Over the night Eomund had slept and dreamt of grand splendor. The dream filled sleep only fueled the eager fire in his heart. Everything was perfect, everything was turning out fine.

"Father! Here is your bag!" Eowyn announced as she entered his room.

"I packed two cloaks in case it gets cold, a weeks worth of outfits, pouches filled with water and food. Oh, yes, I put in a few little helpful tools that may help you on the road.."

"Here Eowyn, put this in it." He said gravely. From behind his back he produced a shining sword. The sun's light reflected from the shining surface and made it glow. With a gentle hand, Eowyn took the item her father had slaved to make for many long years.

It was light as she held it, perfectly balanced, but strong. She longed to use it just once before he left, but she knew too well that he did not approve of her handling swords. Many lectures had fallen on her deaf ears about how fighting and glory should be left to men. After all, she practiced swordplay in seclusion for a reason.

Soundlessly, she slipped the sword into the all ready teeming pack. Not once did Eomund take his gaze away from the precious creation, even when it was hidden by fabric he stared longingly at the lump it created.

"Father, you look absolutely mad. Won't you take your eyes off of it just to say goodbye to me?" Eowyn asked, not able to hide the amusement in her voice. He did as asked and looked to his daughter.

"I will certainly miss you while I'm off on this adventure." He said. She could only laugh.

"It is hardly an adventure. You'll be back in no time." She said. Despite her sweet smile, Eomund felt a bit upset. How could a young woman possibly know what an adventure was?

"It certainly is an adventure. Something you will never experience, I hope." He said. Despite his sweet smile, Eowyn could only feel hurt. How could an old man know what was good for her?

"Then you be careful on this adventure." She teased, kissing him lightly on the cheek. They went through the halls together, taking a last look for any items she should have packed. Upon finding nothing that needed to be added, he opened up the front door. Eomund descended the few steps quickly and mounted his dappled horse.

"Be careful!" She yelled to him again from where she stood on the top step. With a snap of the reigns he started the horse's pace, waving a fond farewell to Eowyn. She watched until she could no longer see him, and then went to the river to practice.


She groaned. It was Grima again, and how she wished he would just go away. Thinking that he might not talk to her if she acted to not hear him, she hurried to get to her secret spot.

"Eowyn, I must tell you something!" Grima called. He hurried after her and wrapped one of his hands around her arm.

"I have made a decision. A very important decision that I believe you will be thrilled with." He said.

"Oh, I'm so excited." She lied.

"I thought you would be. But first, let us talk. What do you think of boys?"

"Boys? What do you mean?"

"I mean children."

"Oh. They're lovely, I suppose."

"Yes, and ours will be the most lovely of all!"


"The ones that you and I will have together, of course. They'll be as handsome as me, of course. Won't that be wonderful?"

"Wonderful." Eowyn echoed faintly. She wondered when she had agreed to making children with Grima? Perhaps he was becoming a lunatic.

"Then it is agreed?"

"Grima, I'm afraid I'm a bit confused by you today."

"No need! Once we are wed I will always be by your side to explain to you these complicated things."

"Wed?" She asked in absolute horror.

"Indeed. The ceremony will be ready in mere hours."

"Hours? Grima, I don't ever recall agreeing to being married to you."

"I'm sure you have dreamed of it nearly every night and day, though! I am making all your fantasies come true with this gesture."

Eowyn struggled not to laugh for he looked rather serious. Behind him she noticed a flock of girls who looked a tad sadder than usual. Had the whole village heard of their engagement except for her?

"Well I must apologize because I will not be attending the ceremony tonight." She said, gently as possible so not to break his frail ego. His mouth hung open, leaving him looking very much like a fish just caught fresh from the river.

"But Eowyn, I-"

"I'm sorry!" She said, interrupting him. Turning away and hurrying as fast as she could to the river she left him to stand there alone. It was not long before the repulsive Lurtz once again appeared, much to the dismay of the flock who had soon hidden themselves in their homes.

"Well, she isn't the brightest person out there if she thinks that not marrying me is a good idea." Grima said at last. Lurtz growled in agreement. They stood in uncomfortable silence for a long while until Grima offered to order some of the quality ale in the tavern. They walked up the cobbled street together, talking happily so the unpleasant memory of Eowyn's refusal would soon be forgotten.

Down by the river Eowyn was still noticeably shaken by the odd event. Drawing her sword, she looked to the family of ducks in the water.

"Can you imagine, he asked me to marry him. Me, the wife of that boorish, brainless.." She trailed off when she saw the quizzical looks given to her by the ducks. Going through a few routine thrusts she realized that it was no use to practice, too many things were on her mind.

"Lady Grima, can't you see it.." She began to say in a singsong voice.

"Lady Grima, his little wife. Not me, no sir, I guarantee it." By then she was ignoring the very disturbed family of ducks and began to sing. It was an odd thing to do, but with no one around to hear, it did not matter.

"I want much more than this provincial life! I want adventure in the great wide somewhere, I want it more than I can tell. And for once it might be grand to have someone understand I want so much more than they've got planned." A noise made her stop, and her face flushed a deep red from the thought someone heard her singing.

A moment later her father's horse appeared to her left, looking rather wild. Eowyn took the reigns and began to stroke his soft fur reassuringly.

"Elanor! Elanor, why are you here? Where is father?" She demanded, though softly as to not frighten the animal any more than she already was. Elanor's dark eyes told no stories and she spoke no answers, but in her heart Eowyn knew something terrible had happened.

"Elanor, you must take me to father!" Commanded Eowyn, voice shaky and unsure. Easily mounting the elderly horse, she urged her to go quickly. In her anxiousness, Eowyn forced the poor beast to ride harder and faster than ever before. The village scenery soon faded away to a gloomy patch of trees where the leaves were still glistening with moisture.

"The rain.." Eowyn whisperer as she suddenly recalled seeing the dark clouds yesterday. If her forgetfulness had caused any pain to her father she would never forgive herself.

"Oh Elanor, I hope he is well." She said. The horse snorted in reply, and Eowyn was reassured by the gesture. Animals may not have been able to talk like humans, but they were kinder than them, and could show it in different ways. The quick gait of Elanor slowed, then stopped.

In the center of the tiny and dark forest stood a castle, magnificent and terrible all at once. Eowyn trembled as she looked upon the ominous palace, but she slid from the horse all the same. If that was where her father had gone, she would go there as well.

"Oh. Oh, no, it cannot be."

In the muddy lane that winded up to the entrance of the castle her father's prized possession lay. It did not shine now, and it seemed to Eowyn that she could see dents in the once beautiful metal that must have been made by the teeth of some vicious beast.

She moved to grab the precious sword from the ground, but as soon as her grip on Elanor's reigns was released the horse sped away. Eowyn called for her, but it did not seem to be working. Until the animal was brave enough to return for her mistress, Eowyn would be stuck.

"I'm coming, father." Eowyn whispered to no one, and pushed open the castle doors.

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