How I plan the chapters.

"Word" – Speech.

'Word' – Thought.

"Word" – Slender Speech.

#Word# - Texts, messages, phone calls and on-screen words. Will have speech marks if words are being spoken at the same time as they appear on-screen or through a speaker.

~Word~ - Written words.

$"Word"$ - Parseltongue.

Disclaimer, Harry Potter is the creative property of J.K Rowling and the studio that produced the films.

Any CreepyPastas mentioned in this fic will have their creators stated in the endnotes.

I also have no ownership of any brands, games, franchises or shows mentioned in this fic.

Any persons mentioned outside of the stories that this fic is based on, that I haven't stated are a reference, are purely fictional. I do not condone killing unless it is justified, i.e. hunting animals for food or as a last resort in defence. Any similarities to any persons mentioned are purely coincidental unless it is in reference then I will have stated where the reference was from if it is overly obscure at the end.

Locations in which the kills are chosen are selected by online generators and I zoom in to see what's near there on google maps. All kill scenes that I write that did not occur in the Harry Potter book series are not based on any real-life events.

Author's note.

Ok... so I thought this might be kinda funny for you to read.

This isn't really a chapter, but it's just a little insight into how I write chapters.

What I do is put a bunch of prompts in place of the story, that way I have the space to write the story and know where to stop and put the reviews.

What I put this week was... well, you'll see...

Enjoy this little glimpse into how my dumbass writes these things,




Masky at table.

Something is wrong with the

Get him and Hoodie to run to Hog-bitch



Isaac just after he enters the maze.

Running around

kill a creature

run around some more.

Runs through mist

upside down?

plan to leap to grab hedge

world rightens.

Doesn't meet sphinx but meets devil's snare.

Light em up – up – up, light em up – up – up



toby sees smoke

"That's my boy,".mp3

Jack = 'is something burning?'.jpeg





sit at the cup

fighting something near cup

argue with Ceddy-boy

portkey to grave

bye bye 3

resurrect the snake-boi




boom, pow, Kazaam


back to Hogsbitch

Toby shoves Dumbledore over to get to Isaac

canned 3

Toby and Moody-fake take him back to castle

reveal, 'oh what a shock'.jpeg

in hospital wing

Fudge being fuckboi bitch ass hoe

Slendy makes another badass appearance with Masky and Hoodie

verbal bitch slapping occurs

Toby not leaving ( Masky or Hoodie) Isaac for the rest of the year

E.J swaps out with Liu? Smile stays as well?

end on train ride back

maybe throw in a few Masky death-glares here and there



So... that's how my mind works when writing chapters...

I don't really know what to say about it...