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"Death Beam!" = Normal Speech

'Death Beam!' = Thoughts

"Death Beam!" = Telepathic Speech

"Death Beam!" = Someone Yelling


A Good Soul Banished! - The Saga Truly Begins!

In the space between dimensions, a lone guardian watches over events happening in the many worlds that exist in the Multiverse. He is one of Frieza's people, but he couldn't be any more different from the galactic tyrant.

His bio-gems are dark blue while his Bio-Armor is a slightly darker white than Frieza's own. He's about as tall as Goku and Cooler are, and his head looks like King Cold's in his final form: a perfect mix of Frieza and Cooler. His skin is a light icy blue, and he commonly wears the Z-Fighter Suit like Frieza.

This member of the Frieza Clan is known simply as Polar, and unlike most members of the Frieza Race, he is a guardian instead of a destroyer.

"Yes, yes, everything in every world is running smoothly. No changes or new universes just yet." Polar said to himself.

However, that statement proved to be false as he noticed a new viewing screen appear in place of an older one. And this meant only one thing. An entire branch of history was completely rewriting itself.

"The Supreme Kai of Time ain't gonna like this one bit." Polar said warily.

But while he is wary of this new change in history, he was curious as to what it was. So, he decided to take a look.

*Unknown Timeline…*

Planet Cold… this is the home of a warrior race known as the Frost Demons. While each one is strong in their own right, only one family is the strongest among them. And that is the royal family known as the Cold Clan. The Colds are a warmongering family: and one such member of the family is about to do something that will lead him down an extremely dark path.

"I don't understand, father. Why am I so weak compared to you and Cooler?" asked a younger and surprisingly less evil Frieza. "I know that I have much raw power within me. You yourself said so. But I just can't seem to draw it all out like I should be able to."

Frieza's giant of a father contemplated his son's words. They certainly had merit, and yet they still irked him. However, Cold knew to keep his cool in this situation. It was clear to him what had to be done.

"Well my son, it isn't simply that you lack the capability to draw out your full power. Merely, there is something blocking your power and you must expel it from your being." Cold said to his son.

"I… don't think I quite understand, father." Frieza said.

"It means that your kindness makes you far too soft, my boy. You must somehow expel the goodness in your soul and leave only evil! Should you manage to do this, you will be able to utilize the full power that you so desperately try to grasp!" Cold explained.

"Yes, I see…" muttered an inspired Frieza.

The younger version of the galactic tyrant that we all know and love to hate watched as his father walked over to a wall decorated with finely crafted and highly intricate looking tiles. King Cold pressed one of the tiles deeper into the wall, revealing that it was a hidden switch. With a few clicks, a secret compartment was unlocked and opened up to reveal… a bottle of wine?

At least, that's what it looks like.

King Cold took the bottle out of the compartment along with a small goblet. He popped the cork on the bottle and filled the goblet with the strange glowing pink wine until it was half full.

"Father, while I am not opposed to the idea of enjoying a glass of wine every so often, I feel I must ask: is this really an appropriate time for wine?" Frieza inquired.

As Cold placed the bottle on the table, he merely smirked and chuckled a bit. Such a question was to be expected.

"This is no ordinary wine, my boy. It is a special elixir that has been used by our family for many generations. Once you drink it, the elixir will take a near instant effect and rid your soul of its good half while bringing about your full potential. But for it to work, you must drink this whole goblet in one go." Cold explained.

Frieza's eyes were now wide with a look of understanding crossing his features. Still, he was a bit skeptical. If this elixir could do so much for a Frost Demon, why did his father wait until now to give him any?

As if sensing the unasked question, King Cold began to explain things in a bit more fine detail.

"I could not let you use the elixir until now because of the risks involved with drinking it. The sheer amount of power that is released as soon as one drinks it is enough to literally shatter one's soul. I myself nearly died when I drank it. So I'm certain that you now understand why I was, and still am, hesitant to let you drink this? For once you do, there's absolutely no turning back." King Cold warned.

Hearing this made Frieza become totally serious as he stared at the glowing liquid in the goblet before him. He knows that his father is incredibly strong, so for this elixir to nearly kill him… it was an unsettling thought to say the least.

But nevertheless, Frieza knows that if he wants to run an empire that strikes fear across the galaxy, he must rid himself of all inhibition. Quiet the storm of kindness in his mind. Only then would he achieve the power necessary to grow strong enough to follow in his father's footsteps.

So he steeled his resolve, shut his eyes, and downed the contents of the goblet in one gulp.

The effects were instantaneous.

Frieza began to scream in pain as his power began to shoot up through the roof. It felt like his soul was being ripped in two, and you know something… it really was. From his back, a ball of light began to exit the Frost Demon as a swirling vortex opened up and sucked it in.

While this was going on, a dark purple aura of Ki erupted around Frieza. It got so intense that lightning began to spark around the Frost Demon, showing that his power was rising well beyond its normal limits. King Cold breathed out a sigh of utter awe at his son's power and knew only one thing.

"My son… you truly are the one who shall become the strongest in the universe!"

Frieza was having similar thoughts.

"With this power… yes! I could become the most powerful being in the entire cosmos!"

But what neither Frost Demon knew was that Frieza's good half was not destroyed. Rather, it was sent through a wormhole to another dimension.

*Remnant: Years Later…*

Jaune was having a pretty good day today. He managed to get up on time, Nora actually controlled herself enough to save him some pancakes at breakfast, he actually aced professor Port's pop quiz for once, and to top it all off he defeated Cardin in combat class without even using Crocea Mors.

It really was an astounding match for the spectators. Yang had joked about how Jaune could never hold his own in a fist fight and many other students were inclined to agree with her. So Jaune decided to take that bet.

He left Crocea Mors on the sidelines along with his armor plating with Cardin sticking to his armor and mace. Many students snickered at the knight thinking that the fight, if you could call it a fight, would be over in ten seconds flat.

Oh, how wrong they were.

Turns out, wearing that heavy armor almost all hours of the day did a lot of good for Jaune. Not only did it make him faster and more agile than Cardin, but it also made him stronger as proven by the lean and defined muscles that were exposed when Cardin's mace ripped off the sleeves of Jaune's hoodie. I believe it is sufficient to say that many girls instantly became interested in the blonde knight.

Now Jaune didn't take too kindly to having his favorite/only hoodie destroyed. So in retaliation, Jaune charged in so fast he was a literal blur in the eyes of many. By the end of the fight, Jaune took no damage and Cardin had suffered many injuries.

The extent of the damage was a black eye, several bruises, a split lip, a bloody nose and a broken arm from when he blocked a roundhouse kick from Jaune that probably would've broke his neck had it connected.

So, yeah, today has been a very good day for our young knight.

'I still remember that fight well…' Jaune smirked mentally.


"Well, well, well. If it isn't faggoty Andy. Or is that on the raggedy Anne?" mocked Cardin as Jaune arrived in the sparring arena.

The young Arc didn't say anything. He just stared at the bully with a blank look, while on the inside he was plotting various ways to torture the guy who bullied him and so many others before. He didn't simply want to win. No… he wanted to utterly humiliate Winchester along with his whole jerk-ass team!

"Not gonna say anything? Well, just to warn you; I'm not afraid to hit a defenseless weakling." Cardin taunted further.

"That's fine," said Jaune as he began to smirk. "Neither am I."

As the battle started, Jaune rushed in so fast, he was a blur to many of the students gathered there. Even the higher grade students and the faculty were hard pressed to keep track of the boy! Jaune threw a right handed punch at Cardin with deadly accuracy, only for him to block it with his own armored arm. As his fist made contact with Cardin's armor, the bully smirked as he thought that Jaune's hand would break against the Winchester family ancestral armor.

But he was proven wrong as the armor plating shattered like glass, leaving everyone gawking at the results! They had no idea Jaune was strong enough to do that!

Cardin wasn't about to let the Arc boy get away with destroying part of his armor and quickly retaliated by swinging down his mace upon Jaune. But to his utter surprise, Jaune deflected the strike with his bare hand before kneeing him in the gut, making Cardin double over in pain just before being decked in the schnoz!

Cardin growled as he glared at the smirking blonde before him. Blood dripped down from his nostril as he got back up.

"You know what? Just for that… I'm not taking it easy on you any- GAH!"

Cardin's little speech was interrupted by Jaune, when the shorter boy literally punched him into a wall, creating a deep hole in it. Jaune relaxed his stance and simply waited for his enemy to get back up. But the rest of his team was worried for their leader, and the rest of the teachers ran into the ring to try and minimize collateral damage.

"Cardin, are you in there?" shouted Dove.

"Did anyone get the number of that loser?" asked a dazed Cardin from within the hole.

"Seventeen." Jaune responded.

"Thank you."

"Are you okay in there, mister Winchester?" Doctor Oobleck asked.

"Eat a dick!"

"Oh, okay, he's fine." Oobleck said.

As Cardin pulled himself out of the wall, wincing in pain in the process, Glynda stepped forward and checked her scroll. While Jaune has lost no Aura in this match as of yet, Cardin's was down in the orange zone, and while it's not the red zone, it's still enough to warrant concern in her eyes.

"Mister Winchester, perhaps you should consider surrendering before this fight gets any worse." she suggested.

Only for Cardin, in all his arrogance, to completely blow her off.

"Are you kidding? I have him right where I want him!" Cardin claimed.

"Do you live in your own little world?!" Glynda asked incredulously.

"Yes. But, unfortunately, I have to share it with all of you." quipped Cardin, before turning his attention back to Jaune. "Now, if we're done here, I'm about to get back to showing you your place beneath my foot, you worthless son of a whore!"

The whole room was silent at that remark. It's a well known fact that Jaune doesn't tolerate slanders against his family. His mom in particular. And what Cardin said was just plain uncalled for! Jaune was mad as hell at that comment, but hit it well by sighing and running a hand through his hair.


He rushed at Cardin, intent on ripping the mercenary's skull out and beating him to death with it, but was unprepared for Cardin to grab him by the arm and hurl him into the wall, immobilizing him long enough for Cardin to pull out his trump card.

"Let's see how you handle this!" Cardin roared.

He slammed his mace into the ground and sent out a huge blast of fire and debris, actually managing to hit Jaune with the attack. The Arc boy didn't even try to block or dodge and just tanked the blast. When the dust settled, it revealed that Jaune was completely unharmed, if a little messy from the attack. And his hoodie's sleeves were hanging on by a few threads each.

"Does that ruffle you, Arc?" gloated Cardin.

"Well, you've managed to destroy my favorite, slash, ONLY hoodie, AND insulted my mother. So, yeah, ruffled's a good word." Jaune quipped.

"Well, that was only a TASTE of my power! Now, experience, my TRUE. HUNTSMAN! WRA-GUH! GAH! UGHEY!" grunted Cardin as Jaune interrupted his speech with punches and kicks.

Cardin screamed as he was once again sent into the wall by Jaune, and groaned in pain upon impact.

"How quickly bravado goes out the window when you're flat on your ass. That's just sad." Jaune mocked, walking up to Cardin.

The Winchester family heir roared in defiance and raised up his mace to attack again. But Jaune was already in the process of a spinning aerial kick.


With a sickening cracking sound, Jaune's shin made contact with Cardin's unarmored elbow and broke the appendage. The bully's face was contorted in a silent scream as his Aura depleted into the red zone. As his arm hung limply at his side, Cardin sunk to his knees and could say only one thing.


*End Flashback…*

As he was walking to team JNPR's dorm room, Jaune couldn't stop thinking about the fight and how badly he'd managed to beat Cardin. It's strange… he should feel satisfied with his victory and yet he's not. You see, he's never been taught any form of martial arts fighting. There was never a need for martial arts in his family. So how did he manage to fight off Cardin like that and not sustain any damage?

"It was almost as if I'd known how to fight like that all my life. But that's just impossible. Isn't it?" Jaune thought to himself.

He had no further time to ponder this as he soon came to hear four words that sparked his anger.

"That dolt lucked out!"

"Sounds like Weiss… but what's team RWBY doing in our dorm room?"

Knowing that he wouldn't be able to hear the talk with the door closed, Jaune quietly walked up and cracked open the door. What he was about to hear would change his view on everything forever.

"I mean really, he should NOT have been able to fight like that with no formal training whatsoever! It's just not physically possible!" ranted Weiss.

"I still love the part where Jauney went and broke Cardin's arm! Although personally, I would've broken something else." Nora said.

"It was most refreshing to see Cardin finally get put in his place." Ren added.

"I guess I owe vomit boy twenty bucks." Yang said with a shrug.

Ruby and Blake merely nodded in agreement. Pyrrha was a little too busy having dirty thoughts about herself and Jaune together. As for Weiss, she was getting red in the face not from embarrassment, but from barely suppressed rage.

"YOU'RE MISSING THE POINT! THAT DUNCE SHOULDN'T HAVE WON IN THE FIRST PLACE!" screamed a practically livid Weiss. "Has he even ONCE done ANYTHING useful during his time here at Beacon? No! He's just been dragging all of us down, and getting acknowledgement he clearly doesn't deserve!"

Now that was just harsh right there. Jaune's not delusional. He knows that he's not nearly as skilled as everyone else, but that doesn't make the words he's hearing any less painful. Especially when he hears the words that come from certain people in that very room.

"Meh, I mean he's really the weakest out of all of us." Blake said indifferently.

"Yeah. Aside from beating Cardin in class today, Jaune really doesn't have much else going for him." Yang added.

Ruby didn't say anything, but Jaune didn't need to be a mind reader to know that she probably also sees him as a weakling that has no use at Beacon.

"Now Pyrrha, surely you must feel that Jaune is holding you back. I mean, I know he's great at strategy, but that's all he has going for him." Weiss said.

Jaune allowed himself to relax a little bit, thinking that at the least Pyrrha would stand up for him. She's been by his side since the formation of Team JNPR and has been nothing but kind and supportive to him. She even helps him to refine his swordsmanship abilities. Surely she won't turn her back on him. Right…?

"Yes… Jaune does hold us back." Pyrrha admitted.

Those words kept on repeating themselves in Jaune's head. He just couldn't believe this. Pyrrha Nikos… his own partner… thinks that he's holding the team back? It seems like no matter what he does, he just can't seem to get strong enough in the eyes of anyone. And with his soul shattered, Jaune left the are, not bothering to pack or stick around to hear what Ren and Nora had to say about him.

He ran as fast as he could to get the heck outta dodge. He had to leave. No doubt Ozpin would notice his disappearance almost immediately, so he had to put some distance between himself and Beacon.

Jaune just kept running and running, no destination in mind. Even as his lungs burned and his body begged him to stop, he just kept running. He had to get out of there. Away from those who had hurt him time and time again. When he finally did stop, Jaune collapsed on the ground of a clearing in the Emerald Forest. He vaguely recognized it as the same clearing that he along with RWBY and NPR fought and defeated that Death Stalker, but at this point he couldn't care less.

He just got up and began to feel insane amounts of anger welling within him.

Anger at his so called 'friends' and their betrayal. Anger at the pain and scorn he'd always received from his 'family'. But most of all, he felt anger at himself for being so weak in the first place.

Gritting his teeth and clenching his fists in anger, Jaune began to call upon a power that was lying dormant within himself. But this power wasn't Aura, nor was it a Semblance. No, this was something far greater. A growl occasionally passed through Jaune's teeth as electricity began to spark off of his body. His fists were clenched so hard that his nails began digging into his palms and drew blood.

Thunder boomed in the area as it began to rain. The water was freezing cold as it pelted Jaune, but he didn't care. He didn't care even as several Grimm began to move into the area, having been drawn to Jaune's location due to the negative emotions he was feeling.

Finally after what seemed like hours, Jaune let out a loud and long scream as an explosion of light purple energy erupted from his body, destroying what was left of his upper garments in the process. And now that it was destroyed, we can see that there is something on Jaune's back that appeared to be most disturbing.

It looked like the Arc family symbol was carved into his back, only the symbol has a big X overlapping it. I don't know what that mark is, but I sense it's important.

But all we do need to know is that Jaune's power was increasing rapidly and causing the earth to tremble at his might. As his screams grew louder and louder, lightning began to strike all around him as if it were being attracted to the sheer power he was calling on.

With one final strike of lightning and the thunderclap, Jaune Arc had disappeared from the Emerald Forest. But one thing is certain, his adventure doesn't end here.

To Be Continued…

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