Delicate fingers gripped the sturdy, wood headboard. She put the leverage to good use as she could feel he was close, his hands possessively clutching her hips. She increased her pace as he let slip a brief moan of delight. This was the perfect cap to an excellent day. She'd been idle for much too long but today she got to return to the field and it was as exhilarating as she remembered.

A contingent of Kumo ninja fled after her husband dominated them. For two years they'd hidden underground, popping up only occasionally but never directly challenging any ninja from the newly minted federation. That didn't stop her Oto ninja from capturing a few teams, it didn't stop her from draining them for every ounce of information they had. It took her awhile to learn Darui was leading them, longer still to learn he was actually being controlled by Zetsu, the entity having merged with the former Raikage while weakened from the explosion.

Her intel stated they were leaving the continent on a massive ship and Tsunade gave her and Naruto the mission to wipe them out. It was a bloodbath. How she toyed with them, elicited a fear deeper than they'd ever felt and broke so many spirits. And her Naruto-kun was no slouch either, dismantling all who crossed his path. When they'd reached Darui/Zetsu, the arrogant thing was confident he would survive the encounter but Naruto-kun's Jinton: Rasenshuriken destroyed the thing and Darui along with it.

So excited by the day's events, she wasted no time in getting her husband in bed. It was fortunate they planned a nighttime raid and Mitsuki-kun was asleep by the time they returned, though seals were activated to insure they wouldn't wake him. It was for the best, as with what she had planned she figured they'd be up all night.

However, all concerns about future plans or prior achievements melted away to the intense focus on the present. She could feel him tensing and the increased tightness from her own orgasm was proving too much for her spouse. What were once rhythmic strokes became erratic, arms encircled her and pressed her against his firm chest as his eyes shut tightly. And then all movement stopped and the only sounds were heaving breathing as she laid her head in the crook of his neck.

"So," he started, still trying to control his breathing, "you really missed the field." She giggled and he laughed.

Pulling back to look at him, she responded, "Research is fun but nothing replaces live combat."

"Mmhm," he agreed. "Though, they were hardly a challenge for you."

"Kukuku," she laughed as she leaned in, and whispered, "I get very creative when it comes to pleasure."

"Such creativity should be encouraged. Maybe we can start taking more missions together," Naruto said in a hopeful tone. Orochi's eyes softened. He'd been assigned more and more solo, S-rank missions since his sacking of Kumo. They understood why but her husband was an extrovert and long periods of isolation weren't good for his mental health. He also hated being gone from Mitsuki and her. A part of her wished she could indulge his desire but it simply couldn't be, something he understood from the shake of her head.

"I know, I know. You're needed here, what with our rapidly advancing infrastructure."

"That is true but there is another reason tonight won't happen again for awhile," she said.

"What is it?" he asked. She could see his mind moving through reasons why and failing to come up with anything solid.

"It's against protocol. They don't let kunoichi out onto the field after the first twenty weeks." She had to fight the smile as her meaning dawned on him. His smile made her feel lighter.



"How far along?"

"About 13 weeks," she answered and then found herself on her back at the opposite end of the bed, her husband planting kiss after kiss on her as she laughed.

"You know I love you, right?" he asked.

"And I you," she replied. He kissed her deeply and she felt his arousal renew. She readjusted, granting him access. His pace was slower, but purposeful. Each stroke drug out the stimulation. Tenderness hadn't ever been something she put much stock in but like with so much in her life, she just hadn't found the right person.

It would be hours later before the two were done with their celebration, ending moments before they could be interrupted by a little person in need of a drink. Naruto was dressed and lifting Mitsuki up before the boy could notice anything. Orochi smiled listening to the two chat as they moved down the hallway, Mitsuki-kun regaling his father with tales of his adventures with Shuri (his assigned panther familiar) and Yama (his snake familiar). She submitted to sleep with a sincere smile on her face.

Ryuko Uzumaki was born several months later, letting the whole world know of her existence. She took more after her father, her face being rounder and having blue eyes. Initially, all thought she'd have her mother's black hair but it started showing signs of Uzumaki red once it grew out. She was more outgoing than Mitsuki, for good and ill, and routinely butted heads with her mother.

She was born after Shikamaru's lone child, Shikadai, and before Shino's first (of four), Toga. The three were nearly as inseparable as their fathers had been and were truly raised in a community, routinely spending the night at one of their compounds or Kurenai-sensei (or Auntie Kurenai to the kids).

She, like Shika and Temari, stopped at one. Mirai was a bubbly but focused girl, with a talent for genjutsu and trench knives. Even with their expanding families, her godfathers/older brothers always made time for her while seemingly paying respect to Kureani's demand they not teach her any advanced skills; though Shikamaru taught her how to subtly manipulate people with verbal cues and Shino taught her how to get rid of evidence. In a fit of childishness, as anything he taught her would be quite obvious, Naruto retaliated by building her a two story treehouse with a functioning electrical system and plumbing.

Kurenai hit the roof, especially as he'd been able to hide it in her backyard for a week before he revealed it. She made him responsible for all repairs or remodeling jobs and even smirked when he had to make one for Mitsuki and eventually Shikadai and Toga. Until she learned each one came equipped with "defensive measures" namely a long range water cannon. All the children loved them, Kurenai thought for a set of geniuses she was stuck with a trio of idiots.

Mirai and Mitsuki became best friends fast. They were in the same class at the academy and even assigned to be on the same Genin squad with Hanabi as their sensei, Naruto's lone official student. The two even made Jounin within a year of each other.

Naruto created his own Truth Seeking Orb at the age of twenty-one. Unlocked Ashura's gift at twenty-three and was named Hokage at twenty-four, the first to have his entire reign coexist with the Federation of Shinobi Villages. It was hard, exhausting work. The village leaders were meant to convene as equals but they often deferred to Naruto out of a mix of fear, respect, and genuine affection. He relied of Gaara to tell him the things they wouldn't.

His term lasted fifteen years and Konoha saw a period of technological advancement, security, and prosperity they hadn't experienced throughout its history. Though Naruto would be the first to credit his wife, widely acknowledged as the most brilliant mind on the continent. From high speed transit between countries, to experiments with aviation, she was in a moment of innovation that eclipsed her peak with the original Team 7.

Naruto's own reforms, such as allowing the village's academies to accept ninja from any and all federation villages and getting them to do the same, was a slow success. But it went unmatched in getting people to build bonds across borders, for the similarities to overwhelm the differences. He also raised the graduating age to sixteen and helped create a tax system so no one had to pay for missions anymore. Ninja truly served and protected, wealth was no longer a barrier to getting aid and justice.

At the age of thirty-nine, Naruto retired, to much sadness and uneasiness of the Federation. Konohamaru had built a solid reputation, arguably the most powerful ninja of his generation. But it wasn't the once pariah that had overcome. He wasn't the boy with the iron will that became the man without limits. He wasn't Uzumaki Naruto and while his farewell address hadn't meant to underline that fact, it was its exact effect.

In his final words as a Hokage, Naruto spoke of stagnation. Of how it was at war with advancement and tradition. That tradition was our roots but we were always meant to grow beyond. To seek new challenges, answer new questions. He spoke of grace. Of how it wasn't a tamper on ambition but a way to focus it. That he once sought power for its own sake, for his need for control but only really felt free when he forged bonds.

And lastly, he spoke of the future. How it was the responsibility of all to prepare for the trials that await us, how the Gokage were meant to be reflections of their villages. An inspiration for qualities all should have. He finished by saying he believed in them all, that his work would be a footnote for what came next and he was excited to see it. The people cheered and wished him well as they steeled themselves for an unknown future.

Orochimaru retired from her position a few days later and the couple departed from the village a week later. No one knew where they went but legend had it if you looked to the sky some nights, you might see a golden glow dancing in the distance, two lovers moving across the stars.

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