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Luffy's dream came true, but what's the meaning of accomplishing his dream without his Nakama around? So he's going to go back and start over! Time Travel! what else of course! Alive! Ace, Alive! Thatch, Alive! Whitebeard, OP! Luffy, Dark! Luffy, slight OOC! Luffy, ( or sometimes xD ), Badass! Luffy, OP! Straw Hats! The rating might change. Warning: Gores, swearings and etc xD

Luffy was broken, sad and alone. His nakama died, the only family member he has now is his brother, Sabo. But, his brother can't bring back what happened… If only...

"What if you could go back to the past?" An unknown person says that made Luffy go out of his thoughts, he looked up and saw a man, he was a tall man, he had a curved black mustache and a grin with intense eyes. He also had a thick black hair, he had a red coat, most likely for captains. But what Luffy made his whole attention to him was his question

"What do you mean? Who are you, ossan?" Luffy asks as the old man laughed.

"If you could go back to the past, would you accept it?" The old man asks as Luffy widens his eyes in surprise. After all those painful years, hearing those words made Luffy have a slight hope of having his nakama back, and all those people he loved and died.

"Wouldn't that be obvious? I'd accept it if it means taking my nakama and the others back." Luffy answers immediately as he looks at the man with slight hope, the said man grins at Luffy.

"I can do it." The man says to Luffy who was wide-eyed. With that single sentence, he felt hope.

"Y-you can do i-it?" Luffy asks as he stutters, too stunned. He looks at the man who grinned and nodded, his teardrops fell. He was about to see his nakama and his family again!

"But in exchange..." The old man starts and looks seriously at Luffy, who was happy to do anything just to see his nakama again.

"For what?" Luffy says as he was really feeling pumped up, he knew the guy wasn't lying. He knows, he just knows.

"Save my son, Ace." The old man says as Luffy nods at the man, he blinked twice before learning who he was talking to.

"GOL D. ROGER!?" Luffy shouts as his eyes were wide yet again, but then he can't be that surprised anymore, this was Raftel. Roger laughed and nodded.

"I'll do it, he was my sworn brother. I'd do it even if you didn't tell me to." Luffy says as the two stared at each other until Gol raised his hands towards the sea, he waited, suddenly a huge whirlpool appeared.

"Tell me which time you want to be at." Roger asks at Luffy, looked at Gol, he took a glance at the whirlpool before grinning.

"The time where Shanks came to our village!" Luffy says with a gleeful tone. Gol nods as he went out of the way to let Luffy go to the whirlpool in front of him.

'Zoro, Nami, Usopp, Sanji, Chopper, Robin, Franky, Brook, and Jimbei... Ace... Everyone...! I'm coming, I'll promise you all that I'll save you all again!' Luffy runs to the whirlpool and stopped at the final step and turned to Roger.

"Shishishi! Thank you! Roger!" Roger grinned and Luffy jumped at the whirlpool. The moment he jumped into the water, he couldn't breathe! Then he lost all consciousness.

A/N: This might be the second time, I hope you guys enjoy it even for a little bit! Oh also, I think chapter one to two is from the manga xD