Brother in Arms; Extras.

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"Word" – Slender Speech.

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~Word~ - Written words.

$Word$ - Parseltongue.

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Bet you weren't expecting this.

So, as a side story, I'll not update it as often it as often or frequently as Brother in Arms; but this is where I'm going to put little extra scenes that have maybe been suggested for me, or that I didn't get to put in a chapter due to time constraints, or that I thought of after I put the chapter up for you all to read.

So, to start us off, I'm going to have a couple of scenes that I've thought of and I hope you enjoy.

Also, something to note.

Not all scenes that I put in here will be canon in the events of the fanfic, I'll put a little note at the top of a story whether it has happened in the Fanfic or whether it's just something I wrote out of boredom that won't be happening. That also means I can take suggestions for scenes to write that I wouldn't put in the main story.

So I opened a few of my gifts and I got a Creepypasta shirt, vol 1 & 2 of the Creepypasta collection by MrCreepypasta and Creepypasta: Black Edition by Davis Esparaza. Also a Gaming Terroriser shirt and a Miniladd jumper. I love my family!


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Hounds of Hell.

Smile padded softly behind the trio that was being led by Slenderman.

He was near silent in his more spectral form. His paws didn't even disturb the leaves on the ground.

He had just managed to sneak along with them to wherever they were going and quickly slid away from them before he was found.

He stuck to the shadowy treeline as he made a long circle round to the nearby village.

From what he could gather from his other senses, he was somewhere between a bakery and a candy shop.

"That place looks good," Smile froze and backed into the shadows a little further as he heard the one called Masky's voice from somewhere just down the street.

He made his way around the back of the houses, smelling the air for anything interesting.

He did make a brief stop to quickly run past what must have been a butchers and grab a sausage link that had been placed on the outside table before running back to the outer fringes of the town.

After feasting on his snack he saw the one called Toby and Masky walking down the road to a large building a little aways.

Having decided he'd pretty much found anything of any interest, there was a temptation to run back for some more meat but he decided he'd just push the fridge open back home, he followed them at a semi-quick pace to make sure that he wasn't spotted by either of them.

He let out a small snarl as he sat on the ground watching Toby pacing as a man in a billowy cloak approached them at the gate. Though he didn't know the man he looked like he was in need of spreading a few words.

He slipped inside with them, hiding behind a small cropping of bushes on a large stone that was raised out of the ground.

He thought that Toby had caught sight of him for a moment so he watched in relief as he mouthed something to Masky.

He decided to stay crouched in the cover of the bush until they were further away before going to explore.

The Forest, Smile quickly decided, was a brilliant ground to hunt on. He had never seen creatures like this.

Skeletal horses with a taste for bloody and raw meat, he found those after chomping on a hare he had caught unawares.

He wouldn't go for the horse-men either, he could see bows and other weapons on them, so he left them be.

His first true fight had been when he encountered a spider about half his size. It had been fun to kill, even if he didn't eat it.

Smile had started to get bored at this point, running circles around the foals of the skeletal horses as they tried to keep up with his speed. The fully grown ones kept watchful eyes on him.

Not long after that, and a few more shredded woodland creatures, Smile found himself nearing a hut on the edge of the Forest where he could smell something cooking. He could also smell another dog, that he was certain of, but there was also another smell he couldn't identify. It smelled reptilian in nature so he cautiously peered through one of the windows of the house, standing on the boxes piled on the side of the house to see inside.

A boarhound with a small puddle of drool under his mouth was laying across the ground in front of the fireplace where a pot of something that had started to bubble slightly was hung over the flames.

There was a table under the window with what looked like a large bundle of pictures stacked next to a thick leather book. Smile watched the moving pictures interestedly as quite a few of them looked like they held a figure that closely resembled the little one that everyone called Isaac.

Smile considered going inside to raid whatever was contained in the hut, but approaching voices had him jump down from the boxes and look at the approaching men.

One was very large, an enormous amount of facial hair obscured most of his features, and another was leaning heavily on a claw-ended cane.

The one with the cane had very scratched arms and was missing three fingers on one hand, the one not holding the cane, and the ring finger of the hand that was holding the cane. A scraggly beard, nowhere near as bushy as the other man's, covered his chin; though it was burnt and singed in a few places.

He was also missing a leg, a wooden replacement caused a hollow sounding thud every other step.

The large man was carrying a large crate with a barred door on the front.

"Tha' cherm'll keep teh Beastie a wee an' till it's back hame," the man without a leg said, speaking through a thick Scottish accent, "How ye' managed teh get a huld a' a bloody Cerebus, Hagrid, Ah'll never ken,"

The one called Hagrid merely chuckled as he placed the crate inside a fenced off paddock. The legless one waved a stick over the gate and fence and the air shimmered slightly.

"Tha'll keep teh fence frem breakin' till Dumbl-dore's peeps come tah take her hame" the legless man said as he replaced his wand back inside the pocket of an old and battered coat after waving it once more to unlock the crate.

After the two men had disappeared inside, Hagrid offering the man a drink, and the door closed Smile carefully approached the paddock.

He sniffed the air around the gate as he looked over at the now open crate.

He waved a paw between the gaps in the fence and looked around. He shifted back to his more spectral form to make it easier to walk through the gaps in the fence planks.

As he shook off anything that had gotten stuck in his coat he padded over to the crate. Sniffing the air around it as he did so.

He started to back up a little as a set of three growls came from the crate as he stuck his nose round the side to the opened door.

He walked round so that he was a little away from the box, but looking straight inside the crate.

Inside, smooshed so close together that they might as well have been sharing a solitary body, were three dogs. Despite the shadows from the trees masking a fair bit of the inside, he could see the raised hackles of the hounds...


As it exited the crate Smile found himself face to face with a three-headed hound. Each pair of eyes were fixed on him as it shook itself free of any dirt as it exited the box.

The dripping spittle from each head shook as the growls grew.

Smile backed a little more. This, he decided, was going to be fun.

He cowered slightly as he allowed the Cerebus to move a little closer; before he removed his glamour, the air rippling as the fur on his stomach changed from a pristine white to a red as deep as blood, curling back his own lips to reveal the rows of human-like teeth.

His height also changed a bit. In his glamour, he was around the height of your average husky or golden retriever, but in his actual state, he was a fair bit larger. Definitely larger than the Cerebus that was now lowering its head to the ground in front of him as he let out his own grating growl.

After the Cerebus knew it wasn't the baddest dog in the paddock, Smile slowly walked over to the bowing dog and raised a paw.

Before gently tapping it on the nose of the center head and jumping back, bringing his own head close to the ground and raising his hindquarters. Inviting the hound to play.

He did enjoy hunting, for sport or on the orders of The Slenderman, but it had been a long time since he had been faced with another animal that could be seen as a hound of hell.

The Cerebus took the invitation to play. They took turns chasing each other around the enclosure in a game that every dog seemed to know by instinct.

After a while, and a quick pause as Smile hid when the man with the cane left after a bit, Smile had gotten to know the other hound quite well.

That had been interesting, finding out about the Cerebus.

The middle head was the one in control, the other two existed as their own but served more as guards or sentries to protect and serve the middle head.

The middle head was also that of a bitch, the other heads were studs.

After playing a few other naturally ingrained dog games, and another matter of business that Smile hadn't expected, he heard the large man inside the cabin talking to the boarhound.

"Now yeh stay here, Fang," the large man said as the noise of something scraping across the floor could be heard, "I'm takin' this up teh little Isaac. Now stay put an' keep away from Fluffy! Yeh've no teh go near Fluffy while he's in heat!"

Smile ducked back through the paddock fence before the large man came outside to check on Fluffy.

He followed the large man along the winding path to the castle, getting a further lay of the land as he did so, before breaking off for a swim in the nearby lake.

He left the water not long after the creature that resided there came close to the bank where he was paddling, shaking off the water as he spotted the large man exiting the castle.

He followed the large man again.

This time, the large man didn't go to his cabin, he went down to the gate where Smile had gotten onto the grounds from.

He slipped out just behind the large man and slinked away into the shadows once more as he tailed the man back to the village.

He walked along the treeline like a predator stalking possible prey.

Though he didn't know what prey he would be hunting this time, he continued his low prowl as he came closer to the town.

A docile and unsuspecting hare was rustling through a small cropping of grass a little in front of him, unaware of the spectral hound creeping closer.

Until a yelp caused the hare to catch sight of the hound being lifted into the air, and it zipped away from the predator.

Smile twisted in the grip of the one who would ruin his hunt.

"Be still,"

Smile froze and put on a pity attracting face in the presence of the tall figure suspending him in the air by an ink-black tendril.

"I was wondering where you had gotten," The Slenderman said as he carried Smile back to the treeline and 'ported them back to America and The Ark.

"Stay," Slenderman commanded as he sent Smile slinking back to the Mansion before returning to the village to await Masky, Toby, and Hoodie's return.

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3 months later.

Slenderman walked down the empty streets of night time on the island where a large magical community resided.

The island itself was around 20 miles North-West of Kira Panagia.

His business for travelling to this particular island was the reports of at least three strange deaths. He had been unaware of any possible snappings and this community was magical based so he had decided to check it out himself.

The entire island had been charmed so that non-magicals were repelled from the island.

The small community here existed as the caretakers and guards to the creature inhabitants and three of them had killed themselves amidst paranoia filled days before they claimed their own life.

He could sense something.

It was familiar but he couldn't place where, what, or even why it was familiar.

He walked down the empty street to a back alley where he could sense whatever was here.

As he walked down the alley a small puppy walked out from under a cardboard box. Its fur was a motley of different shades of black, darker patches sat on its fur in places; one of its eyes was centered in a patch for example.

The Slenderman looked at the small puppy in front of him before moving to nudge it to the side with a tentacle.

As he made to do so; it's patches of darker fur changed to a blood red and a second head formed. Both of its mouths were wide open revealing rows of human-like teeth.

Slenderman looked at the little puppy with curiosity now.

He could feel the odd waves that seemed to be attempting to instill fear into him and he knew he had found the cause of the deaths.

He wrapped a tentacle around the puppy's middle and picked it up, bringing it closer to where his face would be to examine it closer.

To his surprise, the puppy licked the smooth expanse of his head. As he moved the puppy away from him a bit, both of its tongues lolled from their respective mouths, as the Slenderman turned and walked back to the grove where he had entered the island from.

He could access any forest in the world from his own Forest, the Proxies or Pasta's that used the network were more limited in its abilities, and he returned to America. The puppy still held in the tentacle.

He needed to ask something of E.J or, if the eyeless cannibal didn't know how, arrange a visit to the vet.

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Author notes.


Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah or happy wishes for whatever you celebrate.

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When Brother in Arms inevitably ends, not for a long time now I assure you, I'll probably keep expanding on it a little with this.

So yeah, props to 'TheMarpasChappers' for the idea of Smile having a pup with Fluffy. I did probably change a few things in regards to how Cerebus'... Cerebi... how a Cerebus' anatomy works though I don't really think there's much evidence to examine really so I'm gonna pat myself on the back for how I've explained it.

Again, Happy Holidays and I hope you enjoy yourselves.

I'll probably spend my time writing and reading fanfics. I also mentioned that I was replacing all the chapters with the properly checked ones today so I hope I didn't blow up your email alerts in doing so.

Also, I am now taking suggestions for what the hell to call this little pupper I've spawned for you.

Anyway, from me,

Thank you all for sticking with Brother in Arms and reading this.

I'll most likely post the next chapter for this side story when Brother in Arms hits 100 followers.

Any way,

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Slenderman / The Operator – Victor Surge / Marble Hornets.

Smile dog – Random person that has internet.

Eyeless Jack – Kiki H.

Ticci Toby – Kastoway.

Masky / Tim and Hoodie / Brian – Marble Hornets.