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Deep in the dungeons a small-bedraggled figure sat before the fire paying no heed to the late hour, watching the hearth emitted a cozy glow it did little to warm her soul. Dawn's delicate pale hands were clenched so tightly they had long ago turned white; her posture was stiff and wary even through she was embraced by the comfort of plush velvet cushions. She was scared, how could he expect her to hop off to bed like a good little girl with her fate-resting unknown in his hands? She couldn't relax she couldn't breath, he didn't want her here, yet Professor Snape said that he would speak to Dumbledore. It was so confusing!

What would she do, if they forced her to return to the home of her Stepfather? She knew without a doubt she could not return to that life of constant fear and abuse, but she couldn't bring herself to tell anyone the truth about her home-life.

The Bloody Barron Floated several feet away watching the child's mental turmoil play across her troubled face. Wishing that she would accept his knowledge that wizened Headmaster would no sooner send her home, then cut off his own hand. Sighing deeply he wondered if he should pop up the Headmasters office and hurry Severus on down. It was getting unbearable to watch someone so young in so much pain.


Not far from the Slytherin common Severus Snape, had returned sullenly to his chambers to retrieve a small vile filled with a mild sleeping potion, for a certain ebony haired Slythrerin. Grumbling all the while he didn't understand why he cared enough to ensure that the silly chit got some sleep before her fate was sealed.

Bloody Albus and his meddling, would he never learn! Granted he felt the small inkling of concern about what would happen to her of she returned to the Muggle world, but it was an unwanted intruder. Muttering curses under his breath he reached for the viridian floo powder above his mantle, snapping out, "Slytherin Common room."

Stepping stealthily across the fiery green threshold, Severus was none to surprised to see the object of his newest frustration setting before him with the most dejected, pitiful face he had ever see. How could this girl have been sorted into Slytherin he silently wondered, her face betrayed her every emotion.

Dawn became aware of presence of her Head of House, as soon as he stepped forth from the mantle. Not trusting herself to ask what was to be done with her, she sat stock still waiting for him to make the first move; once again hoping beyond belief that the Bloody Barron was correct and she would be allowed to stay.

"Well as you must have garnered I have finished speaking with the Headmaster, and he has bid me to escort you to his office after breakfast to inform you of his decision." He spoke slowly, while offering her the small potions vile. " You will take this potion and head up to your dormitory immediately."

Her heart raced even faster than before, as he made no mention to weather she would be staying or going, No clue was discernable from his sharp ghostly countenance. Glancing quickly between his hand and face she wanted to scream throw a fit, demand the answers he held; but she one thing she had learned from her short time her at Hogwarts such actions would get her nowhere with this enigmatic man. Taking the vial from his proffered hand, she downed the contents in record time, recognizing the potion as the same sleeping potion offered those many months ago.

Snape smirked inwardly at the defiance that shone in her eyes as she downed the foul tasting potion. Deep down he was oddly proud that she had pulled herself together, choosing to hold off asking the questions that plagued her young mind, yet letting him know through her bright narrative eyes that she was far from happy with having to wait for her answers.

Watching her body relax and fall into a deep slumber, he looked up to find that the Bloody Barron had departed leaving him to maneuver his charge to bed. Not even bothering to use his wand Severus, sighed and cast Mobilicorpus, on the sleeping child, her prone form bobbing slightly in the air as he levitated her behind him.


Albus watched closely the next morning as the young Miss. Jewell alternated between picked absently at her breakfast, and trying to covertly watch him. Their eyes meeting occasionally he smiled warmly hoping to dispel the growing anxieties he could see brewing beneath the surface, but just as quickly as their eyes met hers darted away.

Dawn Blushed at being caught staring at the Headmaster, but she didn't feel as she could wait any longer. Where was Professor Snape she wondered, his seat remained empty? Frustrated and scared she wondered how long could it really take to eat breakfast?

Amy slid into the vacant place beside Dawn, watching her raven-haired friend finger a small pendent beneath her robe, while stealing glances at the high table. What was going on here? She was acting stranger then normal that was for sure. Finally deciding she was going to ask her friend was going on, Professor Snape, appeared to have materializing behind them, and none to happy if Amy was reading his demeanor correctly.

"Good morning Professor." Amy politely acknowledged him, while elbowing Dawn slightly, at her lack of acknowledgement of the irate professor. Turing abruptly in her seat her heart pounding, she managed a wan smile in appreciation to the redhead beside her.

"Miss. Jewell, you will come with me immediately." He drawled out slowly, giving the impression to her fellow Slytherin's he thought her a tad touched in the head. Others at the table who were awake enough to follow the scene before them alternated between sympathy and glee at the potential trouble their housemate had embarked on. Know one wanted to be on Snape bad side.

Dutifully she rose from the bench only slightly oblivious to the scene they were making. Following a step behind the Professor her head hung ever so slightly, giving the impression of one being lead to the slaughter, and why not she concluded silently, after all returning to her life as a muggle would mean her slow destruction at the hands of her step-father. How she hoped against hope that the Bloody Barron would be correct and the Headmaster would allow her to continue despite Professor Snapes' insistence that she was a danger to herself and her classmates. The only danger she perceived to herself was that of one piggy-faced Parkinson.

Winding their way through the castle, each was deep in thought. Severus felt justified in his reasoning that the girl should go if she was unable to be cured. But severely doubted that the Headmaster was going to send the waif away. After all he had endangered an entire school and Severus himself, with the admittance of one Remus Lupin. Compared to a Werewolf running rampant on the school grounds one deaf student was a walk in the park for a Gryffindor; But obviously he thought little for the difficulties Slytherin house would face once this news broke loose.

Stopping directly in front of the large stone gargoyle that guarded the entrance to Headmasters office, Snape's lip curled in distasted as he spat out the password, " Chocolate covered spider"