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Chapter 22: Do Not Go Gently…


"Stupid," Jacob muttered under his breath as he trudged down the streets of Mystic Falls. He heard people crying out for dead loved ones to come back to them. Sorry. Door's closed. Jacob wanted to tell them. Father told me to slam it shut. If I had it my way, you'd all have what you wanted. Life is not fair as the cliché goes.

Jacob walked to the Mystic Grill and broke the lock. "We are not open!" a robotic voice called. Jacob held up a finger to the stupid screen that came down by the bar.

"I do not believe I asked," Jacob retorted. He walked behind the bar and picked up a bottle of bourbon. He liked the weight of the bottle in his hand. It felt more tangible than the weight of his father's hand on his shoulder. Stefan's touch had left a larger hole in Jacob than had been there before; and that hole had been awfully deep.

Walking back out of the sorry excuse for a bar; Jacob headed down the street. He watched people walking around who would not ordinarily be out. They would be easy prey and he felt hungry. Jacob did not know if he had ever felt this hungry in his entire life. He could drink half the town's folk, and go on the next day, to finish the lot off.

Jacob opened the bottle and took a long swig from it. "Hey, kid! What are you doing out here?" a sheriff's deputy asked Jacob.

Jacob looked at the man whose head protruded from the window of his car. "I am in need of a ride," he replied with a wide smile.

"You know that you're not allowed to drink?" the deputy told Jacob as he got out and opened the door to the back seat.

"I know. I am terribly sorry. It's been quite the strange night for me," Jacob handed the officer his bottle.

The deputy nodded. "Yeah. I keep getting calls. Something about dead loved ones walking the streets. Like this town could not get spookier." Shaking his head, the man climbed behind his wheel and began to drive down the street.

"Perhaps it was something in the water? Or a mass hallucination," Jacob suggested, pressing his face close to the grill separating himself from the cop.

"Makes as much sense as anything else," the deputy said, scratching his head and looking to the left and right of the street, before turning around a corner.

Nodding, Jacob sat back in the seat. "Do you mind dropping me off?"

"Where do you live?" the deputy asked him, glancing at Jacob in the rearview mirror.

"I don't really live anywhere. But I am staying at my uncle's home. Damon Salvatore," Jacob replied.

"Oh, that's your family? Huh?" The deputy glanced back at Jacob, and Jacob saw the smile on the other man's face tighten.

"Yes. They are," Jacob replied. "You might have even heard of me: Jacob Salvatore. I've been in town for some time now. I killed Tina Amboughs, Kenneth Walters and Michael Walters. No. That is not right. I turned them into vampires. Then my uncle and his friends killed them. Good help is so hard to find." Sighing, Jacob leaned back in the seat, crossing his arms behind his head and watched the cop grab his walkie-talkie, about to call into the station.

"Can't have that," Jacob said. "I'm in the mood for a bit of fun." Kicking the divider toward the unaware human, Jacob grinned as the deputy's body moved forward, slamming into the steering wheel. The car plunged, without a particular destination, slamming into a tree. There was something satisfying about hearing his kill's last moments.

The deputy let out a cry of pain, a gurgling sound came out of his throat as the air-bag inflated, pressing into his face, suffocating him. With the divider pressed into his back and the air-bag pressed into his face the poor man would die soon. Jacob was feeling merciful. He jerked the divider out of the way. The deputy let out a terrible scream of pain.

Jacob now saw that the divider had cut through the man's kidneys and severed his spine. Oh, yes. This man would die. Jacob climbed into the passenger seat. Grabbing the bottle of bourbon, Jacob set it on the dashboard and then he slid an arm around the deputy's neck. "It's okay. You're not in pain," he told the man. "Go to sleep." The deputy's eyes slid closed and Jacob sunk his fangs into his flesh, ripping into his carotid artery, drinking deeply.

Finishing his meal, Jacob wiped his mouth, with the back of his hand and then he grabbed his bottle of bourbon. He climbed out of the car and walked away as people went running to the deputy's car. They cried and shouted. Jacob ignored them. Idiot humans.

Striding down the road, Jacob stopped outside a house and looked upward. He saw the lights were not on. That was alright. He did not care if they were awake or asleep. He leapt upward, fingers sinking into the wood outside the window. He pulled himself upward; pressing his face to the glass. There lay his prey. Asleep in his bed. Unaware of anything but his dreams.

Jacob pulled the window open, and he climbed inside. The boy did not stir in his sleep, not even when Jacob sat down beside him. "Sam," Jacob called. "Sam!"

Sam rolled over. He blinked up at Jacob and then he opened his mouth to scream. Jacob grinned and slammed a hand over his mouth. "Come on, Sammy, we're going on a little trip tonight."


When Sam woke up—to find someone on his bed—he thought it was Artemis. She would do that kind of thing. Show up in his room—in the middle of the night—not caring what the repercussions were. She didn't get the idea that you couldn't just do whatever you wanted to do. She'd learn. Sam could help her learn how to fit in as a human. Not a human, but someone who knew how to pass for human. It might even be fun.

Realizing Jacob sat beside him—not Artemis—Sam tried to scream for his parents, but Jacob didn't give him the opportunity. Of course, he didn't. Jacob was a dick. Now, he would probably kill Sam. Just when Sam felt like his life might be getting better.

Jacob dragged Sam out of his window, and Sam felt the wind whipping past them as they flew through the night. His cousin held him in a cool, steel-like grip. Sam wished that he'd at least kissed Artemis before he died or was turned into a vampire. One human experience before his death. Just one more. He thought of asking Jacob to let him do that one thing, but he figured that Jacob would say "no".

When they arrived at the quarry Sam felt his stomach twist. Jacob's favorite place to torture his family. Made sense. "What do you want, Jacob?" Sam said as Jacob dropped him on the ground.

Jacob sighed, and opened a bottle of alcohol. "What do I want?" He looked out at the water. "Good question," He seemed to be lost in thought. Sam began to look for a weapon. He would not die out here, without a fight. "Drink?" Jacob asked him, shaking the bottle at him.

Shaking his head, Sam continued to look for something to fend Jacob off with. "No."

"No, thank you. Does anyone have any manners?" Jacob inquired dully, taking another drink. "You know, I can teach you manners, if you like."

"Not really," Sam snapped, spotting a branch. He moved toward it while Jacob continued to stare at the water.

"I want a family. A real family. I thought I could start with you. We could be a better family than my dad and your dad. We would have each other's backs. You and I, we could travel the whole world. Well, you, me, Hope and Artemis. I do believe Artemis is quite taken with you. She's a pretty girl. Funny. Smart. So full of life. We'll need no one and bring the world to its knees," Jacob said, the bottle becoming less and less full as he continued to drink. "And if you try to stick that branch in me; I will beat you senseless, Sam."

Sam dropped the branch, and shook his head. "You don't want me, Jake. I'll just end up hating you more than I already do. Everything I feel now; it'll be enhanced. Do you really want me to hate you more than I already do?"

Jacob let out a laugh. "Everyone hates me!" he spat, turning to glower at Sam. "They think I am the worst of the worst. I kill people. I hurt people. I brought down the veil and made people who were at peace suffer. I brought back the Mikaelsons. I hurt Fanny!" Jacob jumped to his feet, and he stopped in front of Sam. "I just want someone! I just want a bloody family who wants me, too!" he shouted in Sam's face. "Is that too bloody much for you! You and your picture- perfect life!"

"Jacob…" Sam shook his head. "Look, you want to be a part of the family. Apologize to Fanny. And me. And Mom. And Dad. Stop hurting people. Stop killing! Okay? Just stop it!"

Jacob nodded, his head dropping, and he placed his hands on Sam's shoulders. "Yes, Sam. You're right. I need to stop."

Breathing a sigh of relief, Sam felt his shoulders drop. "Okay. Good. Let's go home," he said.

Jacob's head rose, and his fangs glinted in the early morning light. "That's the problem, Sam, I don't have a home. And you're right, you might hate me for this. But I have to try."

Sam let out a cry, struggling against Jacob; when Jacob tried to bite him. "Get off of me!" he shouted. He kicked Jacob in the shin and it hurt like hell. Crying out in pain, he took his fingers and shoved them into Jacob's eyes.

Jacob let out a scream of pain and Sam backed away. Grabbing the branch, he broke it over his knee. He moved quickly—leaping on top of Jacob—knocking them both to the ground. A groan of pain came from Jacob as Sam straddled him, make-shift stake in hand. He placed it over Jacob's chest, and then he shoved it through.

A grunt of pain came from Jacob, and then he stilled. Sam scrambled off of him and away. He gasped. His eyes moved to the sky. The sunrise looked like the best thing he'd ever seen in his entire life. Sam rolled onto his knees and he started to stand up when a hand clamped around his throat.

"I do need to get you into a class on human anatomy; don't I?" Jacob's voice was near his ear and Sam struggled in his embrace. "You missed my heart, cousin. Let me show you where it is?"

Sam let out a scream when Jacob took the piece of wood and stuck it through Sam's chest. "Stop!" he begged as Jacob continued to push the wood into him. "Jacob…"

"Say that you'll stay by my side," Jacob snarled.

"I'll do anything you want," Sam cried out, staring down at the wood in horror.

Jacob let out a chuckle. "Drink this," he ripped into his wrist and offered it to Sam. Taking his cousin's wrist, Sam pressed the bloody wound to his mouth. He gagged at the taste, but drank deeply. "Enough," Jacob snapped, tugging his arm away from Sam. The wood moved back out of Sam's chest as Jacob tore it back out. His cousin's smile made Sam feel sick. "Feeling better?" Jacob inquired, placing a hand on Sam's shoulder.

"Yes. Thanks," Sam said, nodding.

Jacob smirked at him. "Just one more, little thing."

"Okay," Sam said.

Jacob grabbed Sam by the shoulders and turned him around. "Are you afraid to fly?"

Sam shook his head. "No." He looked back at Jacob.

"Close your eyes, Sam. It will be over quickly," Jacob said quietly.

"Over?" Sam said. Jacob did not offer a verbal reply and Sam felt his feet moving off the ground. His heart slammed against his rib cage when he realized that Jacob intended to throw him into the quarry, just like Fanny. Closing his eyes, Sam accepted his fate, with more regrets of things he'd wished he'd done, words he'd said to those he loved and promises he could no longer keep. And then he flew before slamming into the water. Blackness took him as his lungs slowly filled. His human life was over.


Arriving at Caroline's, Hope took off her shoes. Artemis had tried to talk her into hanging out with their cousin, James, but Hope was too worried about Jacob to sit still. She'd spent the better part of the last three hours, trying to find Jacob, and failing. Her mother would be pissed off. Alaric would not be happy. Klaus…he hadn't come looking for her. She suspected he would, but he hadn't. Not yet.

Sighing, Hope walked into the house. She knew that Caroline would probably still be up, watching TV or drinking. Hope entered the house and found no one in the living room. She frowned and walked upstairs.

Caroline laid on her bed. Klaus laid beside her; sleeping soundly. A smile tugged at the corner of her mouth. "Hope," Klaus called. "Are you alright, love?" He sat up on his elbow.

"I'm fine, dad," Hope said. She walked over and kissed him on the cheek. "Go back to sleep. You earned a little happiness."

Klaus smirked at her before curling against Caroline's body. The vampire let out a sigh and pressed closer to him.

Smiling, Hope walked out of the room and closed the door behind her. She opened Li's door. Her sister slept on her side, her face buried in her pillow, letting out little sighs in her sleep. Closing the door, Hope opened Jos's, to find her asleep, her face pressed against Sandy's shoulder. Their fingers were intertwined and Hope felt a pang.

Hope closed Jos' door and went to her room. She closed the door behind her and climbed onto her bed. She did not think she would fall to sleep the moment she went to bed, but she must have. Not for long though.


A sound alerted Hope to someone in her room, and she woke with a start. "Jacob?" she called into the darkness, seeing him moving toward her bed. "Hey," she whispered.

Jacob climbed onto the bed and on top of her. "Hello, lovely," Jacob mumbled as his lips found hers. She could smell the alcohol on him, but did not comment. "Did you miss me?" he inquired, pressing a kiss to her neck, another to her collarbone, one on her stomach as he pushed her thighs apart and kissed the inside of her legs.

"You're in a good mood," Hope said, pulling his face back to hers. She kissed him, feeling longing as she tugged his shirt off. Jacob grinned as he jerked her dress off. She gasped as they came together. "Jacob," she moaned, back arching.

"Shush, love, unless you want your farther tearing my head off," Jacob whispered into her ear. They tried to be quiet, looking each other in the eyes. "I love you, Hope Mikaelson."

"I…" Hope nodded, pressing her lips to his. He would have to wait. She wasn't ready to say it back.


Lying in Jacob's arms, Hope stared at the ceiling. "Jake?"

"Yes," Jacob said, stroking her hair.

"What did you do?" Hope asked him. She smelled blood on him when he came in, but she'd been so excited that he came home to her that she didn't ask then.

"I turned Sam into a vampire," Jacob replied, like it was no big deal.

"What?" Hope cried out, she twisted around in his arms, so they were face-to-face. "You did what?" she felt her heart pounding in her chest.

Jacob grinned, rolling them over so he was on top. "It will be alright, Hope. I promise you. Sam, Artemis, you and me. We'll travel. Learn a new language. Eat, drink and be merry. Only we shall not die. We shall live forever. The four of us. As a new family."

"You can't go around turning people like him," Hope told him, but she felt herself softening. She knew how important family was to him, to both of them. "I want to spend more time with my dad before I go."

"He won't want to stay here," Jacob replied, kissing her neck.

"Caroline's here," Hope pointed out.

"Yes. She is. But she can go with him," Jacob murmured. "We can all go."

"Yeah. And what about Li and Jos and the school?" Hope argued.

"They'll be here when the madness dies down. Or they can come with us. And Caroline can start a new school. Anywhere, really. There are supernaturally-talented children everywhere in the world. Our children will be," Jacob said and Hope let out a laugh.

"Children?" Hope scoffed.

"Yes. Many of them. A new line of the Mikaelson clan," Jacob told her, playing with her hair. "As well as the Salvatores."

"You're getting ahead of yourself, Jake," Hope told him. "I want to finish school."

"I did not say tomorrow," Jacob retorted with a smirk. "One day. Soon. I want you to have my children. And I want you to marry me."

"Is that a question?" Hope replied, her eyebrows rising.

Jacob grinned down at her. "Will you do me the honor of being my wife?"

"Don't you think you're moving awfully quickly?" Hope argued.

Shaking his head, Jacob ran his hands through her hair. "I think I should have whisked you away that night I met you. We could have moved to a tiny island and lived off the land."

"Yes," Hope said, looking Jacob in the eye.

"Yes? What?" Jacob said, running his lips over Hope's.

"Yes, Jacob Salvatore. I will marry you," Hope said, laughing when he kissed her passionately. "Someday."

"Someday, soon," Jacob said, his eyes sparkling.

"Some time in the next ten years."


"Four and a half."



"Two," Jacob agreed and Hope settled against him.

Hope did not know what would happen tomorrow. She suspected a mob with pitchforks. A lot of people would be angry at them. But they had each other. They would make a new life if they had to. She wouldn't worry. She told herself, repeatedly, that everything would be okay.

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