This is my first dp fix, so hopefully it goes well.

Chapter 1: Moving In


"I should be home in a couple of months. Your Aunt Lauren said she would come by every once in awhile to check on you." My father kissed my forehead and then ran out the door, briefcase in hand.

"Love you, too, dad," I mumbled as I watched the taxi drive off from the window.

I looked around our new home and sighed as my eyes laid upon the boxes that littered the living room. There wasn't a lot left, just some picture frames and other decorations. The tv, couch, and other furniture had already been put together and in place everywhere in the house. I decided to wait to put away the living room and bound up the stairs to my own bedroom.

I was finally finished putting away my clothes and started putting up my posters when the doorbell suddenly rang. I didn't think it was my Aunt since I knew she would be working. Dad had his key, unless he lost it, and of he had forgotten anything he would have had the taxi turn around a lot faster. I made my way back down stairs, but first checked myself in the side mirror. I was shiny with sweat and my hair was in a messy ponytail, but at least I wasn't disgusting looking. If anything, it was a package that I would have to sign for.

Without checking the peephole I swung the door open to see three well dressed people. My eyes widened and I looked down at my own attire briefly, I had on a loose light blue top and my bright pink sports bra was very visible and pink loose Pink sweats. It seemed to be a dad and two siblings. "Uhm, h-h-hello."

"Oh, god, she's broken. Simon, try hitting her to see if she restarts," said the girl.

My cheeks flaired and the boy slapped her arm. "Tori, shut up."

"Sorry, my name's Kit, and these are my kids, Simon and Tori. We live next door."

"Oh!" was all I said, not knowing how exactly to go about the situation. "Do you want to come in and have a glass of water?" Hopefully that didn't sound creepy. "There's still a lot of boxes, but our chairs and table are set up."

"Got any food?" Tori said and Kit gave her a look.

I laughed. "Yeah, we have some snacks, I still haven't gone to the store so nothing much." I opened the door a bit wider. "Please, come in."

Tori stepped through with confidence, looking around and analyzing my new house and Simon gave me a bright smile while Lot gave me a respective nod. Simon seemed to look like his father the most. Matching dirty blonde hair and almond shaped eyes. Tori had black long hair with rounder eyes and was a bit shorter than Simon, but still taller than me. I led them to the kitchen/dining room and pulled out a cups from boxes and poured water into them.

"I have some cookies if you'd like." Tori replied with a 'yes please' and Simon and Kit made noises that they agreed. "I'm Chloe, by the way."

"Is your father home? We actually brought some veggies from our garden, if you'd like,I saw him helping you along with the other workers to bring the boxes inside," Kit said, holding up the bag I only just realized he was holding. My Aunt would kill me if she knew I didn't even realize he was holding something.

"Thank you. He actually just left."

"Oh? Where did he go?" Simon asked, throwing a cookie into his mouth.

"He has a business trip, won't be back for a while."

"And you have to unpack all by yourself?" Tori asked, looking around.

"We don't have a lot of stuff, I'm used to it. So, do you all go to the local high school?" they nodded. "What grade?"

"Tori is a junior and Simon and my other son, Derek, are seniors. Are you going to be transferring in?" I nodded.

"Yes, I'll be going in as a Junior, hope I see you around. Where's Derek?"

"He has basketball practice, he's the captain this year. I play too, but Saturday practices are actually optional. I got dragged into greeting the new neighbor since I normally don't go…" his eyes widened as he realized what he just said. He looked down shamefully and mumbled an apology.

"No problem, I don't normally go out of my way with social interactions necessary, either." I was pretty proud of myself for not stumbling my words. I was happy they had such an easy going atmosphere around them and it was much easier to talk to them. Simon visibly brightened at my understanding and Tori rolled her eyes.

"Will you be joining any sports?"

I laughed. "Ha, no. I can't catch anything unless it's with my face. I run occasionally, but not for very long periods of time because I have a tendency to trip. I'll stick with theater."

Tori and Simon scrunched up their noses and Kit laughed at their expressions. "Our family likes to play a lot of sports."

"I play volleyball," Tori mentioned.

"I think we've stayed long enough, we wouldn't want to get in the way of your unpacking. Maybe, when your father gets back, we can all have dinner together. Will you be starting school on Monday?" I nodded. "Then I'll make sure Simon introduces Derek to you." I nodded again. "It was nice meeting you, Chloe."

"Hey, if you need help with unpacking, I'd be happy to…"

"That's a great idea." Kit cut in. I looked at home with wide eyes, not entirely sure why he was giving Simon a look. "How about Simon and Derek tomorrow and help you out?"

"Oh, I wouldn't want to impose-"

"Nonsense, what time would you like them over?"

I felt like shrinking back, not sure how to refuse him, so I sighed and gave in. "Noon sound good?" Lit nodded and Simon looked a little deflated. Tori seemed to be holding back laughter and I just stood in confusion as they all left my house.

Thinking over the weird interaction I just had, I put the vegetables in my fridge and ran back upstairs to finish decorating my room. Afterwards I went back downstairs and unpacked the kitchen. With the two most important rooms in the house finished, I decided to call it quits and ran back up the stairs for a shower.

I sighed, remembering as I walked in that nothing in here was unpacked either. I sank down to the floor to give myself a breather, staring at the ceiling. Why must I have to go through this every single time?

I was happy that I only had a year and a half of school left. It was going to be torture to have to be the new girl all over again, but I had to. After everything that happened at my old school… well I needed the fresh start. I shivered thinking of the past, but quickly threw that memory to the side and pulled out shampoo, conditioner, and body wash from the bathroom box and jumped into the shower.

Once I was back in my room, towel wrapped around my shivering body, I moved to the window to close my curtains before changing. I looked across to the other house and froze as I realized someone was in the window.

I couldn't help but stare at the tall dark skinned hot guy that was shirtless in the house next to me. I hadn't realized how long I had been frozen there, staring at him, until he himself turned and our eyes were locked. My cheeks went red and I stepped back and slipped. With a small scream I flew back but landed on my bed. The towel was still secure around my body and I covered my face with my hand as I stood and swiftly closed the curtains, not daring to see his face or anything else for that matter after having completely embarrassed myself. I changed into pajama shorts and a baggy long sleeve and exited my room, not even glancing at the closed curtains.

I made my way downstairs to make myself some instant soup for dinner. Like I said, I hadn't exactly gone grocery shopping so I would let my unhealthy eating slide for at least one night. The water was heating when suddenly a knock sounded on my door. Maybe some other neighbors?

I quickly made my way to the door and opened it to reveal the guy who I had been ogling nearly minutes ago. My eyes widened and I looked down at my apparel to see it didn't even look like I was wearing shorts under my shirt and my hair was still wet. I slammed the door shut.

Oh my god did i just slam the door on him? Okay, just breath. Try opening the door and pretending like nothing happened. Why is he even here? Is he going to sue me for peeping? Oh my god.

My thoughts we interrupted my a soft knock and I swung the door back open. "H-h-h-hi."

His black hair was wet and shaggy, he must have taken a shower too, and he was wearing a black baggy long sleeve shirt with grey sweatpants. I saw his bright green eyes peak from under his black hair and a small smile peaking at the edge of his lips. "Hi. Uh, are you okay?"

Hell, yeah I'm okay, do you know what I'm looking at right now?


"I saw you fall."

"Oh." We stood there in silence. I was obviously okay, but I couldn't help but keep staring. He stood there awkwardly and I shivered as a breeze came from outside. "Crap, it's f-f-freezing. W-w-would y-y-y-you like t-t-to come in-inside?"

I cursed at myself for stuttering. I opened the door a bit wider and he awkwardly stepped inside. "I'm not that cold."

"Oh." Wow chloe, what awesome vocabulary you have. My cheeks flushed and I closed the door. "Soup?"

"What?" he asked, startled.

"I have soup."

"Oh, uhm, sure."

"Its the least I can do, you were checking up on me and all."

He scratched the back of his neck. "Uh, yeah."

Omygod I have a hot guy in my house and I offered him soup? Wtf? WHY CHLOE, WHY?

I lead him to the kitchen and noticed the water was ready. I had only put enough for myself so I poured more water inside and decided to reheat it so we would eat at the same time.

I sat across from him and it was silent for a while. "I'm Chloe."


"Oh, you're the basketball player."

He rose an eyebrow and I wanted to smack myself with how creepy I sounded. "No, uh, your dad came by earlier, with veggies, and they said you were at basketball practice."

"Yeah." I was kind of scared he would bring up the fact that I was staring at him. My nightmare came true as he said, "Nobody has lived here for a while so I don't usually close my curtains… wasn't expecting someone to be watching."

"Oh, god." I whispered and threw my face into my hands. "I'm so sorry."

This made him laugh which only made my face even brighter. "It's alright, just unexpected."

I put my face down on the table and groaned. "Please don't tell on me for peeping." He chuckled at that, too. "I'm serious!"

"No offense, but I don't think anyone would believe you were the one peeping on me."

"Pft, please. No one willingly peeps on me." I set my chin on my hands on the table and looked up into his green eyes and saw something swimming in them as his eyes flickered over my face. They finally reached my eyes and I began to hold my breath. Would he want to peep on me? I almost gleaned again at how unromantic my mind was and then the pot started to beep, saying it was ready. I abruptly stood and made my way to the counter, very conscious of how exposed my legs were while a hot guy was in my kitchen. My body felt like it was getting hotter by the second since I could feel his eyes on me.

"Chicken or shrimp?"

"Chicken." He mumbled. His voice was pretty deep, no doubt having already finished his awkward puberty stage. For me, I feel like I'm still living in it. I poured the water into our cups and turned around to see he was still staring at me intently. My blush still not having gone away I made my way back to the table. "I texted my dad saying I wouldn't be eating dinner."

"Sorry I don't have anything better."

"I wasn't really expecting anything at all, honestly. I only met you like 20 minutes ago."

"You…. Are right." was all I had to say

He slipped another smile, and I smiled back, which made his eyes widen in surprise and his green eyes twinkle. "You have a nice smile." He murmured and at this point my ears must have been red.

"So do you." I grabbed myself some chopsticks. "Chopsticks or fork?"


"What, you don't know how to use chopsticks?" he grunted in response. "Really? Should I teach you."

"Maybe another time." Another time, meaning he wanted to hang out with me alone in my house again? I wouldn't mind that. He himself seemed to realize what he just said and added, "If you want to."

"Yeah!" I replied a little too quickly. "You, uh, can come over whenever you like."

We ate in silence for a while before I tried to strike up a conversation. "So, what's the school like?"

"It's alright, the typical high school. Everyone is in some kind of clique or something."

"So you're in the jock group, I presume?"

He shook his head. "No, not really. Besides Simon, I don't hang out with the rest of the guys as much."

"So what are you, then?"

"I honestly just hang out with Simon, Tori, and her friend Liz."


"What was your old school like?" I tensed, which he seemed to realize. Before he could try to ask or change the subject I quickly relaxed and started talking.

"It was a private school for Arts. We were pretty much split up into whatever art we did. I hung out with writers and Theater kids."

"So you're a theater kid."

"Wow when you say it like that it makes it 10 time better," I replied sarcastically.

"Oh, so she finally shows a personality."

"Asshole!" I said, although I had a smile on my face which he seemed to replicate.



"Not much of an insult if it's true." I stuck my tongue out at him and he went back to eating. He sipped down the hot water and I watched as some of it dripped down the side of his mouth. He set down the cup and I was still staring as he licked his lips, still missing some that had fallen. I reached out swiped it with my finger and then put it in my mouth.

Both our eyes widened as it sunk in what I just did. "I-I-I, uh… desert?"

"No, I don't want to eat your entire kitchen." He stood.

"Let me walk you out."

He just grunted. I kept my head low and he opened the door. Turning around briefly to wave. I waved back. I shut my eyes, mentally scolding myself for scaring him off and was about to close the door when a pressure stopped me from doing so. I jumped and yelped in surprise and fell back on my butt. I looked up to see a horrified Derek.

"Shit, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to."

"No big deal, I fall over a lot."

"At least I know you're wearing shorts now."

I did my best to not go bright in the face again and asked, "What do you need."

"I was going to ask… if you wanted my phone number."

I stared blankly. "Uhm sure." I ran to the kitchen where I first left my phone and came back to see he was still standing in the doorway. He gave me his number and I saved it.

"See you tomorrow." and he closed the door.


And that's when I remembered that Derek and Simon were coming over to help me unpack.