For ages I've complained 'Why isn't there any Penny/Bernadette Fanfiction!' (If you search hard enough you can find about 5.) So, I decided to take matters into my own hands.

I wish it were better and as soon as I can think up a good idea I will write it.

If anyone is like me and likes the ship and has s spare idea, please chuck it to me.

The band Bernadette had gone to see was for lack of a better word- dreadful. The only reason she hadn't bolted was because she was here as a favour to her friend to help bulk out the crowd.

There was also the added reason that at 4.9" there was a chance that if she went into the crowd of people who obviously had terrible judgment, she would never see the light of day again.

There was one positive though. She was pretty sure the blonde haired green eyed guitarist was checking her was probably the only thing the front row seats that she had been given were good for.

No one in the band was bad exactly, but the musical instruments just didn't fit together and the end result sounded like several animals being dragged across walls by their necks.

Howard- her friend caught her eye above his piano and smiled at her, seemingly unaware of the chaotic noise on stage.

Finally, after what seemed like years, they were done and they walked off the stage.

Most of them sent back stage but there was one exception.

And now, she wasn't pretty sure the blonde was checking her out. Looking at the number card in her hand she was definite.