Yes Morgana has a dragon's egg, she just isn't ready to use it yet.


He was married to Meera Reed, a Game of Thrones character, a very long time ago. She was killed by a Faceless Man.


Iron works on demons too if I remember correctly.


Its all fun and games until some one loses their soul.

Planeswalker Gothic 3

Part 8

Men of Letters Bunker. Supernatural Verse.

Life had sure become very strange for Hermione Granger, and given some of the oddities she'd encounter during her twenty years of life that was really saying something. She'd never exactly been what you'd call normal, but these days she felt super strange, and not always in a good way.

Currently she was sitting in a bunker, a very well decorated, rather comfortable, magically warded, and nicely lit bunker, while reading a book.

Reading a book was pretty normal for her, however she wasn't really focused on it. She was too busy trying to process everything. Even for a smart woman such as herself this was going to take time.

The weirdness had started when one of her old teachers, not that he looked at all old, had rather randomly turned up at the shop she'd worked in. He happened to be a wanted criminal who had admitted to escaping jail with a group of dark wizard who later he'd apparently killed.

Which should have been Hermione's cue to call in the Aurors (magic police) however she'd been offered something simply amazing.

That offer had been to travel with her old professor and see the multiverse, which meant not just the world, or the greater universe, but many worlds across many dimensions. She shouldn't have believed the offer when it was made, as it had sounded mad, however she'd wanted to believe and her faith had been rewarded.

Not that it had all been fun, she'd had to spend time working in another shop, and she'd spent way too many hours down in this bunker, but she'd also seen some amazing things and she'd met some interesting people. And some people she was starting to wish she'd never met. Such as the professor's wife and sort of ex-girlfriend, both of which were actual princesses.

Their existences were something Hermione was unhappy about. She'd not actually thought much about if the professor would want in her bed when making his offer. However that didn't mean she wasn't feeling the envy now. She hadn't imagined that she'd end up feeling like a third wheel. Perhaps she'd made a mistake accepting the professor's offer.

There was a polite cough, a ladylike attempt to get her attention, and Hermione peered over the top of the book. It was Morgana Pendragon, Gothic's wife. Hermione was pretty sure she was evil. After all she was a version of Morgan la Fey.

"Hermione I'd like to talk to you about where you fit in with our little group" Morgana said.

Miss Granger narrowed her eyes slightly. She had a feeling that she was going to be encouraged to leave. And while she might do so because it was she wished, there was no way she was going to let this evil witch drive her away.

"Dany and I plans for the future, once Gothic has set up his own world. Its going to need people to keep things organised and both of us want children in the near future" Morgana was now saying "However my husband doesn't want to be tied down, and I'm sure he'll figure out a way to have his kingdom and not be stuck ruling it. So while I'm organising matters I need someone to stay with Gothic and keep an eye on him. To make sure he doesn't do anything too stupid, like getting lost, or killed, or seduced".

Hermione wondered where this was going.

"In short I'd like you to be his mistress, I think the term would be, to travel with him, try to keep him focused and happy" Morgana then added "That way Dany and I can deal with this safe haven he wants to make while you get to keep having your adventures. Wouldn't that be nice?".

Hermione knew that her old teacher did tend to get distracted, but she wasn't sure if she was the right person to keep him focused. Not that being his mistress sounded terrible, and she certainly didn't want to end up stuck somewhere Morgana was in charge. Plus travelling alone with Gothic did sound nice.

"I'll think about it" said the former Hogwarts student as she went back to trying to read her book.

(Line Break)

Farm. Warhammer World.

"We nearly landed in some poor bastard's wheat field" I told Hermione "Need to be more careful I don't want to go around making any crop circles. People might think we're creatures from another world flying around in a space ship".

Miss Granger didn't find that at all amusing despite the fact that we were people from another world flying around in a ship that could travel through space. I suspected that she was overwhelmed from meeting an alternate version of herself, an odd experience as I knew first hand.

We'd just left a meeting with Wizard Gothic, who I'd informed of my big project so that I could enlist his aid. He was a powerful magic user with a small group of witches under his command, and I might need a lot of magical support in the near future.

"I don't think anyone saw us when we nearly landed" the witch said "We were cloaked the whole time".

Nothing seemed amiss out there.

"Don't think so, either," I agreed "There would have been angry farmers with pitchforks or at least some yelling by now".

We'd set out to look for the Overlord world since I wanted to steal the Tower Heart to aid in the creation of my own realm. If this was the right realm I suspected we'd encounter farmers with pitchforks. And maybe some halflings.

"Let's have a look around" I said

By taking the Puddle Jumper higher into the air I could see that there was a town in the distance with a nearby castle, and the whole settlement was surrounded by a thick wall. Outside of the walls were farms and some ranches, in the far distance there was a lake and a forest. It all seemed pretty normal to me. No sign of any dark tower, but it could just be far away. Assuming of course this was even the right reality, or the right time period.

"Let's go," I said, once I had landed the ship somewhere near the road but not to close to any people "We should be able to get to town before dark."

Hermione frowned as we quickly changed into outfits more suited for blending in. I donned my dark steel plate armour while she transfigured her clothing into something more modest and old fashioned in appearance.

"Do we need to be here?" she asked.

Clearly something had happened recently to take the shine of travelling the multi-verse. It might have something to do with realising that her other self was also a dimensional traveller. Perhaps it made her feel less special. Or maybe she was disappointed in me after comparing her life to that of her alternate self. I was sure she would talk to me about it when she was ready.

For now I just wanted to scout out this world in order to find out if it was the right one. Wizard Gothic had gone to recruit yet another alternate version of myself who should be able to help us acquire both a dungeon heart and the tower heart I required for the creation of my own realm. There was no real rush, but I didn't want to waste their time.

I planned to overload a dungeon heart for the outburst of magical that would be needed to create the realm, a magic big bang, then later the tower heart would be used as a power source for the realm. If it worked I wouldn't need to stay in the realm in order to keep it running.

It might even be possible for other Gothics to help me keep the tower heart charged so that supporting my realm wouldn't be a big drain on my powers, but first I had to find the right world and then bring in some back up. I was powerful, but Overlords were not to be take lightly.

"Are you kidding?" I said to Hermione "Who knows what we can find here. New kinds of magic, awesome weapons, cool monsters, sexy elf girls, the possibilities are endless"

She rolled her eyes.

"Boys" she muttered.

The road we would take into town was empty for now. Well the Romans would be ashamed to call this a road, it was more like a muddy path. I'd seen plenty in Westeros.

To make the trip more comfortable for us, and to help impress the locals. I used my cards, which I rarely used these days, to create a couple of horses. One was a generic horse for Hermione while I created an Armored Warhorse for myself using White Mana.

I'd learned early on that peasants will keep their distance and be respectful to anyone who looked like they were a noble. So as long as we weren't wearing the colours of some rivalling nation or something, we really should be able to conclude our business and be on our away without any trouble. Travellers really weren't common in most medieval societies, so people in these parts could be suspicious of outsiders, but I had gold and that was a good thing to have when you wanted questions answered.

"Don't worry" I said to Hermione "The horse will go where you wish it to, you just need to will it and to look like you know how to ride. As for questions, if anyone asks, and I doubt they will. You're my new wife, a lord with a young wife isn't so odd, and we can share a room so no will try anything with you. If this isn't the right world I'll Planeswalk us again in the morning".

I didn't know if Hermione would mind if I tried anything with her, but I would keep my hands to myself since I was a married man. Sure Morgana wanted to me to make Dany a second wife, however there was no need to make things more complex.

"If I get lice, I'm blaming you" Granger threatened.

This I took seriously.

"I'll put up some vermin repellent enchantments," I said as I checked my pouch of holding "I know how to keep a bed free of lice and other pests".

Luckily I still had some gold left, should be enough to find us one of the nicer places to stay. Also I had some jewels, but they'd only be useful if there was someone around wealthy enough to buy them.

We slowly rode along the street after the guards allowed us into the city with barely a look. Which suggested they weren't expecting any trouble.

Hermione was the one who drew the majority of attention. To be fair she had grown into a beautiful woman, and she stood out especially here where the people around all looked like they had fallen out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down.

I did feel a bit nervous when we moved past a troop of soldiers, who wore leather armour and were carrying pikes. They were medieval for sure not Roman in design, so I figured this wasn't Overlord 2 at least.

They were led by someone in a fancy helmet who had equally fancy armour. Yet the armed men seemed in no hurry to go anywhere. Possibly this display was just to remind the peasants about their lord's power.

Then I looked up at the fortress up the hill. If there was anything interesting about it would in there, but I sensed nothing odd, if this was the right world then I was in a boring part of it.

"I'm no expert" said Miss Granger "But wouldn't nobles stay with other nobles when travelling".

She was right.

"I did stay in a lot of castles when I toured Westeros" I said to my former student "But in that world I knew enough about local politics and such to be able to pretend to be a noble from a far off land. I don't enough about this world to risk presenting myself at that fortress as a lord".

In that world I'd been able to give away magical items made from my cards to nobles as gifts without anyone asking too many questions. Those gifts had hinted at me being wealthy and powerful, as such the nobles of that land had either at least accepted me staying with them for a short time, or gone out of their way to make me feel welcome in some cases.

"Should we try over there" Hermione asked.

She pointed towards on the left. The sign above a door was of a tankard, and it was called the King's Cup, so this small city was likely part of a kingdom not an empire. Still could be Overlord 1. I remained hopeful.

"Let's have a look, at least" I said "Oh if anything does go wrong apperate back to the ship right away".

With will rather than words I steered the horse in that direction to where a stable boy stood waiting.

After climbing off my mighty steed, I saw the boy up close. Poor kid looked as if he could use a few good meals, so while neither my horse or Hermione's actually needed tending to, since they weren't real. I figured I might as well employ his services and pay him too much. Least then he might get something to eat.

"Take good care of them and you'll get another silver coin" I informed the boy while giving one of silver stags.

That was Westeros money, but silver was silver. The value of the coin was in the metal it was made from not the pictures on it. Only nobles cared about such things.

"Of course, Milord!" he said while clearly trying not to stare at me.

I handed him the reins and walked around to Hermione. Offering her my hand, she smiled and took it as she got off the horse, brushing her dress down once she was on her own two feet.

Then I offered her my arm as we walked inside the inn. It wasn't so bad, there a warm fire roaring in the fireplace, the scent of roasting meat filled the air along with smoke, mead and something a little more sour. Spilled drinks I hoped. Not too bad. I'd seen much worse.

As we walked inside, the sound across the bar silenced as they all turned to look in our direction. Now the only sound was that of the crackle of the fireplace.

The fat and balding man behind the counter, quickly put down the tankard he had been polishing before hurrying over. He'd already realised that Hermione and were people of wealth and influence.

"My lord, My lady!" he greeted "Please enter, and be most welcome to my humble establishment!".

He bowed deeply, and I knew then that he'd clearly not expected anyone important to enter his place of business. I suspected most of his customers were merchants and low ranking army officers, maybe even officials of some kind. Basically this place was as close to middle class as you could get in a world like this.

"Whatever can I get for you?" he asked.

He looked at me for an answer.

"Your best wine and some food" I said.

"Of course! Of course! This way, Milord!" he said.

He did his best to clean one of the tables with his apron before pulling the chair out for Hermione. I settled down across from her as the innkeeper rushed off to see to our order. This place was not quite as bad as it first looked. I'd both eaten and slept in worse places. But even so, I didn't like the way some of some of these primitives looked at Hermione.

"I still don't see much of a point in this," Miss Granger said "We could have just flown around".

Suddenly the door of the inn slammed open, the candles and fire flickered as a shape filled the door. It was all very dramatic as a man entered the inn. He was dressed in leather armour, a custom made set I was sure, as for weapons he carried a flintlock pistol and sword.

"WITCHES!" he shouted.

As the inhabitants of the inn fled in panic trying to get out of the way, I grabbed Hermione's arm and we teleported back to the Puddle Jumper.

(Line Break)

Men of Letters Bunker.

Morgana looked over her notes one last time. She'd never gotten used to recording things on a computer, and hadn't had many chances to try, however the notebook and pen were wonders she'd mastered. The simple notebook was very handy as she could keep it in her pouch of holding and no one ever knew she had it.

"So you burned your still born child, your mindless husband and the woman who used blood magic to curse you" Morgana summarised "And this caused your dragons to hatch".

Even after all these years it was a painful memory for Dany, however she forced herself to think about it for her friend's sake. Morgana had a dragon's egg, and wanted to hatch it.

"Sounds like a sacrifice of flesh and blood to me" Morgana mused "I'll need to burn someone connected to me, by blood if needs be, but they don't need to be someone I care about".

Dany could hardly judge, she'd actually performed the ritual, but she'd not intended to.

"Who would you burn?" the former queen wondered.

Morgana smiled.

"My father" she said.

Dany was shocked.

"He's an evil tyrant who has hunted down and killed whole families for their crime of having magic, Including children" Morgana told her friend, trying to justify what she had planned "he's had plenty of people burned at the stake. This will be justice".

Dany now wondered something else.

"What about Gothic, will he just stand by while you burn your father?" she asked "And what will you do with the dragon?".

Morgana wasn't worried.

"It will be easier to beg forgiveness then seek permission" she said "And I'll wait until he has his new world ready before I show him the dragon. I can look after the creature until it is grown enough to hunt. If I can't tame the beast I'll set it free. Gothic's world will have animals for it to hunt and ample room for a dragon to fly".

She'd bid her time for now and then go after her father, kill him quickly far away from Camelot and then Planeswalk with the baby dragon. She'd practice Planeswalking with small animals first to make sure it was safe.

Once the deed was done she'd get her husband's forgiveness, after all he knew what an evil man Uther Pendragon was, and she had her ways of making Gothic happy. Plus she could enlist Dany's aid, a man could do a lot in bed with two eager to please wives.

(Line Break)

Puddle Jumper. Warhammer World.

"Does that sort of thing happen often?" Hermonine wondered as the ship took off "I mean you'd think it would given the medieval mind set".

It shouldn't have been so unexpected.

"Actually its not happened as many times as you might think" I told my former student "Primitive people mistrust magic, but its only when fanatics get involved that anyone tries to do anything about the magic users. Most people are wise enough not to meddle in the affairs of wizards".

At this point I was pretty sure that this was the wrong world, it just didn't feel right. I'd try my luck again later.

"How about I get us back to the bunker and then I'll go out for wine and take away" I offered the young woman besides me "We can stay in and have a witch hunter free evening at home. Morgana and Dany are spending a lot of time with each other so it should just be the two of us.

Judging by her smile Hermonine liked the sound of that.

(Line Break)

Men of Letters Bunker.

When she stepped out the shower, she wrapped a towel around her body while she let the warm air dry her hair.

After grabbing her beaded bag from her suitcase, she cast a summoning charm, intending to summon her old school uniform to her. Only a few pieces of her old uniform came zooming into her hand from within the depths of the bag. Those pieces were her old skirt and Gryffindor tie.

She set those on her bed before summoning a white shirt and transfiguring it into a type of crop-top blouse that would tie closed just a little ways under her chest. The top then joined her skirt and tie on the bed.

Once was dry enough she put on a black thong. The thong was followed by a matching bra, one that open at the front, she knew how most men struggled with the that did up around the back and she didn't want to ruin the mood with needless fiddling about.

Hermione checked the time and seeing she only had a half hour left to finish getting ready (Gothic would be back soon with take-out to make up for her last meal being ruined) so she pulled on the top and skirt.

Then while standing in front of a mirror, she made minor adjustments to top and skirt. The top was adjusted to fit just a little tighter so as to make her breasts seem bigger.

As for the skirt, she shrank that until the hem was just low enough to barely cover her thong. Any bending over, no matter how slight should show the bum she knew Gothic was guilty of sometimes checking out.

The tie was then draped around her shoulders loosely. She checked the time once more as she ensured her hair was completely dry.

"Okay I can do this" she told her reflection.

Hermione had met an alternate version of herself and they'd spoke for a while, comparing their lives and she'd noticed how happy the other her was. The other Hermione had even told her what her Gothic liked in bed.

This Hermione was not going to be content just being a sidekick, or a mere mistress, if that Wizard Gothic though her alternate self was a good enough to be a wife then Planeswalker Gothic should too.

Besides if he could have two wives why not three, and she'd be damned if she'd let that evil Morgana get away with whatever evil it was she had planned. Her old professor needed her.

Hermoine quickly put on some knee high white socks and shoes before she started brushing her hair.

"How do I look?" she asked the mirror.

It didn't reply. She'd forgotten that it wasn't one of those magic mirrors from her world that would remind her to put on some make up. Thankfully she could remind herself.