Bit of Pacific Rim and End of Evangelion along with a dash of Code Geass and UC Gundam. Anyway, our boy is still Duo and this is a divergence from I believe Episode 17, instead of Quatre making the last stand to protect his friends retreat, it's Duo. And, well, it isn't pleasant for either pilot or Gundam.

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Last stands were complete and utter bullshit.

In the movies they build them up to be these big dramatic series of events where the heroes all joked around and made jabs at each other while their leader made some big goddamn speech to inspire everyone to fight till the dawn or whatever.

All that was currently nonsense to Duo and his allies considering they were frankly kinda screwed regardless. Well, they had Wufei showing up and mocking them so that was something Duo supposed. Really the guy was a complete dick but at least the Shenlong's pilot was up on current events, more than he could say for his fellow pilots at least.

"So stay here and die like scared women, or escape to space!"

Yeah. Still a complete and total dick, if one of them bought it Duo kinda hoped it was Wufei because really, misogyny in this day and age? Seriously grow the fuck up.

As more mortar shells fell from the literal legions of Leo's surrounding them Duo glanced towards the Heavy Lift Vehicle's in the distance and came to a decision. Stepping in front of the Sandrock as Quatre was undoubtedly going to do what he was planning, Duo let out a sigh as he ran a hand through his hair.

"You guys make your escape, I've got this."

There was dead silence for a few moments before Quatre yelled out, "Duo you can't! You'll die!"

Duo snorted at that, "Yeah, but we all die some day Qatty, look after yourself. When we meet up in that bar in the sky, drinks are on me, yeah?"

Quatre paused for several moments before he let out a softly sobbed whisper, "So long as the drinks are none alcoholic... I'll be there my friend."

Duo laughed as he shook his head, "Freaking Muslims...yeah, your bottle of water is on me buddy, now go, run for now, make 'em pay later. Defeat OZ, defeat all of ' our homes."

"Don't die Duo," he snorted in return.

"Ditto. Keep safe, brother."

Igniting her weapon Deathscythe spun the haft of her blade about her a few moments before coming to a pause, a few seconds later Duo let out a tired sigh.

"Well Buddy, I knew we'd go down fighting, but I hadn't expected it to be quite like this. You ready?

Deathscythe seemed to keen slightly as she began walking forward slowly, swaying back and forth to avoid the incoming artillery.

"Atta girl, I knew you had it in you. Come on, our brothers need to have some cover, ready to cause some damage?"

A moment later Deathscythe lashed out and cleaved four Leos and a Tragos in half, as the explosions resonated about them and hot shrapnel bounced off Deathscythe's skin Duo couldn't help laughing.

"Damn do I love my job."

Skipping to the side he fired the buster shield at a passing Aries and snickered to himself as it crashed into a fuel depot taking out countless units with it.

Totally worth the loss of the shield.

Duo spun Deathscythe through a barrage of shells from a unit of Dobergun wielding Leos and charged them, once evicting them from the mortal realm he began walking towards an artillery station aimed at the main spaceport.

"Naughty naughty naughty," Duo muttered and in seconds Deathscythe was upon them cleaving through the machinery with her blade while tearing apart personnel with her head gatlings.

"Gotta buy them more time," he muttered as he rather casually kicked over a tank in a manner that most would likely consider inappropriate, not that the American pilot cared about such things one way or another.

That was when Deathscythe was hit with a hail of shells that quite literally left Duo's ears ringing as the massive war machine was sent sprawling into the tarmac.

"Mother. Fuckers." Standing up Deathscythe shook her head and turned her gaze towards the horizon to see well over two dozen Tragos units locked onto her.

Duo's response to this was a lightly snarled out, "Get 'em girl."

Deathscythe was speeding forward before he had finished speaking.

It took less than ten seconds to get across the airfield, and it took less than five seconds to murder everyone who had been involved with trying to shell the Gundam before them.

Once again, Duo loved his job.

Opening his comm to all channels Duo yelled out as Deathscythe spun her weapon about her, "COME ON YOU BASTARDS! You wanna subjugate the colonies!? Well you gotta beat me first! My name is Duo Maxwell! I am the God of Death, the only survivor of the Maxwell Massacre and the Plague Purges of L2! If you think I'm gonna go down like a bitch, well..."

Deathscythe aimed her head at an approaching Aries and sprayed it with her gatlings, causing the mobile suit to spin and crash into a water tower.

"Ya got another thing coming."

The first HLV he saw take off was Wufei's, hooray for him the crotchety bastard that he was.

Then he saw three shuttles lift off which left him wondering a moment, had they left their Gundams behind?

As he cleaved a Leo in half and completely ignored its reactor going critical he nodded to himself slowly. Really it did make sense, get the hell off the planet and leave your Earth oriented war machine on Earth and all that.

Pity he didn't have that sort of clearance.

" a lot of mobile suits..."

Duo couldn't quite believe his eyes as he took in the literal hundreds of war machines bearing down on him, even in a Gundam he had no chance to take them all out. Laughing Duo began the self destruct protocols as he gently thumbed the joystick to avoid the incoming shots coming towards him.

"Well, I always wanted to go out with a bang, I suppose this works all things considered." Side stepping a shell that probably would have actually managed to dent his Gundam Duo let out a tired sigh as he finished typing in the self destruct sequence.

"So this is it huh...not how I would have chosen to go but hey, it is what it is." Raising his scythe Duo began stomping towards the approaching army when Deathscythe veered off and began rushing towards one of the shuttle launch pads.

"Hey! Hey hey hey! What are you doing Deathscythe!? Stop not listening to me! This is so not ok!" Without his consent the cockpit swung open and an enormous hand appeared before him as his monitors retracted.

"BROTHER. THIS IS NOW MY FIGHT. PLEASE, LIVE." Duo froze as tears gathered in the corners of his eyes, unable to move.





Duo could only stare as he was placed on the ground by the giant war machine, before she ignited her scythe while she charged the literal armies trying to kill her, and he didn't turn around as he walked towards the shuttleport despite the massive new sun blossoming behind him.

He ignored the burning winds and the dust clouds, and kept his gaze to the ground as he stomped towards the awaiting shuttle.

After all, who in their right mind would want to watch their little sister commit suicide to save their life?

OZ was going to pay, everyone was going to pay.