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Well, two people already regretted this bet. Of course, both being the prideful people they were, Seto and Eruantale wouldn't even mention backing out.


"HA!" Jou yelled, jumping into a coaster car thingy just before Mai could. "I'll win yet!"

Mai gave her trademark glare. "Yeah, you wish, punk." She muttered under her breath, "You're not beating me at this too..."

Jou paused, confused (he just does it so well. ^^) "Too? What else have I beat you at, besides that one duel?"

"THAT'S THE ONE- whoah!" The ride had started moving...and ever slowly, the freaky exposition with the first ascent began. With some dramatic Jaws theme of course.

"Where's that freaky music coming from?"

Mai scratched her head. "Who knows, with these authoresses...maybe it's like at that place, Disneyland. They say that they have speakers in everything except the food."

Jou drooled a bit. "Fooood..."

Mai sweatdropped and looked peeved. "Idiot, I know you don't really care about food that much-AAAAA!" First drop had already crept up.

"Whoooooo!!!!!!!!" Jou grinned as he witnessed Mai clutching his arm in a white-knuckled grip that was beginning to cut off circulation. He'd win for sure.


"OHGODS!" Yami knew he shouldn't have chosen Bakura; this man was crazy. He actually liked these modern torture devices known as roller coasters. Next to him, Yami Bakura was laughing insanely. ...gods, I'm not going to make it through this day. What did I do to deserve this?

The ride slowed down for a second as Yami panted. "Oh gods...oh gods..."

Bakura cackled at him. "Which one 'pharoah'? I don't happen to believe in any of them."

Yami gave Yami Bakura a glare. "I would guess so, you being a tomb robber."

Bakura eyed him back. "What about you? I seem to remember that you were a devout follower of Ra, despite the fact that 'Seto' worshipped Set. No wonder you were rivals. And, for your information, I did belive in a god. Me!"

Whatever answer Yami would have given was cut off by a sharp scream as they went into a loop. When it slowed down again, Yami leered at him. "We all worshipped all the gods. The fact that Seito was one of my priests would account for that."

Bakura blinked. "I thought his name in Egypt was Seth."

Yami sweatdropped. "Well...that's what I heard. Until that D'Arcy cut me off. Which is why we're going to Vegas...I think?"

"Nah, we're going to Vegas because Eruantale and SJ are going to Vegas and dragging us along. That is, if we ever get there."

"I kind of doubt that's going to happen thoOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUGH!" How many drops were on this ride again?!

"I know what you mean!" Bakura yelled over the screaming. "With those two at the helm we could end up anywhere from New York to Nerima!"

"That's never a good thing! Like this loop coming up!" Through the whole ride, Yami had wondered how he could feel any of this. Wasn't he supposed to be some ghostly shadow?

"What'sa matter pharoah, scared?" Bakura taunted.


Yami Bakura smirked. I guess that answers my question...


Two rides over, WSJ was trying to drag Pegasus toward the tunnel of love. Pegasus obviously was rather flabbergasted and didn't think they should go in. "Um...SJ..."

"What?" SJ asked, blinking at him innocently.

"Why exactly do you want to go to the tunnel of love? And when did Magic Mountain get one?"

"Um..." WSJ vainly tried to hide the pencil and paper she had just used (authoress powers, ya' know. ;D) behind her back. "No?"

Pegasus raised an eyebrow. "That...doesn't exactly answer my question."

WSJ pouted. "Pleeeease?"

"...I don't think so, SJ...I'd rather not." Pegasus replied hesitantly.

WSJ pouted, then suddenly grinned. "Oooooh... Still hung up over that Cecelia chick? Dun' worry, I'll make you forget aaaaaall about her!" ^^

Pegasus gulped. "That's what I'm afraid of..."


Eruantale gasped as she stumbled off the roller coaster. "That...was...air, I need air..."

Seto was stumbling along equally stumbly-like. "Ditto..."

A bouncer frowned at them. "Hey! No drunks in the park!"

Seto straightened up and glared. "For your information, good sir, we are not drunk. Do you need proof? Have a breathealyzer?"

The bouncer eyed him. "No need to get your undies in a ruffle... And where are you from, China?"

Seto smirked. "I'm sure you've heard of that lovely company...Kaiba Corp?"

The bouncer blinked. "Kaiba who?" (He was, after all, only a poor bouncer. ^^)

Here, Seto stood in mock horror. " really haven't heard of it? Then maybe this is all a dream, and YOU'RE the one who's drunk! Or I could just challenge you to a duel, make you lose in a humiliating manner and leave you groveling. Unfortunately, I don't have time for that, and it'd be too canon for the fangirls."

The Bouncer blinked, blinked again, and then turned away. "Weird Chinese person..."

"I am NOT Chinese."

"Seto, you're making a fool of yourself. Let's goooo..." Eruantale hinted in a sing-songy manner

"I am /not/ making a fool of myself!" Kaiba growled, trying to tear himself free of Eruantale so he could dive on the bouncer.

"Seto...let's go," she muttered through gritted teeth, turning away. "You don't need to waste your time with a bouncer that has an IQ of four points." At this point, she felt something grip her shoulder. "Uh...oh..."And she turned to face....

...Another bouncer. Drat.

"Are you assuming we're all idiots or something?" he asked huskily.

"" Eruantale smiled nervously at the question.

Meanwhile, Seto had taken the opportunity to break free and dive at the first bouncer's throat.

"Seto! Get back over here!" Eruantale hissed, keeping her eyes on the bouncer confronting her. Magic Mountain didn't have bouncers the last time I came!

Yami and Yami Bakura, who had just stumbled off a ride nearby, caught sight of the "spectacle" and started to laugh.

"Should've known Seto would get into something like that," Yami muttered, shaking his head.

Yami Bakura snorted. "Seto? Sure! Eruantale? Even better!"

Yami snickered. "Point."

Over next to the bouncer, Eruantale spotted Yami Yuugi and Yami Bakura. She waved pleadingly, hoping they'd come.

....But of course, they didn't.

"No, no, don't, please..." she whispered, watching them walk away. "DANG YOU, YAMI, GET BACK HERE!"

Yami, in a fit of modern-ism, turned around and stuck his tongue out at her. Eruantale blinked in a bemused manner. Had he really done that? Was it possible? This was too unusual to be possible.


Bakura chuckled and pulled Yami farther away. "She seems to be having a good time..."


Several rides over, Ryou and Yugi were screaming their heads off, one from sheer joy, the other from sheer terror. It seemed that they each shared their yamis' views on rollar coasters. This would surprise some because it is a common misconception that yamis and hikaris are flip sides of one coin...which they technically are. But an exception was made here whether or not the publishers did not believe that Bakura would be a roller coaster fanatic.

"This is so evvvviiiiiiillll!!!!" Yugi yelled at the top of his lungs. At this statement, Ryou could only laugh (laugh, scream, laugh and scream, take your pick).

Yuugi just glared at him and attempted to keep his hair in place. Suddenly, the ride came to a stop. "GAH!" The two lurched forward only to be choked back by the safety bar. "An unconventional way to stop the ride, that's for sure," Ryou muttered.

Yuugi just sighed in relief- but just a bit too soon. "Ryou...? Why are we stopped at the top of a very large hill?"

"Ehm..." Ryou blinked as he stared down. This couldn't lead to anything good...He blinked harder and stared at the ground underneath him. Far underneath him... "Urgh..." This definitely could not lead to something good. But why had the ride stopped?

"Dun worry!" a techie called up at them. "We should have it fixed in three, maybe four hours!" Ryou slumped in his seat, looking green. "Urp..."

"Great...just great..." Yuugi knew this was a bad day to spontaneously decide to go to a foreign country...


Meanwhile, Yami no Malik was contemplating a few things... Like, how was it that his hikari was paired off with Mokuba, for no apparent reason? Why hadn't he, himself, been mentioned yet? And how in Osiris's name did Malik get the Rod back? Then he somehow jumped to centering questions on himself. Wasn't he supposed to be gone? Like, REALLY gone? Or was that whole battle with Yami Yuugi a big joke? And what had happened with the whole Dissassociative Identity Disorder Malik had? How the heck was he in a separate body? Good gods...logic has ceased to exist. Of course, with SJ and Eruantale writing this, it's no big surprise...

And suddenly, a fourth wall breakage occurred causing fangirls to stampede onto the scene. Yami Malik looked up and wondered if it was allowed for him to be just a bit homicidal for once.

Which of course, he wasn't, for the censors came in at this point, and to prevent Yami Malik from going on a killing spree, they dragged the fangirls back and patched up the fourth wall break.

"...that was interesting." He shrugged and went back to picking his teeth with the Rod which was an oddity in itself, but this time around, he decided to ignore it. Now, should he interfere with Bakura, and make him lose for the fun of it, or interfere with Yami, and make him lose for the fun of it? Decisions, decisions... He had nothing against either of them, but which would be more interesting to tick off? Hm... He grinned ferrally. Definately Yami Yuugi.


Mai stomped angrily off the roller coaster- or tried to anyway. She stumbled throwing off her angry look. One thing was for sure- she had to tell Jou not to go on anymore coasters with multiple loops. But.... Then he would probably make her admit that he'd won. K'so. The Fates were out to get her, it would seem; oh, the horrors of Murphy's Law, trapping one into a corner of- wait, what was the point of this soliloquy again?

"So, Mai, ready to be my slave for a week?" Jou asked as he came up behind her and flung one arm over her shoulders. Right. That. Mai shot him a glare that read "Don't-Even-Start-With-Me-Kid".

"Oh, we'll see. I'll have to get Kaiba to buy you a dogsuit for the week."


"See, you're already beginning to sound the part." She smirked deviously when she saw the look on his face. Kujaku Mai, one. Jonouchi Katsuya, zero. If she didn't win this bet (which she would, rest assured), she had that satisfaction at least.