What if...Kylo and Rey got in on

Their fingertips touch and Rey lets out a gasp.

Kylo looks just as startled, his face slackening with a mix of shock and awe.

They stare at each other, dumbfounded, not sure what to do with this-whatever this-is. The fire crackles softly beside them, the only noise in the now deadly silent hut. Rey could feel the warmth it was shedding on her drying skin but now she can only feel him.

And she wants more.

The thought comes to her unexpectedly, and without any sense of reason, and before she can even feel guilty for it, Kylo has read it-loud and clear-through the bond. His eyes widen even more so and Rey thinks to say something-anything-to take it back. But just as her lips part, she's being tugged forward and then it all goes to hell.

Kylo has loosened his grip on her hand but only so he can slide his palm up her arm, touching her more-feeling her more. Rey's heart is beating so loudly and she thinks she ought to stop. But she's powerless. For every new inch of skin he caresses, Rey only craves more.

"Kylo," She whispers, finally, and it causes him to pause.

Rey practically whines.

His eyes are dark and considering…something. It occurs to Rey to discern it through their bond, but the moment she pokes at it, she feels walls-his walls-shutting her out.

"Don't do that," She whispers.

The simple request visibly moves him, and just like that any restraint he was holding back crumbles. Kylo's mind and feelings are open to her, just as open as her flicking through the pages of a book. Want pours through. Desire. Confusion. Astonishment. Hesitance. Lust. Adoration. More. More. More. More.

It's so much, and perfectly mirrors her own tornadoes of feelings, that Rey looses all forms of constraint.

Kylo's hand grips her shoulder and gives a final tug. Now they're both in each other's space, beyond any boundaries of propriety, and when his lips touch hers she readily gives in.

The kiss is soft for a quick moment. Lips hesitant and exploring. But the moment Rey opens her mouth and whimpers-again-Kylo surges forward. He kisses her like he demands every breath and emotion from her body. His lips are large and soft and make up for her course and thin ones.

Her own hands drift down to his chest, so wide and muscular, gripping there and keeping him close.

This bond is insane, she decides. Beyond rhyme and reason. So she goes with it.

Kylo groans when she bites at his bottom lip and then she is being pulled onto his lap, his leather pants sliding against her fleece ones. The friction is delicious, but not enough. So Rey plants her legs on either side of Kylo's and rubs her core against his aching erection.

They both break apart to moan.

He feels so large against her. She imagines what it would feel like inside. But then Rey's mind is brought back to the present, and how her clit feels being rubbed against Kylo Ren's dick. It's amazing.

The kiss breaks and then Kylo is trailing a line of fire down her neck. She gives him a better angle and near screams when his teeth bite-hard-at the juncture of her neck and shoulder.

"Yes!" She gasps and drags her core particularly rough and slow against him.

He groans and bucks up.

This is getting ridiculous now.

Rey pushes against his chest till his back against the hard floor of the hut. Kylo obliges but not before throwing the blanket that was wrapped around her off somewhere to the side. Then his hands grip her thighs, positioning her just right above his body.

"Off." Kylo commands, tugging at the ends of her tunic.

There is a stubborn instinct to refuse that always arises when it comes to him but, for once, Rey is happy to do as she's told. The cold air of Ach-To makes her skin prickle for a tense second, but then warmth of the fire and Kylo's hands brings her back. The new show of skin makes Kylo's eyes darken even more and his palms greedily slide up her thin body. They stop at the wrappings around her breasts and Rey is about to take them off when then there is a loud rip.

The bastard tore them apart.

They fall limply to the ground in ribbons and Kylo looks like the smuggest asshole in the world.

"Bastard." Rey snarls without much heat. How can she mean it when his hands immediately engulf her petite breasts and give a firm squeeze? Her eyes slipped close and her back arched, silently begging for more.

Kylo leant forward and whispered reverently against her chest, "Beautiful." Then he sucks her right breast into his mouth and all Rey can feel is heat and liquid. As his teeth nip and tug, his right hand plays with her other side, mimicking the motions his wicked mouth is doing.

"Kylo," Rey moans. "Oh, Kylo…"

Not that name his voice whispers in the back of her mind. He's talking through the bond.

Rey's opens her eyes curiously and peers down at him. He's still nipping at her breast, his mouth totally preoccupied, but his eyes stay trained on her.

Not that name he repeats again.

Rey doesn't need to ask what he means.


Then the cabin swirls, mixtures of black and red and bits of grey, till it all stops and Rey's back is against the floor and Kylo-no, Ben looms above her. He immediately strips off his own black attire and Rey wiggles out of her leggings.

"Again," He breathes before catching her lips in a kiss.

Ben she whispers through the bond.

Ben, Ben, Ben, Ben,

Then her mind goes blank as a long finger strokes up her slit.

"Oh Maker-"

His finger plunges in, stretching her walls, before slowly pulling out.

"So tight," Ben whispers hotly against the shell of her ear. "So perfect."

The finger goes in and out again, accompanied by another, and Rey is so wet now that they're beginning to make obscene noises. Her eyes squeeze shut and she nearly knocks herself senseless the way she pounds her head back to the floor.

"No, keep those eyes open. You're watching this. All of this."

The commanding tone is back again and Ben would have see her rolling her eyes if they were actually opened.

"You're not the boss of me." She pants as his fingers twist within her. She moans and arches closer but the pressure is gone in an instant.

Rey makes a noise of protest and looks to see Ben watching her intently. "What was that?"

Oh, no, no.

Rey angles forward, a ferocious smile on her face and her eyes narrowed. "You're. Not. The. Boss. Of. Me."

Ben snarls in response and they both lunge forward, meeting each other half way for a kiss full of teeth and biting. Rey's legs snap forward and encircle his waist, intent of turning them over. She succeeds, for a minute, but then Ben flips them again, and Rey groans.

They're practically rolling all over the floor now and with their increasing lack of restraint the background around them keeps switching. Rey's hut. Ben's room. Hut. Room. Hut. Room.

Ben's fingers find her wet and wanting pussy again, this time entering her viciously with three of his longer fingers.

A scream tears from her throat and she slams his shoulders down to the ground looking for purchase. But Ben's already working her towards the edge and seems more interested in this then being on top again. "Like that?" He murmurs, watching her tits bounce as she rides him towards her climax.

Something unintelligible falls from her lips.

"Say it" Ben growls.

"Yes!"Rey cries. "Yes, I like it. Please-please don't stop. Oh-right there-yes-"

With a final pump and twist, and then his thumb presses down on her clit, Rey falls over the edge, his name bursting from mouth.

Her body explodes and slackens within, all heat and satisfaction, and Rey feels boneless. But Ben is there for her, gently cradling her to his chest and laying her on the ground. "Not done yet, sweetheart." He whispers against her temple, giving her a delicate kiss.

Rey's only answer is to open her legs obligingly. No, she doesn't want it to be done yet either.

Ben positions himself right at her entrance, and Rey wonders how she hadn't snuck a peek at his manhood until now. He's large, because of course he is, everything about him is large. But actually seeing it is something else, and Rey fidgets nervously for a second, unsure if she can handle his length.

But the Ben's hand slides smooth against her face, cupping her cheek. "It won't hurt, I promise."

She believes him. Above all reason, she believes him.

"Rey," Ben moans when he slides in, hear cunt warm and welcoming. "Maker, you're-so-just-so good. I haven't felt anything like it."

"Please," Rey reaches up and grabs him by the back. "More."

He starts out with a slow pace, watching intently how Rey respond's to each and every movement. She preens under his attention and is melting all over again, feeling that invisible force building higher and higher once again.

Rey presses her nails into his pale skin and drags them slowly down. "Faster."

He near chokes at the request but does as he's told. Ben's thrusts grow harder and faster, the slapping between their skin punctuating each move.

"Rey," Ben pants. "Oh, Rey."

She feels him reaching for her through the bond and she answers readily. "Ben."

Then they're connected in every way possible, touching in every way possible. It's all too much and not enough.

Rey is blind to all but Ben.

Ben is blind to all but Rey.

Light mixes with dark and the combination is too much to watch-too much to feel…

His thrusts begin to grow sloppy and Rey feels herself on the edge again.

Right before either of them fall, Rey captures Ben in a kiss. Soft, simple, and laced with a emotion both are too far gone to deny.

Then they fall.

The Force sings around them with the climax.

Rey's body slackens again and this time Ben on top of her. They breathe in and out, slowly, and feel nothing but the heat and sweat of their skin as their wits come back to them. Ben's hair hangs against her face, and she absently reaches up to comb her finger through the long locks. Ben hums, and nuzzles Rey against her cheek.

"Come to me," He asks.

A question this time, not a command.

Rey hears the hesitance in his voice and feels the fear through the bond. He thinks she'll reject him. Regret what just happened. Push him off and spit in his face, blaming the whole situation on him and calling him a monster.

And he believes it. Believes all the horrible scenarios plaguing his mind and just waiting for them to happen.

Rey hugs him closer, kisses every inch of him she can reach.

"Yes, I'll come."

Because she saw visions through the bond. Ben Solo has returned, and she intends to bring him fully back to the light.