A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes: Interlude


Lady Razeli

Author's Note: As promised I am back with Part three! The reason it's called Interlude as it takes place between Heroes versus Villains and Dark Swan. This started out as a fluff piece, and I wrote some really good moments I didn't intend to give up. And while this is a bit more relaxed and fluffy despite Hook. I do intend to touch on grieving a bit and Emma earning back Regina's trust.

Chapter One

Storybrooke Town Line

"Why did we have to meet up over the town line?" Emma asked.

"Because I'm angry and it will be a little harder for me to throw a fireball at you," Regina told her seriously. Emma gulped.

"I would deserve it," Emma replied looking down, she couldn't even meet Regina's eyes as she scraped her boot over the ground.

"No, you don't get to look down Emma, look me in the eyes just once and tell me."

"Tell you what exactly?" Emma asked.

"The truth about what you want, who you want," Regina stated. "I'm sick of you tell me one thing and you hurt me, and the next thing I know we're cuddling, we're fucking, we're kissing behind closed doors. Tell me if the idea of having a baby with me really does disgust you even though Charlotte made you attached to her. Tell me now because I can't have my heart broken anymore. I need to know if I really have a chance at getting Charlotte back or if I'm going to have to settle for her being in my heart. If Henry is the only family I have now."

"I told you I would get her back or some form of her," Emma told her.

"Emma..." Regina just trailed off as she paced. Her hands clenched in her pockets.

"I told you I loved you."

"You always tell me you love me," Regina told her. "You've been saying that since Charlotte was conceived, and you've only ever meant it maybe four times out of the dozens of times you've said it. True love's kiss doesn't mean romantic love, as I would assume neither of us love, Henry in that way, but in another way entirely." Emma cringed.

"Regi, I…." Emma was at a loss for words. Regina was right she had been saying one thing and doing another.

"Don't call me Regi, you don't get to be so intimate with me when you make me feel like this!" Regina snapped. Emma swallowed hard and took a step back taking in Regina's pain. Regina took a deep breath and looked up at the night sky. Emma felt a thickness in her throat and her breaths became hitched as her arms hung uselessly at her sides. The silence seemed to thicken around them and suddenly the night sounds seemed louder than ever and, yet the silence continued to beat down on her until her shoulders were hunched.

"I'm sorry..." Emma whispered into the silence, but Regina didn't reply for a long while and Emma thought for sure she'd be swallowed up by that silence. She hated when Regina stopped speaking to her. She didn't care if Regina sassed her constantly as long as she talked to her, because if she was silent that meant she didn't care, that yet again Emma had lost someone else she cared for.

"I didn't just bring you out here, so I wouldn't light you on fire," Regina admitted her voice suddenly cutting through the silence.

"Why else then?" Emma asked.

"Because over this town line we are not the Evil Queen and the Savior destined to do battle. We are just Regina and Emma, and somehow before Regina and Emma crossed that town line, Emma was able to be a lot more honest with Regina minus hiding Walsh. Who you at least avoided like the plague, but it's different over there where you're the savior and you don't avoid Hook. And for the life of me, I can't understand why the Savior would rather be with Captain Hook then the Evil Queen. He's still a villain Emma, and if you weren't here he'd go right back to being the same old prick he always was. He's just trying to impress you and your parents. You see it's not quite as easy this time around to turn the girl he says he loves into a pirate." Emma hung her head.

"I'm sorry, and I know that doesn't even cut it, maybe if Charlotte were here it might start too, but Regi…Regina, I am going to spend the rest of my life making up for what I've done to you even if you don't take me back," Emma told her looking her directly in the eye.

"Then start by talking to me," Regina pleaded. "Help me understand, help me get closure so I can move forward. I can't be stuck again Emma not for you. I just wanna be happy." For the first time Emma really saw the way the skin around Regina's eyes brunched.

'When did her stare get so pained?' Emma thought. She also noticed the dark circles under her eyes, in the book, she had thought it had been because of Issac, but they had been there before. Regina had tried to hide it with makeup and if you weren't paying attention to her and most people weren't, you wouldn't have noticed. It had also only been a few days since Charlotte's death, but Emma could already see that Regina had dropped an extreme amount of weight and anymore would really start to show. She noted that Regina's body language wasn't confident either, as she shifted, and her shoulders seemed to cave in on her body. She was rubbing her wrists too only to try and stop herself by shoving her hands back into her pockets where she was sure she only clenched them repeatedly as fabric was dragged into her fists.

"You're right I've not been honest with you, I've been more honest, but I've never been completely honest. And now we're here."

"Where is here?" Regina asked her wondering where they stood not for the first time, but hopefully for the last.

"We burn so hot and heavy and fast you and I…." Emma stated as she trailed off in thought wondering if professing her love would be all it took like when she read the fairytales in books, but sometimes living and breathing the fairytale life it didn't seem that simple anymore. When had fairytales become so damn complicated?

"Do you want me?" Regina asked her, her voice cracking a little in the silence.

"Can you forgive me?" Emma asked her taking on the same tone as Regina.

"I want too, but not for your sake, for my sake, I've learned a lot, and we still have a child. I unfortunately can't just run away with him and start over. But I also know running away won't change anything, my entire life, it's been my solution to everything, I thought it was the only way, but it's not. It can be a temporary solution, but eventually we all must face up to the problem."

"And now I have to finish facing up too," Emma replied. Regina waited for Emma to speak, but the silence just returned.

'Just tell me,' Regina cried inside. Regina turned away unable to look at Emma. Emma walked forward and turned Regina around so that they were looking into each other's eyes.

'No perhaps I do need to profess my love and much more, I owe that to her,' Emma thought.

"Regina Mills, I love you, not like a friend, but as a person, I want more than anything to spend the rest of my life with and make my home with. To raise a family with and not just Henry, and not just Charlotte because she didn't let me ignore the fact that I loved her, and I did love her. I didn't even take Henry home right away I basically cried my eyes out, because I knew I hurt you. I was a coward and I convinced myself of things that weren't true. Maybe plausible, but not true, I don't want kids with Hook, I never did, I said that to push you towards Robin. And he is not a better choice than you, you are so far above him, and truthfully he's lasted this long because you have lasted this long. He was a shield."

"Can you accept my past?" Regina asked her as tears streamed down her face. "Can you accept all of me?"

"Yes, I'm sorry I made you think I couldn't, it wasn't that I didn't accept who you were, it's just where we left off the year before and where we met again, my heart knew two different versions of you, and I know Henry will always trump either of us, and I got scared. I got scared that you would break my heart and leave me like everyone else I loved and take the last person in the entire world I knew wouldn't do that. My parents can still hurt me, and they have Neal. But Henry, Henry is forever, you of all people understand that." Emma was crying now too.

"We're both just so fucked up," Regina cried.

"I know we're such a mess, it's a wonder Henry even puts up with us," Emma cried back.

"I know he's such good kid," Regina cried. "He really is the best."

"I want you to know I accept now that you love me enough to want me with you and Henry and not push me away from you and Henry. And I'm really really sorry I gave you the water from the lake…"

"Don't be sorry, it always bothered me a little bit I could never get pregnant, I regretted it the moment I did that to myself. I was angry at you, because of why you did it, but you actually solved a problem I had once wondered if I could ever find magic to reverse it."

"It was selfish, I want you to know after I did it, I did change my mind a little I didn't know we could co-parent as well as we did with an actual schedule. Like I said I was a swirl of emotions back then, dealing with the lost year and where we left out and somehow having to relearn things about everyone almost. You had all changed during the lost year a bit."

"I won't regret Charlotte, and I forgive you for that," Regina told her.

"Then I won't regret her either," Emma told her happily. "You were right about one thing though."

"About what?" Regina asked sniffing as she finally got control of herself.

"About Charlotte being made with our true love, the water definitely helped, but she showed me, she showed me how our love pulled my sperm to your egg, you wouldn't have gotten pregnant otherwise at least that time anyway. I'm sorry I didn't believe in our true love, and still tried to put up walls to keep you out." Regina wiped her tears as she gave a little laugh thinking about her baby.

"She was right, she tried so hard to convince me of that, when I thought of maybe not telling you."

"I hope she knows we both got it now," Emma whispered resting her forehead against Regina's. "I promise I'm going to tell my dad, my mom already knows she was the one that finally got through to me that I was being stupid and that you weren't playing with me."

"I've done a lot of bad things in my life, but I've never pretended to be someone's true love. I know more than anyone how much love can sting," Regina told her. "It's worse than death."

"That it is, and I'm going to break up with Hook too. No more hiding our relationship either, I'm not ashamed of us."

"Are you sure you want to be with me, don't just tell me that over here, and then we cross that town line again, and you finally tell me you want a divorce so we can properly break up." Emma shook her head furiously.

"No, never not again, we are bonded forever and I hope one day you will let me make it more than just some piece of paper I got to protect you. If anything I was dreading the day you asked me for a divorce, I don't even think I could have asked you for one, because I was fooling myself."

"Never, it broke my heart the minute you tried to take the ring off like now." Emma looked at her hand with a frown; it felt naked without the ring.

"Lily took it from me, and your ring. She taunted me with them," Emma told her. "She gave them back to me when we got back, but I didn't put it back on because I wanted the next time we both wore them to be when I asked you to marry me, really asked you. You deserve so much better than what I have given to you and what I've taken from you. I told you I'm going to spend my life making it up to you. I just hope somewhere along the way you want to be my wife." Regina kissed Emma as emotions welled up inside her and spilled out of her. Emma was also feeling that surge. She noted their true love didn't blast out of them, but it wrapped themselves around them in a protective embrace.

"Let's go home," Regina whispered.

"Yes, let's go home," Emma agreed. They disappeared in a puff of purple smoke to Emma's surprise. She didn't think Regina had that much power over the town line, but now that she thought about it, she felt oddly charged in a way she hadn't before. But that mystery would have to wait until later to figure out, because right now she just wanted to stay in Regina's arms forever.

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