in discomfort before looking the other way when his mother suddenly plunged her head on the blond's lap. Those two were so loud in bed (Naruto not so much, but by Kami was his mother a screamer) that it was difficult for him to want to stay in the house as they fucked the shit out of each other. For some reason, now that those two were being intimate out in the open, he was rooted in place like his body was refusing to budge. Itachi stood with stony eyes as he watched that humongous rod of meat, which could easily be passed off as a katana, getting serviced by his mother.

Two of Mikoto's fingertips glazed the tip of Naruto's cock before tracing its underside. The fingers from both her hands curled around the shaft as she affectionately peppered the big, fat mushroom head with kisses. Her hot, wet tongue sexily smoothed the tip before welcoming him into her oral caverns, simulating a suction cup as she tried drawing out some precum. She worked her way down his shaft, taking inch after twitching inch. Her flushed cheeks puffed out, which would've made her look adorable had it not been for the huge cock she was sucking on.

The Uchiha males finally saw the woman's face when Naruto created a makeshift hair-tie by balling up several strands of her hair. The blond's free hand was now grazing the top of the blackette's luscious ass. Her muffled moans resounded like heavenly music as she bobbed her head up and down. Locking her index finger and thumb around the base to angle herself better, she relentlessly exercised her jaw to cram him deeper and deeper inside her gullet. A pop sound filled the living room when Mikoto withdrew him from her mouth. She wasted no time in wrapping both hands around the monstrous shaft. She began pumping it with a passion, slow at first, then faster, but each motion showing off her expertise. The noise level escalated as she coated her palms with her saliva. Topping things off, she ducked her head and started sucking on his huge balls, treating them both to a mouth-wash.

Itachi wanted desperately to leave, but he knew it was too late. His sharingan sprang to life as he snuck a hand down his trousers, wishing for a woman to blow him like that. How was she able to take all of that cock in her mouth?

Fugaku chuckled lightly to see his son squirming like a teenage girl. However, the youngster's arousal was relatable because he had a similar reaction when he first caught his wife and her lover going at it. Deciding to let his son jerk off in peace, he slowly made his way around the sofa, his small dick straining against his trousers. He couldn't tell for sure before, but now he could clearly see his wife's puckered rectum squinting and producing wet, squishy noises. Naruto wasn't holding anything back as he fingered her asshole, loosening up the tiny orifice. A nice layer of cream was gathering around the woman's pussy and began sticking to her inner thighs.

The father of two scooted a few steps to the left and analyzed the rhythm at which his wife was servicing his master's ungodly large cock. He could still remember the time when she couldn't get half that beast in her mouth without gagging. Now her chin was leaning against Naruto's heavy ballsack, her nose pressing into his groin, fourteen-and-a-half inches of meat buried deep within her oral cavity. As she pulled a second time, the blond's length was flexing angrily, drenched in a frothy layer of spit, pre-cum and thick ropes of throat-lube. In the blink of an eye, his wife was straddling the blond and was lowering herself on his manhood.

"Oh, Itachi and Fugaku-san. I almost didn't see you two there," grunted out Naruto midway into stretching his whimpering godmother. Digging his hand in the crevice of her bottom, he jammed a finger up her asshole. "What's going on? Did you need us for something?"

Time stood still for Fugaku as his master gradually bottomed out inside his wife, clearly hitting her square in the cervix. She shook atop his lap, her slender arms snaked around his neck. Her hair fanned out as she nuzzled her face into his shoulder. Rendered speechless, he watched obsessively as she arched her body to adjust to the enormous length she was getting stabbed with. The sight of her rear wobbling in response to the initial warmup thrusts was always mesmerizing for him. His sharingan was now active, his breathing was coming in short bursts. The blond possessively held on to his wife as he started nailing her. Rather than one finger, two were now examining her dirtiest hole. Mikoto's screams were so tempting that it was giving him a painful erection. It was becoming unbearable for him to resist the urge to touch himself. The youngster was really giving it to his spouse.

'Dear Kami, my dick is on fire from watching kaa-san get fucked by Naruto,' thought Itachi, the heat engulfing his brain as sweat dribbled down his forehead. 'I can see why tou-san has been such an avid fan. It's morally wrong for me to watch my mother engage in coitus but I never thought sex could be so hot.'

He chewed on his bottom lip, studying how much that humongous shaft had stretched out his mother's pussy. How in the world was she able to handle Naruto? She kept bouncing up and down on the blond, her long hair hovering messily, ripples running through her big, fat ass. Suddenly, she pushed herself up until a handful of inches were sticking out of her. She proceeded to sway her hips, working whatever remained within her, before slamming herself back down. The sounds of her screams rang violently in the eardrums of her eldest son and husband. Goosebumps were seen rising on her cheeks before they ran down the back of her thighs. She sensually twerked atop the blond's lap before picking up where she had left off. Itachi's eyes were wide as saucers as his mother confirmed that she was in a class of her own through her expertise at riding cock. He had never seen anything like it before in his life.

Fugaku was a sputtering mess as his wife started creaming down his master's cock. "Y…yes…I wish to speak with Mikoto. When will you two be finished?"

"I'M CUMMMMMMMINNNNGGGGG!" squealed the Uchiha Matriarch, her vaginal walls contracting so hard that her mind started malfunctioning. Even her eyes watered from the unbearable pressure. She shook on his lap like a trauma patient, her hands digging into his golden locks. Suddenly, the dam shattered, but not even the colossal volume of her release could put out the fire in her loins. Her big, juicy tits heaved up and down as she mewled like a contented kitten. She slowly relaxed before slumping against her lover with an adorable smile dancing across her lips.

"That's a good girl," cooed Naruto, holding the shivering woman in his arms. His monster cock was still buried inside her and was swimming in an abundance of fluids, which were starting to seep down the base of his shaft and traveling to his huge balls.

"We won't be free for another three hours, Fugaku-san." He held two fingers to his lips, and his eyes closed with bliss from the alluring taste of his godmother's anus. Coating the fingers with his saliva, he stuck them straight back up her delicious ass. "Today's the day I take Miko-hime's anal virginity."

Fugaku's sharingan flared as the blood rushed straight to his small dick. Swallowing the lump in his throat, he fell to his knees. It was less than a year ago when he first caught Naruto consuming his wife's asshole. At first, he was revolted, and for good reason. There was nothing more unclean than the anus, but it was that very taboo which made it so fucking hot. For four long years he's been waiting anxiously to see his wife's asshole get stretched by her lover's cock.

"Do you…may I please watch, Naruto-dono?" pleaded the brown-haired clan head. Requesting this wasn't necessary since the couple always took his needs into consideration. However, as a devoted cuckold, he wanted to receive his master's confirmation.

A foxy grin crept to the blond's lips. "Do you have a problem with this Miko-hime?"

"Hmmm…" purred the black-haired goddess sexily, her melodious voice hypnotizing the audience. "Of course not, Naru-koi."

"I'll grant your request if you bring me some lubricant from the master bedroom," began the wife stealer before scrunching up his face. "It'll be a purple color bottle labeled Anal-tastic."

Itachi was silent as his father fled the scene like a thief in the night. He shifted uncomfortably as his mother's reproductive juices oozed out of her as she sexily hopped off her lover's cock. That terrifyingly huge shaft was glistening proudly with her release and to his surprise, it was still hard as steel. It was a different story when his father was present with him. He couldn't describe how awkward he was feeling right now.

"Don't worry, sochi," said Mikoto, sensing her son's troubled mind. "This is a safe place."

Nodding timidly, the powerful ANBU softly thanked the woman for not belittling him. It was bad enough that he was gazing at his naked mother. However, it was like Pandora's Box had been opened and he couldn't gather the strength to leave. He was brought out of his thoughts as his father appeared back with a bottle of lubricant in hand.

"Wait," commanded Naruto as he saw his lover's husband presenting the bottle to him. "I am going to be worshiping Miko-hime's ass first. Go and quickly bring me a couple pair of pillows."

"Of course, Naruto-dono," said Fugaku before nudging his son. "Come Itachi, let's be quick."

Mikoto arched a brow at her beloved. "You spend an hour playing with my ass every day, Naru-koi," whispered the mother. "You know you can just skip the foreplay this time."

"Not a chance," answered the blond as he picked his lover bridal-style. He quickly set her down on the carpet, and on her hands and knees. "You don't see what I see. You don't see the big, fat, beautiful ass all gracefully spread out before me. You don't see the full, delicious curves on full display for me. You don't see the beautiful flower petals that guard your pussy, nor do you see the ripe dark pinkish hole that I'm going to feast upon on this gracious day."

"B-baka…" sputtered the MILF with a huge blush. "Trust you to say such things about my ass. It's kind of arousing really."

"It's easy to find things to say when they're all true," said the blond before he saw the two men approaching him with pillows in hand. "Perfect. Lay two pillows on top of each other."

The father and son did as they were told. However, only Fugaku understood the silent instruction of setting a pillow for his wife's face to rest on. Mikoto was now propped up on the pillows. Two pillows under her stomach, allowing her to prop her ass up and stay nice and comfy.

"It's time," breathed Fugaku. "Watch carefully, Itachi. This is going to be the hottest thing you'll ever see in your life."

Itachi nervously cleared his throat as the blond knelt down and started caressing his mother's thick left cheek. Naruto's jaw contorted when he opened it as wide as possible to cover as much flesh as he could with his mouth. His lips sealed about the plump cheek. Now that his vision was blocked, he scooted over to see a clear view of the blond's tongue lathering saliva over and across the glistening skin of his mom's buttocks. The young adult's hands were fanned out to rest atop the plump cheeks.

Fugaku reveled in the sight of his wife's eyes rolling to the back of her head as Naruto's tongue slithered down to lick her matronly thigh. The blond gently nipped on her flesh before kissing it again. He kicked off his pants and plopped on his knees, hungrily ogling them. He was about to start jacking off when he saw his youngest son entering the living room with a horrified expression. Deciding to end the verbal outrage before it could become a reality, he instantly appeared in front of his kid and covered his mouth with his hand.

"Don't dare say anything, Sasuke," hissed the father. "Naruto-dono will not appreciate being interrupted, not to mention that I'll be furious for you ruining my viewing pleasure. Either get out or stay and watch."

"But…wait, Itachi?" gasped the young Uchiha. "Why are you here? I thought you were against tou-san's desires to watch the dobe and kaa-san fuck."

"the dobe" may seem like an insult to some, but in reality, this was an endearment. This was just the nickname that Sasuke had given his best friend. He had nothing against Naruto and his mother. As long as the two weren't putting on public sex shows then he had no problem with their relationship. His father had no problem with it, so why should he?

"Foolish little brother…" whispered the older teen. "I was wrong about insulting tou-san's desires. Just watch and you'll start seeing things from our point of view."

Sasuke was a little peeved that his brother and father were both naked from the waist down, not to mention the fact his brother was finally coming around to their father's bizarre desire to watch Naruto and Mikoto have sex. Ultimately, he propped down to see Naruto's palms finding the full swell of the spheres of his mother's derriere. He quickly threw his hands over his face, ashamed that he was seeing so much of his kind-hearted parent.

The sounds of tantric moaning made him slowly drop his hands to see Jiraiya's prized student biting into the soft flesh of his married partner's butt cheek. His breathing was heavy as that thick, veiny rod of meat came into view. It terrified him and his classmates back in the academy when Naruto dropped his trousers during a visit to the hot springs. That thing was huge then, but it was monstrous now. From where he stood, the rays of the sun entering the living room from the window were bouncing off his mom's broad ass. Yearning to get a better view, he stepped to his right to see her bottom getting spread, revealing her anus, which glistening with run-off juices and saliva. His onyx orbs widened, his heart skipping a beat. Did the dobe just lick his mother's asshole?

Sasuke didn't have to wait long for his answer as Naruto pressed his lips against Mikoto's winking rectum, making open-mouthed smooching motions, effectively massaging the area around her button. Then, the blond plummeted his face between his lover's thighs and she started bucking her hips back and forth, panting and mewling. It was obvious that the dobe was slobbering all over his mother's pink star.

"D-dear Kami…"

Thanks to his dojutsu, Itachi could see that the ring of his mother's anus was raising slightly, being drawn into her lover's mouth. At first her toes curled as he licked and sucked her outer rim. Then her legs started to shake as a miniature orgasm rippled out of her. Naruto's tongue was now emerging to lather the inner walls of her ass. Her sweet, feminine moans turned to growls and she brought one hand to the back of the blond's head. Perhaps this was her way of guiding his movements, but he soon realized that this wasn't the case.

The blond didn't pick up the pace, yet his mother's voice jumped several decibel levels. Upon further analysis via sharingan, he could tell Naruto's tongue was slithering quite deep inside her rectum. The sensations this was bringing her must be overwhelming if she was forced to withdraw her hand from the blond's head. True enough, she clenched her hands into tight fists and buried her face into the pillow. Her asshole was clenching around his tongue, her muffled cries occupying the area. She started slamming her fists on the carpet, mirroring the rhythm of the blond's tongue swabbing. The kid he used to babysit was now transforming into a reckless beast whose purpose was to feast upon his mother's ass.

'What the fuck…this is so fucking hot!' roared Sasuke inwardly, fidgeting with a burning erection. 'Dobe…fucking hell! You're really eating out kaa-san's ass!'

Fugaku smiled as he paid a glance at his sons, though it may have seemed creepy with him jerking off his cock while doing so. Turning his attention back to the couple of the hour, he could tell that his wife was just about ready to explode based off the all too familiar sight of her spasming legs. On top of that, her entire body was flushed, her hair was swaying from side to side as she shook her face violently into her pillow. His master kept working his tongue, consuming the jelly of his wife's anal canal.

"CUMMMMINNNGGG!" shrieked Lady Uchiha, her pussy gushing like it was trying to beat its previous record. The sheer pressure of her release made stars appear in her field of vision. She quickly bit into her pillow as her world came crashing down on her. The strength in her legs left her as her knees gave in and she collapsed soundly on the very carpet she had just soaked. So powerful was her anal-induced orgasm that she promptly blacked out.

The three Uchiha males glanced down at the ropes of sperm they had shot on the floor. The sight of his wife getting sexually pampered always delighted Fugaku. However, for Itachi and Sasuke, this first time voyeuristic experience was like a drug and they were quickly becoming addicted. No wonder why their father has been hooked for so long.

"Fugaku-san," announced Naruto. "You may hand me that lubricant now." His eyes widened slightly before his lips curled into a smile. "Hey, teme. I didn't know you were here as well."

"That's probably because you were occupied elsewhere, dobe," joked the youngest Uchiha, not wanting to mention that he had just jizzed on the carpet. "Hope you don't mind me sticking around."

"Not at all," was all the huge-cocked man before picking his best friend's mother up and bringing her back to the sofa where they were previously making love. Sitting her across his lap, he ruffled up her hair while gesturing for the woman's husband to present him with the lubricant.

Mikoto awoke with a gasp and went about catching her breath. Focusing her fluttering eyes, she saw that she was laying on her lover's lap and that his monster cock was jutting up proudly towards the ceiling. She affectionately nuzzled her cheek against the base of his shaft, kissing it, cherishing it. For the longest time she's been terrified for the safety of her asshole because that thing would definitely tear her apart and may damage her internal organs. It took a few years, but now she was finally ready to lose her anal virginity. She cooed sweetly as the blond leaned down and pecked the top of her head. She responded by leaning up and showering his face with kisses.

The intimate display brought a smile to Fugaku's face. As a cuckold husband, it elated him that he had a master who cared so deeply about his wife. Judging by the reactions of his children, he could tell they also agreed those two were a perfect match. He was pulled from his thoughts when he saw his master holding out his hand, waiting for him to pour the butt-friendly oil.

Once his hand was nice and wet, Naruto ran it along his godmother's crotch before taking her erect clit in between two fingers. He tugged on it, earning a full-body jerk from her since her nether region was painfully sore from her recent orgasms. She started kicking her feet into the air as he relentlessly teased the nub, refusing to stop even when she began crying out for mercy. The Uchiha men held in their breaths, intoxicated by the sexy sight of the blond dominating their Matriarch. Now the man was circling the outer rim of his godmother's anus. Then, he shoved his finger inside inside her. The immense warmth of her walls consumed his digit, the tightness collapsing around it. She moaned dreamily as he worked her anal muscles. The rimming did a decent job of warming up that cute little asshole and the clitoral stimulation helped as well. He soon stuffed a second finger within her, loosening her up further, and began thrusting them in and out with the thick lubricant greasing up her backdoor.

He then flipped her over, laying her on his lap in the standard position for a spanking. However, he didn't set her like this to spank her – this was for a totally different purpose. She stretched her legs before bringing her hands to her derriere, prying it open for her son's best friend. Grabbing the lubricant from his lover's husband, he aligned the head of the bottle with Mikoto's cute little asshole. He used two fingers to open up her rosebud. Tilting the bottle slightly, he allowed the oil to flow directly inside the mother's dirty hole.

"Wow…amazing…" mumbled Fugaku as Naruto filled his wife's ass with oil. "This is so hot."

"Y-yeah…" agreed Itachi, stroking his dick.

"Uh..fuck…" was all Sasuke could groan out as he palmed his testicles.

The oil soon overflowed and started oozing out of Mikoto's sphincter. Naruto smoothly flipped the woman over again, this time so she was laying back first on his lap. He quickly pushed her legs up while shoving his thumb up her ass to prevent more lubricant from leaking out. Lowering his head, he started kissing a path through the valley of her magnificent tits, stopping occasionally to kiss a patch of skin, first below her cleavage then further down her belly. She giggled melodically as he motorboated her breasts. Sasuke and Itachi were both spellbound as the muscular man who was cuckolding their father sucked their mother's breasts like they used to back when they were infants.

A pop sound filled the living room when Naruto finally stopped chewing on his best friend's mother's erect nipples. Smirking down at her and receiving her seductive smile in return, he extended his hand and presented the oil bottle to Fugaku. The man was quick to his feet and eagerly kept his hands wrapped around the bottle. When the blond held out his hand again, he poured the lubricant on to it. Once that was done, Naruto began lathering up his cock, getting it nice and wet for the tiny orifice he was soon going to claim as his forever.

Fugaku nudged his youngest son, bringing him out of his dazed state. Their Matriarch was once again straddling Naruto's lap in the cowgirl position and was seconds away from losing her anal cherry. The treasures located between Mikoto's bottom were revealed as the blond pulled her butt cheeks apart. Little by little, the woman's cute little asshole puckered up as it met the violent cockhead. All three Uchiha males held in their breaths as they anticipated the amazing spectacle.

The goal of life is to make one's heartbeat match the beat of the universe, to match one's nature with nature. Sasuke's heart, on the other hand, was racing faster than a speeding bullet. This was the first time he was witnessing a man attempting to tear through a woman's asshole, after all. He cringed as the puckered folds parted like the red sea. Judging by the sound of her broken whimpers, his mother was in considerable pain and it was difficult stomaching it. Turning his head, he saw his brother biting his lips, but his father was openly drooling. By the time he snapped his attention back to the couple, the blond's massive cockhead was buried in his lover's hot sphincter.


Naruto clawed at the widest chunk of his godmother's hips, resisting the urge to ejaculate inside her extremely small hole. She wasn't lying when she said he was breaking her because he was doing a damn good job of splitting her in two. Then again, a cavity search wasn't meant to be performed with something of such length and girth. However, he would be damned if he didn't explore every hole of his best friend's mother. Her anal walls gradually loosened as she relaxed herself while resting her head over his shoulder. Exhaling deeply, he shoved two more inches within her, making her squirt a whole 50ml of pussy juice in the process.

Itachi had summoned a shadow clone who was holding up a wide mirror at the back of the sofa so he, his father and his younger brother could see their mother's face while getting stuffed with Naruto's cock. Mikoto's mouth opened wider and wider with each inch being shoved up her rectum. Her eyes were sealed shut, tears straining her face with her brows crinkling in pain and pleasure. Strands of long, sweaty black tresses were matted to her cheeks. A light blue hue started surrounding her as her chakra began flaring erratically. Blood red was the color of her eyes as she finally opened them as her sharingan force-activated.

"Aa-aagghh…slow…" begged Mikoto, her butthole starting to gape from the extreme stretching. "Please go slow."

"Oh fuck, I finally have it," cooed Naruto, his cerulean blue orbs glossed with lust. "I finally have your ass, Miko-hime."

"Arrggggghhhh…" gritted out the black-haired MILF, only for a glob of salvia to shoot out of her mouth as she got anally probed by an extra two inches of hard cock. "I don't think you'll be able to fit, Naru-koi! You're too bigggggg! You're destroying meeeeeee!"

His wife used to be a virgin back there, but she gave it up to the man she's cheating on him with. The last time he saw her in so much pain was eighteen years ago, when she was giving birth to Sasuke. Though he could understand why she was struggling so much, seeing her tiny button was getting drilled by fourteen-and-a-half inches of solid steel. Of course, the sight of her thrashing around did alarm the husband in him. However, Fugaku wasn't feeling sick to his stomach because unimaginable lust was coursing through his veins. Sweat was trickling down his forehead as his wife's asshole opened further for his master's gigantic tool. The tomoes of his sharingan spun uncontrollably. He was foaming at the mouth. Even his dick was drooling. He fell to his knees, panting heavily. As he weakly attempted to rise to his feet, he saw both his sons gazing at him in concern.

"Uchiha men show egomaniacal personalities to outsiders to prevent them from finding out that we're genetically programmed as submissive," announced Fugaku, deciding now was the time to reveal his clan's darkest secret to his children. "Don't feel bad if you haven't had any luck with women, Sasuke. It's just how we are. Thankfully we can still find pleasure from watching our loved ones with dominant males. Don't you agree?"

Despite this news shocking him to the core, Sasuke realized why it brought him such immense pleasure to see his mother getting sexual with his best friend. It all made sense now. Wiping the sweat from his forehead, he started jerking off to his heart's content. "Do it, dobe! Take my kaa-san's ass!"

Fugaku smirked in approval before glancing over at his eldest son, who was also furiously stroking his cock. Itachi didn't verbally show it, but his actions spoke louder than words. The sight of his mother getting butt-fucked was like a dream come true for him. Of course, the sight of her in so much pain was not easy for him to endure, but he couldn't deny the fact he had fantasized about having anal sex with a woman. To force her on her hands and knees, force her to spread her delicious cheeks, and then force her to take him up the ass. However, he never found the courage to do something like that. He realized now that this was because of the submissive male Uchiha genes.

The worst wasn't over for Mikoto for she had to endure another ten minutes of painful stretching…ten excruciating minutes. Little by little the blond fed the woman his ungodly large cock. To see that huge, fat tower of meat play hide and seek with one of the most glorious asses ever created was like heaven on earth. The father and his two sons shared a quick glance to see they were all jacking off to the sight of their Matriarch getting fucked in the ass. Then, Mikoto began grinding her hips, begging her lover to push deeper. Within the next five minutes Naruto was buried to the hilt, balls deep inside the mother's now fully stretched out rectum.

Fugaku saw his wife's buxom cheeks kissing her lover's hot groin as the blond clasped his hands about her dainty waist. It was clear that his wife's muscles were finally relaxing. She and his master were now writhing in a slow, steady rhythm, like they were exchanging rectal handshakes. Their foreheads were pressed together, their arms wrapped around one another, their eyes locked. The sight was more romantic than a candlelight dinner. Soon, the thrusts came with a vengeance as Naruto started hammering his wife's ass. The sounds of their bodies slapping together filled the living room of the Uchiha compound as a dirty, musky scent filled their nostrils.

"Deep…so fuckkkinnng deeeeep!" cried Mikoto as she clawed at her lover's hair. Her clit was getting crushed as she kept bouncing up and down on him in frenzy, her hips attaining a darker and darker red hue each time she landed on his lap. Each thrust resulted in her thrashing about, her hair tossing from side to side like a crazed whore. Surprisingly, she found herself loving every second of him tunneling into the depths of her gorgeous bubble butt. She was no longer on earth; she was now floating in a pleasurable abyss. Anal sex was fucking amazing.

Neither of the three male Uchiha realized how much time had passed until the living room started darkening. Fugaku quickly switched on all the spotlights before rushing back to his previous spot. The couple have been fucking for over four hours now. Sasuke and Itachi were both rendered speechless at how long Naruto could last in bed. Naruto's true skill wasn't in battle; it was in sex; hot, steamy sex. None of them could count the number of orgasms Mikoto's had thus far from getting her asshole drilled by her son's best friend. The entire main floor of the compound reeked with sex, but it was of no concern to anyone present.

Suddenly, Naruto went through a demonic change. The thrusts became unforgiving, not suitable for a couple in love, but perfect for a pair of sex deviants looking for a heated fuck. His hands gripped and pulled his godmother's ass cheeks apart before he began fucking the living shit out of her. Mikoto's tears came back, straining her pretty face as she cried to the heavens. Her upper shoulders and chest started burning as a result of the supersonic motion of her heaving tits. Globs of saliva were shooting out of her mouth as she was rendered insensible. She dug her nails into the back of his shoulders, her brain cells scattering, her eyes losing all form of life. Itachi and Sasuke both resisted the urge to separate the two; it was like the blond was trying to kill their angel of a mother with his herculean cock. It was flabbergasting to witness her cycling through orgasms as she kept squirting, her juices continually splashing against her lover's chest and drenching the sofa they were fucking on.

Performing one final thrust, Naruto roared out his release. A gigantic burst of jism rocketed through his urethra and went spearing into her unready bowels. Mikoto's jaw dropped down to anime levels and she began thrashing around, but her son's best friend refused to let her hop off his cock. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head as he filled her bottom to the brim with his highly potent seed. The sheer heat and power of his volcanic warmth filling her anal cavity was unbearable. Her grip around his neck loosened as she slumped forward, drifting unconscious.

Itachi's knees buckled as his shadow clone dispelled, breaking the mirror he was holding up behind the sofa. He just had his biggest ejaculation to date, and it was all thanks to the vicious pounding his mother had endured by the whiskered blond. Sasuke was kneeling on the floor, panting heavily to recuperate from his orgasm. Paying a quick glance at his father, he saw the man all jizzed out as well, not that he could blame them. This was an incredibly hot performance.

"Make Out Paradise: Breaking through the Back Door." The familiar voice of Jiraiya broke out from the shadows as the old fart emerged with a ridiculous amount of dark stains littering his crotch area. Everything that's happened thus far was being videotaped. "Thank you for letting us watch you two. You've given me all the material I need to publish my next masterpiece."

Naruto panted a little as he pulled out of his lover, allowing the group to see his sperm begin to ooze out of Mikoto's gaping asshole. The little folds remained pulled apart for quite some time before finally sealing shut. In his opinion, there was nothing more satisfying than ending things with a nice, sweet creampie.

"You're welcome, sensei," said the blond. "Remember to send us an early copy."

"Hey dobe. Do you and kaa-san fuck like that every day?" voiced Sasuke, unable to help himself. Of course he was aware that the couple were having regular sex for the past five years. Hell, he's heard them going at it more times than he could count. He just didn't think this level of hardcore sex existed.

Not even Kami-sama could wipe away Naruto's devilish grin. "This doesn't even come close to how rough Miko-chan and I get during the weekends."

"A-are you serious?" queried Sasuke, swallowing the lump in his throat. He slowly turned towards his father, who was nodding along to the words being shared. His lips thinned as he stared back at his best friend. "Shit, dobe. No wonder why tou-san refuses to come between you and kaa-san. But thanks for letting me watch. It was fucking hot."

Itachi cleared his throat, deciding to say his piece. "I'd like to thank you as well. This was by far the most intense sex I've ever seen. I've always wanted to have anal sex with a woman, but just watching you and kaa-san was able to sate my fantasies."

"You always have my utmost gratitude, Naruto-dono," added Fugaku with a submissive bow of his head.

"Don't mention it," Naruto waved off the trio when his lover awoke with a thunderous gasp. "Oh, sweet. Miko-hime's waking up."

Moaning softly, the former kunoichi threw a blanket over her and her lover. "This will be the last time you are allowed to see us have sex. With this, I've repaid my debt to Jiraiya-san for helping Naru-koi seduce me and make me the happiest woman on the planet," began the woman calm, cool and collectedly. "It's time for Naru-koi and I to live our sex lives in private. Please respect our wishes and don't come looking for a free show again. We'll discuss this in detail tomorrow morning, Fugaku. Itachi, Sasuke, I've allowed you both to watch us today to show you exactly how Naru-koi was able to seduce me and cuckold your father. Now please leave us."

Fugaku's eyes started to water, but he nodded nonetheless. In these past five years he's lived out practically all of his cuckold fantasies. It's been an absolute thrill watching his wife get drilled by his master every single night. She's never stopped him before, so he couldn't find it in his heart to deny her request. Pulling up his pants, he and his two sons made their way out the compound to give his wife and her lover some privacy. Jiraiya gave them a thumbs up before vanishing in a cloud of smoke.

Naruto chuckled as he aligned his cock with his godmother's asshole. "Now where were we?"

Mikoto squeaked like a little girl as she covered her ass with her hands, preventing her lover from sodomizing her again. "Naru-koi…can you please let me rest for a bit?" shyly whispered the mother. "I am still really sore back there! Even with all that careful planning, you had almost split me open with your cock!"

Unfortunately for Fugaku's wife, Naruto wasn't on the same page. Removing her hands, he flipped her over so she was laying on her chest. "I've waited five years to take your ass, Miko-hime." He pulled her butt cheeks apart, revealing the cute little hole he had just recently violated. "But I promise I'll be gentle. If it hurts too much, I'll pull out and stick it in your pussy instead. Okay?"

Biting her lips, the blushing woman nodded into the sofa. "O-okay." She pushed out her bubble butt, while using her hands to keep her cheeks spread for her lover to have clear access to her anus. "I'm ready."

Mikoto Uchiha was sodomized in every room of the compound.


Naruto sighed happily as he strolled through the streets of Konoha. Everyone who waved at him received warm smiles, earning a few blushes here and there from his female admirers. He had just exited the Uchiha compound after having sex with his godmother for seven hours straight. His cock stirred from recalling how much pleasure he felt from taking her anal cherry. It took him a few years, but he finally claimed that sweet, sweet Uchiha ass. Since she was resting for the time being, he left a clone in his place to cuddle with her in the master bedroom.

The reason why he's out and about was so he could take a quick trip to his home. It was almost 8:00pm and every day at 8:15pm his mother would hop in the shower. He's been watching her bathe herself for the past two years straight and he wasn't about to stop now. Closing the door behind him, he sneakily made his way upstairs and saw that the bathroom door was open. A few minutes later, his mother entered the bathroom with a towel in hand. She had absolutely no idea that she was being watched.

Jiraiya's Invisibility Cloak was what saved his ass multiple times. That said, it was worthless when put up against a master sensor such as Kushina Uzumaki. Fortunately for Naruto, he improved the technique by masking his presence and scent to prevent anyone, even his mother, from sensing or smelling him. Licking his lips, he watched on as she undressed herself. The robe came off slowly, sliding off her shoulders and slithering down her body until it snaked around on the tiled floor.

The straps of her robe grazed over her hips, making her doughy cheeks jiggle as she hung up her robe for when she was done showering. Naruto stealthily moved over to stare deeply at his mom's beautiful, huge tits which were capped by nice, cute rosy nipples. He slowly reached for his waistband as she got under the shower head and adjusted the water pressure. Her supple curves started glistening with star-shine of water running rivulets around the sides of her breasts and between the round cheeks of her pillowy butt. The carpet matched the drapes. The pouch of her vagina occupied a neat patch of red hair and it excited him whenever she trimmed it in front of him. Of course, she wasn't aware he was peeping on her, but she didn't need to know that – for now at least.

Her soapy hands were entangled in her long, thick, red tresses. Her eyes were screwed shut against intruding suds. Steam started fogging up the bathroom mirror as the water became hotter. Pouring a generous handful of foam soap into her palm, Kushina commenced to spread it liberally over her massive breasts. She groaned as she teased her ripe nipples with her forefinger and thumb. Her nubs were engorged by lust more than environment. Sparks shot at random through her chest, the warmth that was creeping in her loins was now transforming into an inferno, raging into her torso. Her inner thighs grew moist as her breathing became labored.

She thought that having big, juicy tits would draw her husband's undivided attention. Sadly, he barely acknowledged her girls. It wasn't right to blame him for that. So he doesn't like breasts that much. Was she supposed to hold that over him forever? Absolutely not. That didn't stop her from fantasizing about his tongue darting across her nipple before he covered her entire areola with his mouth. Unfortunately, her mind always broke apart such fantasies because her subconscious knew who the biggest fan of her tits was – it was her son. Naruto used to be a very hungry baby and would often overdose on her breastmilk.

Deciding to derail her train of uncomfortable thoughts here, she spun around, causing ripples to run through her big, luscious ass before the hail of hot water droplets began bouncing off the thick flesh. Bringing her hands on her hips, she pulled apart her ass cheeks, fully exposing her unexplored asshole and pretty-much-a-virgin pussy. She had no idea that her son was greedily drinking in the sight. A moan soared through her mouth as the hot water began cruising through the crevice of her ass, greeting the entrances of both her holes.

Turning around for a second time, the steamy drops rained down on her face. She had sacrificed her own needs to play housewife when her husband became Hokage. He was always out, cooped up in his office twenty-four-seven. Sometimes she felt like he didn't even care about her. But if she was asked to do it again, she would do it in a heartbeat. Forgiving Minato for being so absent from her life was easy because she had a darling little boy to coddle. To her shock and amazement, her baby blond quickly grew into a man, a man who she found herself depending on. It wasn't like she could ask him to dick her down. However, the thought of him doing so was oddly turning her on.

She has had seen him naked…not on purpose mind you. It started two weeks ago when she walked in on him while he was changing. His rock-hard body was enough to make her heart hammer a loud, frantic heartbeat. Not having sex for so many years will do that to any woman who has just seen a tight, fit adult male. However, the sight of her son's lower half made her cream her panties. That magnificent weapon he kept imprisoned within his trousers had her spellbound. Her husband was so much smaller than her son that comparing the two was like comparing a pebble to a mountain – they were in completely different leagues.

Minato may have been Hokage.

But Naruto was the one with a Hokage's Tower.

Even in terms of girth her son was roughly three times thicker than Minato. That night was the first time she masturbated to the thought of getting fucked by her son.

She has had wet dreams about him ever since.

Just thinking about getting split open by a cock of that size was making her head spin. How it would feel to get penetrated by him? Would it hurt as much as she thought? Or would her vagina be able to expand that much? Minato was easily able to pass through the pink folds of her pussy. However, there was no way Naruto would be able to do the same unless he were to put her through excruciating pain.

Even when Minato was balls deep inside her, it didn't do jack shit for her. Her husband was called the Yellow Flash and it was for good reason. He finished as quick as he could teleport. Honestly, she got more pleasure from fingering herself. But if her son was to go balls deep inside her, she would have to get vaginal reinforcement surgery because she was sure he would be hitting her right in the womb. Such deep sounded so amazing to her.

Today started off as any other day, with her husband not present in their bed. She had gotten used to his absence and sadly it no longer bothered her. When she came downstairs to the kitchen, she saw her son whipping up some breakfast and she spent a few minutes admiring the man who was cooking for her. She still couldn't look him in the eyes without blushing a bright red. The mental image of his terrifyingly huge cock was still fresh on her mind.

Slapping a hand on her crotch, she gently tugged on her pussy lips. "Oh, sochi-kun…"

Naruto's eyes shot wide open, but not because his mother was toying with herself. She's been masturbating regularly every night in the shower, which was why he never missed the chance to peep on her. The reason why shock was practically littering his face was because she was mentioning his name while flicking the bean.

Two weeks ago, he decided to let her see him naked for the first time. By doing so, she would see exactly what she's been missing this entire time. The best part was that he could play this off as her accidentally walking in on him changing. This reaction of hers far surpassed what he had pictured in his head. He didn't expect for her to actually fantasize about him through just that one time viewing experience. Not to say that he didn't understand why she was so conflicted. Wrapping both hands around his gigantic cock, he started stroking himself to match the rhythm of his mother fingering herself.

"Oh, I don't fucking care anymore," whimpered Kushina, jamming a second finger up her cunt. "Fuck me with your monster cock, sochi-kun! Fuck me! Fuck your kaa-chan like she's never been fucked before! Ruin me for your father! Ruin MEEEEE!" She spasmed under the shower head. "I'm CUMMMMINNNGGGGG!"

'Hot fucking damn!' exclaimed Naruto mentally, ropes upon ropes of jism shooting through his urethra and on to the tiled floor. The thick, rich cream smoothly ran with the hot water and got sucked down the drain. His fourteen-and-a-half-inch beast pulsated with pussy-craving energy, but he knew it wasn't the right time to claim his prize yet.

"D-dear Kami…" muttered the mother as she hurriedly cleaned her pussy. "That was the biggest orgasm I've ever had, but this is getting really bad…this is so wrong!" tears fell down her cheeks. "This is all your fault, Minato! Fuck you for staying away from home so often! Because of you I've been fantasizing about our son fucking the living shit out of me, dattebane!"

She fell to her knees, her voice cracked and raw. "I…I just want to be loved," sniffled the vulnerable wife. "Just want to feel like a woman again."

The plan was to seduce his mother a day by day until the month was over before finally making his move on her. However, after hearing her spill her darkest secret made him throw caution to the wind. By the time he was done with her, she would not hesitate to have sex with him even if his father was watching them.

Kushina was his, just like Mikoto.

Naruto didn't care if he was being selfish. It used to concern him that he would be cuckolding the Hokage and turning the man into a submissive. No, it wasn't the idea of getting in trouble that made him feel hesitate. He was just worried about hurting his father. There was no hatred in Naruto's heart for Minato. But if he was to choose between his parents, his mother would come out on top every single fucking time. There was no easy way to inform a husband that his wife now belonged to a far superior man. However, he intended to make The Yellow Flash understand that through whatever means necessary.

'You are mine, kaa-chan,' thought Naruto as he walked out the bathroom. 'Starting tomorrow morning, I'll show you the pleasure you've been missing out on. Mark my words, you will forget all about tou-san by the time I'm done with you.'

The Blond Mother Lover was so close to his dream that he could taste it…and hopefully taste her.

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If you're triggered by Naruto having a gigantic cock, just remember that we're talking about an animeverse here. Nothing is out of the ordinary when you have ninja who can bring the dead back to life, summon meteors from the sky, etc. If you can accept someone with fancy eyes which can allow the user to mentally torture people for 72 hours when only a second passes in reality, then you can accept Naruto having a 14.5 inch cock.

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