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Summary: Issei Phoenix. Youngest son of the Phoenix Household but older brother of Ravel. Watch as he heads to the human world to oversee Kuoh to protect his older brothers' bride to be. Powerful, non perverted Issei. Most of the characters will be using powers and traits from Soul Eater as most characters will be weapons, Meisters, or weapons who don't need Meisters.

Follows the anime a bit but like with most of my other fanfic will involve various other characters from other things.

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"Man this totally blows. Why did father have to give me this assignment. He knows I'd rather be doing my own thing than be cooped up in the stupid human world. There's nothing to do but be bored there. We have to completely hide ourselves from everyone or risk being exposed to the mortals who are unaware of the supernatural."

"I know that big brother but you don't have to keep bringing it up." said my Bishop and little sister Ravel. Like me she's a pure-blooded Devil and if she had wanted to she could've had a peerage of her own, but for some reason decided to join me instead.

"I'm well aware of that Ravel. You remind me every time. Speaking of reminding haven't you found someone for a peerage of your own yet. It must get pretty boring with just me and mine around since Raiser's an ass and the others are always busy."

"Not really. Like I said when I offered to join you, you out of everyone else are the only person who sees me as me and not as something else and don't anything more than what I have to offer. Anyone else would've looked at me differently or treated me differently because of my status as well as who knows how many other reasons. Besides considering that a good portion of your peerage is made of girls than I at least have someone who I can have a bit of girl time with."

I roll my eyes at the so typical answer. No matter how often I ask that question it's still the same. " Oh by the way where's the Rooks? There usually the first ones up."

"Oh I almost forgot to tell you. Maka said that she was going to go with Kid, other Bishop, and help train your other Rook Tsugumi so that she can bring out her full form. I told you when you found her and convinced her to join you after she ran away when she found out what she was that doing something like this would be tricky. She's still yet to bring out her blade and sharpen."

The thing is that through discovery into the vast dimensions of the multiverse the many different factions have found ways to recruit people of all sorts. Before I found a way to design my own inter-dimensional transport system I never would've thought I'd recruit a Shinigami, a halberd, and a Scythe Meister who can partially become one herself. They work together pretty well. Soul is definitely adjusting. He's more of an honorary member as he completely refused to join us but stuck by Maka's side in support. Though she is in a sense a weapon herself, she still uses and trains with Soul like they use to. I swear I spend more time literally staying away from Death's door and in an ironic twist of metaphors keep Death literally off my door.

Seriously for a guy who only talks through mirrors as even after all this time he can't leave Death City he really won't stop bothering me trying to officially work for him and his school. Aside from those three, well technically four, there are two others in my peerage including myself who are weapons. Shortly after traveling into that dimension I discovered that I had the ability to transform into a strange combination. In short I can become two weapons. Not turn into two at the same time but actually two separate weapons. I've only got one of them down but from what I've seen the second is a magical scepter. From consulting with Azazel on this it seems like I won't be able to transform into it completely but turn parts of my body into it much like my whole arm could become it or, my hand or knee for example would become its conductor which is an Onyx Diamond, which strangely enough also contained a blade in the butt of the staff. Go figure a sadist like me would gain the power of a weapon with destructive magical properties and a blade which could work as a sort of backup weapon.

My sort of main weapon on the other hand is a Gold Cutlass. I've found an interesting and very odd thing about all this. I can both become and completely materialize the cutlass itself. For example if either of the knights needed it I could transform into a cutlass and they could wield me as that is a part of my mutated knights traits. But I can materialize and use it myself into my hand. From what Death has told me that isn't possible, even Azazel has said the same things and whilst lazy at times if he puts a lot of study and effort into something he's almost an expert.

I'm broken out of my reverie by the entrance of my Queen, Asuna Yuuki. She like me can become and use a Rapier. Although unlike me she always it on her or within reach. She still won't tell me why no matter how much I ask her. Not sure why though. Can't say I blame her, to this day 3 years later I still have no idea how I met her.

Kid, Maka, Asuna, Ravel, and Tsugumi, at this point in time are my only peerage. Part of the reason I agreed to go to the human world is so I could find more peerage members and because of a few inside sources I heard that the place I'm being sent to there's supposed to be an arrival of someone who was once revered as the Holy Maiden will be arriving in town. This is perfect I must convince her to defect from the Fallen Angels side. I've already got the go ahead from Sirzechs as well as Azazel to deal with the traitorous Fallen who've sided with Kokabiel. The problem is about knowing when to do it. It might be easy considering that my clan is descended from the original Phoenix who fell into Hell. Phoenixes are seen much like the Angels as beings of life and rebirth. So even though we're Devils it might not be too hard to convince her.

"Asuna I want you to call everyone back in here. Tell them that there are some last minute details I'd like to go over before we depart."

"Right away master." she then uses a magic circle to teleport herself to her location since knowing them they probably picked somewhere pretty far to train at.

I sense what we're about to do won't be easy but it'll be worth it in the end.

Five minutes later Asuna returns with the others via magic circle.

"Alright guys we will be departing for Kuoh later tonight but for now I will be debriefing you. I have pulled some strings and have managed to enroll all of us at the base for the heiresses of Gremory and Sitri. We will be in the same year but different classes. Further details into that shall be given to us son our first day. Our jobs is to stay low for as long as possible and to keep an eye on Gremory for my idiotic brother as well as if the rumors are true her little Nekoshou. Also I want each of you to keep an eye out for possible Sacred Gear users which I can either bring in to the peerage or as supporters much like Soul, Liz, and Patty. Also I have an idea that might be useful for the talks in the future. As you all know because of my work with Ajuka has given me connections with the other leaders of the three factions as well as a few mythologies so I've been able to gain some inside information but that also means I have connections I can work so that if my plan goes the way I want it to then we might have a new player to add to this game. That is all for now. I want you all to pack and prepare for later. Dismissed." And followed by a chorus of 'Yes Master' everyone left to do as ordered.

With all this going on I'll be able to have some fun.

AN: This is the list of current peerage members. Will be updated when others are added. If anyone wants to complain I have this to say. 'Spoilers.'

Issei's Peerage

King: Issei

Queen: Asuna

Knights: N/A

Rook: Maka

Rook: Tsugumi

Bishop: Ravel

Bishop: Death the Kid

Pawns: N/A

Supporters: Soul, Liz, Patty