I have 8 Chapters written at this moment, so I thought, to celebrate the start, I would publish a second and maybe a third chapter.

Milli lived with Sapra and Dava for over two months now.

The first day the old couple had told her where exactly she was. And it confirmed her worries. She wasn´t in Europe anymore- she was in the northern Kingdoms, more exactly near a village that was located at the northern parts of Redania.

Where the fuck am I? And how did I end up here?

The village was so small, it didn´t even had a name.

She must have looked very shocked, because the pair told her, she could stay as long as she wants and needed.

The young woman was grateful and told them she would help them on their little farm in return.

Two cows, a horse, some chickens and a dog lived on the farm in the woods and needed to take care of.

It didn´t took long for her to get friends with the guarding dog, a mix between a rottweiler and what seem to be a wolf.

He listened to the name of Oka and loved to cuddle in the evening with her.

Milli slept on a mattress made of straw and an old banked in a corner of the main room.

Dava and Sapra wanted her to have their room, but she refused.

Oka kept her warm at night and entertained during the day.

The first thing in the morning was to look after the cows, milk them and get them to the little meadow that was right behind the house.

The horse was a gentle giant, a huge brown draft horse who was able to pull whole trees out of the forest. She helped Dava with his job. He was a lumberjack and carpenter.

Sapra told Milli proud, he had built the farm all on his own.

While the young woman took care of the taller animals, Sapra looked after the chickens and gathered the eggs to prepare breakfast.

It was no secret that she wasn´t a morning person, but after three weeks of early rising her body got used to it and it got easier every day.

One evening Dava told her about dark beings living in this world and she always needed to be careful.

Dava and Sapra hat taken her into the village on several occasions, one was to meet the eldest and she didn´t like it one bit.

In those two months, her hair had started to grow turquoise where she had dyed it prior.

It was strange but it didn´t bothered her one bit.

Until she met the eldest.

He looked at her and told Dava, that if they bring the witch one more time into the village they would be cast out.

It took Milli all her willpower not to hit the elder in his face and kept polite.

So she stayed back the following times.

She was surprised when the eldest knocked on the door, one of these days.

"I need you to be in the village as soon as possible. „Was the only thing he said, before turning around and returning back to the village.


But she decided to follow his order, not wanting her hosts to get into trouble.

She got the animals back in the barn and made her way towards the village. Oka always on her tail.

It took her ten minutes to reach the village square, were all residents was gathered.

A tall man with short brown hair and a black and red armor made of leather, chain mail and steel.

Two swords were strapped on his back.

On the ground between him and the elder laid several decapitated nonhuman heads, Milli assumed belonged something Dava referenced as `evil beeings`.

"I am here to collect my payment. I killed the ghouls that were terrorizing your graveyard. Now I want what was promised me."

She heard the armored man say.

"You asked me for the first thing I see, when returning back, as a payment for your service."

"I did. So where is what is mine?"

"Right behind you. The blue haired witch is your payment. Take her, leave this village and never come back." The eldest said, nodding in her direction.

Payment. Blue haired witch. What?

It seems like the stranger had the same thoughts, because he turned towards Milli, already reaching for one of his swords.

"Do I get this straight? You came to Davas and Sapras cottage, telling me I am needed , so I can function as some sick kind of payment?" The young woman asked in shock and disbelieve.

"Exactly. Now go with the Witcher and never come back. Or I will see Dava and Sapra exiled from this community." And with that he turned around and entered his little house.

Sapra was at her side the moment the door was closed.

"Milli, are you alright? I am sorry, I don´t know what to tell you."

"An explanation to what just happened would be a beginning." she answered her older friend.

"We had problems with ghouls at the cemetery and the eldest went to the next city to get help. He came back an hour ago, saying he found a witcher who would take care of it. His payment should be defined by the law of surprise. I had no idea he visited you, before coming back for good. I thought the first thing his eyes felt on was his horse."

The older woman explained her, with a breaking voice.

"So I am his payment, do I get that right?"

She asked her still progressing everything she just heard.

Sapra was only able to nod in confirmation.

Milli was unable to think or move.

Everything that happened crashed down on her in this moment, her EX, the fact a wolf dragged her to a different world, everybody thinking shes a witch and now being payment to some strange looking guy with a scar on his face and cat eyes (?).

She collapsed on the ground, feeling empty and lost. Tears started to fall, some of anger but most because everything she had bottled up came out.

Oka started to lick them away (not wanting his human friend to cry) until there was a shadow cast over her and the dog jumped back growling.

Raising her eyes, she saw the man (was he called Witcher earlier?) standing in front of her, his arms crossed in front of his chest. Staring down at her without a hint of emotion on his face. He looked intimidating, the way he was towering over her smaller form.

"Shh Oka. Time to say goodbye my friend." She stood up. „I thank you for everything you have done for me." Shaking the older pairs hands.

Tears started to fall again when she took her place in front of the strange man.

He whistled, and a brown horse appeared on the outskirts of the village, trotting towards his owner.

Motioning her to mount it, his eyes roamed her body.

Now she was glad Dava thought her to get on a horse back.

With one swift movement, her new companion, swing up into saddle behind her and the horse immediately started to move forward, not waiting for her owner to reach around the young woman to grab the reigns.

Millis back was pressed against the man's chest, and her thoughts started to work on their own.

What will happen now. Can he do everything he wants?

Not that she would be able to stop him. He was definitely stronger and faster than her.


They rode in silence for hours (three to be exact), until their ride stopped and her still nameless companion dismounted.

Her heart started to beat out of her chest.

What now?

Realizing he was waiting for her to dismount as well, she did. But her dress caught in the saddle, sending her flying to the ground. Wasn´t it for him, who catched her midair with superhuman reflexes, she would have hit the turf pretty bad.

Mumbling a quick "thank you", while avoiding to look at him, she stepped aside.

They had stopped in a little clearing a few meters away from the path.

Not knowing what else to do, Milli looked around for dried wood and stones to make a fire, while he was tending to the horse.

It was a beautiful and strong animal.

Milli looked around.

She had her back towards the man, looking at a flower that was growing next to a nearby tree, when she felt her hair getting lifted.

It had grown over shoulder length in the few months of her being in this world.

"I am not a witch." the young woman told him as an answer to his interesting gaze.

His mouth switched into a knowing smirk, before he let go of her hair and grabbed her shoulders to turn her around with a soft push.

"I know."

His voice was deep and reserved. He stared into her eyes. His amber cat- eyes seemed to dig into her soul.

Fear started to rise in the young woman's body.

"What know?" She asked her voice was shaking a bit.

She didn´t just meant her future, but although the next night.

His look got so intense, Milli thought his eyes were starting to burn.

They look like burning embers.

"We stay here." His voice got deeper.

Is he getting angry?

"You know. I never asked for this. And I don´t mean just being used as a fucking payment like I am some kind of animal. No, I mean being here in this fucking world!"

Everything she had bottled up started to get out again.

His fucking stare!

His brows furrowed.

"What did I wrong, to be handed to some monster killing stranger as a reward. I am not a fucking horse."

Suddenly he laughed. A short strong laugh.

"Well, thank god,my situation is humoring you." She bit back.

He let go of her and lit the fire with a quick movement of his hand.

Sitting down on a log he motioned for her to sit down as well.

Milli did as asked and took a seat on the opposite site of the fire, on the ground. He handed her something to eat from his saddlebag. But did not say a word.

He seemed to be thinking about something.

Giving the young woman time to calm down a bit.

When he laughed again.

"You know. I was hoping to get a new horse. Got you instead. Didn´t asked for that as well. But hey, horses aren´the only things a man can-"

"You can´t ride me and neither will I ride you."

She tried to say in a strong voice.

Making him laugh even more.

"Not as innocent as I thought. M´Lady."

She glared at him.

"Lady my ass." She mumbled.

"You scared?" He asked, sounding genuine interested.

" Of you. This World. Or what might happen to me?" She asked sarcastically , but still with fear in her voice.

"Then yes I am scared! I have nowhere to go. No one is giving a shit about me, other than Dava and Sapra. I landed here because my Exboyfriend , who apparently never even were my boyfriend, thought it to be funny to cheat in front of my eyes and I had nothing better to do then run. Than some wolf licked my fucking face and the next thing I know is, that I woke up in the middle of a forest with no memories of where I am and how I got here. So Yes I am scared. Of this situation and everything within. So no matter what you do, do it quick and sooner than later."

Suddenly the man stood in front of her. He was quick on his feet and determination was in his eyes.

Is he growling?

"I hunt monsters. I ain´t one."

She was only able to nod in understanding.

"I am sorry. ´m just tired. And don´t know what to do." Milli told him a few minutes later.

The fire in his eyes calmed down and she thought she saw understanding in it.

"You will come with me. Will take you to Kaer Morhen."

"And then?"

"We can think about that later. Now sleep. We have to be on the road again before dawn."

"What about you?" She asked interested.

"Witcher don´t need to sleep."

Not wanting to argue, the young woman settled down on a piece of moss, her hands being used as a pillow.