My Heart

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Side Note: Sesshie-chan has two arms! YAY!

Chapter 1: Hanging on you

Kagome stood outside in the rain as the sun came up over the eastern skies. An orange glow began to rise on the small hill she was standing on. As the light crept closer to where her skirt brushed the ground under her bare feet she stirred at the new warmth slowly rising and the wind began to die. A cold chill suddenly crept over her, she looked behind her, not turning her body to face the oncoming and unwanted guest. Inuyasha came closer, anger in his eyes. She left in the middle of the night and for the last few hours has been up on the hilltop watching the skies. Inuyasha was not angry because she left that night, but because she refused to leave this morning. Perhaps she was still upset about what he had said the night before.

She remembered it so clearly; she wished it were a dream but she couldn't escape her nightmare. The night was cold and dark and the sun had already set over the west. Inuyasha was in a rage that they were not getting any jewel shards from the latest detections of the jewel's presence.

"Well, Inuyasha we should be there in a few days." Kagome said hopefully. Inuyasha was unmoved.

"Shut up, Kagome! You said we were going to be there in a few days three times already. How far are we?" Inuyasha demanded.

"Not to long. I think they're moving." Kagome thought that Inuyasha would yell at her for not telling him sooner, but she wasn't prepared for what he said next. "Kagome,"

"You are supposed to find the jewels and lead us there," Inuyasha spat as he started to stand up, "You're no good to us if you don't help us find the jewel, it's your fault it broke in the first place. You might as well go home, you shouldn't risk our necks in order to feel important!"

Kagome was hurt and hurt badly. She fought tears that were threatening to spill like a waterfall over her face. 'Is that all I am to him,' she thought, 'A jewel shard detector and a liability. No.' Kagome stood; a single tear ran from her cheek. She didn't even have the strength to 'sit' him as he thought she was going to do. All she thought she could handle was being alone, all alone.

And there she stood.

The middle of the dark forest was more inviting than him. She thought about going home, then a strange thought came, she would make Inuyasha like her or at least make him see that there was someone who wouldn't think of her as a burden or just some human girl looking for attention. Who she could go to, she didn't know.

She started walking, in some obscure direction. The forest to the west of where she stood on the hill looked safe enough. Kagome didn't talk to Inuyasha not trusting her voice. She quickly glanced at him before going it to the woods. Miroku laid a hand on Inuyasha's tense shoulder warning him not to follow with a shake of his head.

She continued to walk away, this time she wouldn't come back until she found someone who cared enough and would be willing to let her take care of Shippou, too. She walked, her feet already sore, not from walking, but from standing on the hill all night. She thought she heard familiar voices, but she paid no attention; her heart was set on getting away from Inuyasha before she didn't have the strength to keep going.

She began to run when the voices seemed to get close to her. She ran as fast as her feet would carry her. Her tears began to spill as she ranand were beginning to cloud her vision. She tried not to look back. The ground kicked up beneath her feet covering the foot trail she left behind. She dodged the trees, but she couldn't avoid hitting the branches that hung down in disarray. The tears stung her eyes and scratches appeared as she hazily hit branches in front of her.

She heard a grunt and finally she realized that she was on the ground, she didn't bother to see who it was she ran into and kept running, more tears falling as she tried to use her last reserves of strength to keep running. She heard someone following, possibly whom she ran into. She knew whoever it was would easily catch up to her with seemingly great agility, she feared that it would be Inuyasha after her. She quickened her pace, sending waves of pain up and down her body with the effort.

They were right behind her, but she didn't turn around as an arm grabbed at her wrist causing her to fly backward into the unknown personage. She gasped for breath, holding her eyes closed, afraid to open them again as if she would die if she did. They still held her wrist in their clenched hand. In a wasted effort to keep herself standing she feel back onto the torso of the one standing behind her. At this point she couldn't even feel embarrassed.

"You are brave human wench aren't you." A man behind her said in more of a statement than a question, "You run, alone in the forest, without the pathetic Inuyasha to protect you. You are awfully brave…Inuyasha's wench."

The voice she recognized as Sesshomaru, Inuyasha's brother. Even then, she was glad it wasn't Inuyasha. What was it he called her? Inuyasha's wench? "I'm not Inuyasha's anything. I don't want to be, either. I don't want to have anything to do with him." She didn't know what his reaction was besides silence. He was surprised, she was always so loyal to his half-brother. What has the hanyou done now? 'What in the seven hells is going on?'

It was at that moment that he had an idea, Jaken wasn't around to bother him. He knew that they would come for her, and he was eager to take something that was his brother's. She would do very nicely indeed. He sniffed her curiously. She had Inuyasha's scent all over her.

"Time for a wash."

He was finding it hard to breathe with that stench. He let go of her wrist only to pick her up in his arms and proceed to carry her on his shoulder. She was very light, and to his amazement she didn't even struggle. He heard her muffle under her breath 'hentai.' Though he heard it he ignored it, eager to get to the lake that rested near by.

When he thought he was near enough to the lake without warning he threw her into the lake. She howled as she was thrown into the air and landed in the middle of a very cold lake. Sesshomaru was amused as she writhed and howled at how cold the water was. She started to shiver. She could she the look on Sesshomaru's face, she knew something that he had overlooked. "Sesshomaru! Have you forgotten something? You were carrying me, so now you to smell as I do."

Sesshomaru looked down and sniffed, she was right. 'Damn woman, damn hanyou.' Sesshomaru began to strip of his clothing to the surprise and mortification of Kagome. He let himself drift into the water, glad to rid himself of that horrible smell. He soon noticed that while he went into the water, Kagome went to the shore. He looked at her for a moment. Suddenly an urge came over Kagome and she stripped herself of all but her underwear and grabbed Sesshomaru's kimono and dove back into the water. She let her feet graze the bottom of the lake a few feet away from Sesshomaru and held up his wet kimono, it dripped a waterfall. Kagome began to laugh and tossed the heavy kimono to its owner. Sesshomaru didn't know why, but he had the urge to join her in this game of hers and threw his kimono to the beach effortlessly. Kagome had watched the kimono land on the beach, but then when she looked again Sesshomaru had disappeared. The lake was too still.

Kagome was pulled under water as her captor held her by her waist possessively under the water. They went to the surface where they were close enough to the shore that Sesshomaru could touch the floor, but still not show his lower half. Kagome didn't have to see it, she felt it. Her body was pressed tightly against his. 'He's beautiful.' Kagome leaned forward nuzzling under his chin as she let her body melt against his.

Sesshomaru didn't move. 'What is she doing? Doesn't she know who I am and how alone she is with me, and how close we are? Why doesn't that sound, right? No! A human will not bewitch me.' Kagome murmured his name under her breath making his hair stick up on end as it blew against his wet skin. 'Why can't I just kill her? No, my plan has not changed. I will take her then I will give her to Inuyasha. Then again, the pain might be worse for him if he finds that she openly let me take her as my own. She might be willing now. The sooner, the better. I will be able to dispose of her earlier than I thought.' A smile brushed his mouth as he looked down at the mysterious girl against him.

He gently brought her to the shore placing her on the soft grass that blended in with the sand by the beach as it sloped downward on a gently descending hill. She opened her eyes and looked at him as he bent over her nearly naked form. She began to blush as he came closer. 'God, she's beautiful. That baka of a brother.' He leaned so close to her that they're noses touched and her blush increased ten fold. He drew closer drawing her into a kiss. Sesshomaru was surprised to find her kissing him back and he pulled away. He looked at her for a moment finally sensing the hurt she was feeling. She leaned her head up to kiss his nose. Her kiss was so gentle, her eyes focusing onto his. Everything in his body wanted to relinquish what the mutt had done to her, he wanted-her. He locked her mouth in a passionate kiss, rendering both helpless to the inevitable.

Inuyasha caught the familiar scent of Sesshomaru. Inuyasha had gone to find her when the others began to worry. He could sense that there had been a chase and fear in the one being chased, Kagome's fear. 'If he's done anything to her, I'll destroy him.' The group consisting of Miroku, Sango, and Shippou looked on as Inuyasha's anger began to build. Whatever was worrying him, it was really bad.

They raced down the trail following an angry, passionate Inuyasha at the lead. They all felt concern for Kagome, but for some odd reason they felt as if she was okay and that they should leave her alone, but Inuyasha didn't want to hear it. "Hold on Kagome."

'I'm coming.'