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"Do you take her to be your earthly wife and your saiyanly mate?" His black orbs burned deep into her soul as he answered with a deep-voiced and stern

"I do." The preacher nodded before turning to the girl.

"And do you take him to be your earthly husband and your saiyanly mate?" Her breath caught as she struggled to come up with an answer. Desperate for some sort of relief, she started panting, her bright baby blue eyes frantically searched the room full of beings from galaxies on end until they landed on her father, the king of Earth. 'Father,' she thought to herself. 'How could you do this to me?' A squeeze to her hand by the man in front of her brought her back to reality.

"What?" She gasped out, startled.

The preacher, obviously nervous, cleared his throat and repeated the words:

"Do you take him to be your earthly husband and you saiyanlyy mate?"

Still, she hesitated; until her husband-to-be whispered her name threatingly and squeezed her hand again.

"I do!" she gasped out. The preacher smiled.

"I now pronounce you man and wife on Earth," turning to the man, the preacher continued. "There is now only one thing left to do to become saiyanly mates." The man nodded. Reaching out for her, he moved the dress so that the base of her neck on the left side was bare. 'What is he doing?' she thought desperately as he leaned towards her. The next thing she knew, she was screaming in pain as he sunk his teeth deep into her skin.


"AAHHHHHHH!!!!!!" Bulma shot up in her bed, sweating and panting. Frantically, she checked her finger for a ring. She saw none. Still not satisfied, she felt around both sides of her neck, trying to feel for a bite mark of some sort. She felt none. Finally relieved, the princess of Earth let out a sigh and lay back against her pillows. 'It was only a nightmare,' she told herself over and over.

Despite the fact that it was only 3:45 in the morning, Bulma could not find herself to fall back asleep; the nightmare still had her shaking and checking her neck every 10 or so seconds. 'It seemed so real,' she found herself repeating over and over again.

No matter how real it seemed, Bulma knew the real reason why she was so shaken up by the dream. The guy that she was "marrying" was Vegeta, the king of Chickyuu-sei's mortal enemy, Vegetasei. Kami alone knew how many times the two planets had been to war. Even though this Vegeta preferred to leave Earth alone and conquer (or purge) other planets to expand his kingdom, Bulma still despised him with a burning passion.

Sighing and finally accepting the fact that she was not going back to sleep for the rest of the night, Bulma tossed back the baby blue covers off of her, swung her legs over the side, and got out of bed. She hasitely threw on her royal purple silk robe and floated out of her room.

"Princess Bulma," a voice behind her made Bulma swing around in alarm. The servant speaking to her too a step back in confusion, but continued to speak.

"Princess Bulma, you are up rather early. Is there a problem?" The princess tried her best to put on a convincing smile.

"No, there's no problem. I just had a disturbing dream and find myself unable to sleep right now. I'll probably be tired in another hour or so. Well, I must be going now. I'm going to go see if the kitchen is open." Quickly turning away, Bulma used all of her will power to keep from smacking herself over the head from her last comment. Of course the kitchen was open! The kitchen was ALWAYS open! When she was little, Bulma used to sneak downstairs at night for a midnight snack. She just made up the first excuse that came to her head to get away from the pestering servant; she was not in the mood to answer any questions, especially ones about her dream. Her father would croak if he knew what she had been dreaming. Her marriage to their kingdoms' mortal enemy-how more absurd could things get?!

Sighing to herself, Bulma patted down the stairway, oblivious to where she was going. At this point, she did not know nor care where she went, just that she could escape the haunting of her nightmare for awhile.


"My king, the destination is in sight," a voice came over the overhead, startling Vegeta awake. Mumbling to himself, he looked at the screen. Planet Earth loomed straight ahead of him. Smirking, he replied,

"Very well, Nappa. Make sure that we land near the palace."

"As you wish, my king."

"Oh, and Nappa?"

"Yes, my king?"

"Make sure that you don't attract attention from anyone. I don't want a war to break out even before I step foot off of this ship."

"As you wish, my king," was the last thing that was heard before the intercom shut off.

Stretching, Vegeta stood up and walked over to his control panel. After pressing a few buttons, a face appeared on the screen. It was Bulma's father, King Briefs. Vegeta pressed one more button before replaying the message that he had been sent a few days ago.

"King Vegeta, king of Vegetasei. I know that we have long been enemies, but I feel the time has come for us to put the pety little feud behind us. I am in desperate need of your help. I have been sent word that King Tidus, ruler of the Squalls, is planning on attacking us with his full force elite. I cannot fight this battle alone-I need your help. Please come to Earth as soon as possible with your answer."

With that, the face disappeared off of the screen. Vegeta smirked again. Earth must have been in great trouble for their king to plead to him. Any attack, no matter how powerful, from the Squalls was a threat to anyone. Including Vegetasei and Earth, two of the universies most powerful elite forces. Even though Vegeta was going to Earth for a peace treaty and alliance, a bigger part of him still wanted to blow the planet up, and be rid of them once and for all. 'No,' Vegeta forced himself to think. 'No, even if they are a nuisance, they are our last chance. Vegetasei is doomed without the help of the Chickyuu-ins. I will NOT let the mighty Saiyan race fall to a bunch a babbling Squalls!!'

Vegeta's thoughts were soon cut off with an abrupt:

"Prepare to land in five minutes."

***Alright, alright, I know that Vegeta was a LITTLE out of character in that chapter. However, I PROMISE that he won't be out of character like that again. I know how much we all *love* his "I'm-too-good-for-you" badass attitude. Also, don't ask about the Squalls and King Tidus. My brother is playing Final Fantasy 10 right now (Tidus is one of the characters in that game), so it kind of popped in my head. The Squalls came from Squall from Final Fantasy 8. Next chapter in hopefully tommorow!***