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(Start Chapter 2)

It was looking to be the start of a beautiful morning. The sky was clear of cloud cover, the sun was shining brightly, and a gentle breeze was blowing through the city, causing the trees to dance and sway. It was the kind of day where most people would feel blessed to be alive. Unfortunately Haseo was not one of those people. He had never really been a morning person. He was the kind of guy who liked to sleep in as late as possible and get up well after the sun had risen. It was a well documented fact that unless there was an important job like hunting a stray or taking out an assassin or stopping some demon from creating some army of devil golems Haseo would sleep like the dead.

At least until someone woke him up.

On a side note, considering who often woke him up back then, his wake up calls were always extremely violent. Not to mention painful. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned and his mother was one to be fearful of. Despite not having any inclination to do so, Haseo did wake up as the light hit his face. Groaning in discontent, he made to sit up in his bed.

Blinking several times, he once more took a moment to curse the sun, as well as his blinds. Why they were even there when they did not block out that damned light was beyond him. As he absently looked around the room, a small frown formed on his face. He remembered what happened last night; those Fallen Angel Chicks and getting stabbed in the chest. As far as he knew, he should be dead by now. So how had he gotten back to his room? And just why wasn't he dead?

His hand reached out to rub the center of his bare chest. The frown on his face grew even more prominent when he only found a smooth expanse of skin. If Haseo did not know any better, he would have never believe that he had gotten stabbed by that strange spear of light in the first place. It was almost as if he had dreamed the whole thing up.

But Haseo wasn't stupid ever since he woke up that Epitaph Gear of his things have been coming to kill him left and right and he sends them running in force. Regardless, that meant last night could not have been a dream. His brow furrowing even more as he tried to figure out what happened and why he was not dead yet, Haseo placed his hands on either side of him so he could lean back and use them as a pillar of support while he put his thinking cap on.

He began to recount everything that had happened to him thus far he mentally organized what had happened. Ok the Fallen Angel girl invited him for a double date with Issei and another Fallen Angel and then a fight started when they showed their true intentions which resulted in both of them being stabbed by a spear.

As his left hand hit the bed with Haseo sighing, he felt something warm and soft and round underneath his palm. It felt absolutely nothing like this bed. He froze and on reflex, his hand gave an experimental squeeze, which prompted a moan from whatever it was he had grabbed a hold of. His eyes drifted down towards his bed only to see it wasn't his bed that he was staring at. It was a girl. A very beautiful girl. A very beautiful, very familiar girl, and most of all she was also a very naked girl. He must still be dreaming or that speech and being labeled a true harem kind by the perverted trio was coming to bite him in the ass.

As he looked at the girl in his bed, he took note of several things. For one, the mound his hand was resting on was, in fact, the girl's right breast. Her creamy white skin created an interesting contrast to his sun-kissed tan, and the light pink of her nipple stood out even more starkly as the hardened nub peaked out from in between his ring and middle finger.

"You... have got to be kidding me." Haseo said as he knew why he knew this girl as she was none other then Akeno one of the two great onii-sama's of Kuoh. Not that he could blame them, he thought to himself as his eyes drank in the girl's beauty, taking note of her silky smooth skin, and incredible figure. Her gorgeous ebony locks fanned across the bed to create a startling contrast with the white sheets he had taken to using. Haseo then banished the thought from his head as he quickly tried to regain himself and make for his sheets.

By the way, those sheets? They had been discarded by the both of them some time ago. Meaning he could see all of Akeno and yes, that does mean all of Akeno. Reaching for his left arm with his right hand, Haseo pinched himself hard enough to draw blood. When nothing happened, the Terror of Death's shoulders slumped a bit as he scratched his head in confusion and mild morbid horror.

'Ok if this isn't an illusion or a dream... then why the hell is there a beautiful, naked girl in my bed?!' Haseo mentally screamed trying to make sense of all of this.

Knowing that the answers would have to wait until the girl in question woke up, Haseo decided that the least he could do was go and make them both some breakfast. He was sure the girl could use something to eat when she woke up, regardless of how she got here. And truth be told he could do with some grub as well.

Who knew getting stabbed through the chest could make one so hungry?

(Later that morning)

As Haseo was down stairs cooking breakfast his mom was once more out no doubt business called her so Haseo was stuck home alone cooking his own breakfast. As he sat there he heard a yawn and looked to see Akeno walking in no doubt fresh out of the shower. "Ooh so you fight and cook." Akeno said as Haseo sighed to her seeing she was back in her school uniform no doubt grateful for not having her walk around nude.

"Yeah well since your here I want answers." Haseo said as he placed a plate down before her as she smiled at it.

"Sorry perhaps later even if you are somewhat aware we need to wait till the other one is called." Akeno said as Haseo glared at her slamming his hand on the table making it shake.

"Now." Haseo repeated as he glared at Akeno who then laughed a bit by the looks of it getting turned on by Haseo's commanding nature.

"Hmm sorry we'll need to see Rias at school for the run down." Akeno confessed as she began to eat her breakfast of eggs and bacon.

"Fine but answer me this... are you a devil." Haseo asked as he looked to Akeno who was shocked at this.

"Oh so you do know." Akeno said as she then smiled to Haseo. "Well to answer your question yes but I Cant say I'm shock considering your a rarity in the world an Epitaph user." Akeno said as she began to eat. "Considering your power is a dangerous it would be no surprise if those from all and every faction pines for your loyalty or death, Terror of Death." Akeno confessed as she looked to Haseo seeing him on edge ready for a fight. "Don't worry I'm not here to fight but I will promise you Rias will explain everything once you see her." Akeno said as Haseo began to edge back.

"Alright." Haseo said as he looked to Akeno. "Anyway I must be off see you at school." Akeno said as she finished her food and then left.

"Ok... that handles that one now for other matters." Haseo said as he then heard a familiar sound and saw a robot of sorts appear here as Haseo sighed. "Ok lets see what Azazel wants." Haseo said as he went to the machine. "Ok Mecha Grunty message." Haseo said as the Mecha Grunty's eyes then flashed and soon it spoke.

"Starting playback message." The Mecha Grunty said as soon its voice said.

"Hey Haseo! Hoping this message gets to you in time but we just learned something some of our Fallen Angels here have kind of gone rogue giving out false orders and information so if you see any Fallen Angels they are there to observe the Sacred Gear Holders there not kill, if they kill a few of them or try to kill you let me know I need to sort this mess out." Azazel's voice was heard as Haseo then sighed and face palmed himself.

"Perfect timing Azazel." Haseo said as he then got his own message ready for a reply. "Here." Haseo said giving the Mecha Grunty a note he had written up. "Make sure this gets to Azazel fast ok." He said as the Mecha Grunty nodded and then took off like a rocket outside the open window. "Now to get ready for school." Haseo said as he hated school in all honesty.

(Scene Break Kuoh Academy)

Haseo arrived at school with a yawn as he looked around wondering why it was so bright out today. He expected his day to go normal for him which was mainly sleep, avoid club recruiters, do his work, and keep the perverted trio out of trouble. This of course was something he also had to expect but he wanted to avoid them after the whole fiasco with the harem speech and having a girlfriend. As Haseo walked into the gates he didn't even get five steps in when he was hounded.

"HASEO-SAMA!" the girls yelled as Haseo went wide eyed as they began to hound him.

"Are you still taking girls for your harem?!" One asked as Haseo was shocked.

"W-what?!" Haseo asked as another came from behind grabbing his blazer.

"We heard the girls in your harem get loved that would make many green with envy!" Another called out as Haseo was trying to figure out what was going on here.

(With the perverted Trio)

"You guys are cruel." Issei said as his friends saw this.

"Hey we need to know how the Harem King goes about picking girls so we may learn from the master." Motohama said as Issei sighed.

"No arguing with that logic." Issei said as he hoped Haseo never finds out they were involved with todays fiasco. Unaware to him Haseo was bound to find out eventually after all out of every pervert in this school the ones who go out of there way to be perverts are always the first suspect of such a thing.

(Scene Break At Class)

The perverted Trio were no wall sporting bruised heads as Haseo sighed as he glared at his three friends as Issei looked to him while his two friends were bowing in apology. "I hope you three learned the next time you try this shit it will be a lot worse." Haseo said as he glared at the group no doubt not enjoying their little stunt here.

"But come on Haseo you have prime Harem King Material and you don't even exploit it!" Motohama said as Haseo growled at them.

"How about you quite it or I'll have to try other methods to get my lesson through." Haseo said as he glared at them.

"But I wasn't even involved to the end." Issei argued as Haseo then sighed.

"Forget it I'm heading to my desk to sleep a bit." Haseo said as he'd rather catch some sleep before heading off to find Rias.

"What a man." A random girl said as she saw how Haseo easily reign in the perverted trio like he did.

"What is his secret." The Perverted Trio wondered as they knew Haseo had to have some sort of secret but so far only Issei had something of a clue to it after the whol fiasco with Yuuma which only Issei seems to remember.

But as Haseo saw down to rest his eyes the door soon opened and from it Kiba walked in as Haseo saw this. "Oh great." Haseo sighed as he began to get up rubbing the sleep from his eyes.

"I'm hear to collect Issei-san and Haseo-san." Kiba said as he walked in looking for the mentioned duo.

Kiba was then seen walking to the two as Haseo and Issei saw him. "I'm to assume you two are them." Kiba said pleasantly as he Issei saw him.

"Wait are you here to fetch me?" Issei asked as he looked to Kiba.

"So I'm guessing this is the explanation I was going to get... great there goes some shut eye." Haseo said as he then got up and stretched a bit.

"Oh my god is Kiba about to walk out here with Weasel Boy?" A girl asked as Haseo heard her.

"But at least they're walking out with Haseo to even things out." Another said as Haseo sighed in frustration to it as he really wanted to get out of here fast.

"But what is Issei makes Haseo a full pervert!?" Another complained as Issei heard this and sighed.

"Everyone simmer down I promise not to drain either of there pimp juice." Issei said as they began to take there leave as Haseo then looked to Issei.

"Hey Issei." Haseo began as Issei looked.

"What?" Issei asked only to be smacked upside the head by Haseo. "Yeow!" He yelped as they made there way out.

(Scene Break Old School Building)

The trio arrived a the Old School Building which Haseo was fully aware was a Devil Meeting Place but since they don't bother him he didn't bother them. As they entered it didn't take them long to arrive at what Haseo saw from the sign as the Occult Research Club while they made there way inside. As they were inside Haseo also took note to the candles lighting the room and such while also noting the sound of a shower somewhere in here.

Haseo of course had learned earlier that Issei had woken up to Rias breasts in his face the same way he himself awoken to his head shoved into Akeno's this morning. But what he noted was the petite girl in the room eating chocolate as Haseo saw them. "Isnt that Koneko the quote unquote Schools mascot?" Haseo asked as he saw here there.

"Why yes that is I'm surprised you heard of her Haseo." Kiba said as Haseo sighed to this.

"Well considering the company I keep around I don't have much of an option." Haseo said pointing to Issei.

"Dude don't ruin this for me." Issei scolded as Haseo then smirked a bit.

"To late you already did it yourself." Haseo countered as Issei glared at him. "By the way shield your eyes we got a shower here." Haseo said as he pointed to the shower curtains no to far from them.

"Your kidding!" Issei called out as he then saw the curtains in question. But before Issei's thoughts could derail to perverted antics Haseo acted and grabbed ISsei covering his eyes. "Hey no fair!" Issei called out as Haseo smirked to him.

"Hey I'm just being a good friend and keeping you out of trouble Issei." Haseo said as Issei struggled to get free.

"But..." Issei began but Akeno was heard next.

"Your clothing is all set out for you when your ready Ms. President." Akeno said as Haseo and Issei both went wide eyed.

"Thank you Alkeno." Rias responded as that sealed it for them.

"Holy crap did we just see Rias take a shower?!" Both Haseo and Issei both blurted out as Issei had a perverted look on his face while Haseo's look was more embarrassed then anything else.

"Its not ok to stare." Koneko said torts Issei as she clearly saw Haseo was close to being mentally broken from all the ecchi stuff going on.

"Oh who is that?" Akeno asked as she saw them as Issei and Haseo saw the ebony haired devil. "I didn't see you two." Akeno flirted as Haseo pointed torts Issei hoping to divert her away from himself while Issei flinched a bit. "No need to panic I wont bite. So your the new guys huh?" Akeno greeted as Haseo saw this.

"Yeah we are." Haseo said as Akeno then smiled to them.

"Then welcome to the both of you and don't worry everyone here is super nice." Akeno said as she then smiled to them. "I'm Akeno the Vice President nice to meet you." Akeno greeted as she saw them both.

"Ok so I'm guessing Rias here is the one in charge as in the president." Haseo said as he looked to the Devil's in question.

"That would be correct Haseo." Rias said as she walked out fully clothed now. "Now allow me to be the first to welcome you all to the Occult Research Club." Rias said as she looked to the dup as Haseo saw this and saw how unaware Issei was.

"Occult Research Club?" Issei asked as he heard this.

"So any time you guys going to confess this is a cover for Devil Activity?" Haseo asked as he looked to them as they were all surprised by this.

"Oh this one is just full of surprises." Akeno gushed as Haseo saw this.

"How did you know?" Kiba asked as Haseo heard this and sighed.

"Simply put I was already on to you guys the moment I first walked into the school during 1st year." Haseo said as Rias chuckled a bit as Issei was surprised as well. "See when guys from all three factions are after my ass for so long you start picking up a few tricks of the trade." Haseo said as he looked to them. "Rias Gremory Heiress to the house of Gremory right?" Haseo asked as he looked to Rias.

"Yes and I supposed your Haseo the Terror of Death." Rias answered as ISsei heard this.

"Wait that's what Tenshi and Yuuma called you?" Issei said as Haseo nodded.

"Well of course considering he's one of 8 very unique and rare beings even more so then a Longinus user." Rias said as she looked to Haseo. "An Epitaph User am I right?" Rias asked as Haseo looked to her a bit confused.

"Epitaph?" Haseo asked as Rias nodded to him.

"Its the only reason the factions would take such extreme to either recruit or kill you on the spot." Rias said as she looked to Haseo as he tried to make sense of all of this.

"Ok and how does this directly involve me again?" Haseo asked as Rias was heading into the preverbal mind field now.

"Because unlike the Angels and Fallen Angels I had recruited both you and Issei into my peerage and succeeded where others have failed." Rias said as Haseo was surprised by this as Haseo looked around expecting some sort of trap. "I revived you when you two died into my peerage." Rias explained as Haseo heard this and glared at her for this.

"Ok going to have to turn you all down on joining whatever Peerage you have going on like I said I'm not exactly trusting on Devils, Angels, or Fallen Angels so I'll just leave the way I came in and be done with it." Haseo said as Rias looked to him.

"Haseo its not that simple as you think." Rias said as she looked to Haseo as he saw this.

"What you keeping me prisoner?" Haseo asked as Rias looked to him.

"No its not that simple because your a high value target to the factions but now that you joined a peerage your in even more danger now if you go off alone." Rias said as she looked to Haseo knowing he was in a tight spot due to his Epitaph and more over due to the fact now the other factions will be trying to kill him and Skeith with him to boot.

"What is so valuable about my Epitaph that people want it so badly?" Haseo asked as Rias looked and then sighed a bit.

"Alone its powerful even capable of going toe to toe with one of the Heavenly Dragon's even a Longinus, but if one were to gather all eight and unite them then the Key of Twilight will be born and whoever holds it will either destroy the world or bring forth the inheritor of the Holy Father's throne." Rias said as she looked to Haseo as Issei saw this.

"Wow by the vagueness of that you sound like you don't really know yourself." Issei jested as soon the entire room went silent in response. "Wait you don't really know what could happen?!" Issei cried out realizing the silence was the sign he was spot on.

"Issei, Haseo understand Skeith is considered among the strongest and the fact that Haseo has used it so well till now has placed a target on his back. Now that he's been recruited into the Devil Faction it puts a lot of us in danger as well if we don't play it safe." Rias said as Haseo heard this.

"Yeah basically a lot of people are going to go at you guys intent to get me." Haseo said as he then sighed a bit. "Been there done that." Haseo said not even scared in the slightest.

"Cocky." Koneko said as she looked to Haseo as he looked back.

"No I've had Devils, Angels, Fallen Angels, and anything else aiming at me since I was young its just nothing new for me except the difficulty level increasing a bit." Haseo said as he looked around a bit.

"Well Haseo… If you need time to let this all sink in go right ahead you and Issei can start your duties to the peerage tomorrow." Rias said as Haseo looked to her.

"I told you I wasn't interested I don't do well in teams online and RL." Haseo said as he began to take his leave before Koneko grabbed his arm.

"Please... at least think it over." Koneko said as Haseo saw her give her the kawaii begging look as Haseo then sighed in response.

"Fine I'll think it over ok." Haseo said as he began to take his leave.

"Well I don't need to think it over lets get to work here!" Issei called out as Haseo looked to him.

"Ok Issei good luck with that." Haseo said as he then took his leave of them for a minute knowing for now they may just work on his Sacred Gear for the time being at least until tomorrow.

(Later that evening Haseo)

Haseo was walking home as he held his bag over his shoulder while he calmly walked through town. He could hear and see better then he thought before at night as the sun annoyed hi more so then usual. As he walked he took note to a nearby parent and daughter yelling at each other with the mother trying to control her daughter and her current temper tantrum.

Haseo of course rolled his eyes in response as he began to walk away as he figured it wasn't his business to get involved in. But as Haseo walked he soon stopped as he felt it before turning around. "So how long you going to follow me before striking?" Haseo asked as he looked to the man who had been following him a he was wearing a trench coat and a fedora as he saw him.

"Impressive that you managed to sense me like that." The man said as Haseo saw him. "So tell me are you by chance a stray if not where is your master?" He asked as Haseo glared at him for a moment before looking.

"Who wants to know?" Haseo asked as he looked to the man in question as Haseo had a bad feeling about this situation.

"Well since you had asked I am Dohnaseek a Fallen Angel." Dohnaseek said as he then started to look around a bit. "I don't see or sense your master nearby do you must be a stray." Dohnaseek said as he noted how Haseo was a stray.

"So I see now..." Haseo began as he looked around. "You know you and I could get into a lot of trouble if your wrong right?" Haseo began as he began to focus on his Epitaph Gear.

"Then I suppose you know what happens now?" Dohnaserk threatened causing Has er o to smirk while walking to the light post a bit.

"Well, traditionally, this is where I have to hand you your meat. All nice and on a slab."Haseo said as he put his hand on the light post. "But since your attacking me and your not the first asshole I've met whose trying to kill me for one reason or another..." Haseo said as he was done focusing. "TAKE THIS!" He called out ready to attack.


Once the Gear was involved Haseo's form once more changed as he took out his guns and fired upon Dohnaseek who quickly dodged the attack. As Dohnaseek avoided Hasro's attack he smirked summoning his spear of light.

"Impressive but not good enough!" Dohnaseek called out before throwing the spear as Haseo then switched it up as his guns were replaced with his scythe and he then used it to deflect the spear with a spin.

Haseo then charged in and took out his daggers as he then charged in torts Dohnaseek. The Fallen Angel then growled and fired off more spears of light only for Haseo to dodge and avoid them before jumping up and slashing down upon him. Dohnaseek deflected the attack only for Haseo to jump back and switch weapons again to a claymore whose edges were giving off energy.

Dohnaseek went wide eyed realizing the daggers were a fake out and was nearly hit by the claymore. Luckily he summoned a spear of light and blocked the attack but began to struggle to keep it at bay. "Now talk why are you killing off Sacred Gear users when, your orders were to observe them!?" Haseo demanded as he glared at Dohnaseek.

"Huh so you know about that." Dohnaseek said before pushing Haseo off him. "As far as I'm concerned Azazel was a fool so I just followed orders of another Grigori member and went from there." Dohnaseek said as Haseo knew what he meant.

"In other words your disobeying orders." Haseo said as the facial mark glowed a bit on his face.

"Yes but it can't be helped when this cease fire is getting us nowhere." Dohnaseek said as Haseo glared at him as then the Fallen Angel dashed at him.

Haseo brought up his claymore in time to block the straight thrust from Dohnaseek's spear; the two weapons created sparks from where they were connected. The two combatants pushed against one another for a moment before disengaging. What followed was a shower of sparks as the two engaged in a dance of blade and light as one either attacked or defended against the other. Slashing, hacking and thrusting, Haseo and Dohnaseek moved fluidly from one action to the next in their deadly dance.

"I must say, your skill with that sword is impressive, for one so young." The fallen complimented as he swung his spear at the teens head.

Haseo ducked under the swing before thrustinghis claymoreat his opponent, who parried the attack as he jumped back before attacking him again with his Daggers and landed a few small and fast blows. "Thanks. You're not so bad yourself." Haseo said as he smirked a bit. "You know for s stray or rogue." Haseo said smirking as Dohnaseek.

Eventually, the fallen angel disengaged from the battle by taking to the air, giving himself plenty of space.

"Your skill in close range combat is remarkable. Now, let us see how you fair while you're defending from long range attacks." Dohnaseek spoke as he readied his spear for a throw, and throw he did. The light spear was sent screaming at the teen, who waited until it was close enough to batt it away with his twin blades.

"Yeah your two fallen angel friends did the same thing and trust me they didn't like it." Haseo said as he looked to Dohnaseek with his guns now summoned.

"Very well, try this then." This time, the fallen summoned two spears at once that floated in midair. A single gesture of his hand sent them flying. Haseo had to move as he blocked one while dodging the second while also returning fire. A second later, two more spears were flying, and he dodged and parried again. The next moment, it was three spears headed towards him. Leaping into the air, Haseo rotated his body to avoid the spears as they flew around him.

"Impressive moves, Terror of Death. Now trythis!" Dohnaseek threw his hands out and out of nowhere; over a hundred light spears appeared around him. Haseo's eyes widened a bit at the display as Dohnaseek smirked as he raised his hand and lowered it at the teen. The spears started to rain down on the hunter, who entered a stance that looked like he was preparing to stab.

Haseo then glared before switching to his twin daggers and began to deflect the spears as they came with an incredible display of speed. As he did this he slashed them away as he began to smile an almost sadistic grin like he was enjoying coming this close to death.

He kept this up as the spears continued to rain down, each stab deflecting a spear. It was so intense that the air began to spin around the space where the daggers cut through the air, even the blade itself looked like it was multiplying as the assault continued. The blades even began to glow hot from the friction, making it glow red. It was quite the sight to behold. Finally, the last spear flew into range and was deflected by one last strong slash, causing the weapon to fly back over end above Dohnaseeks head and through the air before embedding itself into a brick wall just behind Dohnaseek, who was staring at haseo in absolute awe.

"Is that all?" Haseo asked as he looked over to Dohnaseek.

Dohnaseek laughed, the boy was proving to be most amusing. "Well, Terror of Death, you are indeed a worthy foe. Sadly, I must retire for the night, as I have other business to attend to." He said as he knew they were causing a scene here.

"What, you leaving already? Come on, the fight was just getting good." Haseo said as without Issei or an innocent bystander here he didn't have to hold back.

"Dont worry we will have our battle but it seems thay." Dohnaseek began only for a bullet to fly at his wing causing him to cry out as he glared at him.

"A going away present." Haseo rrsponded bea li re a red light flashed as they saw it.

He was about to attack again before a new voice was heard. "Could you not touch these kids?" Rias called as she looked down upon Dohnaseek restraining his possible attack as she had appeared from a red glow.

"That red hair… I'm quite familiar with it." The man said as he picked up his hat that Haseo no doubt ruined a bit. "Are you part of the Gremory family?" Dohnaseek asked as he looked to Rias.

"Well, yes I am. My name is Rias Gremory. It's a pleasure, Mr. Fallen Angel." Rias said, her form glowing in the moonlight. "I won't forgive you if you killed these kids." Rias warned as she glared upon Dohnaseek.

"Seriously, this one is actually your underling…?" the Fallen Angel asked as he glared at Haseo.

"Yes recently acquired as well and I'd rather you not do anything you'd regret." Dohnaseek said as Haseo glared at him.

"Well, next time don't leave your servant unattended. Someone like me, while out taking a walk may accidently hunt them down." The man said in a warning tone but also in a tone saying he was hoping they would do so to have payback on Haseo.

"Duly noted." Rias said with a smiled before flaring her power and giving the Fallen Angel a cold glare, "This city is under my jurisdiction. If you dare try and interfere again, don't blame me for taking more drastic measures!" Rias warned as she would not allow such acts to continue in her territory.

"The same goes to you, Next Head of the Gremory family." The man said as he then flew away. "My name is Dohnaseek. I pray that we never meet again. And I fo hope you know the power you now control." He saidbefore he flew off and vanished.

"Do..." Haseo began looking to Rias. "That was a fallen Angel... what is he doing here?" Haseo asked as he looked to Rias.

"Something I intend to find out." Rias said as she would not let this go unpunished.

(Scene Break the Next Evening)

Haseo arrived with Issei in the occult Research Club as they found everyone was already gathered here as Haseo sighed a bit while rubbing his eyes as well. "What's wrong?" Koneko asked as Haseo looked to the cat girl and sighed.

"Nothing just thinking about a few things is all." Haseo said as he then looked around and then saw Rias there.

"Well hopefully it wont be a bother for you because as of today I'd like to welcome you both officially into the Occult Research Club." Rias said as she looked to Haseo and Issei. "That is if you still wish to stay." Rias said as she looked to the duo as she knew she basically recruited them without their consent.

"Look I get it Issei wanted to die in the arms of a beautiful woman which was what dragged you to him but I wanted my best friend here to live so my wish met the need." Haseo said as she looked to Rias as Issei heard this. "But it doesn't change the fact that Issei ignored being that you made us devils without our consent, further more I knew you were observing us and should have acted sooner." Haseo said as he looked to Rias as she saw she was caught red handed.

"Bro come on." Issei said as he looked to Haseo in question.

"But! I'm in for now." Haseo said as he looked to the shocked Rias as Issei was also shocked. "I honestly don't plan on becoming a high class devil but you haven't attacked me or given me any other reason to be distrustful to you guys so I'll give you all a trial run for now." Haseo said as he looked to the group.

"Well then..." Rias began as Issei then spoke up.

"I'm with Haseo but I'm going to become a harem king!" Issei cheered as Haseo sighed and patted his friends shoulder for that.

"Good luck then now... what's our first order of business." Haseo said as he looked to Rias as she then cleared her throat.

"Well I plan to begin my investigation on why these Fallen Angels would attack you two and seeing as how Haseo has been fighting longer I was hoping you could shed some light on this." Rias said as she looked to Haseo who nodded.

"Not much to go on I know Azazel and he's a bit of a mad scientist with a deep interest in sacred gears... I really doubt he'd go out of his way to order a hit on me or any other sacred gear user. So I have reason to believe their may be a sort of splinter cell among the Fallen Angel being headed up by a Fallen of Azazel's lever." Haseo said as he wasn't done. "If anything this Fallen Angel may have distributed false orders to help with his schemes in all of this." Haseo explained as Rias nodded to this as she sat down.

"Ok thank you Haseo I may have more questions later but I think this should be a good start to begin my investigation." Rias said as she looked to Haseo and Issei. "For now though I want you two to get your feet into the water." Rias said as Issei looked with a grin on his face.

"Alright what will I be doing first." Issei smiled as he was ready to roll out.

"For now I need you two to pass out these flyers." Rias said as she stood up and gestured to the flyers in question that were in two stacks.

Haseo walked over to it and saw the symbol on it and recognized it. "I see so this is how you got us to summon you. Pretty basic too." Haseo said as Rias nodded to him.

"Will this be a problem?" Rias asked as right now she needed to get these two up to par.

"No... seems simple enough." Haseo said as he grabbed his stack and got ready.

"Well if he can do it so can I!" Issei called as Haseo then began to head out.

"I'll be back later once the flyers are all passed out." Haseo said calmly as he walked out no doubt to carry out the job.

"Remember you two these contracts are needed to be promoted!" Rias called out as Haseo simply waved his hand no doubt already informing Issei of this information.

"Well this is getting interesting." Akeno said with a smile as they saw the duo head out to pass out flyers.

(Later that same evening)

Issei was a bit over excitable about this so he had done this on his bike. Haseo did similar but more like a newspaper run on a bike as he didn't want to wake the neighborhood up with a motorcycle he was still getting developed. It didn't take Haseo long nor did it Issei as soon the two were able to return back to Old School Building in the club room as Haseo yawned a bit.

"Tired already?" Issei joked as Haseo shrugged.

"No... just seemed a bit boring then what I am used to." Haseo said as he and Issei entered.

"Oh good you two are back already." Rias greeted as Haseo nodded to her.

"Yeah we handed out the flyers like you asked so what is next on the agenda here." Haseo said as he wanted to get all of this moving along for his sake at least.

"Ok good then that means we can begin." Rias said as Haseo sighed as he looked to them and noticed a circle. "Akeno is the summoning circle ready?" Rias asked as she looked to Akeno who smiled.

"Whenever you are." Akeno replied as Haseo saw this as he and Issei approached the circle in question.

"Now then I'm sure Haseo is aware in some way but Devils make contracts with humans to help boost our standings. They summon us and in exchange for our services we are given a payment that both find agreeable." Rias explained as Haseo saw this and nodded.

"So it can be anything from money to even worldly items." Haseo said as Rias nodded to him.

"Exactly we Devils stopped taking souls as payment long ago but rare occasions and I mean very rare a soul may be the only acceptable payment for certain services and that's if the Devil agrees to carry the contract." Rias said as Issei nodded to her.

"Alright then lets get started!" Issei called out as he was ready for his contract.

"Ok then step right here then." Akeno said as she gestured Issei to step forward.

"Good luck." Haseo said as Issei walked over to the summoning circle ready to roll.

"God it buddy." Issei said as he stepped onto the circle.

"Ok then we got a bite so get ready Issei." Akeno said as she stepped aside to allow Issei the passage to the circle.

"Ok lets do this." He said as he was fully ready for this.

Soon the circle flashed as it glowed bright as Issei had his eyes shielded from the light of it. Once the circle died down Issei saw smoke and blurs for a minute before he figured this may be it. "Ok Devil here's what I want... I want you to open your eyes and look around." Haseo spoke as Issei then went wide eyed as he saw he was still in the club house.

"What the? Haseo!" Issei called out as Haseo shrugged a bit.

"Sorry I'm innocent here." Haseo said as Akeno saw this.

"Huh well what do you know it seems your not powerful enough to make the trip but the summoner did summon you." Akeno said as Koneko saw this as well.

"So we cant have a devil not answer the contract but we need you to get there somehow." Kiba said as Haseo then sighed a bit and patted Issei's shoulder.

"Get some good gluts in." Haseo said as Issei knew what this meant.

"I hate you." Issei said as he had to take his bike to the contract location to answer it.

"Well then while Issei is going to do his your next Haseo." Rias said as the Terror of Death nodded and stepped onto the circle.

"Now then here is another one so be ready Haseo." Akeno said as soon the circle activated and from the ORC perspective they were surprised to see he had vanished from sight through the portal.

"Huh stronger then he looks." Koneko said as she knew it was time to get to work.

(With Haseo)

Haseo appeared as he looked around and saw he was in a Dojo of sorts as this was ok for him as he looked around a bit. "Hey I'm the devil you summoned here so whoever summoned me I'm going to answer your request." Haseo said as soon a throat cleared.

"Down here." A female voice was heard as Haseo saw a midget girl standing there with large pig tails dressed in a training Gi.

"Well... not what I was exepcting." Haseo said as the girl saw this.

"Neither are you, I was hoping for Koneko but guess I got a new guy." The girl said as she then sighed a bit.

"Ok so what do you need?" Haseo asked as he looked to the girl.

"Well I was hoping to get some training in but since your not Koneko I'm going to need you to do something else." She said as Haseo saw this and sighed.

'Why do I get the feeling this will be like one of Issei's porno's?' Haseo wandered before he caught a stick thrown at him revealing it to be a mop.

"My classes ended today as with my students leaving for the day problem is they didn't clean up after themselves so I was hoping you'd be willing to help me get this place cleaned up." The girl said as Haseo looked to her seeing she was in fact a midget.

"Ok before we do that lets talk payment what you willing to give me for this help?" Haseo asked as the girl sighed and then smirked.

"Despite being a new guy you know to ask payment first before getting to work. Ok how about this." She said taking out some books with combat forms inside. "I'll give you some books on Rengeki which is a school of combat here in exchange for you helping me clean this place up." The girl said as Haseo looked to it before nodding to her.

"You have a deal." Haseo said as the girl nodded and in turn the two began to clean up the dojo as luckily Haseo had to clean up the classrooms when his idiot friends played hooky for it leaving him to do the work alone.

Haseo of course immediately got to work as he swept and mopped up the place and even went about cleaning the place up with the midget girl helping him. He clearly saw she had some cleavage so it narrowed out on her being a toddler which was strange and at times gross. Then he figured it wasn't his business how old she was as he saw if she was old enough to run this place then she was clearly old enough for some adult activities. Haseo honestly didn't care as he just kept at it.

About a good hour later they were done as the girl sighed a smiled to this. "Ok then we're done here." She said as Haseo nodded to her.

"Ok then. I'll take these books then." Haseo said as he took the books on Rengeki as the girl nodded.

"Sure and stop by once in a while the punks I work with don't know a chop from a punch." She said as Haseo saw this and shrugged.

"I might just do that." Haseo said as he then took his leave through the front door now that the contract was complete.

(Later down the street Haseo)

Haseo as reading up on the Rengeki as he noticed a lot of these skills seem to rely on a small bit of magic to utilize as he saw this. As Haseo walked he became suspicious of it as he looked back to the midget girls dojo wondering how she got her hands on something like this. Sure she summons Devils but this doesn't explain anything for him.

"What would a Dojo have need for this Rengeki stuff if no one can properly utilize it?" Haseo asked as he looked to the book wondering how it even got there to begin with. "Supernatural just when I think I have you all figured out you throw me a curve ball." Haseo said as he looked back to the house before continuing his trek back the Clubhouse while he continued reading the book.

(Later ORC Clubhouse)

Haseo walked in as Kiba saw Haseo was here as he noticed he was late. "Haseo your back but your late did you get the contract?" Kiba asked as Haseo showed the Rengeki book.

"Yes I did and I call dibs." Haseo said as he sat back down to continue his reading.

"Your first successful contract well done Haseo." Rias said as both Haseo and Issei saw Rias walk out of the shower in nothing but a towel as the two saw this. "Now then I just have one more job for you to do today see it seems Koneko is double booked with two summon requests take one of them and get some practice." Rias said as she looked to the two boys.

"All yours Issei." Haseo said as he got up again. "Besides I need to head home got homework and the like." Haseo said as he needed to head home now.

"Good." Issei said as he was jealous of Haseo. Not only can he make the jump but he also has a super awesome Epitaph Gear and he doesn't even care about becoming a High Class Devil.

"Issei see you tomorrow." Haseo said patting his friends shoulder as he decided to give Issei this one for tonight.

"Yeah see you man." Issei said as he knew Haseo meant well a lot but how can this guy just shrug off a possible Harem and still call himself a man.

(Scene Break that Night with Haseo)

As Haseo walked about he had decided to take the long way home as he had saw Issei ride off on his bike not to long ago to get his contract as Haseo wondered when Azazel would respond to his message. After all no doubt once Azazel is made aware of the splinter group among his faction he'll move his ass to press down on it and remove it.

As Haseo walked about though he was soon met with Issei who was walking back to the Clubhouse as Issei saw Haseo walking by as the two met. "Oh hey Haseo!" Issei called out as he looked to Haseo.

"Hey Issei." Haseo said as the two met at the crosswalk.

"So what are you doing out here did Rias send you for me?" Issei asked as he looked to this as Haseo sighed a bit.

"No finished with my contracts for the day so I was heading home you heading back to the Research Club?" Haseo asked as he looked to Issei.

"Yeah but I um..." Issei said as Haseo sighed and rubbed his eyes to this.

"Jeez please don't tell me I have to carry your weight here." Haseo said as Issei glared at him on this.

"Hey don't be rude Haseo." Issei growled as Haseo the sighed in response.

"Well whatever I'm heading home anyway and you should probably hurry on up." Haseo said as Haseo glared but submitted to defeat anyway.

"Fine." Issei said as he then glared at Haseo. "But if you don't want to be a Harem King then I'll be a Harem King for the both of us!" Issei called out as he then left leaving Haseo alone who then sighed.

"What am I going to do with that idiot?" Haseo asked as sometimes he wonders why he's even friends with the perverted trio.

As Haseo walked about though he soon felt an energy go through the air as he looked around a bit before sighing and turning around and in turn saw a woman in a revealing dress that made her look like a hook or even an exhibitionist as her coat looked to me for that sort of thing seeing as it showed off a fare amount of cleavage of her shapely breasts.

"Can I help you?" Haseo asked as he glared at the woman in question.

"So here he is the infamous Terror of Death." She asked as she looked to Haseo as he saw no one else here.

"Well its what people seem to call me these days so yeah that me." Haseo said as he looked to the woman in question. "Who wants to know?" Haseo asked as he glared at the woman in question sensing the supernatural energy she had around her.

"Kalawarner of the Fallen Angel faction and I'm here to clean up Raynare and Milltelt mess with you." Kalawarner said as Haseo glared at her as he knew this time he can fight without worrying over Issei or some other civilian.

"Well your friends got lucky last time you wont." Haseo said as he glared at Kalawarner as he got ready for battle.

"So smug and arrogant but for how long!" Kalawarner roared out as she then summoned her Light Spear and charged forth as Haseo acted quickly.

Haseo jumped away as he was int he air for a moment before he felt the current for when battles like this commenced.


With that cry Haseo's form changed to his Terror of Death form as the small back tail of cloth his armor came with fluttered a bit as he landed on his feet and drew his chainsaw claymore weapon out. He swung it about before glaring at Kalawarner who glared back at him.

"Lets have fun!" Haseo called out as he charged at Kalawarner as Kalawarner roared out with her own attack as the two then met blades as Haseo swung and slashed against Kalawarner who did the same as he was with attacks.

Blade met spear as the two struggled as against each other. But then Haseo smirked as the chainsaw part of his claymore grinded the spear of light to shards ad Kalawarner was caught off guard.

She then flew back as she threw more spears of light at Hasro. But Haseo was ready as he pulled out his twin pistols and began firing at Kalawarner who dodged it as best she could. The Fallen Angel cursed as she then flew upward and fired off more spears of light as Haseo then switched to his duel swords as he had an idea.

Haseo then ran up a wall and jumped off as Kalawarner fired another attack. "RENGEKI!" Haseo began as he deflected the spear by catching it snd forcing it away with his swords. "SPARROW COUNTER!" Haseo roared out as he attacked with his skill as Kalawarner was caught off guard as her clothing was shredded from the attack.

Haseo wasn't done as he then switched to a new weapon as it was a long sword but then it flipped out like a whip and grabbed Kalawarmer before he slammed her to the wall. Haseo wasn't done as he then switched to his long swords and pinned Kalawarner to the wall as he glared at her.

"Talk who ordered you all to attack and kill both Issei and I!?" Haseo yelled as he glared at her interrogating her.

"As if I'm a out to tell you!" She yelled only for Haseo to summon his Chainsaw Ckawmore and hold it to her neck as the nude Fallen Angel was wide eyed as she felt fear.

"Now!" Haseo demanded as he glared at Kalawarner.

"It... it was lord Azazel!" Kalawarner confessed oy for Hasro to slap her as she cried out in shock.

"Bullshit I so happen to know Azazel and he'd never order a Sacred Gear User to be killed he'd only have them observed so who gave the orders!" Haseo demanded as Kalawarner saw a phantom image appear behind Haseo one with three glowing red eyes. This image this shadow of death filled her with true terror and fear as the visage glared at her inspiring fear from her.

"I'm telling you it was Azazel his messenger went out and informed us of his orders!" Kalawarner yelled as Haseo looked to them.

"But who was the messenger and who told you if him!" Haseo yelled as he glared at Kalawarner who was getting afraid big time.

"Dohnaseek! He told us about the messenger and told us Azazel's orders!" Kalawarner cried out her confession as Haseo saw this.

"Anything else?" Haseo asked as Kalawarner gulped a bit.

"Another Sacred Gear User was acquired and is due to arrive soon! Reports suggest she may also be an Epitaph Gear user as well! Raynare wants to take her Sacred Gear but she's holding off worried that if she possesses an Epitaph Gear it may react violently to the ritual!" Kakawarner yelled as Haseo looked to her and needed more.

"AND!?" He demanded as Kalawarner gulped at this.

"I... I watch BDSM porn and getting really wet and real turned on right now!" She added as Haseo then let her go as he walked away getting everything he needed.

"Beat it." Haseo said as he looked away. "Clearly your a pawn in all of this so be careful who you trust." Haseo said as Kalawarner was shocked at this.

"Wait your letting me go?!" Shecasked in shock covering her breasts and dripping folds.

"Yeah dont make me regret it." Haseo said as Kalawarner wasn't going to waste this miracle as she quickly flew off. As she flew away Haseo kept walking as he looked at his hand before clenching it.

"Ok now we have an informant and proof if a splinter cell hidden among the Grigori ranks." Haseo said as he then began to head home. "Plus another Epitaph User is arriving I wonder who she us or if she's ever aware if her Epitaph." Haseo said as the rarity of Epitaph Gears is a huge thing further more the fact that Azazel's theory on them suggests the more Epitalhs gather in one area the stronger resonants they make calling to the others as well as powerful opponents. "I need some sleep." Haseo said he headed home for the evening.

(Scene break the next morning)

Issei and Haseo were walking to school as Haseo yawned a bit while walking. "You ok Haseo?" Issei asked as he and Haseo walked.

"Yeah just had a bit of a night." Haseo said as he walked with his friend.

"Really? I got a lecture from Rias about the contract and more so been hearing you got attacked and got lectured for leaving you alone." Issei said as Haseo sighed a bit and rubbed his eyes.

"I'll explain everything at the clubhouse but until then please wait." Haseo said as he had enough to deal with these passed few days. Haseo then went wide eyed as he felt his body pulse as well as a resonance of sorts as soon he heard a yelp with someone falling as the two looked and saw a pair of panties that Issei smiled lustfully.

"Oh I fell down again I'm such a klutz." The girl said as she was dressed as a nun which didn't hide her panties as she was on the ground. This girl had blond hair and green eyes. As the girl was in a sitting position her suitcase was nearby with her cloths spilling out of it as Issei had one question.

"Wow who is that?" Haseo asked as he saw the nun but Haseo had different thoughts.

"An Epitaph?" Haseo asked as he saw the girl in question wondering if she had an Epitaph Gear.


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