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So There Is A Hell

It was dark. That about summed it up in Cat's mind. She was pretty sure she was dead and figured that she should probably be upset but she wasn't, not really. She'd always known she'd die young, people in her profession usually didn't so it wasn't like she hadn't been expecting it. Of course this wasn't what she'd expected hell to be like either, not that she'd really been sure it existed until now. Where were all the flames, devils and her old science teachers? Was hell nothing more then an endless darkness, where was the punishment in that? She killed people for a living after all, wasn't that a sin in the bible or something? Course she'd never read the damn thing so what did she know. Course maybe the boredom was the punishment, simply leaving a person alone in the dark until they went insane, a clever punishment in her opinion. As though whoever was in charge had heard her she caught a faint light to the left of her, shining off and on like a star being covered by shadows. Now what was that she wondered with some interest born of restlessness. It was getting bigger and bright, perhaps this was just the waiting room, how ironic it would be if the beam of light were the way to hell. Cat had always appreciated ironies; her death was clearly to be one of them. Seeing no reason to avoid it she stared at the light and watched it go brighter and brighter until it was all around her and she had to close her eyes to its brightness.

Opening her eyes she blinked at the major change in scenery. Instead of darkness there was light everywhere and well, it looked like she was standing on clouds, now there was something you didn't do every day. Looking down she saw that she was wearing some sort of white robes and had to grimace, definitely not her normal taste in clothes. You'd think if they were going to send her to hell the least they could do was let her go in her own clothes. Then she heard the voices and slowly turning around could not believe what she was seeing. The area behind her looked like a courtroom and standing before the judge with angel wings was her old apartment owner Mrs. Kingsly. But that couldn't be right because she'd died four months ago and besides, hell was the last place that woman would ever end up. The woman had gone to church through rain and shine, wore a cross around her neck and whacked you upside the head if you swore or took the lord's name in vain. Boy would she have ever been upset if she'd known what one of her residence did to pay the rent. Curious to find out what the look alike was doing Cat moved closer and closer until she could hear what was being spoken.

"Please Saint Peter, I know she's broken commandments and done some- unsavory things in her life but she's a good girl at heart, she doesn't deserve to burn in hell with murderers and rapists." She was saying and seeing the woman more closely Cat realized that it was Mrs. Kingsly, she'd recognize that ugly pink and purple flowered dress anywhere. "Please take into consideration that she's only a child, never given the chance to learn the errors of her way and the possible consequences of her actions." Mrs. Kingsly continued looking up at the judge pleadingly. So that's Saint Peter, Cat thought stepping closer to get a better look. The guy could stand to lose some weight and he had on the same robes as her, enough said.

"I'm sorry, Mary but you must realize that she has spent her years since she turned sixteen taking the lives of other human beings, that cannot be ignored." The Peter guy said, looking down at her sternly. "There is few commandments she hasn't broken, one cannot forget that, despite her age."

"But she gave her life for that little boy, surly that means something. If she were nothing more then a heartless killer she would have stood by and done nothing. Maybe her morals are a bit screwed up but she does have them." Mrs. Kingsly argued and Cat realized with a start that it was she they were talking about. Were they deciding her fate then? Was Mrs. Kingsly actually trying to get Peter to let her get into heaven, no way! "If you would just take me idea into consideration I'm, sure she'd prove me right." Kingsly continued and sure now of who they were discussing Cat decided to finish the conversation.

"Hello there, hi." Cat said marching over till she was right beside Mrs. Kingsly on her right side. "Would I be wrong in assuming that it's me you're discussing?"

"Hello, dear." Mrs. Kingsly said with her usual warm and motherly smile. "I had so hoped you would learn the error of your ways before you came before Peter, I'm having a bit of difficulty convincing him that you don't belong in hell."

"Seeing as I kill or killed people for a living would mean that I would kinda belong down there, not that I really believed that it existed exactly for sure but you were so sure I kinda got the feeling that's where I'd end up. It's okay Mrs. K, I'm sure you argued my case beautifully. Lead on to the Gates of Hell Pete, I'm all set to go." Cat said with a confident look that showed nothing of her inner turmoil. Never let them see ya sweat girl, otherwise they'll have ya and know it. Her father's words swirling in her head Cat tilted her chin and sent Peter a saucy smile, not a care in the world.

"You wish to go to hell? Quite a lot of your victims are down there waiting for your arrival with anticipation." Peter said in a deep voice that sounded like the guy was talking to through a fog horn. But she was a Rorake god dammit and there was no way in hell she was going to let this guy intimidate her.

"So, I put them there, no reason why I can't take them out again just as easily. If its all the same to you I'd like to get going, would hate to miss out on all the fun." Cat said with a shrug of her shoulders. If she'd had long hair she would have flipped it in his face but her hair was as short as a boy's so that move was out.

"Perhaps your idea has merit, Mary." Peter said with a gleam in his eye that didn't sit well with Cat at all. Angel boy was up to something and she'd bet her favourite gun it wasn't something she was going to like at all. She figured she wasn't on the most loved on the angels list so she was pretty sure he didn't want her in heaven, so why was he talking like he might do just that? "Why not let young Catherine earn the right to go to heaven, after all she did give her life for the boy's and by our code she should therefore go to heaven. Therefore I think that with some modifications we might take your suggestion, Mary."

"Hold on a minute, Buster." Cat said as she placed her hands on her hips, a sure sign that she wasn't in a good frame of mind. Never a people person to begin with she had little people skills and had been regularly called a bitch and other terms like it much of her life which was fine by her. Better to be a bitch then a wimp or bubblehead. "I don't want to try and redeem myself or whatever it is you think your going to get me to do. I don't take orders pal from you or anyone else up here or below. I'm going to hell and I'm fine with that so lets get it over with and get me on my way."

"But Catherine." Mrs. Kingsly began and Cat just barely managed to bite her tongue at the use of her full name. She hated when people used it and she only tolerated it from a select few. Since Mrs. K was trying to get her out of hell Cat figured she might as well let the lady get away with it. "If you go to earth and prove that you have a good soul then you might be able to come to heaven and spend the rest of eternity with God, don't you want that?"

"Well since God hasn't done a hell of a lot for me while I was living I really have no desire to spend an eternity with the man." Cat said with a smirk, bad mouthing God in his house, damn but da would be proud of her. "And I doubt anything I did in a quick trip back to earth would begin to make up for all the things I've done over the years. Why waste time doing things that have no point?"

"Catherine Fiona Rorake, I hear by sentence you to three months on earth in which time you will attempt to make retribution for the crimes you committed before death. Till such time you will remain in a state between life and death, your actions will dictate what is to follow. While you are there you will not be allowed to tell anyone of what has occurred here and any attempts to cause death will result in your immediate placement in Hell. An angel will be sent down as well to monitor your actions and insure that you don't use this gift badly." Saint Peter said with a knowing look, as though he knew how much this was going to piss her off.

"But Pete I don't want another chance, I really don't give a damn about you sending me to heeeellllll-oh shit!" Cat managed to say as a blinding light suddenly appeared again, once again forcing her to close her eyes once more. Swearing under her breath in every language she'd ever heard and understood. She felt the cloudy stuff that had been under her feet give away and suddenly she was falling, falling and the light was too bright for her to see anything as she fell towards her fate.

Opening her eyes Cat's first view was of a trashcan. Being no stranger to alleyways she recognized herself as being in one and scrunched her nose at the smell. She'd been in a lot of alleyways but this one topped them all in terms of smell. Turning her head back and forth Cat noticed something odd, she was really close to the ground but she wasn't lying down or anything. Looking around she realized that the trash bins and piles were all towering over her, as though she was looking at it from the ground. Feeling her heart leap to her throat Cat swallowed hard and looked frantically around, her eyes zooming in on a puddle a few meters away. Sprinting towards it she got more afraid as it took her five times the amount of time it should have taken her to get to it. Rather fearful Cat slowly looked over and into the puddle and a screech came out of her mouth at the sight of the body she now inhabited. That son of a bitch!

Swearing in her head, all of it coming out as hisses and yowls Cat paced in front of the puddle, taking in the cream and brown fur, the golden, silted eyes, and whiskers. A cat, she'd been turned into a f**king feline! Oh they were so going to pay for this, she'd find some way to smuggle a weapon up there and she'd shoot them all to hell, every last f**kin one of them. When she was done with them there won't be an angel left standing when she was through. Satisfied with that idea Cat looked in front of her and smiled when she saw traffic speeding by from the alley's opening. Well she was getting out of this body and she was getting out now. Moving as fast as a cat can she ran like a bullet towards the traffic and grinned inside, she couldn't play in their sick little game if she was road kill. Picking up speed if it was possible Cat sped to the traffic and with a deep breath felt her paws touch concrete and then asphalt. Her ears filled with the sounds of cars and trucks Cat heard the sound of a large vehicle coming up on her from behind and closing her eyes tightly Cat prepared to die, again.

Her ears ringing Cat's eyes flew open when suddenly she felt hands encircle her waist and then she was flying to the left, her body pressed hard against something solid as they rolled and rolled until they crashed up against the concrete sidewalk. Wincing Cat opened her eyes once more and blinked, seeing nothing but black once again. Had it worked, was she dead? As if to answer she was carefully drawn back and then lifted up into the air so that she was eye level with the face of the guy who'd ran onto the road of a busy street to save a cat. He was blonde which wasn't a surprise with sky blue eyes, a baby face really.

"Quatre! Hey man what the hell did you think you were doing? You could have been killed!" Turning her head Cat saw two men running towards them at break neck speed, concern written all over them. The one who had yelled had long brown hair in a long braid and the other had brown hair too only his was in a long bang over his forehead, shading half his face from view. Trying to focus on them Cat couldn't, her vision was blurring rapidly and the numbness she'd been feeling in her lower body was fading, making her aware that she hadn't gotten out of the situation without some wounding. "Hey Q-man, you're alright, right?"

"Yeah guys, I'm fine. You okay, kitty?" The blonde one, Quatre apparently, asked and Cat would have clawed him across the face for ruining her plans but he seemed to have multiple heads and she couldn't seem to be able to focus enough to draw back her paw. "I think she's hurt! Oh poor, kitty."

"Are you sure you're alright, Quatre." The other boy that had the bangs asked in a quiet voice as he kneeled down beside Quatre. His blurry face was the last sight Cat saw before she passed out in Quatre's arms.

"I'm fine, Trowa, Duo. Probably a couple of scratches and bruises is all." Quatre said as got to his feet; the cat cradled against him carefully as his eyes remained on the still form of the cat. It wasn't moving except for the barely visible movement of its chest as it rose and fell with every shallow breath it took. "Don't worry, kitty, I'll get you to a vet's and you'll be all better really soon."

"Let me see it." Trowa said and carefully took the cat from Quatre with Duo looking over his shoulder at the cat. "A Himalayan."

"Like Sassy?" Duo asked curiously as he looked at the suicidal cat while Trowa carefully ran his hands over the cat carefully, looking for any broken bones or swelling.

"Sassy?" Quatre asked as he brushed some dirt off of his dust clothing from his drop and roll.

"From Homeward Bound, the movie. It all about three animals, two dogs and a cat who go off into the wilderness to try to get home to their owners. It's a real cool movie, the animals talk and the cat was really sassy, hence her name was Sassy." Duo said with a grin. "The cat was Himalayan too."

"Talking animals, only you." Trowa said rolling his eyes slightly. "I think her left, back leg might be sprained and there's swelling at the left side of her head."

"Sassy, I like that name." Quatre said with a smile as he reached out a hand to carefully stroke a hand over her back. "How about that for a name, kitty?" Had Cat been conscious she would have responded by hissing, showing her teeth and trying to claw him into bite size pieces for even suggesting calling her such a stupid name.

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